Feature Writer: Yankee Dan 


Published: 26.06.2022

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: An H.P. Lovecraft style erotic horror tale

The Thing In The Basement

My name is Susan Mitchell, and my story is true. That is seems wild and incoherent I am aware, however it’s truthfulness remains, for this is what has happened … no, what is happening to me. To tell myself that it is over would be a joke. I know that door will open soon, when it does I may never be able to write again, so getting down my story now is imperative.

My parents never trusted my aunt Betty. She dabbled in things normal people don’t. Her strange dark moods drove others away. Once when I was twelve she asked my brother if I could spend the week at her house. After that he tried to keep her away from me as often as possible. That she was a danger to me I never doubted, I often caught her staring at me, looks which sent chills down my spine. I have always been a small girl, skinny, and with small breast. My aunt towered over me at almost six feet next to my just over five. Her eyes seemed haunted. She had long black hair down to her waist, and she always wore black. Her breast were large, and she made me uncomfortable by seeming to hug my face to them a little too hard and much more often then I hoped.

Sadly, when I was but eighteen my parents were killed in a strange accident. Their car was smashed to pieces on the highway, and burned the bodies to cinders. It seemed they were hit by a truck, but no pieces of the truck were found, and it remained a mystery. After that I went to live with my uncle, but one night my aunt came to visit. She spent the night, and the next morning my uncle insisted I go to live with my aunt Betty. I pleaded with him, but he seemed frightened and refused to reconsider.

The thought of living with my aunt scared me.

Once I arrived at her house though I scolded my self. So my aunt was an oddball. That didn’t mean I should be afraid of her. In fact, far more reasonable to believe any thirty-five year old women living as a recluse will be a little odd. She was most likely very lonely, and it would be nice of me to be warm towards her, and so this is what I did.

It was not easy in her house. The home was strangely large for someone living alone, the whole thing seemed under lit as well, one always wants to turn on another light in that house, but all the lights are always on, even at night. Although at night, without the sun to brighten it the house it became much darker, shadows loomed, darkness seemed to close in around one. The silence was also oppressive. The floors did not creak, nor did the wind seemed to blow. No cars ever went by, at least not that you heard.

We had a pleasant dinner. The food was normal, the conversation boring, it eased my mind. I felt that perhaps things would be okay.

It was hard to sleep in the stillness of that house. My strange room did not help. There was a large fireplace, red brick. The carpet was red, the paint seemed the color of fresh blood. The bed was very soft though, the blankets were soft and I soon stripped my clothes, it was not a normal habit for me to sleep in the nude, but under those covers garments seemed so unnecessary as to be… laughable.

When she walked in my room I concluded I was asleep and dreaming. People don’t look like that, not in real life.

Her eyes glowed faintly red, and the room seemed to warm as soon as she entered. The air, well, it MOVED, behind her. Her hair seemed alive, squirming like snakes. It was hypnotizing. She walked slowly up to my bed, wearing only her nightgown, soft silk rustling over her breast. I didn’t move, a calmness came over me. After all, I was asleep. She sat on the edge of my bed and placed her hand on my thigh. I lay motionless, gazing up at her as she began to run her hand up and down my thigh through the blanket.

Part of me wanted to yell, to push her off, but the rational side told me to clam down, these events were only in my mind, and it was comfortable in this dream, if a bit disturbing. When she leaned over me, her face inches from mine I smelled her breath. It was intoxicating, warm, wet. It smelt of honey, but more. Like meat roosting, like cake, like all the things that made my body hunger, I breathed it in and loved it, when she pulled away I try to lean forward to breathe in more, but I just lay there, unable to move. It is often that way, in dreams.

Her hands crept up my body, they seemed so slow, so deliberate. Treasuring a prize long waited for. When she pulled back the cover and saw my naked body she smiled, a smile that sent a shudder through my body, my first motion of the dream.

She stepped back from the bed and slowly removed her gown. I beheld her naked body in all it’s glory, tight, rounded, large breast with pink nipples almost glowing. Her pussy was wet, the kind of wet that’s only in a dream. It sparkled, the water flowed out, dripping down her legs, there was so much. She reach down and rubbed her hands in it, then rubbed then slowly up her stomach, leaving a trail of pussy juice behind. She toyed with her tits, getting them wet, then she reached back down and rubbed her pussy again. She turned around, showing me her ass as she ran her fingers across it, getting it wet.

She continued this way for some time, rubbing her pussy and then spreading the juice across her body. Before long she was glistening wet all over. Then she got back on the bed with me, her smell was twice as strong now I can’t even begin to describe it. It drove me wild, and yet I couldn’t move to rub my own throbbing cunt.

She lay on top me, her lips brushed mine. She sighed, closed her eyes and kissed me. The kiss was so hot, so wet. Her tongue slipped past my lips, filling my mouth. Her hands roamed my body, I could feel her juices rubbing off onto me, making me burn with desires. When her fingers found my nipples I began to moan into her mouth. Her knee spread my legs and pressed against my raging sex. Her tongue seemed unnaturally long, it pressed against the back of my throat and passed, I almost gagged, but her spit soothed me and I let it happen.

I tried vainly to press myself harder against her but to no avail. I could only wait for her to use me, not engage her. Soon she did as I wanted and began to lower her lips, first over my neck, licking it’s soft skin, driving me wild. Then over my breast, taking me still further into realms of pleasure I didn’t know existed. She seemed to slowly my nipples she sucked so hard, there was intense pain when she squeezed them and I cried out, but not for her to stop. I wanted more. It was impossible to deny my craving at this point, that this my the greatest dream ever couldn’t be doubted.

When her breath flowed over my lower lips I began to have an orgasm, it didn’t lessened as she started licking, only grew higher and higher. It seemed not to end as her mouth devoured my cunt. Her nose buried in my hair and I began screaming. Finally I could move my hands, They went straight to her head and grasp her hair. I could almost hear her laughing as she licked away. Soon the pleasure finally eased down and she sat up. I lay on my back panting.

She didn’t wait for me to catch my breath, she moved up my body quickly and sat on my face. I didn’t question. This was the natural end of the dream, to taste this incredible woman’s pussy, to have my face between her legs. So my tongue plunged into her sex, it juices overflowing onto my face, dripping down on my breast. The slurping sounds filled my ears, they drown out her sighs of pleasure, a wet slurping and the taste of pussy were my whole world. The more I sucked on her clit the more I needed it, the more I drank her juice from her hole I thirstier I became. I was gaining a whole new side to myself. From her pussy flowed a desire for her body, to service her, that was all I needed. Her hands on my head told me of her orgasm, I couldn’t hear it over the slurping.

In the morning everything was as it was when I had gone to sleep. The bed seemed undisturbed, if a little damp. My dream must have caused me to sweat quite a bit. It did not however, change the way I felt about my aunt. She may have been a sex goddess in my dream, but during the day she remained the strange women I had known. But at the same time I smiled to myself, if only she had known my dream! But I had no desire for her in the day, my inclinations not being that way.

At school things were quite normal, Math, History, and English remained as dull as ever. The tick tock of the clock of the real world and ennui as constant as ever. When I returned home my aunt was not back from work, nor would she be for at least an hour. So I began to explore the house. It was as it had been before, strange and alien. I felt almost as if it was slightly out of tune with the rest of the world. Things here were not… quite normal.

I found one door that was locked. It seemed different from the other doors. Not by color, or material. It simply seemed to stand out, the door said to you quietly, “I am special.” I made note of the door’s location, and moved on.

When my aunt came home I asked her about the door. She informed me that it led to the basement, and I should not try to go down there, for it was old and dangerous. Indeed, the whole house was old, built over a hundred years ago by her side of the family.

“My mother’s family lived here?” I inquired.

“Oh yes,” she said, “They’ve lived in this area for over two hundred years, and we have a strong attachment to it, there’s a lot of history here.”

I had never heard much special about my family’s history before and asked her about it, but she refused to speak on the subject. After dinner she left me reading one of her books in the den. It was a strange thing, large and bound in some kind of old leather. It seemed written in Arabic, so I could not understand what was said, but the pictures were quite disturbing, so I sat it aside.

I thought then, to ask my aunt more about the history of this old house, which did not seem old to me. Silent and ominous yes, but an ancient air was not about it. I searched for her in her room, but she was not there, about the house I wondered, but I found no one.

Finally I heard a sound, an odd thing in that house, so I knew she was nearby. I glanced around and found I was standing by the basement door. I pressed my ear against it and thought I heard someone talking, my aunt or another I couldn’t tell. I knocked softly and listened. The talking ceased, so I waited for someone to come let me in. But no one answered the door, after a time I went to bed, slightly unsettled. In the night I awoke and saw a figure at my door, it was her. My dream aunt approached my bed. This time she had come naked, the liquid dripping off her I assumed was her own but as she drew closer I was startled.

She was not covered with her own juice but with cum. She motioned for me to stand and I did. She turned in a circle before me and I got a good view of her cum coated body, steaks were everywhere, but there was an especially large amount leaking out of her pussy and, yes, her asshole. Her breast were also well covered. She stepped up to me and breathed into my face. I inhaled her scent as willingly as before, knowing now how it would bring me pleasure. When my body began to heat up I knew immediately what she wanted. I started with her hands, cleaning them with my tongue working up her arms took time, but I savored it. The cum tasted just as good as her, the more I ate, the more I needed to eat.

Soon it was a meal to me. This was my dinner, not bread or meat, the cum could fill me, so I got every bit. Her breast were so sweet, the pleasure of sucking her nipples, combined with a mouthful of that hot goo made my pussy leak. When I reached her pussy, she abruptly turned around and presented her ass, I saw it was open some, cum leaking out. I struggle with myself for a moment, unsure if I wanted to lick cum out of her ass, but I did. I had to have it. So my tongue became acquainted her my dream aunt’s ass and loved every second.

I started to go after her pussy but quickly realized, that was dessert, first I had to finish my meal. So I bent lower and took her toes in my mouth, savoring the cum on each one. I licked between them to get each drop, and began to her my way up her legs. Her pussy tasted so good, it was a fine dessert, delicious, soft and wet, washing down my dinner and making me crave more. God, I need more…

The next day my aunt seemed bright and gay. Her joy was catching and I felt my mood lifted, though I knew no reason. I felt inclined to be nicer to her today so I let her hold me against her breast for as long as she wanted and I didn’t mention when I felt how hard her nipples were.

That night things turned strange. There were sounds in the house, I could almost swear there were a dozen guest, and I just missed them each time I entered a room. A playful child seemed to follow me. My good mood was thus greatly altered, and I became afraid. I asked my aunt if I might sleep with her, and she seemed both pleased and unhappy at the same time. She looked at my body, almost hungrily but then turned and looked as if she wanted something on the other side of the house, no … below the house.

Finally she consented. The gown she wore to bed was very modest, nothing like the silk beauty of my dream. She was eager to get to bed soon, and I agreed, my fear had made me sleepy. So we slept, but my sleep was unsettled, I thought I felt fingers on my body, touching me everywhere. I awoke to find the bed empty. Outside of the room I thought I heard footsteps.

I desperately wanted to not be alone in that house at night now, so I stood up and went in search of my aunt Betty. She was nowhere to be found and my feet soon took me to the basement door. From within I heard sounds, curious I tried the door and to my surprise found it unlocked.

I descended the steps cautiously, for they were quite old. The walls also showed age, almost too old, she had said this basement was over two-hundred, but this seemed prehistoric. There was some light, as if from a fire coming from below and I descended. It seemed a very long way down. At the bottom there was a table, a fireplace, and three doors. The walls were covered in strange symbols, some large, others numerous and small. The dancing of the firelight seemed to bring them to life, they swirled around each other with a bizarre rhythm.

One of the doors was slightly ajar so I crept toward it. Inside I found an art gallery, the art was new not old like the rest of the place. The painting were of the most terrible things. I cannot describe them now, for they sickened me and I left the room. I rushed back up the stairs out not thinking of the art which must have surely been the work of my aunt.

The art was amazingly life like, it was burned into my skull. Painting after painting done by her no doubt. I now knew that she was a sick women. Something was deeply wrong with her, and she was obsessed with me.

I returned to my own room and locked my door, I felt tired, and needed to sleep… or maybe I wanted another visit. I wasn’t disappointed. As soon as I shut my eyes I was in the dream, she lay next to me, the door was still closed, so I felt relieved, I had begun to worry that this wasn’t a dream, but on one could have come into my room with the door locked. She wrapped her arms around me, and I around her. We cuddled, it was so… nice. So soft, so warm. She gave me comfort, she protected me. I was her lover, she held me between her breast and I smiled. I have no idea how long I lay between her beautiful tits, but eventually her hands pressed my shoulders downward. I licked my lips in anticipation of her sweet nectar.

I played with her nipples first, chewing them like candy, before I worked my way over her stomach, tonguing her belly button some to make her giggle, finally I reached the prize and began to feast. At first it flowed from her in rivers, running down my throat to quench my thirst, but then it seemed to slow down. I wasn’t getting enough, so I gripped her ass in my hands and pressed her harder against my mouth, I ran my tongue in circles, I fucked her cunt with it, I gave her love bites and sucked her clit… it wasn’t enough. I looked up at her, pleading. She pushed me back and got off the bed, turned around and spread her as cheeks. On her asshole was a drop of semen.

“You’ll have to lick your meal out of my ass, sweetheart.” The first thing she’d said to me, the perfect thing to say.

I crawled out of bed like the slut I had become, my face dipped between her cheeks quickly and I began to eat, and the more I ate, the more I wanted. The walls of her asshole were filthy, and I made sure my wiggling tongue cleaned every inch.

The window had come open as I slept so I closed it in the morning. Though the day I tried to hide my revulsion from my aunt. She didn’t know I’d seen her gallery, she couldn’t know.

At dinner time something was wrong. I couldn’t eat, the food held no appeal. I looked across the table at my aunt, she ate contentedly. I played with my food. After dinner we sat in the den and she flipped though one of her books, right in front of me she looked at pictures of disgusting monsters doing things… to women. The pictures made me feel so… hungry. I looked at my aunt and I wondered. She might not quite be my dream girl, but couldn’t she at least provide something to tide me over. For I knew now, I don’t need normal food anymore. I crave sustenance of a different kind.

I sat on the couch next to her, smiling I bent my head down and rested it between her breasts. She held me, I felt so protected. My hands began to wonder her body, feeling her ripe tits behind her clothes. She did nothing to stop me, only smiled as I kissed her lips and breathed in her scent. I got caught up licking her neck. I licked it up and down, all over, in slow strokes. I was afraid to go down now, afraid to taste her in the real world. Worse I began to suspect I already had. “On your knees.” She was insistent.

She slipped off her pants, and I got on the floor in front of the couch. She scooted her crouch forward and I dived in, to hungry to think. Those pictures had done their work on her. Her pussy was throbbing and wet, just what I wanted. She looked down at me and her eyes began to glow a faint red. I knew then, there was no dream girl, there was only my aunt. She knew I was her bitch, and I knew it. She knew I’d seen her gallery, she knew I could only eat pussy and cum from now on, and I’d eat it out of her ass.

“You’re my bitch.” She said. I only nodded into her cunt. “From now on you’re my slave, feel free to do as you please, you’ll always come back because the more you drink the more you need to drink.” True words, I didn’t dispute them, just sat there tonguing her.

“It’s time to go to the basement.” She said this with such a tone of command I could not resist. I followed her meekly to the door, then down the steps. We didn’t go into the gallery, but into another door. In this room there was a bed. This place reeked of sex, the bed a mess.

She turned to me, “This is where I meet my master.” I blinked, confused. What could be the master of this sex goddesses, this beautiful horror to whom I now am a slave? She motioned for me to lay on the bed and I did. Turning, she left the room. I felt very afraid, but dare not move from the filthy bed, I couldn’t risk my master’s displeasure.

Then the door opened. Not the door she left from, another, on the ceiling. As I stared into that black, writhing mass of unholy darkness I knew why my aunt acted the way she did, why she wasn’t quite human, where the cum came from, and I knew that the paintings were real. The thing in the basement wasn’t in my aunt’s head, it lives under her house, and it is her lover. Now it seemed she wanted to share me with it.

A long, long, penis slithered from the darkness, it was like a snake, moving around the bed, brushing different parts of my body, it was soon joined by another, and another. One wrapped around each of my ankles. Two more my wrist. More squirmed over my breast, leaking precum all over me. One rubbed the entrance to my pussy, yet another my ass. The most important, and biggest, came to my mouth. This was the one that would feed me. It rested on my lips and I began to lick it, I swirled my tongue around the cock’s head and it began to pore precum onto my lips, I licked at it hungrily.

The cock at my pussy began working it’s way in. At my ass, the other dripped precum over my hole to lubricate me, then it too entered. My feeding cock pushed into my mouth. All three pounded into me and I wormed about on the bed in pleasure. The cocks on my ankles and wrist restrained my. My asshole felt so stretched I could hardly stand it. The same was true for my cunt, I moaned it pleasure, but I was at the edge of pain. My mouth though, was pure ecstasy. The precum flowed down my throat and drove me wild.

It pushed deeper down my throat, and I wanted it. When it began cumming I didn’t flinch, this was the meal I needed, sweet semen filled my stomach to bursting. My bowels and pussy were likewise flooded, and I felt dozens of cocks spray cum all over my body, the warm mess covering me. I barely noticed, the cock pumping my throat was my whole world. It kept pumping, well overfilling me, cum ran out my nose, I couldn’t breathe. I began to struggle, the thing finally pulled out and dumped the last of it’s cum onto my face. As it withdrew I lay back savoring the taste and feel of the cum all over my body.

The door opened and my aunt entered. She took my hand and led me out. Then we headed toward the third door. I wondered what could be in here, what last bit of horror could this house hold?

The room was empty, but the furniture was new, it was kept up well. She sat me in a chair and left. I found this paper and pen, and so I’m writing… there she is, she’s back. I don’t know why I continue to write, just the hope that someday someone will read this and know why I am the way I am.

Hello, this is Betty, this little bitch can’t write anymore, she’s on her knees having the first meal of the rest of her life. After this I’ll take her out to the table and show her one last thing which I’m sure she’ll LOVE. Her mommy’s impatient for her dinner, as is her daddy.


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