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Subject: The Satanic Philosopher by Rev. Cain

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The Satanic Philosopher

I’ve started to read, “The Satanic Philosopher,” by Rev. Cain. I previously read The Infernal Gospel by Rev. Cain. I found that book to be very helpful in my journey down the path. I look forward to this book being helpful also.


The magnum opus manuscript of world-renowned demonologist and Satanic minister, Reverend Cain, The Satanic Philosopher offers the reader the most in depth exploration of theistic Satanism that has ever been written – its values, ethics, beliefs, tenets, and, of course, the philosophy of our long-misunderstood faith of traditional Satanism.

With The Satanic Philosopher, the world shall finally be enlightened to the true nature of traditional Satanism as a religion whose philosophy exemplifies strength, wisdom, justice, and irrepressible autonomy. As The Satanic Philosopher illuminates the true nature of traditional Satanism, it also explores and abolishes the countless fears, myths, and superstitions that the world has senselessly ascribed to our religion for the past two thousand years.

There is no book, on Earth or in Hell, that explores, demystifies, and empowers the philosophy of traditional Satanism better than The Satanic Philosopher – this book is a must-have for any occultist, theologist, critic, or Satanist that wishes to understand the true nature of traditional Satanism.

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