Feature Writer: BluDraygn


Published: 12.06.2022

Story Codes: Demonic

Synopsis: Control. Protection. Possession.

Author’s Notes: Welcome back! I update my Bio with the latest Chapters and projects I’m working on each time I put up a new post. As always votes and feedback are greatly appreciated! Enjoy! Blu — Edited/Proofread by: oldfart and 2muchdiggity

The Witch’s Offering 6

Ren fought against the flood of students pouring out of the university’s chemistry department. After a short walk, he stepped into the materials engineering lab.

“Hey Sally,” he called out.

A woman in a pristine lab coat looked up from the laptop sitting on her workbench and smiled at him. Her black hair and slightly darker skin belied her mixed heritage. Her American father fell in love with Sally’s mother during a business trip to India. He brought her mother back to the States, and their daughter arrived about a year later. Sally wasn’t her real name. Her mother insisted on naming her after her great-grandmother. Unfortunately, Americans had a hard time pronouncing it correctly. By middle school, she almost exclusively went by her nickname.

Ren discovered all of this while tutoring Sally for her computer sciences class. With his new experience under his belt, he now realized she had dropped some less-than-subtle hints that she might be interested in more than just tutoring. Sadly, they went right over his head at the time, and they settled into a companionable friendship.

The smile on his face faltered for a moment as he realized those romantic thoughts would make her susceptible to Xaal’s blessing. He would have to make this quick.

That was going to be a problem, though. Sally’s lab coat hid a shapely body, firm, apple-shaped ass, and perfectly sized breasts for her frame. Ren spent many nights after those tutoring sessions imagining her bent over as he pounded his cock into her from behind.

Now he was kicking himself for realizing that could have been a memory and not a fantasy.

“Everything okay, Ren?” she asked, giving him a worried look.

“It’s all good, Sal. Some things in my life have changed recently, and I’m discovering how completely oblivious I was when it came to women.”

Sally smirked, “Yes… yes, you were. Got yourself a girlfriend, I take it?” Ren didn’t miss the hint of disappointment in her voice and mentally kicked himself again.

“Not quite. At least, I’m not sure if she wants to be my girlfriend.”

“Friends with benefits?”

“No, we haven’t slept together though she’s made it clear she wants to. Wait, that’s not what I came here for.”

“Oh? So this isn’t just you stopping in to say ‘hi’?” asked Sally as she leaned back against the lab bench. The simple movement let her labcoat fall open making it framed her breasts nicely.

Ren glanced down and noted the two hard bumps poking against the inside of her shirt before wrenching his eyes back to hers. “Only partially, I met a woman who has an interesting condition. Her tongue is super rough, as in, cat tongue rough.”

“That’s weird,” said Sally, standing up a little straighter.

“Very, but it has made it impossible for her to give… um… oral sex without hurting her partner.”

Sally gave him a sidelong glance. “Are you just being a good wingman, or are you hoping she tests it out on you.”

Ren blushed, “Uh… no comment.”

Chuckling, Sally turned and bent over her computer. “So, what are your requirements?” she asked as her fingers flew over the keyboard. “Durable, since it needs to stand up to friction. Non-toxic and flexible since it goes on the tongue. Has she ever tried a dental dam like they use at the dentist’s office? I heard sex workers use them to avoid direct contact during oral sex.”

“I don’t know, but that seems like such an obvious solution I imagine she has and it didn’t work. She did mention that her tongue shreds condoms if that’s any help.”

“That means we need to add puncture and tear resistance.” Sally tapped at her computer for a few seconds. “Any other requirements?”

“She mentioned that she wanted to taste her lover.”

“Hmmm… That will be difficult with all the other conditions. Porosity doesn’t play well with durability. However, I think I can get something to work. I’m guessing she wants it textured?” After a moment of silence, she looked back. “Ren?”

“Yes, what?” he said, blushing bright red. As Sally talked, Ren noticed her hips swaying back and forth as she typed away and quietly moved behind her for a better view of her luscious bottom. Unfortunately, her lab coat blocked most of his view, but he could still make out most of its shape. He quickly found himself entranced by the image in front of him.

Sally smiled. “About damn time you noticed my ass, but I need an answer. Does she want it textured?”

“I’m sure she does. Probably something a lot closer to a normal tongue.”

“I’d be curious to meet this woman and see for myself just how rough her tongue is,” she said before going back to tapping at her computer but not before flipping her labcoat up onto her back and giving Ren an unhindered view of her jean-clad rear.

The movement also wafted the scent of her arousal in his direction. While he had hardened slightly watching her ass sway, the smell of her excitement made his cock strain against the front of his pants.

After a bit more tapping while simultaneously teasing him and rubbing her thighs together, Sally stood up and turned around. Ren resisted the urge to hide his erection, and she rewarded him with a glance downward and a smile.

“The good news is that a lot of the materials I will need are readily available on the market as DIY adult toy kits. The bad news is that none of those are porous enough to transfer flavor to your tongue’s taste receptors. I want to try a modified version of the method they use to make aerogel and see if I can come up with a good balance.”

“I can’t say I know much about aerogel, but isn’t that stuff really brittle?”

“It is, but the structure of aerogel is only a few nanometers thick, which is what makes it brittle. I don’t have those kinds of constraints, and I’ll be using long-chain polymers to meet the other requirements. Now… this is all interesting in theory, but developing this is going to cost a pretty penny in materials and research time, not to mention I’ll need to request use of our supercritical chamber.”

“Supercritical chamber? That sounds dangerous.”

“It’s dangerous, but not as bad as it sounds. There are YTers out there who have made them at home, but the university’s is a lot larger. With luck, I may have your cat-tongue condom done in a few weeks to a month.”

“Can you put together a price for me to give to her?”

“I can,” said Sally. Stepping over to Ren, she traced a finger along the outline of his cock. “But if she wants this to perform oral sex, it will need thorough testing. And is the case for any good experiment, there needs to be control data.”

She looked up at Ren, and their eyes met.

Sally loved it rough, but oftentimes the men she wanted for boyfriends were just too nice to slap her around during sex like she wanted. She loved breath play, especially if it was a cock keeping her from breathing. One of her deepest fantasies was to record her lover shoving his cock down her throat until she passed out, then later watching as he continued to throat fuck her while she lay there unconscious. So far, she had yet to trust a man with this particular fantasy.

Regular sex was good, especially if breath play was involved, but the pain/pleasure of anal was how she really got off. Ever since first taking a cock in her ass, she was hooked, and some of her shorter-lived boyfriends had never even been inside her pussy. Unlike most of her friends, Sally got off on the pain and only wanted enough lube to keep from damaging anything back there.

She enjoyed receiving oral sex, but it fell into two categories for her. The first was the obvious precursor to other activities, but she also liked the idea of lying back in bed on a rainy day and letting her lover lap at her pussy all day. Even better if they were into rimming, she adored the feel of a tongue spearing into her tight little sphincter, but anyone tonguing her ass needed to be ready to give her a proper assfuck once they stopped.

The last thing he caught before Sally’s data dump ended was a slight disappointment that Ren was probably too nice fuck her the way she wanted.

Though he hated to admit it, Ren agreed with her. He didn’t think he had it in him to treat her like that, and he really had no desire to slap her across the face. Even if she liked it, the idea felt wrong. But things had taken some unexpected turns with Angela, so he couldn’t be completely sure what he was capable of.

Ren hooked the front of her pants with a finger and pulled her closer. “Are you volunteering to be the control?”

“No, I’m the one administering the experiment. Your observations will be the control data.” She said, gripping him through his pants with one hand as the other undid the button on his fly.

Ren looked around the lab, “We might get caught.”

Sally shrugged as she unzipped his pants and reached into his underwear. Ren groaned as her hand wrapped around his shaft. “Dr. Melton left early today, which most of the other students take as a day off from their projects. It’s unlikely anyone will come back here until the afternoon classes start. Dammit, Ren, why did you hide this thing from me?” she said as her soft hand slid up and down his cock.

Ren answered by twisting his fingers and undoing the button on her jeans. Sally gasped in surprise as he copied her by unzipping her pants and slipping a hand beneath her panties, not stopping until his fingers rested just over her clit. Even this far forward, he could feel her wetness on his fingertips.

“Let me take care of that,” said Sally, lightly pulling his hand out by the wrist. “We still need control data.”

As she dropped to her knees, a smile crept onto Ren’s face. This had to be some of the nerdiest sexual banter ever spoken. If it were anyone but Sally, he would probably be laughing hysterically. But for her, it fit.

Thoughts about nerdy banter vanished as her tongue extended and licked the drop of pre she squeezed from the tip. Ren gripped a handful of her hair and urged her deeper, but she resisted. Relaxing his grip, he let her pull back.

“Despite the fact I’m blowing you, this is an actual experiment. I need you to pay close attention to how everything feels for later comparison,” she said before swirling her tongue around the head of his prick. Her eyes widened just before she asked, “Does your friend have the ridges on the bottom of her tongue too?”

“I’m pretty sure she doesn’t,” said Ren guiding her mouth back to his cock. He groaned as she placed a tiny kiss on the slit before sucking him inside. This time he took things slower and tried to focus on the sensation of her tongue laving the underside of his prick. He grunted as he bumped the back of her throat. Using her hair, he bent her head back until she looked up and met his gaze.

‘Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Keep pushing Ren. Fuck my throat.’

The thought was so clear it startled him a little, but per her wishes, he continued pushing on the back of her head. Sally swallowed the head of his cock, and her eyes rolled back in her head as her hand dove into her panties and began vibrating her clit.

With great reluctance, Ren pulled back into her mouth. “Deep breath,” he growled.

Her eyes flicked up to his, her surprise at his tone showing on her face. Without letting him slip free of her lips, she took a few short but deep breaths before letting out a long exhale then sucking in a huge breath through her nose.

Ren pushed his cock against the back of her throat, and she immediately let him in. Grabbing another handful of her black hair, he started short-stroking into her throat.

He tried to distract himself from the tightness surrounding the head of his cock, so he didn’t blast off in mere seconds. Looking past where she buried her nose in his pubic hair, Ren saw the front of her panties shaking as the fingers beneath worked her clit. That she was getting off on this didn’t help him maintain control in the slightest.

Glancing around the lab, he frantically searched for something to distract him. A bottle on one of the shelves contained something called Sodium Perchlorate, and he briefly wondered what it might be used for before he felt a tap on his hip. He looked down to see Sally’s face had turned bright red. Ren released her head and she jerked backward off his cock, sucking in deep breaths.

“Do you treat all your women like this?” she panted. Sally’s hand continued working his shaft as she took a moment to catch her breath.

“Only the ones that like it,” he replied while watching her rub his spit-slickened cock all over her face. Sally smiled up at him before his prick disappeared into her mouth a second time. That brief glance let Ren know she was edging herself with her fingers and that he didn’t need to hold back. After taking a few strokes in just her mouth to enjoy the feel of her tongue on his shaft, he held her head in place and pressed his cock back into her throat, silencing her quiet moans. A few dozen short, hunching thrusts later, he growled, “Cumming,” before holding Sally’s head tightly to his groin.

As the first shot of cum burst out the end of his cock Sally’s throat tightened up even more as her fingers tipped her over the edge. For the next few seconds, Ren grunted quietly as he poured cum straight into Sally’s stomach and her throat tried its best to milk him of every last drop.

Ren relaxed his hold, and Sally slid back off his cock while stroking it with her hand until the last few drops fell into her open mouth. A moment later, she covered him with her mouth once again. This time she pulled off slowly, leaving his prick nearly dry as it reappeared from between her lips. Sally swallowed then showed him her cum-free tongue before leaning forward and kissing the head of his deflating cock.

“You surprised me, Ren,” she said while standing up. “I figured you would be into something more vanilla.”

One of Ren’s hands went around her back as the other slid into the front of her panties before Sally could button them. She gasped as his fingers slid over her mound and between her legs before finding the soaked entrance to her sex. Her hand grabbed his wrist as two fingers slipped easily inside her.

“I may have forgotten to mention that this woman’s partner is female. So we will need the have a control from the woman’s perspective as well.”

With a groan of disappointment, Sally pulled his wrist back out of her pants. “Later, the teacher’s aids will be here in just a little bit to set up the equipment for tonight’s classes.

Ren sucked the wetness off his fingers. “Mmmm… that’s a shame. I’d like to get a better taste.” Sticking his fingers back into his mouth, he pulled his phone from a pocket and pulled up the weather. Removing the fingers with a pop, he asked, “Would you be interested in coming over next Tuesday for more… um… data collection?”

Sally smirked up at him as she carefully tucked his cock back into his pants, then buttoned and zipped her own. “A single data point does not a set make. Tuesday works for me,” she said before finding some paper towels to clean off her face. “I have to say, Ren, I like this new you. Confidence is sexy. Now get out of here, I still have work to do, and I’m tempted to change my mind about waiting until next Tuesday.”

Ren gathered her up and bent down to press his lips to hers but was stopped by a finger. “None of that yet,” she said before kissing him on the cheek.

He chuckled, “You’ll give me a blowjob but not kiss me on the lips?”

“The bj was just for fun and because I was horny. Kissing means more to me. I need to work up to it.”

The laboratory’s door opened. Ren and Sally both looked and waved a the teacher’s aid that came in. The young woman gave them both an inquisitive glance before waving back and making her way to Dr. Melton’s office.

“I’ll see you Tuesday,” said Ren.

Sally smiled, “I’m looking forward to it, and I’ll have those numbers for you then.”


Ren stopped outside the chemistry department’s door.

What the hell was he doing?

In a few days, he was going to lose his virginity to a demon, which should terrify him but the memory of Xaal’s mouth on his cock calmed any fear that reared its head. But once the demoness was done with him, there was Kat, possibly her mate Alessa, his old flame Angela, and now he had made plans with Sally.

Kat wasn’t an issue since in the magic community he would be in such high demand she didn’t even consider he would be exclusive with her. But that left Angela and Sally. Angie still tugged at his heartstrings because of their past, but it was going to take more than what they did in the church storeroom to heal the hurt of how she treated him. Sally was already a friend, and they were certainly on even better terms now. However, he knew already he could never be the borderline abusive lover she wanted, so other than the occasional dalliance, he probably shouldn’t count her as a prospective lover.

But if he was going to be a part of the magical world, then many families were going to call upon him for a chance at having children. He didn’t want to let those families down, but he also didn’t want to disappoint Angela if she wanted to pursue a deeper relationship. Ren felt bad for not including Kat, but she made her stance clear from the beginning. He did find a little solace that she might want him to be exclusively hers or her and Alessa’s, but that would be too unfair to the rest of the community.

Maybe he was just overthinking all this and needed to do what Kat said; just fuck around for the next few days without worrying about consequences. Kat mentioned a coffee shop, and there was one at the student cafeteria he could check out. There was also the cute girl who worked at the library who had batted her lashes at him a few times. Of course, he could also go wander around the local mall and just see what happens, but after the mess at his Mom and Dad’s church, he quickly pushed the idea out of his head.

The thought of the librarian on her knees between the stacks of books made his cock twitch in his pants, but a cup of good coffee sounded amazing too. Chuckling to himself, he started walking toward the center of campus, amazed that there was even a choice between some good coffee and a blowjob. He couldn’t believe how much his attitudes had changed in just a few days.


“Your pet human isn’t safe, no matter what protections Lethe put on him,” growled Kylak from between Xaal’s legs before returning to licking the demoness’s pussy.

“Lethe is a competent and frighteningly powerful witch. The human will still be a virgin when he comes back to me.”

“I’m not worried about his virginity. If Belgrun finds out about him, his life will be in danger. I’d bet that Lethe didn’t give him any protection against a speeding automobile. I know you don’t like the idea, but you need someone blindly loyal to watch over him. Nobody is more devoted to you than Paress.”

“Fuuuck,” groaned Xaal, leaning her head back against the back of her throne as Kylak’s tongue went back to work. But the older demoness’s tongue wasn’t the only reason for her groan.

Xaal came across the younger succubus partway down the gullet of a massive, human-like demon with rolls upon rolls of flab hanging off its bulk. Deathly gray skin hung in folds, and its wide head sported a mouth that could easily swallow a man, even an extremely portly man, whole. The massive cocks hanging between their legs were a magnet for unknowing succubi. However, the unfortunate succubus who approached one would get only disappointment and death as the cocks never got hard, and the demons were only interested in eating, not fucking. She didn’t even care or know Paress at the time, but nobody deserved to be slowly and painfully digested over decades or even centuries.

The demoness recognized the creature as an escaped demon from the plane of Gluttony. She decided to help the naïve succubus out and perhaps earn a favor from the woman.

That didn’t go exactly as planned.

Paress began offering fealty to Xaal as soon as the younger demoness noticed her approach. It caught Xaal so off guard that she forgot to demand a favor in exchange for rescue and dispatched the huge creature. Since no bargain was struck, Xaal thought Paress would maybe give her a ‘thank you’ fuck and wander off. Instead, the succubus honored her oath of fealty, but it quickly turned into something more. Paress became hopelessly infatuated with Xaal, following her around and tending to her every need, real or imagined.

Every succubus develops a fetish. After Xaal saved the Paress from a gruesome end in a demon’s stomach, Paress’s fetish became Xaal.

If she told the succubus to go choke on Satan’s cock the woman would fight the armies of Hell trying. Maybe that’s going a little far, but pretty much anything short of ordering her to kill herself was fair game for the young demoness. Unfortunately, Paress was very in Xaal’s face about her servitude, constantly asking or even demanding ways to service her mistress. While flattered at first, Paress became so annoying after a few decades that Xaal finally sent her away and told her not to return. Since then, the demoness stayed on the very edge of Xaal’s life. Far enough away to not bother her mistress but close enough that Xaal knew she was there.

“I can honestly say she would be a better pick than even me to look after your human,” said Kylak. “As an added incentive, you can let her have some fun while she’s on Earth. If Lethe lets her, that is.”

“I’m sure Paress would appreciate that. What do you think of making her my third for the fight?”

“Only as a sacrifice against Gelk. The girl can hold her own but otherwise has no significant combat skills.”

“What if I let her blow Ren before we fuck? No, I may need that power. Belgrun’s connection to violence and sex makes him frustratingly strong. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was also getting some help from the plane of Wrath.”

“You could ask Lethe. She seems to have a vested interest in your victory.”

“No. No, I can’t ask Lethe for anything else.”

Kylak’s head popped up. “I heard that.”

“Heard what?” asked Xaal, while refusing to meet the demoness’s eyes.

“You owe her two favors already, don’t you?” she said, her tone accusing. “How can you expect to be the ruler of Lust while on the verge of being owned by a human? I, of anyone, shouldn’t need to explain the consequences of owing too many favors.”

“And look at where it’s gotten you? Worshipping your favorite ass while making plans to become the second most powerful demon in Lust.” Xaal sighed. “Without Lethe’s help, I never would have found the human making this possible. She’s also agreed to watch over him so he can be at my disposal afterward. Assuming he agrees,” she said, annoyed at the lack of certainty.

“I really can’t wait to fuck this human of yours and see what has you so invested in him. Assuming you’ll let me.”

“That’s also assuming he keeps this strange power once he fucks me.”

“About that, how are you going to fuck him just before the fight? He can’t cum once he gets to the plains of Abbadon, and my safehouse portals all come back to the keep. Do you really need to do it here in hell?”

“I’m calling in a favor someone owes me. This particular person loves my ass just as much as you and can create a bubble that dampens Hell’s influence.”

“I can’t blame him one bit. Maybe he and I could comp…? Wait… Xaal, did you make a deal with an Angel?”

“I may have. But he owes me the favor.”

“Impressive. How did that happen?”

“He asked for the chance to fuck my ass whenever he’s in the area.”

“And if you’re in his little heavenly bubble, then you actually get to cum. Such a sacrifice,” said Kylak, rolling her eyes.

“The feathered fuckers need to be good for something.”


Kylak tilted her head. “You’re being summoned?”

Xaal nodded, “It’s weak enough I could ignore it, but it’s a female, and that gives me an idea. Let me see if she fits what I have planned first.”

“And what do you have planned?”

“A good, old demon possession.”


“Sophie! Get the fuck down here and eat or you can fucking starve!” her mother yelled from downstairs.

Sophia’s groan was echoed by her growling stomach. Her mother had been a complete bitch to her the past few months, and quite honestly, Sophie just wanted to end it all. Her mother’s boyfriend, John, decided Mom’s wrinkly old pussy wasn’t enough for him and snuck into her room one night after getting Mom passed out drunk. Not that it was difficult, Sophie couldn’t believe her mother’s liver still functioned.

As John went to the bathroom to clean up afterward, Sophie immediately dialed the police. Her mother awoke from her drunken stupor to her boyfriend getting hauled off in cuffs screaming it was consensual and that Sophie came on to him.

Sophie’s short ride in a police car and subsequent examination at the hospital called him a liar. A freshly torn hymen was hard to argue with.

Since then, her life had somehow gotten worse. Her mother blamed her for her boyfriend’s incarceration, and once the news got out, Sophie became the school pariah. Overweight, nerdy, quiet, fascinated with the occult, and with almost no friends to speak of, she was already an outcast, but even the few friends she had turned their back on her.

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t relate to what you went through,” said her supposed best friend before walking away. That was the last day Sophie went to school, and she planned on never returning.

To make matters worse, the news of this happening while her mother was passed out drunk also leaked out. Her mother’s boss quickly fired her for fear of her association hurting his business, and now nobody who knew the story would hire her. Mom blamed her for that too. The state-appointed therapist kept telling Sophie things would get better. Her mother and friends would come around and see her as the victim she was. Sophie just needed to be strong. For nothing else than to see Mom’s boyfriend brought to justice.

Fuck it all. She wanted out. Out of this shitty life and out of this mortal coil. She didn’t want to fight or be strong. She wanted to die and let it all be someone else’s problem. The world already told her she wouldn’t be missed.

There was just one last thing she wanted to do before checking out. The girls at school, especially the sluttier ones, talked fondly about sex and the wonderful feeling of their boyfriend’s cocks filling them or of making passionate love for hours. Sophie wanted that. She wanted to know that sex could be good, even if it was only one time before she died.

Experiencing otherworldly pleasures followed by a quick and painless death seemed like the perfect job for an incubus.

Sophie wasn’t so surprised that a succubus appeared in her meticulously laid circle as much as she was surprised anything appeared at all.

Wide-eyed, she held the book of spells tightly to her chest as she stared at the woman standing inside the summoning circle. If it weren’t for her appearing from a puff of flame, Sophie would have thought she summoned a business executive.

“Hello, young one,” said the woman.

“Are… Are you real? Not just my head playing tricks on me.”

“Do away with your circle and you can feel just how real I am.”

“But you were supposed to be a guy.”

The woman looked at her inquisitively, “You were expecting an incubus?”

Sophie nodded slowly. Even though she wasn’t into girls, she could still feel her body reacting to the succubus’s presence.

“You understand laying with an incubus will be the last thing you do on this earth?”

Sophie’s face hardened. “That’s what I’m hoping for. My life is fucked. My friends walked away from me. My mother hates me. Every girl I know has been sleeping with their boyfriends for the past two years. I turned eighteen earlier this year. I’ve had sex once. It was unpleasant, I didn’t even want to, and it’s the main reason my life is fucked. After everything I’ve heard, I wanted to know what it was supposed to be like before telling the world to go fuck itself. You’re very beautiful, Miss Xaal, but I want a man.”

“What if I can do better than just a man with a talented cock and fingers? What if I offer you a way out of this miserable existence and add a little bit of meaning to your life working for me?”

Sophie stared at the woman, “You’re offering me a job?”

Xaal nodded, “Heaven gets pissy when one of my kind wanders around on earth for too long unsupervised. But within a vessel, we can slip under their radar. Right now, I have someone who needs protection for the next few days and an available succubus. You would be her vessel. If everything goes well during this test run, I will keep you on retainer for future assignments, which comes with a variety of perks. If it doesn’t, then I will personally hook you up with an incubus, so in the end, you’re out nothing. But being a succubus’s vessel comes with a long list of benefits you may want to consider. We take very good care of our humans.”

“I have so many questions,” said Sophie.

“Sophia! You worthless whore! Get the fuck down here and eat!”

Xaal raised an eyebrow in the direction of her door.

“Sure. Fuck it. Anything is better than this shithole of a house in this shithole of a town,” she said through clenched teeth. A moment later, Sophie gasped as Xaal walked through the barrier surrounding the succubus and cupped her face.

“But the circle…” she whimpered.

“Not nearly strong enough to contain a demon of my caliber. Now I need to cast a spell, so hold still.”

Fear kept Sophie rooted in place as the succubus murmured an incantation over her. To the girl’s horror, bugs began coming out of the woodwork and formed a pile on the floor next to her. She heard a patter of things hitting the screen over her open window. An assortment of flies and other insects tore a hole in the corner of the screen and swarmed through, joining the pile. The pile turned into a column and grew until it was her height.

“Look away, young one,” said the demoness.

Sophie took her advice, closing her eyes tightly as Xaal began the last part of the incantation. A wet crunching noise came from the pile grew louder as the skittering of the bugs faded away. A few seconds later, the noise stopped altogether, and Xaal let go of her face. Sophie took a shuddering breath as she looked to the side and saw herself standing there naked. The shock wore off quickly, and the girl grimaced as she looked at her body.

“Ugh, I’m hideous.”

“Hardly,” said the demon. “I want to fuck you.”

Sophie’s breath caught at the demon’s admission before she giggled. “You don’t count. You’re a succubus. You’ll fuck anything.”

The demoness shrugged, “Fair point.”

“Miss Xaal? Why don’t you just use this as your vessel?” she asked as the other Sophie’s chest rose and fell with its breath.

“A vessel needs to be truly alive, and this is just a meat puppet. It’s an almost exact copy of you that breathes and bleeds but has no brain function. In a few minutes, it will collapse and die. The doctors will label it stress-induced cardiac arrest. You have a few seconds to dress it in whatever you want your body to be found in.”

“Sophie! You fucking cunt! I made this for you! Now get down here and fucking eat it!”

Sophie’s lip curled as she glared at the door. Turning to Xaal, she asked, “You said this meat puppet doesn’t have a brain, that means it can’t feel anything?”

The demon nodded.

Walking over to her doppelganger Sophie grabbed it by the head and squeezed, digging her fingers in as hard as she could. Tears ran down her face as she let out the hurt, hate, and rage building inside her since that asshole took her virginity. With one hand, she slammed the meat puppet’s temple down on the post of her bed’s footboard. The doppelganger crumpled to the floor, where a little bit of blood began running out of its nose.

“Have fun explaining that to the cops, Mommy,” she spat at her bedroom door before turning to Xaal. “I’m ready.”


Xaal groaned inwardly at Paress’s look of adoration as the succubus winged through the open door of her throne room and landed just inside. As she stepped onto the throne’s dais, Paress furled her wings and dropped to her knees.

“I appear to have kicked up some dust which has dirtied your feet, Mistress. Allow me to clean it for you,” said the demoness before bending down and lovingly running her serpentine tongue over the tops of Xaal’s toes.

Xaal lifted her foot so Paress could access its sole. “Continue, but listen. I have an assignment for you. A man back on earth requires protection until my upcoming duel. Since that is a few earth days away, I’ve secured a new vessel for you to inhabit while you watch over him. Come out, Sophia.”

Paress’s tongue never stopped winding between Xaal’s toes though she frowned at the sight of the keep’s former owner escorting out a hefty young human girl. “Mistress, she looks very breakable.”

“She certainly is not the standard fit and athletic type,” Xaal replied. “The man you will be watching is under the protection of a local witch, so we don’t need to worry about him while he’s in her domain, but outside he is as fragile as any other human attending college. We don’t want a stunningly beautiful vessel that will draw all kinds of attention on campus. Sophia’s body and personality type may not be ideal for a vessel, but she will be perfect for this kind of surveillance. I’d prefer you to watch from afar for any agents Belgrun might send after him as well as any Angels. Those feathery bastards are always sticking their noses in Hell’s business.”

“I’ve been explaining the rest of her job as well as some of its benefits and drawbacks while we waited for you to arrive,” said Kylak. “As with other vessels, you are to deliver her to one of Xaal’s safehouses before returning to hell.”

“I know that, whore,” said Paress.

Xaal shoved her foot into Paress’s mouth. The younger succubus gagged as the foot she was attending to pushed through her lips, filling her mouth and making her gag slightly, but her tongue never stopped moving. “Kylak is about to be the second most powerful demon on the plane of Lust,” Xaal growled. “Show her some respect.”

Paress’s eyes popped open at the declaration.

“Yes, this upcoming fight is to be the ruler of Lust. I can’t let Belgrun win and let Lust become an annex of Wrath. Your assignment is a part of that.”

The younger demoness slowly backed off of the foot in her mouth and looked hesitantly between Xaal and Kylak. “This isn’t some sort of joke, is it? Mistress, you don’t need to tell me stories to bring me back.”

“No tales. This is happening in the next few days,” said Kylak. The succubus turned to Sophia, “Are you ready for this? Paress’s presence will change you permanently. What happened with your mother’s boyfriend will never happen again. Not because some man won’t force himself on you, but because you will love every second if they do. You will also forever crave sex far beyond your teenage hormone-driven dreams once you willingly accept the presence of a succubus inside you.”

“But you said I don’t need to worry about pregnancy or diseases?”

“Correct. Once Paress enters you, you will lose the ability to have children and will be immune from every disease or cancer known to humans. Your body will slowly change to its ‘ideal’ form though our mistress may wish to make a few changes, giving you a bit more ass since yours is a little flat and a little less in the chest,” said Kylay while reaching up to fondle the human’s breast. These must kill your back.

Sophia bit back a moan. After the initial shock of actually going to hell wore off, Kylak took her to a room behind Xaal’s throne and explained that more powerful demons maintained safehouses on Earth, and one of these would become her new home. The safehouses sounded like lavish mansions with pools, tennis courts, personal gyms, and movie theaters. They also came with an assortment of male and female retainers who tended to the succubus’s every need, both mundane and sexual. Once done with her assignment, she would be living there awaiting the next time Xaal called upon her.

The girl could barely believe her ears as the demoness said at any time she could have a servant to get on their knees and lick her pussy or bend over in front of one of the men and tell them to fuck her Even if she did it in the middle of the hallway no one would bat an eye and a few may offer to help.

Of course, there were rules. The powers of the succubi she hosted could push her body well beyond its limits, so she needed to get and keep in shape or risk severe damage. Though there was general consent given among the safehouse’s attendants for most kinds of vanilla sex, she needed explicit consent if she was into anything risky or involving more pain than a good spanking. Considering her sexual experience up to that point, Sophie was in the process of re-evaluating many of her fantasies. It’s easy to dream about excitingly deviant sex with someone and quite another to be faced with men, and even women, who could and would make that fantasy a reality.

She also couldn’t fall in love. Any signs of a deepening relationship with one of the succubi’s retainers would lead to the servant being transferred or dismissed and disciplinary action for her from the head butler or even Xaal herself. She was there to be a succubi’s vessel first and foremost. Distractions from that duty would not be tolerated.

The last thing Kylak explained was that there was a very real chance of her dying, which was part of why succubi offered such a lavish lifestyle. Possession was hard on the human body, and at most, she might get two decades of service in before retiring to a life of luxury and sex. Something in the demoness’s tone made Sophia think it wouldn’t be near as fun as it sounded.

Besides that, there was a chance she might die on an assignment. Demons had many enemies. Angels and human demon hunters were always a risk, but the biggest danger came from the constant power struggle and infighting among the demons. Kylak grumbled that if Hell ever got its shit together, they could easily overrun Heaven. But Lord Shai’tan welcomed the chaos, and Lucifer was too interested in actually saving souls, so that was extraordinarily unlikely.

Despite Kylak’s direct and informative mannerisms, Sophie was insanely horny from the succubus’s presence. She was curious about sex with other women but not really interested enough to pursue that curiosity. Right now, she’d give anything for one of these three succubi to bury their head in her crotch and make her cum. She was honestly shocked she didn’t orgasm when Kylak began fondling her breast through her shirt. Sophie felt like she just needed a tiny little bit more stimulation and she would cum hard enough to soak her pants. She never played with her breasts when she masturbated. She hated the flabby, ugly milk sacs on her chest. Sophie had no clue her nipples could make her feel like this. They sure as hell never felt this good before.

Ignoring the three women standing around her, Sophie’s hand crept toward her crotch, slipping beneath her pants and panties to give her that little extra push.

She whined as Xaal reached out and grabbed her wrist.

“Not here, young one. This is the plane of Lust, not satisfaction. Hell won’t let you climax. However, once Paress is inside you, we can send you back through the safehouse portal where you can cum all you want. Be patient.”

Sophie’s mind barely registered the words as she focused purely on finding a way to cum. “Yes! Anything! Just let me cum!” she pleaded.

Paress got to her feet and stood in front of Sophie. The succubus leaned in and kissed her, but as soon as their lips touched, the demoness’s body turned to smoke and flowed around her. Sophie gasped, breathing in some of the succubus’s cloud. The cloud held her jaw open as it flowed in through her mouth and nostrils. When her lungs could not hold any more, the demon cloud began filling her stomach as tendrils slipped into her pants and panties to slip inside her sex and ass.

The human girl hardly noticed the intrusions below as she began to struggle for breath. Her diaphragm cramped, trying to expel the smoke, but it refused to leave her lungs.

Slowly, the fullness in her lungs, stomach, pussy, and ass faded as her belly returned to its normal shape. In her panic, she hadn’t noticed she looked pregnant for a few seconds until her body began absorbing the succubus’s smoke.

Sophie sighed in disappointment as she looked down at her body. Though they told her being possessed by a succubus would change her body, she was hoping for something more immediate.

She flipped her hands back and forth in front of her, inspecting for any changes.

“How do you feel?” asked Xaal.

“Slow and heavy,” said Sophie, her eyes widening in surprise as she hadn’t meant to speak. “I hope this college campus isn’t very big. I sure as hell won’t be able to run from one side to the other.”

“Don’t be hateful, Paress. You two need to get along,” said Kylak.

“I’m ordering you to get along with her and not say shit like that,” snapped Xaal. “The girl has had a fucked up life already. You don’t need to make it worse.”

Sophia felt the demoness rummaging around in her thoughts before saying, “Yeah, I see what you mean. Let’s get you to the safehouse and replace your shitty mom’s shitty boyfriend with some men who actually know how to use their cocks.”

“Eastern United States safehouse,” said Kylak waving a hand toward one of the throneroom’s pillars. The air in front of the stone shimmered and warped before a glowing red point in the center expanded to create a swirling oval. “You only have a few hours to play at the safehouse before catching your flight to the target’s city. The safehouse’s Head Butler should have everything waiting for you.”

“Good Luck, both of you,” said Xaal waving them towards the portal. “Remember, if you fail and my virgin dies before my fight, you’d best beg heaven for sanctuary.”

Sophie stepped through the portal even though she wasn’t the one moving her feet. After a moment of severe disorientation where she felt for a fraction of a second like all her organs were on the outside of her body, they appeared in front of an identical portal in a room that very disappointingly reminded her of a teleporter room from an old space TV show.

The group of people waiting for them was completely opposite of any television show. Five men and two women dressed in nothing but loincloths knelt in front of the half-circle notch in the wall where the portal opened. An older gentleman looking like a stereotypical butler stepped in front of the kneeling men and women.

“Good morning, Mistress Paress,” he said in a stilted British accent. “Your room is prepared. The chauffeur will be at the front door in two hours to take you to the airport.”

“Excellent,” said Sophia. After scanning over the kneeling servants, she pointed at two men and one woman. “You three are with me.” She then leaned her head back and smoke erupted from her mouth, forming into a humanoid shape next to Sophia before coalescing into a wingless, tailless, and very naked Paress.

“The rest of you take this one and give her a bath,” said the succubus jerking a thumb in Sophie’s direction. “Also, get her measurements for some new outfits to be delivered when the plane touches down and show her such pleasure it erases the memories of her fuck-head, wannabe step-dad’s tiny cock.”

As Paress strode out with servants in tow, the Head Butler bowed to Sophie, saying he needed to fetch the seamstress. The raven-haired woman Paress didn’t choose was the first to stand and approach.

To Sophie’s surprise, the woman wrapped her arms around her and pulled her into a gentle hug. “Fuckhead step-father? Mine was my real father and uncle. It’s good Mistress Xaal got you out of there. If the hurt is still fresh, we can go as slow as you want.”

The younger woman pushed the stunning raven-haired woman away, holding her by the shoulders. Sophie’s intense gaze seemed to catch the servant off guard as she growled, “I have been in the presence of Mistress Xaal and Mistress Kylak for the past few hours then had Miss Paress inside me. I need to cum. Right. Fucking. Now.”

The raven beauty grinned while waving one of the men forward. “Do you mind a woman’s tongue?”

“I don’t fucking care,” Sophie whined.

Nodding, the dark-haired woman stripped Sophie’s pants off in record speed then sat on the floor facing away from the younger woman. As the woman tilted her head back, Sophie felt a hard cock brush across her ass. Whimpering with need, she leaned forward to give the man behind her better access. She heard some wet slurping noises from between her legs then felt the slippery head of the man’s prick brush against her entrance as the woman’s hot breath danced across her clit.

In unison, the man slid into her dripping pussy as the woman’s tongue attacked her pearl. The remaining two men each grabbed a handful of her tits while licking and nibbling her ear and the side of her neck.

Sophia expected to cum in seconds when the male servant sunk his cock into her, but she took long enough for him to work up to a pounding pace before Sophie’s pussy clamped down around his prick. Her legs squeezed either side of the raven-haired girl’s head before completely soaking her face with girl cum. Sophie panted and wheezed through her orgasm, keeping with her habit of being quiet, so her mother didn’t hear her masturbating. When her climax finally released her, Sophie’s knees turned to jelly, and the three men grabbed her to keep her from falling on the woman between her legs. It also made the man inside her sex grab her from behind and drive his cock deeper into her pussy as he held her up. Sophie didn’t mind one bit as the head of his prick nudged her cervix.

The black-haired woman crawled out from beneath her and smiled up at Sophie. The younger girl blushed bright red, knowing the gleaming juices on the woman’s face and upper chest were hers.

“Are you ready for your shower, Mistress?” the woman asked as though being covered in pussy juice was an everyday occurrence.

Sophie looked around, “With all four of you?”

“If you wish.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a shower this much in my life. Lead the way.”


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