Feature Writer: Rak_Sasha

Feature Title: THE RAK-SASHA 7

Published: 20.03.2018

Story Codes: Erotic Horror, Shemale, Demonic, Bisex

Synopsis: Erica and Amy sneak into Sasha’s home to find answers


The Rak-Sasha 7

Erica slowly opens her bloodshot eyes, still tired from crying herself to sleep the night before and looking over towards the window. Seeing the house next door and still thinking about how that slut had walked out with her college boyfriend, then noticing her phone on the table nearby. It was blinking, when touched it reveals a text from her friend Amy asking how things went on her date with Jake. She hesitates for a few moments, wanting to type all sorts of responses to the question and venting an impressive collection of curses and insults for someone she used to love. Eventually gathering her thoughts and deciding to text if she could come over, and for Amy to bring her dad’s lock picking tools.

Within an hour a white van pulls up on the street in front of Erica’s house and stops, recognizing it as Amy’s dad’s vehicle. Standing at her bedroom window and looking down, wondering if someone had actually called Amy’s dad. Instead she can’t help but almost laugh when seeing that Amy herself gets out of the driver’s side of the van, her short red hair blowing in the morning breeze as she turns to look at Erica’s house. Seeing her friend in the window and offering a slight smile, the grey skies overhead reflecting in Amy’s glasses while standing there in her typical university shirt and tight jeans. Walking away from the van, her shoes stepping over the damp grass while cutting across the yard towards the front door.

After going downstairs, and before her friend can knock Erica opens the front door for her and pushes her out of the way. Rather than going inside, the two make their way back towards the van before Amy stops to ask.

“E… seriously, what is up with you this morning?”

Erica looks over towards Sasha’s house before motioning for Amy to get back in the van, she does and her friend follows. Only after sitting inside the van for a few moments, Erica eventually answers while wiping a few tears already filling her eyes.

“Jake left me last night”

“No… your not serious”

From behind her glasses, Amy’s eyes widen at hearing this and shaking her head a little in disbelief. Watching Erica nod and sniffle until a look of anger and determination comes across her face. Amy’s hand comes to rest on her shoulder, Erica knew Amy wasn’t the affectionate type so for her to do that was a big deal. Waiting a moment before finally asking her dear friend “I’m sorry, w…what happened last night?”

Erica sniffs, wiping away the last of her tears and continues to look over at the house next door as she begins to explain. “He came over for dinner with my parents, who invited out neighbor over as well.”

“Yea everyone’s been talking about her lately, Sasha right? I even heard Linda down the street saying she caught her husband sneaking over to her place last week.”

“Fucking slut…” Erica growls.

“E, language… eesh. OK, so you live next to the town whore, so what happened with Jake?”

Erica hesitates a moment before she continues, “we had dinner, she brought over some kinda meat. It was really good, afterwards we were going to go out together. While going up to my room to get my jacket and something for when the time is right, that cougar was hooking her claws into my boyfriend.”

Amy just sits in the driver’s seat, listening to what all had happened the night before. Having known Jake almost as long as Erica had, never had she guessed he would ever do something like this.

“He left with her last night, they went back to her place and…”

“And what, E?’

“…the noises I heard last night, coming from that house were not normal.”

Amy couldn’t help but blush a little, knowing what her friend was talking about before asking in a shaky voice “so you heard them having sex, I agree it’s not normal behavior for a nice guy like Jake. But… why did you need me to bring my dad’s stuff over?”

Erica rolls her eyes, looking over at Amy and shaking her head while answering in an irritated tone.

“I asked you to bring his lock-picking tools not the entire goddamned van.”

“I told you last week my car was acting weird, daddy took it to the garage and they’re still working on it. You think I wanted this, you think I enjoy having to go across campus in his work truck?”

A slight smile comes across Erica’s lips, hearing Amy’s embarrassment of driving around in her dad’s van.

“As opposed to your little lime green smart car, at least now everyone is starting to notice you.”

“Shut up” Amy says with a smile before looking over at Sasha’s house, noticing that Erica hadn’t stopped staring at it.

“You think you could get us in there?”

“Your neighbor’s house, why?”

“A few reasons… this woman stole the man I love, she has lived in that house for more than a couple of months and nobody in this town knows hardly anything about her. She hangs out with my mom, then my mom acts like a completely different person. Taking a modest and god-fearing woman and making her act more like a sex-crazed wild woman. Someone who used to only have intimacy with my dad once in a while, now she seems to be keeping him exhausted from doing it every night.”

Amy doesn’t say anything, not feeling all that comfortable with the amount of detail before Erica continues to explain.

“You think I can’t hear them, it sounds like he’s having sex with a tiger or something. Sometimes I hear moaning, other times I would swear he’s watching some nature show from the sounds I hear from their bedroom.”

“Maybe they’re doing role play, I read about that before some people do that to spice up their love life. Maybe your dad likes the wild type, having your mom using some accessories like ears and a tail to act like some savage jungle cat. The nature show on their tv would provide the sounds and help set the mood, why are you looking at me like that?”

Erica just sits there, she couldn’t deny that Amy was making sense that it could be possible that was the case. However, it doesn’t change that after eating that strange meal that Sasha brought over that she felt almost drugged. While this would explain her mother’s change in behavior as well, there was still the matter of her brother’s newfound confidence.

“Gross… but possible, what about Vincent?”

Amy shrugs “what about him?”

“Have you not seen him since she moved in, I told you I saw him sneaking over there one night. Since then he’s been having out with those weird kids on campus, skipping classes and developing a skin condition.”

“A skin condition?”

Erica rubs her eyes, trying not to think about what she had seen of her brother lately. Eventually she explains, “he has these patches of rough scaly skin on his neck and face, even his hands.”

“Anywhere else?”

“I haven’t looked in on him in the shower, Amy… so I have no idea. Anyway, what’s important is I think she drugged both my mom and Jake. There have been a couple of people go missing since she moved in, and several dogs and cats as well. I want to get in there, see what this woman is hiding and just what she is really up to.”

Amy grips the steering wheel nervously, biting her lower lip while asking her friend, “and when are you planning on doing this?”

The roar of a high performance motor starting next door answers their question, both she and Erica look over to see Sasha and what looked like Jake getting into a black car. Watching it back out of Sasha’s driveway and out onto the street before taking off with a brief roasting of tires, speeding through the neighborhood until it couldn’t be seen anymore.

“Right now,” Erica says while getting out of the van, not waiting for Amy to get out with her dad’s tool bag. Eventually hearing her following across the lawn as they both walk up towards the front porch, Amy suddenly grabs Erica’s wrist to pull her back away from the front of the house. Trying to lead her around towards the back while her friend whispers, “statistics show that while almost everyone remembers to lock the front door, sometimes they neglect to check the back door.”

“Fine, whatever… just open it,” Erica scolds, standing next to the back door and looking around to see if anyone could see them. Between the fenced in yards surrounding them, the trees and dreary skies keeping most inside there was nobody in sight.

“E, this is breaking and entering… we could go to jail for this”

Amy goes through the tool bag, she had seen her dad do this hundreds of times and was even shown but she still had trouble. Jamming the tools in the door lock and trying to get it open while Erica waits impatiently, after what felt like several minutes the back door suddenly opens. Allowing Erica to slip inside before Amy grabs her dad’s tool bag and follows, seeing Erica turn to whisper, “quick and quiet, the bitch in heat who lives here has a leopard for a pet.”

“City ordinance 167-4 states that no exotic pets will be allowed either in the home or on the property.”



“…never mind” Erica mutters, shaking her head as they continue from the back of the house and making their way through the kitchen. While seeing that Sasha had a pet leopard, there was no sign of it and had perhaps taken it with her when she left with Jake. The kitchen counter top smeared with what looked like dried blood, a few human-sized bones were laying there with little bits of meat sticking to them.

“Fem…femur and patella,” Amy whispers as they walk through the kitchen. Taking a picture with her phone and seeing the look of confusion on Erica’s face before she explains, “…those are human bones, E. We gotta get out of here and call the police or something.”

“Not yet, come on…”

Erica reaches over, grabbing Amy’s arm and pulling her out of the kitchen. She already had her suspicions about this strange woman, thinking if Sasha was capable of murder that drugging her family would be a relatively minor thing. As they move down the main hallway, past the staircase Erica notices one of the many paintings placed on the wall. One depicting a lion-like shemale and a humanoid black dragon brutally fucking a mortal woman between them. The detail in the painting making it look more like a photograph than a perverse work of art, finding it both disturbing and strangely arousing at the same time. Erica could see the beads of sweat on the woman’s skin as the dragon beast tore into her ravaged cunt with that inhuman member, a belly already swelling with an obvious pregnancy while being forced to suck the shemale demon’s own saliva-soaked member.

“Your neighbor has interesting taste… disgusting, but interesting.” Amy mutters while following her friend through the house.

Erica just nods, seeing that one of the side rooms had been left open as she decides to look inside. Amy turns and decides to go upstairs, thinking that if Sasha had done something with Jake there should be some evidence of it in the bedroom. While Amy makes her way up the stairs, she doesn’t notice the beastly shadow on the wall behind her that begins to follow the young woman.

Amy turns the corner and finds the upstairs bedroom, melted and burned down candles were left on the table and nightstand. The room itself smelled of sex as Amy shakes her head, looking at the bed sheets that were once nice but had numerous claw marks cut through them. Thinking this to be the master bedroom, not knowing it was actually downstairs. The sound of her shoes hitting a set of keys, draws Amy’s eyes down to the floor. Seeing someone’s key chain with a customer id card, along with house, car, and postal keys on it. Picking it up and recognizing the name on the card as one of the people who had been reported missing. Understanding that the bones downstairs, the blood, and now this was no mere coincidence. In a panic Amy takes out her phone to call 911, only to hear a deep growl coming from the doorway.

Feeling her blood run cold while slowly turning to look behind her, facing the door to see a flesh and blood leopard sitting in the doorway and growing at her. It looked a bit larger than she felt it should be, but what caught her attention were it’s eyes. They looked so intelligent, yet at the same time savage and feral as Amy stared into the golden orbs glaring at her. Dropping her phone and taking a slow step back, holding out her hands as she whispers to the animal.

“It’s OK… easy…”

Answering with a brief snarl before he sits up and pads into the room, the bedroom door instantly slamming shut behind him without touching it. The sudden door slam could barely be heard downstairs, causing Erica to turn slightly before continuing through some strange collection. More vile and sinful paintings decorated the walls of this room, more of them of this lion demoness and that black dragon. Yet one was of a large horned figure bathed in shadow, reaching out to swipe it’s claws at a beautiful red haired woman. Her body barely covered by silver armor, dented and smeared with blood while a pair of dark bird-like wings rest against her back. Standing defiantly in front of this monster as a smoldering ruin of what looked like ancient Egypt surrounded them, a shower of sparks raining down on this woman as the beast’s claws hit her sword.

Erica could see the detail of the sword actually cutting or breaking one if it’s claws, the light from the sparks giving this woman an almost angelic appearance while the bodies of the dead and dying lay around them. Seeing both mortal and some mixed human and animal types and some that were purely demonic among the injured, seeing this as some kind of defeat of this ancient monster. In the painting were again, the lion demoness and the dragon who looked as if they were being forced back.

In front of the painting was a display holding up a strange black blade, it’s sharp edge and how it seemed to have small cracks that spread across the dagger. The way it was placed in the display, and how it seemed to be the centerpiece of this devilish collection she decides to take it. Suspecting that it must have some value, or at least might help her understand more about this woman and where she came from before moving into their once quiet neighborhood.

Just as Erica is about to touch the blade to pick it up, the blade itself seems to respond to her being so close. A warmth begins to radiate from it as the cracks along it’s blade begin to glow with a golden ember like fire burning within it, despite this she still felt compelled to pick it up. Carefully wrapping her fingers around it’s handle, feeling it’s weight in her hand before lifting it off the display. Seemingly mesmerized by it, Erica holds it up and looks it over. Seeing these lines of fire as they continue to glow, feeling the warm from the blade before touching it to see how hot it felt. The instant her finger touches it’s ebony surface, an intense pain surges through her hand as the ancient blade cuts her skin.

Instinctively dropping the blade and letting it hit the floor at her feet, Erica stumbles back as blood drips from her palm. The blood on the blade itself begins to sizzle and burn away as if the weapon itself were suddenly red hot, The room quickly grows dark as Erica falls back onto the floor, her head hitting the ground with a thud. Her eyes wander across the floor nearby to see if her friend was coming to her aid, instead she found herself alone as she began to black out. The distant growls and screams from upstairs falling upon deaf ears while Erica lays trembling on the floor. Blood still slowly running from the slice on the palm of her hand, crawling across the ground and following the tiled floor.

Amy felt her back hitting the bed as she fell down on the mattress, before she could get up this powerful animal was on top of her. pinning her down and placing it’s heavy paws on her shoulders, the instant she tries to sit up the beast snaps at her throat. Trembling with fear, Amy looks up into the golden eyes of this animal, noticing the spiked collar and the tag reading “Azetlor”. With a shaky voice Amy tries to calm the animal down.

“Az… Azetlor…?”

Upon hearing this woman speak his name, he tilts his head curiously and begins sniffing at her. She couldn’t help but giggle as Azetlor breathes his hot breath across her neck and even licks her a few times, tasting the young woman’s flesh and pulling back a little.

“That’s a… that’s a beautiful name” Amy whispers as she starts to get up, seeing the leopard backing away from her. Cautiously reaching out to pet him as if he were an ordinary house pet, even speaking ot him in a kind but fearful tone “your not so bad… are you?”

Before she could sit up, he swats at her with his taloned paws. easily tearing into her shirt and leaving several deep cuts across the front of it, exposing her torn bra underneath. Amy instinctively covers her chest and falls back onto the bed, shivering and feeling vulnerable and helpless underneath this dangerous predator. In spite of herself she couldn’t deny a strange feeling of arousal that started to creep through her mind, feeling ashamed at experiencing such a notion in this situation as she looks down to see Azetlor’s head lowering between her legs.

The sound of her jeans tearing makes her heart skip a beat, seeing shreds of the material between the animal’s deadly fangs as it was torn away to reveal her smooth flesh underneath. feeling the air against her skin followed by the warmth of Azetlor’s breath on her inner thigh as his feline muzzle brushes against her panties. Amy tries to sit up a little, looking to see what this animal was doing to her before he lunges forward, sinking his teeth into her panties and lightly rubbing her delicate folds with his sharp teeth. piercing the material and tearing it away easily to expose her virgin pussy.

“God, please no!” Amy screams at him, only to hear Azetlor answer with a threatening growl.

In spite of herself, between the fear of possibly being killed by this ferocious animal and the strange and arousing way he touched her she felt excited and confused. Her eyes telling her this was a dangerous animal, one that could easily kill her in an instant. However, the rest of her body was responding as if a very lustful and passionate man was touching her, even seducing her. Amy closes her eyes for a moment, trying to regain her composure and when she opens her eyes to look down she felt her breath caught in her throat.

There between her legs in place of the leopard that had been there before, was a man that looked to be in his mid twenties with short sandy blonde hair. his smooth skin stretched over tight muscles, his lean and athletic frame not covered by a stitch of clothing as he crawls up on top of this young woman. before she could ask what happened to Azetlor, she noticed the same collar around this man’s neck, as well as the same golden cat-like eyes staring back at her as she looks up at him. Trying to understand what she was seeing, the young woman tries to sit up only to feel Azetlor push her own with inhuman strength.

Just as Amy is about to ask for an explanation, to see if this was all real or just some vivid dream or nightmare. instantly she began to feel that it was indeed real, the warmth of this man’s naked body could be felt as her arms reach up to gently touch his shoulders. at first trying to push him back as the man that appeared to be Azetlor leans forward, catching Amy’s lips in a firm and passionate kiss. At first Amy begins to struggle, attempting to turn and pull away from the kiss. Her resistance lasts only a few moments before her hands move to slip around Azetlor’s neck, actually pulling him into the kiss as she begins kissing him back.

Eventually he begins to pull his lips from hers, noticing her tongue licking her lips as if savoring the taste of his kiss. His golden eyes staring deeply into hers as she looks to be in some kind of daze, a glazed look in her eyes and a slight smile on her lips as he purrs to her in a human voice laced with an inhuman growl. “I can smell your arousal, Amy.” Azetlor sniffs at her before letting out a beastly snort, shifting around until she could feel the firmness of his manhood against her thigh. “I know you want this” he purrs to her, tangling his now clawed hands into her torn jeans and tearing them open along with her panties.

“What… are you?” Amy gasps, shifting a little to allow this mysterious man to undress her. No longer thinking about her friend downstairs or that they had broken into a person’s home.

“I belong to the Rak-Sasha” Azetlor replied, watching Amy’s eyes travel over his naked body. Admiring her toned muscles and lean frame, the scent of her growing arousal filling his nostrils as he rests on top of her.

For a few moments there was just silence between them, as Azetlor continued to remove every shred of clothing from his inexperienced lover. Leaving the young woman’s delicate folds completely exposed, the effect he was having on her seemed to be taking its toll as she arches her back a little. “I always wanted my first time to be something… special” Amy moans, turning to lay her head back against the pillows. Her hands coming to rest on his shoulders, digging her nails into his bronzed skin and helping guide her legs around his waist.

Azetlor nods slightly while bringing the tip of his shaft against her dripping pussy, despite having never felt that before something felt wrong. The head of his cock felt almost pointed a bit, but as it began to slip inside Amy couldn’t do anything but moan whimper and beg beneath him. Making sure Amy could feel him easing himself into her inch by inch, allowing her to savor every moment of losing her virginity. She smiles up at him, little flakes of gold beginning to filter into her eyes as she willingly submits to this man… this creature.

“take me… I am yours” Amy whispers, closing her eyes at the sensation of this man’s throbbing erection pushes past her moist petals and lodges itself deep within her now soaked slit.

Biting her lower lip to try to hold back her moans of pain, having never been penetrated even with a toy. Now forced to yield to a real man’s impressive member slithering into her body for the first time, pushing in deeper and deeper still. Amy could feel every inch, every vein on his shaft as it slides in, eventually meeting some resistance. Knowing if he went further, she would lose her virginity to this creature but she couldn’t deny this new feeling urging her to submit. Tightening her grip around him as she nods a little, even raising her hips slightly to help him thrust deeper. A brief pain comes from him tearing her flesh, followed by a new pleasure she had never experienced.

Closing her eyes tightly and letting out a loud and passionate scream, feeling her body shift to accommodate her powerful lover. An endless string of curses slipping through Amy’s lips while this creature utterly dominates her, mercilessly shoving himself into her battered cunt as her nails scratch across his shoulders and back. Starting as low grunts and growls, he began to sound more and more like an animal. Amy could feel hair starting to grow out under her fingertips as she tries to pull him down on top of her. Leaning up to kiss him passionately and licking around his developing fangs, even feeling his face pushing out into a feline muzzle.

Even as Azetlor pulls his powerful jaws from her lips, she could only see the human form he revealed to her. Despite the strings of drool still connecting their lips to one another as he turns his head to the side, snarling viciously before lowering his dark lips to her perky breasts. Lathering her smooth orbs with his warm saliva, even catching her nipple between his sharp teeth and causing the young woman to tremble beneath him. Already she could feel the pleasure building within her, waiting for a release as Azetlor looks into her eyes. Seeing more gold flowing into them until they looked just like his own, the true face of the demonic leopard snarling into Amy’s face as she began to actually growl back at him.

Her lips darkening, peeling back to reveal that her own teeth were beginning to sharpen. To Amy the man’s face was shifting and stretching until it was that of the beast she knew as Sasha’s pet. This happening just as her body surrenders to the pleasure ripping through it, causing her legs to tighten around Azetlor’s flanks and holding him inside. The feel of the barbs on his inhuman member digging into her insides pulling another scream from deep within her. Part-way through the scream it suddenly becomes caught in her throat, her eyes widen to see the leopard coming closer.

She could feel her juices washing over his erection as he releases his burning hot seed into her, an intense pain and dueling pleasure rips through her body as she experiences her first orgasm with this animal. Azetlor lets out a ferocious roar, his hips slamming wetly against Amy’s thighs as he pumps more of his primal essence into her. Seemingly falling on top of the young woman, but instead his body seemed to become ethereal as he fell forward into her and disappeared from sight. Amy’s body convulses violently, her eyes flutter and roll back before opening once more and her scream suddenly continues in the form of a powerful animalistic roar. Leopard print spreading out across her skin before it fades, leaving only a few patches of spots that could easily be mistaken for a tattoo.

With a fierce snarl, Amy’s eyes open to reveal Azetlor’s looking out through her body. Reaching over to touch her shoulders where the leopard’s claws had been digging in just moments earlier, a wicked smile coming across her now dark lips as she lets out a low purr. Her hands slowly drifting down over her new body, caressing her breasts that were still wet from being licked. Finding the moist and well-fucked slit between her thighs as she dips her fingers into her sex, taking some of Azetlor’s seed mixed with her own juices and bringing them up to her lips. Licking them away hungrily as her nails began to thicken into deadly claws, her teeth having developed into a set of upper and lower fangs as she licks them teasingly.

Carefully sitting up on the bed before stepping out onto the floor, looking at herself in the mirror and admiring her new younger form. It had been a long time since Azetlor had possessed a mortal host, let alone a female and intended to make good use of this new body and referring to herself as such. Knowing that she was in one of the other bedrooms, she quickly moves to the closet to find some clothes but not before putting on Azetlor’s collar. Regretting having to dress herself, feeling much more powerful and natural to be naked. Finding a pair of jeans, a shirt and some shoes, but while putting on the jeans she suddenly stops. Feeling the jeans hitting against something behind her and catching sight of her tail swaying back and forth in the mirror. With a little effort, it slips back inside her and disappears from sight. Pulling up the jeans and making her way out of the room, quietly moving down the stairs and heading through the house.

Turning a little to sniff at the air, catching the scent of Amy’s friend and following it into one of the other rooms. Opening the doors to see Erica lying motionless on the floor next to what she knew was the Talon of Draikoth. Quickly recognizing the blade and seeing the blood on the tiled floor as she quickly moves over to Erica, snarling angrily as she picks up the dagger and places it back on it’s display. “Stupid fucking little bitch!” Azetlor snarls, with Amy’s voice but laced with a rumbling growl as if the two of them were speaking in unison.

“Who the fuck are you?” Sasha’s voice echoes through the house, causing Azetlor to stop before helping Erica up off the floor. At first not recognizing this possessed woman until she notices the spiked collar around her neck, as well as the feral gold eyes staring back at her. Her obvious anger quickly becoming arousal as her tone shifts to a sultry purr “Azetlor?”

She watches the creature that was once Amy nod slightly, Sasha suddenly rushes towards her and within moments she had Azetlor’s back against the wall, kissing her passionately as the two growl and snarl at one another. Roughly clawing at each other’s clothes as it looks that they could not restrain their lust and intended to fuck then and there. Azetlor’s hand already reaching down to undo her jeans as she hungrily licks at Sasha’s neck, causing the blonde to tremble and purr loudly. “You started without me?” The sound of another more masculine and demonic voice causes the pair to stop their lustful reunion, Sasha’s now feline features revealed as her head whips around to glare at Nekozar.

Seeing the man the dragon god had possessed standing in the doorway, the reflection on one of the display cases nearby revealing the true form of the beast standing there. Even in his human form, Sasha couldn’t deny her lust for him as the possibly crossed her mind of the pleasures she and Azetlor could experience with him. Despite his own desire for the Rak-Sasha, he couldn’t help but notice the mortal woman lying unconscious on the floor. The two demonic felines understand that he was referring to the ritual to summon their master Draikoth, seeing the cut on Erica’s hand as she snarls angrily “Fuck!!”

“Take her to the caves, get her out of here…” Sasha growls, pushing Azetlor away and watching her pet slowly fix her shirt and pants.

“Why, I thought we needed her for the ritual?”

“Just do what I say, make sure everything is prepared and we will join you after dark” Sasha explains, pushing Azetlor over towards Erica’s lifeless form. Finding that she was still breathing softly, but seemingly unable to awaken despite the noises around her.

Azetlor easily picks up Erica’s sleeping form and begins carrying Erica in her arms, walking past Nekozar with her as he leans over. Flicking his long forked tongue out into the air before suddenly a hand slaps across his face, as he turns away from the slap his face distorts to become the face of the dragon god himself. Turning back at who had the nerve to snap him and finding Sasha standing there, glaring at him and holding up her now paw-like hand as she lets out a threatening growl. Her red eyes glowing with rage while speaking to her lover in her true beastly voice “The whore must remain clean… untainted… she must remain pure for Draikoth to accept the sacrifice”

“He can have her… I want you” Nekozar purrs lustfully into Sasha’s ear.

Nekozar nods slightly, growling back as he reaches over to grab a handful of Sasha’s lion-like mane of blonde hair. Knowing they still had some time before nightfall, he could hear the sound of her clothes beginning to tear. Her black dress splitting down the sides as her body assumes it’s true form of a humanoid feline demon. Her beautifully curved horns sliding out only to be met by Nekozar’s now clawed hands, looking up at her lover and staring into his purple eyes as he too allowed himself to transform. The two supernatural beasts fall onto the floor in a tangle of passion, their muzzles locked together in a fierce and animalistic kiss while Azetlor carries Erica out towards Amy’s dad’s van. Tossing the young woman in the back and slamming the doors before getting in herself, speeding away down the empty suburban streets.


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