The True Meaning of Christmess – Non-Fiction

Writer: James Loleland

Subject: The True Meaning of Christmess

Link: MEWE / 04.12.2021 / Modern Ch

The True Meaning of Christmess

We can be thankful that increasing numbers know the true meaning of this season, particularly children. We can celebrate so many things at this time: It is a season of material desires and pleasuring yourself without regard for others. Children love getting the best and biggest present!

It is a season of pleasures of the flesh. Disregard any of the rules and eat and drink what you want and as much as you want. Children love eating so much sweets that they throw up but then can just eat more AND they love being encouraged to drink forbidden alcoholic beverages!

It is a season of personal satisfaction, selfish focus on what you desire and beautiful envy for others that have more than you. Children hate sharing and always lust for more!

It is a season of putting aside social, environmental or other concerns disregarding those who may be suffering loneliness or who can’t afford presents or food and carelessly discarding waste particularly plastic. Children naturally ignore the pain of others and discard whatever they don’t want without concerns about the environment.

It is a season of lustful desires and sexual arousal where it is natural to seek out adulterous relationships and fornication and to encourage the lust in others. Children observe carefully what is happening around them and will emulate those behaviours!

We are also thankful that increasing numbers, particularly children, do not know about stables in Bethlehem with Mary sucking horse cock and Joseph being fucked up his arse by shepherds; do not know the words to traditional hymns but rather follow the latest hottest horniest music; and would be quite happy to read about how the the baby in the manger had been a late term abortion as a sacrifice to Lilith. Hail Lilith! Hail Satan!

2 thoughts on “The True Meaning of Christmess – Non-Fiction”

  1. Selfishness and greed are virtues that children should learn. I like this little sermon. Thank you.

  2. I so agree George. I would also add gluttony and sex as virtues children should learn, also addressed in this sermon. Good job

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