Feature Writer: nonamesjustpunch


Published: 08.06.2018

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: A man is seduced by a succubus


The Succubus and I

I wake and see you walking towards me. Despite being nearly mesmerized by your naked form, I ask “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

You smile, “Shhh, my love. That doesn’t matter.” I can’t seem to move as you slowly cross the room. The fire catches your eyes, giving them a serene, yet almost fiendish glow.

You draw the blankets aside and lower your luscious mouth to my throbbing cock. Your lips are so warm that my member starts to tingle from the heat. Your tongue swirls around my shaft, and I know that if I were standing my knees would have buckled. I begin to sweat, and my skin starts to glisten in the dying firelight. Your mouth bobs up and down with perfection. I’ve never felt this much pleasure. My back arches and I spasm. My cock erupts like never before, and you look at me and smile.

You sit up, and your hand lazily plays with my cock, as you stare hypnotically into my eyes. I’m not sure how, but I’m hard again instantly. You smile with a grin that seems almost sinister, and you slowly lower yourself onto me. Your hips rise and fall with a slow, steady rhythm, and your pussy grips me tightly. My loins feel like they’re on fire, and you lower your palms to my chest. The warmth of your hands on my naked chest is surprising for such a cold winter’s night. I become lost in the heat and the pleasure that your body is giving me, and my mind wanders. My hands drift lazily to your breasts, without any conscious effort on my part. The heat as they caress your perfect breasts burns intensely, but my flesh is unaffected.

My attention drifts back to you, and I shake my head to clear my thoughts. For a moment, I thought you had horns and a small pair of wings sprouting from your back. I laugh as I’m hallucinating. Your eyes bore into mine, commanding my focus. Your hips have steadily increased their pace, rocking quickly back and forth, as your pussy muscles clench and release. I find myself thinking again that I’ve never known such pleasure. My hips start to buck up towards you, and I release deep into you once more.

I’m panting for breath, and can’t believe what I’ve experienced. Unbelievably, my cock still hasn’t fallen. You smile, and look at me and say “You’re almost as insatiable as me, my love. Almost.” I’m not sure what you mean, but you lie down next to me, pulling me on top of you. I enter your pussy again, and you smile with delight, as your fingernails slowly rake across my back. I don’t understand what’s happening to me, but I continue to pound at your silky, wet pussy with everything I’ve got. It seems like my nerves are on fire, and I feel an almost electric shock where our skin touches. Your beauty and the heat of your body has overwhelmed my senses, and I cum yet again.

You gracefully get on your hands and knees and beckon for me to enter you from behind. I grasp your hips and penetrate you slowly and deeply. My hands wander up from your hips and gently trace the outlines of the dreamcatcher tattoo on your back. You smile, and whisper, “Oh, that feels so good my love. It’s rare that someone caresses me that way. Most men only think of themselves.” I lean closer, kissing you between your shoulder blades, and allowing my hands to roam forward and gently, but roughly tease your nipples, as I thrust in and out with reckless abandon. Finally, I can’t hold out any longer, and I spurt again deep within you.

I collapse next to you, my breath coming in harsh, ragged gasps. I’m satisfied but feel weaker somehow. My cock is now limp, and you slowly kiss my chest. I want to do this again, but I tell you that I have expended my reserves. You smile mischievously, saying that you can fix that. I look at you, and I believe that I see horns on your forehead and wings sprouting from your back. I shake my head again, and this time, they’re still there. “What are you?”, I gasp.

You smile, and say, “I’m a succubus, my love. I’ve come to satisfy your every mortal desire. With a little of my magic, we can continue our pleasure.”

I say “Please. More. Please.” as you slowly kiss my chest. The heat of your lips is searing into my flesh, and the sweet aroma of your perfume overcomes me. You again climb on top of me, and the pleasure is so overwhelming that it’s almost painful. I can feel myself weakening with every thrust of your hips. You lower your lips to mine and kiss me. The taste of your sweet mouth on mine is intoxicating, and my mind blurs again. I can’t seem to focus on anything but the intensity of the pleasure you’re causing. Your hips continue to grind mercilessly on my cock, and I shoot deep inside of you once more.

“Are you ready for more, my love?” you coo into my ears.

I shudder weakly and ask “What will become of me?”

You smile and say “Well, I will have to take your soul.” I know I should try to resist, but I can’t remember anything but the heat of our bodies and the pleasure.

I gasp weakly “More, please. More.”

You smile again “As you wish, my love.”

My hands again reach for your breasts, though I can barely manage the strength to caress them. I’m weakening each time your hips rise and fall. You increase your pace, faster and faster and I know it won’t be much longer. You kiss me for what I’m confident will be the last time, and my loins explode for the last time. You rise, and as I fade into unconsciousness, you smile. When you reach the door, you turn back and blow me a kiss. “Thank you, my love. That was wonderful. Your soul is delicious. I’m sorry that we can’t do that again.”

But, I hear nothing…


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