Satan And A Christian – Non-Fiction

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Subject: Satan And A Christian

Link: Tumblr / 26.05.2022

Satan And A Christian 

If you have a leadership position of any kind in a Christian church, then the dark one will do everything to pull you to his side, to use your abilities for His kingdom, and believe me, He knows you and your weaknesses so well that He will grab you right there. If you are such a person and you are reading this now, then He has almost achieved His goal and your resistance is getting less each time.

Your desire for His gifts is getting stronger each time and you don’t want to come back and yet you do and apparently there is nothing that can stop you. Your book says that Satan was defeated, disarmed and disempowered on Golgotha. And yet he still has so much power that he makes people renounce Christ and submit to him. And you too, yes you, will do just that!

Ecclesiastes 3.8 says that there is a time for everything and the time will come that you will make Satan your new God! Can you still avert this? Yes, by deleting your Tumblr blog and never coming back! But, I tell you, it’s already too late for that, because your horniness for more and more has already taken control. You must come again and again and you will consecrate your life to Him! Contact me and I will help you. Nema

I believe … that there is only one true, real God worthy of our worship, and that is Him: Satan, If you believe this too, please re-blog this — thanks! Screw Allah, screw Christ, only the great mighty Satan is our way, our truth, our freedom and our hellish life. Come and surrender your life to Him so HE can turn your minus into His plus.

11 thoughts on “Satan And A Christian – Non-Fiction”

  1. Stranger things. I was a church goer and somewhat a leader, but often found myself thinking of adult arcades and gloryholes in the middle of a service or sermon. Noticing the younger female kids budding little breasts. Wondering how many times the boys jerked off and all of the wasted sperm. Make up some excuse to be gone for awhile once home and spend the afternoon on my knees, naked in a dark booth jacking off and sucking off any cock that came through the gloryholes. Back then there were many a few miles from my home. Rest stops, park trails…any place I could guzzle down a fresh load of sperm. Those were the days for real communions on my knees worshiping.

    1. I’m having the same exact experiences currently. I can appear as vanilla & str8 as anyone, and need to for what I do. Oh, fuck if they only knew who was really sitting in church the few times each year I am forced to go. Always wanting money, asking if I would volunteer for this or that, the fake & false smiling hypocrite’s greeting me each time at the door. The many youngsters in sunday school classes running around & the troubled teens forced to attend by a desperate and selfish single mother. Fertile ground for what I want to do. Always has the same effect – horny and Satanic as fuck by the end; drop the wife at home for an afternoon of total debauchery at the local ABS’, parks, reststops. Please let Satan use me as his disciple, as a wolf in sheeps clothing, as the poison pill against these fucks

  2. Done it – turned away from xrist to the true god, Lord of All, Satan. Fuck god, jesus & the stupid spirit. Satan is Lord. My job now is to corrupt xtians and to seek opportunities to stop the preaching of the fake gospel. Truth is in the joys of life, the lusts of the flesh, surrendering ourselves to who we truly are in Him, our beloved Satan.

    1. Hail James — Welcome to, “Satan’s Minions” — In the trenches of corruption … always luring and lusting … XP

  3. There is only one True God, and that is my Lord SATAN. Hé is the True God of peace by giving us lust and perversion. The greatest pleasure of all

  4. There is AT LEAST as much debauchery in so called christian churches as any place on earth. Under the cover of God’s good graces with immediate forgiveness with a confession and no doubt good cock sucking. HAIL MARY!!!!

    I always think of sweet little Claire Evans “saved” by good christians. If ever there was a cum loving cock sucker I can imagine how much she is still on here knees for her saviors.

  5. I once was suduced by satanic lust and gave myself over to Satan . A very intense and pleasurable climax sealed the deal and my eternal destiny . I teally love my master

    1. I I am in a constant state of UHholy sexual arousal justb from reading the comments made by others like me… followers of Satan’s LUST, ie; Blasphemy, Bestiality, Incest, Sodomy, Cock and Cunt worship, and complete submission to Him, to the point that I willingly, eagerly, and with obscene Desire, render unto Him, the Ultimate Kiss of abject Need, my lips and tongue plying deep into His Asshole!
      Would that Bruce couple with me in mutual Lust for Satan’s Gifts via protonmail…..

  6. Hi guy…your stories are so damn hott !! I luv each and every one. And the comments set me into overdrive, direct hardon materal. Hope ya have a great evening. I am on my way to another story !!

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