How Would You Like To Be Corrupted? by Satanasfilia – Non-Fiction

Writer: Satanasfilia

Subject: How Would You Like To Be Corrupted?

Link: Tumblr / 28.01.2023

How Would You Like To Be Corrupted?

Asked anonymously 

I was raised to believe my body was a sacred temple to be preserved in perfect purity until the day I married Mr. Right. Turns out I fell hard for Satan instead; and have never looked back.

My body is a temple now, but for chaos and sin. So I guess the ultimate answer to your question for me would be to become impregnated by the Dark Lord, ideally by being ploughed from behind while I devote my tongue to Lady Lilith’s unholy cunt.

Short of that, I welcome any human or demon who brings me closer to that goal of absolute corruption in Satan … so I can become a willing vessel for — and dedicated mother to! — the Devil’s Spawn.

8 thoughts on “How Would You Like To Be Corrupted? by Satanasfilia – Non-Fiction”

  1. Satanasfilia, if you wish to go deeper into the dark sexual filth and blasphemy of Satan, I would be happy to guide down into that sewer. Simply contact me.

  2. Hail Satan hail Lilith
    It’s only a matter of time and Satan will breed you give you the dark master’s child one you can use for your sexual depraved pleasures one that will satisfy all your filthy needs from birth the demon will suck on mommy’s perverted nipples hard feast on the cunt for juice of mommy put it’s demon arm up mommy’s wicked unholy holes hail Satan hail Lilith you are perfect for satanic bliss fuck the dark master’s child beast

  3. I’d love to be corrupted by pervert servants of Satan and help corrupt single fathers to offer their kids to perverted incestuous lust.

  4. I want to dress up as a nun to be fucked by male demons, Satanists, and animals while I suck on little babies’ pussies and dicks at a Black Mass

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