THE RAPE HOUSE by AmandaBlonde

Feature Writer: Amandablonde

Feature Title: THE RAPE HOUSE

Published: 21.01.2021

Story Codes: Young, NC, Rape, Violence, Nazism.

Disclaimer: The characters and events depicted in this work are fictional. The author does not condone or promote any unlawful activity such as is depicted in the story. By continuing to read this work you acknowledge that you are an adult who wishes to read works of fantasy and fiction for the purpose only of fantasy.

The Rape House

It all started when I was married to the mob; well to one of the leaders of the local mafia. Alessandro made us fabulously wealthy. He chose me as his trophy wife and I was grateful for it. I am beautiful, blonde and sexy as all hell! Oh and by the way my name is Amanda. Life was sweet for fifteen years. We built a sprawling mansion on ten acres in the hills overlooking the city. You could house an army in there and in effect that is what Alessandro did. It didn’t save him, however.

There was a gang war and he got shot dead. So then I was a widow. I inherited two billion dollars in legitimate assests: casinos, strip clubs, brothels, movie studios and so on. I made my peace with the other mobsters so that they would leave me alone. Then I was set up for life. But I needed to occupy my time. I needed something to do. The businesses ran themselves.

So I set up a charity. Ostensibly it was a charity to help convicted felons re-adjust to normal life on parole or early release. The real purpose however was to provide a safe house for sex offenders, whether convicted or not. My estate was to be a haven for rapists and other sex offenders to hide out from the authorities or other enemies and to indulge their desires to their hearts’ content. There were rules of course but not too many. The high walls around the estate kept prying eyes away and the men (and some women) could do pretty much whatever they wanted.

The main rule was that the men could not touch me without my permission. I had no servants on the estate; the men took care of all the chores. I didn’t pay them but the had free accommodation and food and drink and as much pussy as they wanted. How they got pussy was pretty much up to them though I did help out on occasions. Some of the men were organised into periodic hunting parties to go out in search of pussy and bring it home.

They were nearly always successful. I imposed no restrictions on the kind of pussy they brought back to the estate. She could be any age and have any status. The overriding principle was not to get caught outside the estate. There was not much risk of that because the hunting parties were made up of the most expert men. And if there were any problems I could always sort them out because I was on intimate terms with the Governor, the mayor and the police chief.

When the men were happy I was happy. I made sure that they had plenty of porn to watch, and I placed no restrictions on the kind of porn they saw. Sometimes we had movie nights where I showcased some particularly hot movie. We allowed hookers in sometimes and they were kept pretty busy, but mostly the men liked unwilling pussy to fuck. On my estate rape ruled.

I guess it dawned on me how much I love this place some months back. It was a glorious summer afternoon and I was walking in the gardens. I heard screaming and followed a group of curious men up a rising expanse of lawn. There we saw six men who had hunted down and brought back to the estate a young school girl, who looked around fourteen. She still had on the shreds of her school uniform, including a red plaid skirt, white shirt and long white sox. They were all in shreds now. Her black patent leather shoes were tossed aside and her richly embroidered panties had just been ripped off of her.

She was blindfolded which was good, but she was doing a lot of screaming. I thought about that, but decided it was safe because on a ten acre estate the sound would not carry beyond the boundary. The men were super excited. Six of them had the girl down on the lawn as they stripped her and spread eagled her ready for gang rape. A crowd of more men gathered to watch, hoping to get a turn in due course. My heart filled with joy that I had been able to give these men a safe place to rape young girls or whoever they wanted. I was proud of them, and proud of myself!

That rape really stands out in my mind as something special. Would you like me to tell you about it?

Well, the girl was struggling and screaming as the last threads of her uniform were stripped off of her.  Four men held her spreadeagled on her back on the lawn. A large crowd of men and myself had gathered to watch, forming a rough circle around the guys. Two men got naked. One forced open the girls mouth.  He slapped her until she stopped shouting and he told her to keep her mouth open and not to bite on pain of death. The other guy had a huge twitching cock. He spat on his hands and slicked up his member, before lining it up with the girl’s fine bald cunt.

All us onlookers encouraged the men to rape the girl hard.  With a cock ramming up inside her cunt and a second ramming down her throat she had nothing further to say.  She whimpered around the cock in her mouth as it drove deeply down her throat.  Her body shuddered against the impacts of the cock ramming into her pussy.  We cheered the men on, urging them to longer, harder, deeper thrusts.  So fucking cool.

When the first two men came they pulled out and shot their loads all over the girl.  Then when they were done they took over holding her arms and the two guys who had been doing so took their turn to gang rape the girl in the same fashion.  Last came the two guys who had been holding her legs.

Three more groups of men from the crowd followed, and the girl was a mess of cum all over her face and body.  She eventually lapsed into unconsciousness.  I called a halt so she could be cleaned up and dumped in a lonely spot well away from the estate.  She had her blindfold on so she had no idea where she was.

I made a little speech at the end congratulating the rapists on their capture and gang rape of the girl.  I told them that they were my heroes and I selected six men to come to my room for a great gang bang.  I resolved that day that this was my mission: to provide a safe place for men to rape females of any age in any way that they want to.  I reckon that all men really want to rape and I plan to make certain that every man who wants to gets his chance!

I occasionally get a very special visitor. One such visitor was Jake Jones, an infamous child sex offender who had been on death row at the State Penitentiary for several years as he went through the appeals process. Somehow he managed to escape from custody during an appeal hearing and he was spirited away by accomplices and brought to my estate. Man that was a red letter day I can tell you! I welcomed Jake into my home like a teenager, excited to meet such a celebrity! I knew that Jake would have to lay low in my place for some time as the search for him was intense.

I invited Jake to spend the night with me the day her arrived. It was a night I will never forget. As we lay naked in bed I shimmied down to examine up close the cock that had destroyed so many little girls. I stared entranced at the bulbous cock head and began to kiss it and lick it. I caressed the shaft delicately with my fingers as I invited Jake to tell me in detail the story of his many crimes. Jake was happy to oblige and told me every sordid detail of each and every rape he had committed. As he spoke I put my hands around the base of his cock and took him into my mouth, my tongue fluttering around the head and the shaft. His cock became super hard and began to throb in my hands and in my mouth. The more extreme his descriptions of his crimes became, the harder I sucked him. Eventually he climaxed, sending ropes of cum down my throat, which I swallowed delightedly.

I gave Jake some time to recover and then asked him for more details of his career of child rape. As he resumed his story I went to work on his cock again, getting him just as hard as before. This time I rode his cock cowgirl style, my hands on his shoulders and looking into his eyes, smiling and encouraging him with words and facial gestures.

“Oh yes Jake, tell me more … mmmm … fuck yeah, I bet the little slut screamed her head off! Oh that is wonderful Jake, mmmm oh, Yes! Yes! YES!”

I came repeatedly around his cock as he told me every nasty detail of every rape he had ever committed.

I confess that I had always had a crush on Jake like a school girl, ever since I had read media reports of his original trial. He was described as a depraved monster and fuck that made me hot! I was glad that Jake would be with me for a long time and resolved that I should make a special effort to keep him happy. That would involved a hunting party heading out to a suburban grade school across town. I know the Principal there and it had been a happy hunting ground previously for us. I planned a special surprise for Jake.

“Tell me more Jake! Tell me more about how you raped all those little girls, then come here and fuck me like you fucked them.”

The hunting party returned with a super cute black sixth grader from the grade school. We held her in the main house and I went to tell Jake that I had a special surprise for him. Leading him by the hand to the main reception area, where the girl was cuffed to one of the huntsmen, I introduced them. The girl was called Violet. She looked terrified which was appropriate in the circumstances. A small crowd of men had gathered to see what would happen. Jake was staring at the girl and feeling his hard cock through his pants. He had not raped a child in years having been incarcerated and his face was contorted into a grimace of evil lust.

I explained that we were all going to play a game of hide and seek. Violet could hide anywhere she wished in the main building and Jake would be given thirty minutes to find her. If he failed to find her in that time she would be released. If he found her within the time limit he could rape her on the spot. If one of the other men in the house found her he could hold her for sixty seconds to give Jake a chance to arrive and rape her. If Jake failed to arrive in time then the man who found her could rape her. If a group of men found her and Jake failed to arrive they could all gang rape her. I gave Violet a fifteen minute window to find a good hiding place and blew a whistle. Her captor released her from the cuffs and she bolted upstairs.

The game was rigged of course. I had no intention of releasing the brat regardless of how well she hid. One way or another she was going to get raped. Besides, the house was monitored by CCTV security and all of her movement would be monitored. I gave Jake and the other men an earpiece each so that I could guide them from the CCTV monitor station. I stepped into the security office and watched the monitors.

Violet had run wildly through the building, looking for a hiding place. She finally settled on a cupboard with an upper shelf filled with blankets. She pulled out the blankets and crawled up into the upper cavity, pulling the blankets over her and pulling the cupboard door shut behind her. It was a good hiding place and may well have defied capture, but of course I was watching and directed Jake and the other men right there.

With a flourish Jake threw open the cupboard door and pulled out the blankets. There was Violet quivering with terror! I hurried upstairs. When I got there there was a crush of men around the cupboard door. All of them were clamouring for the right to rape the child.

I settled the dispute simply. Jake could rape the girl first as he was the first to find her. However the other men were also in time and they would get to gang rape her once Jake was done. It was a solution that satisfied everyone, except Violet of course. She began screaming as Jake dragged her to the floor from the cupboard.

I told Jake and the men that I had set up cameras in an office next to the CCTV monitor station. I wanted to broadcast the rapes on our internal broadcast circuit so that all of the people on the estate could watch. I figured this rape would be a hot one and no-one would want to miss out.

Jake carried the screaming, struggling child downstairs and I directed him into the office. I took up position behind he camera and started the broadcast, explaining to all of our residents that I had a special treat for them to watch. There was a glass wall between the office and the CCTV station so that all of the other men with raping rights could watch Jake do his stuff before it came their turn.

I was excited. This was going to be a real turn on I thought!

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  1. Happy New Year, Amanda and XP. My 2 soul buddies. )) Amanda, damn, your stories are incredible, hot, filthy, perverted…and they keep getting better. You are every guy’s wet dream. 😉 At least you are for XP and me. Have the best year of your life. xoxox Phil

  2. I really love your stories, Amanda. Especially that part between you and Jake, I’d like to discuss this story and a few others in greater detail, please feel free to email me. I tried to register and send you a message on that other site, but I can’t get anyone to approve my registration so I have to reach out to you here.

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