Feature Writer: NeoRisa

Feature Title: Succubusted

Published: 09.07.2022

Story Codes: Succubus, Girlcock

Synopsis: A Succubus is discovered by her co-worker.


“I know what you are.”

I didn’t bother looking up from the spreadsheet in front of me. If I didn’t get this done- I glanced at the clock- yesterday, Nancy from Accounting was going to eat my ass, and not in a fun way.

“Overworked? You betcha.” Even my humor didn’t come across very well. I was far too behind to entertain whatever April Fool’s Prank this person was trying to pull. “You need something?”

“For you to look at me. Succubus.

Despite how absolutely unready I was for her astute observation, I simply laughed, running my fingers across the keyboard as I spoke. “It can’t be Halloween and April Fools at the same time, beloved. Seriously, what do you want.” This time at least, I treated her to a sideways glance. She was a small thing, almost mousy, with big glasses decades out of style and a scowl that could annoy anyone. Her hair was cute, at least; it ran past her shoulders in a wavy black river, and her ‘Almost Generic Secretary’ outfit of a Creme-colored sweater and jeans looked good on her.

Outside of this grey office, in another world, I’d have eaten her alive.

“Do you have a name, Van Helsing?” I asked her, finally swiveling from my computer to face her. “Or are we addressing each other with our species still?”

She actually stepped back. “So…you admit it.”

“Admit what? That some crazy lady came into my cubicle and accused me of being a mythical creature? There isn’t enough time in the day, girl.” I folded my arms and crossed my right leg over the left. Her scowl softened, eyes gliding right over my thighs and calves. I loved it when they didn’t try to hide it.

“Look, I don’t know what you think you know- and believe me, you don’t know anything- but even if you were right, first off, everyone here would laugh you out of the building. Secondly…do you see me drinking someone’s soul through their genitals right now? No? Or am I working so I can pay my bills for the month?”

Her eyes widened in fear. “You…you do that?”

My face fell directly into my hands. “Ugh, it’s too early in the day for this. Fine. I’ll play along. Why exactly do you think I’m…that? And keep your damn voice down. People are working.” I don’t think she had a plan beyond ‘call out the water for being wet’, because she was actually quiet for a few moments.

“Because I’ve seen how you are. And I’ve seen how everyone reacts to you. Everyone in this office is fawning over you, it’s like they’re under your spell.” She made wide, sweeping gestures as she talked, like a real weirdo. Hell, she was a real weirdo. “I thought they were just being horny little toads, but then I got a good look at you. You can dress like a nun all you want, but your body under that blouse is to die for.”

I covered my mouth to stifle a giggle, and then let the hand fall to my side, a predator’s smile left in its wake. “So you’ve been staring, have you?”

Her eyes widened, realizing that she was under my influence, too. “Well, yes, but no, but-” she shook her head, like she could will the horniness away. “You’re not gonna seduce me, demon, I know your tricks.”

“Whatever, honey.” I scoffed. An email from Nancy popped up on my screen. My time with Sherlock Holmes had to come to an end. “You have a name?”

“Do you like…have name powers? Does that give you power over my body?”

I rolled my eyes. “No, you fucking dork. Just tell me your damn name. ”

“Oh. Uh…Julie.”

” Sweet. Now get the hell out of my cubicle before I call HR.”

She opened her mouth to interject, but I looked at her before she could utter a word. I let the mask slip, just for a moment. My eyes brightened, and I licked my lips. She gasped quietly, like I’d stolen the breath right from her throat. “We’ll talk later. I promise.”

And then, within the space of a second, I was laser-focused on my work again, tapping into my keyboard with record speed. I didn’t bother seeing if she was still there. She’d gotten the message, and she’d surely be back.


During my lunch break, Julie pushed herself back into my life, sitting directly across from me in the semi-empty break room. “So…” She nervously looked away, adjusting her glasses. She’d never gotten my name. My real one.

“Maeve, by the way.” I paused to take another slurp of my ramen before continuing, “Is there a reason you’re interrupting my quiet time?”

“Oh. Well, um, I just thought…well, I found you out, you know? Are you not…angry or whatever?”

“Of course not. I told you, no one here’s going to believe you. They’d just think you’re weird, and I don’t think you’re the kind of girl who wants to be the Office Weird Girl.”

The break room began to empty again, but I had nowhere to be just yet. For the time being, I was stuck with Julie. She sat up straight, seemingly emboldened by our brief time alone. “So. I don’t know what nefarious deeds you’re up to-”

“I’m actually gonna stop you right there, Supergirl.” I put down my bowl of ramen to make sure I emphasized my point. “I’ve not slept with anyone in this office.”

“…But you’re a Succubus.”

“One, stop being so fucking loud. Two, sex is cool, but there’s more than enough horny energy in the air to keep me going without wanting to bang someone.”

She looked almost disappointed. “I just…I mean, all the stories I’ve read are like, ‘Oh, I’m a sexy she-devil, I have horns and a killer rack, let me screw you into the grave, oooooh’-” She waved her fingers in the air like she was mimicking a ghost. “But you’re so…normal.”

I shrugged. “Sorry to disappoint you.”

She was thankfully, quiet as I finished the rest of my lunch, but there wasn’t any disappointment on her face. No, there was determination. “So…how do you…you know…feed?”

Once again, the mask slipped, and I whispered to her, just low enough for her to still hear: “Why? Do you want me to eat you, suck you down until your body belongs to me?”

Her eyes widened, and the breath left her throat again. Before, there was a shyness in her eyes, the unnerved realization of realizing just what she was getting into. This time though, she knew, and she didn’t turn away. This time, I saw the desire in her eyes. For a few, brief, titillating seconds, she belonged to me.

“Well, too bad,” I said abruptly, getting to my feet. “I told you, I’ve not fucked anyone here, and I don’t plan to now.”

“But you didn’t answer the question!” She said a little too loudly, and someone walking by glanced into the break room before continuing their journey.

“Alright, fine, if I explain to you how I feed, will you leave me alone and let me get back to work?”

She nodded, grinning from ear to ear. She was like a horny little puppy, and it made me sick, if not a little curious. “Fine. Follow me, and listen, understand? Don’t say a single word.”


I was fortunate enough to have one of the best cubicles in the office; near the back, with a nice big window in the background for lighting. This time, I closed the blinds as I took my seat, Julie timidly hovering over the wall. “Closer.” Not a request, a command. She scurried inside, trying her hardest to remain calm. “Closer still.” This time, however, I gestured to my lap. She gave me a clear look of ‘are you kidding me’, but I only smiled. “Your answers are in my lap, darling.” I didn’t say the words, but mouthed them with my lips. Julie read all of them, biting her lip before she tentatively took a step closer.

Even though I braced myself beforehand, her arousal was seeping through her skin, covering her mortal frame in a delicious musk that made controlling my desires so much more difficult than usual. If I had been using my brain, I wouldn’t have told her to do something so intimate, but Julie had been getting too close to me, and because she was so fucking awful at hiding her desire, it only made mine become more and more…rampant.

As she took her seat in my lap, sitting sideways across my thighs, the depravity in my soul only deepened. Fingers trying so desperately not to blossom back into claws caressed her thighs and wrapped around the back of her neck, holding her firmly in place. I could feel her heart beating out of her chest as she relaxed against my body, and the musk of her arousal filled my nostrils so deeply that I had to stifle a moan. If I’d not spent ages building this cover as the hot co-worker everyone could see but never touch, one of my fingers would already be pushing into her jeans while my teeth sank into her throat-

“Maeve?” Julie’s voice was nervous, but captivated. I’d lost myself to the revelry of desire for a moment too long, any longer and I’d start fucking her pretty little brains out. No, I had to focus, desire be damned.

The hand behind her neck wrapped around her throat, gently lifting her chin. I could see the heartbeat in her throat so much more clearly. “Not a word,” I whispered. “Listen.”

She did as she was told, albeit very plainly confused. After a few moments, she began to open her mouth again but…then she heard it. It was so low, it was almost inaudible, but if you weren’t invested in your work, if your ears were open, and if you knew to listen in the first place…

…you might hear one of your co-workers moaning.

They were light, breathy gasps, right on the other side of the cubicle. Her mortal ears might not have been able to pick up more than that, but for a depraved soul such as myself, I heard-felt- everything. The woman’s fingers were nimbly pumping in and out of her slit, soaking her panties with reckless abandon. She hadn’t done it in a while, thought she had gotten over it, but today the need was too strong, and she succumbed to the fantasy in her head. She had been thinking of her boss- the bitchy one that always gave her a hard time- lapping at her cunt, while the sweet guy who made her coffee in the morning fucked her throat raw. She thought of him stroking himself off, cock pointed at her face, while her boss hovered behind her, squeezing her shy little employee’s tits and demanding she beg for it

There was nothing more than a squeak as she came. No one would bat an eye- it was almost no different than a chair squeaking as someone adjusted their weight- while she bit down on her hand, eyes rolling into the back of her head as the orgasm she had been denying ripped through her body, toes curled, fingers still rubbing herself, not daring stop until she finally came down from her high-

I swallowed, shaking the haze away. Oh gods, that was good. Julie’s eyes were wide, and her pussy was wet. She’d gotten her answer, and then some. But I needed more now, needed a dessert to cap off that sumptuous dinner. The facade was beginning to fade again as I stared deeply into her eyes; my hands curled tightly around her body, pulled her closer. There was a shimmer in my eyes that enraptured her- enraptured everyone who stared too log whenever I let my guard down.

This time, I didn’t dissuade her, I let her drink of my gaze, let her fill her mind with fantasies she never would have fucking conceived of if a Succubus hadn’t fogged her mind with nothing but a wild need to cum, and cum again. and again…

“Follow me,” I whispered. Commanded. “There is so much more for you to see, darling.”


I pulled Julie to the stairwell; the elevators had cameras, but no one outside of those sick fucks who took the stairs every day ever entered this part of the building, so they didn’t bother. As soon as the door closed I pinned her to the wall, arms on either side of her face. I was taller than her, so she had to look up into my eyes while my face hovered inches from hers. There was no hiding it now. The eyes shimmered again, a blue so deep one could drown in them if they weren’t careful. The tone of my flesh darkened, melting away from a cool olive to a deep purple. Fingernails grew and bent ever so slightly at the tips, now claws piercing the walls. Now, truly, wholly myself, I smiled. The smile she had been expecting when she confronted me with the truth.

“Do you see now, my dear?” My facetious voice was warm chocolate, but my true voice was coarse, rough. As soon as Julie heard it, her eyes glazed over, and she licked her upper lip. She was mine. “I don’t have to fuck a single thing in this building to satisfy myself. There is lust and desire in every nook, every cranny. Every day, someone is swallowing a load, lapping at a cunt, or having their tight, round…” As I spoke, one of the claws dragged downward, squeezing into the flesh of Julie’s ass through her jeans. “…ass pounded when they think no one is looking. There is enough lust for me to drown in it, beloved.”

She was already moaning when I kissed her, one hand still squeezing her ass while another grabbed at her throat, thumb ever so slowly stroking her neck, the same place I saw her heartbeat pulse when she sat in my lap. My tongue pushed into her mouth, and she eagerly let me in, letting me explore at my leisure while hastily trying to unbutton her jeans. The quiet little nerd was now quivering at the thought of feeling me penetrating wherever I wanted, however I wanted.

She didn’t need to say it, either. The desire seeped through her pores, filled my nostrils. I knew what she wanted. And I would have it.

But not right away. I pulled away, the clawed thumb tilting her chin up towards me. She was panting heavily, her heart thumping madly in her chest. “Not yet, doll.” The voice of a succubus made her shiver, and the hands struggling to undo her jeans fell limply to her sides. “Knees. Now.”

Julie swallowed, slowly sliding to her knees. Unlike her, I was a master at undoing my pants in the heat of the moment. In seconds, my slacks were undone, and I stepped out of them and kicked them to the side as if they were trash. The inquisitive cum slut before me stared wide eyes at the bulge in my panties, eyes that grew wider when I pulled them to the side, a feminine, slim cock now staring her in the face.

“This is what you desired, is it not?” I asked, already knowing the answer. I reached down, pulled her old-fashioned glasses right off of her face, and looked her in the eyes. She was far more interested in my cock than my face, and her breathing became labored while she stared. I pushed my hips forward-no more than an inch- and her submission was instant. She opened her mouth and took me in completely.

Julie was a shy, nerdy girl, but that facade melted away as she gagged on my girlcock. All of the lust and desire she’d been denying was now overflowing; she was little more than a cum-hungry cock slut now, and she reveled in it. One of her hands reached around to squeeze my ass, and the other was hastily jammed into her jeans, rubbing her clit back and forth. She constantly switched from looking up at me to ensure she had my approval to closing her eyes to focus her entire self on making me cum.

It has been a long time since I was able to…directly feel someone’s lust in such a way. At first, I didn’t rush it. Instead, I twirled her glasses between my claws while I gripped her hair, letting her drive herself crazy trying to please me. It was so cute watching my little Succubus hunter surrender to me just like she thought everyone else did. But the more her desire coated her skin and her saliva coated my dick, I grew impatient. Without warning, I gripped tighter onto her hair, holding her in place.

I didn’t warn her as she looked up at me, confused. All I offered her was that same, enthralling smile that had already broken her so many times. Once I had a hold of her soul, I roughly shoved my cock down her throat.

She groaned and went limp in my hand, letting me fuck her throat as recklessly as I could. Her eyes glazed over and she became nothing but a shell, a fucktoy for my personal use. I grit my teeth as I thrust my hips forward, eager to fuck her throat to my heart’s content. The warmth of her mouth was almost overwhelming but I was a Demon of Lust; she wasn’t the first woman I fucked senseless, and also wouldn’t be the last, so I reveled in both the feeling of her mouth and the sound of my hips crashing into her face again and again.

As soon as I felt my orgasm start to build, I picked up the pace, slamming into her throat even harder. Julie picked up that I was close to finishing and looked up at me, swiping her tongue around my cock whenever I pushed inside of her. There was no restraint now from either of us; I was so lust-drunk on her essence that I would not stop fucking her until I finished. One of Julie’s hands was pushed back into her jeans, and another found its way under her bouse, each working in tandem to cum with me.

The calm demeanor I had built over the several months I’d been working there was gone. The Succubus inside of me had been maintained, controlled, aroused…and now it was intent on swallowing this poor girl whole. I let out an utterly inhuman growl as I shoved the entirety of my girldick into her mouth, right as I began to cum.

Julie’s eyes widened as soon as she felt the first rope, gagging as she hastily swallowed it down. Soon, there was too much for her, and it dribbled from the corners of her mouth, but I still didn’t stop. The first time you take a Succubus’s gift, it can be overwhelming, but my toy was an even better slut than I assumed. She moaned each time I pulsed inside her, swallowing whatever didn’t spill from her lips. By the time I was finally spent, there were small drops of cum spattering her blouse.

Slowly, I put her glasses back on her face. I had thought that the oral would be enough to placate my desires for a bit, but I was dead wrong; I pulled my dick from her lips before hoisting her into the air by her shoulders. We were now at eye height, staring at each other. Her jeans fell to her ankles, and then to the floor, leaving her in nothing but her sweater and the now cum-soaked panties.

I was toying with her now; she had long been under my spell, but I fully intended to give her what she wanted. She wanted a Succubus, wanted to be used by one, and so I would until she was a broken mess. She stared directly into my eyes with an eager smile, waiting for the next course in my meal. My mouth opened, and I ran my tongue across my upper lip. Julie closed her eyes, expecting me to kiss her. Instead, I dove for her throat, biting down on her neck.

The shock caught in her throat, and she cried out almost instantly. She made no attempt to stifle the sounds of pleasure she made, and anyone walking by would know exactly what was happening. But she didn’t care, and neither did I. I marked her neck, again and again, leaving bruises and hickeys every which way. Even if no one did hear, there would be no mistaking what little Julie had been up to when they looked at her neck.

However good it felt for her, it paled in comparison to what tasting her raw lust did to my senses. I drank the essence of her lust like fine wine, let it overwhelm me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. It was both invigorating and destructive all at once, because it sated my hunger for lust…but also made it stronger.

I needed to ruin her again if I was going to be truly satisfied.

I turned Julie around and pressed her body to the wall, still holding her in the air. She looked back at me and started begging her heart out, as if there was the slightest chance I would change my mind, and leave her unsatisfied. “Break me.” Her tone wasn’t her own. It was that of a toy, begging its master to snap it in two. “Please.”

“Darling, darling…” One claw bit into her hip, and the other gripped her shoulder. She wasn’t leaving until I willed it so. I leaned forward and kissed her gently on the ear. “You were broken the moment you looked into my eyes.”

She gasped, right as I plunged into her pussy.

She wanted to be fucked, and I am not one to disappoint.

The noises in the room amounted to little more than our moans of pleasure and the sounds of our hips meeting again and again. Subtlety? Stealth? To hell with it all. All that mattered to the both of us was pounding her pussy until one- or both- of us passed out. Julie screamed obscenities and pleasures each time my thrusts hit home. I growled my warm breath against her neck, my firm grip the only thing keeping me from fucking her into the air.

Even if I wasn’t drunk off of the essence of her lust, I had to prove a point. This woman had challenged me, nearly ruined the cover I’d worked so. Fucking. Hard. to maintain. She thought she could use that information and use me in return. No, my beautiful bitch. This was for me.

She was quivering now, her mind blank. Her body shivered when I bottomed out inside of her, still begging with every breath she took. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me-” like a magic spell, one she refused to break under any circumstances. The hand on her hip slipped around to claw into her ass. squeezing it harshly while I continued to rail her pretty pussy.

I was getting into it now, growling demonic noises while I fucked her. My tits bounced against my chest with each thrust, large purple orbs that brought everyone who got to feel them to their knees. Julie was thinking about them even as my cock tore into her pussy. It was my tits that enamored her when she first saw me, and even now she thought about what it feels like to take my nipples into her mouth, to bury her face between them until she could scarcely breathe-

She came violently and I followed closely behind. rasping my moans into the back of her neck. Even as I filled her with my cum, I didn’t stop fucking her brains out. leaving a pool of cum on the floor between us and dripping out of her cunt. Julie’s toes curled in her shoes and her back arched as her orgasm spread across her body. Her voice had broken into a hoarse scream, and it followed her until her rapture subsided.

Now, truly satisfied, I lowered her body to the ground. Julie was on her knees, leaning against the wall. Between her legs, her cum dripped against her calves, and half of a smile could be seen across her face. She was almost perfect. Almost.

Her eyes glanced back at me, licking her lips. I had begun stroking myself, with the other hand gripping her scalp again. My girlcock was pointed directly at her face. Still full from the feast of her lust, it didn’t take me long to cum a final time, groaning as I shot more ropes onto her face and into her hair. Her mouth opened as I did, trying to catch a few stray shots as the cherry on top of her dessert.

Once I was finished and her face was thoroughly coated. I took a deep breath, drawing in the glamour that obscured my true form once more. In a matter of moments, I was nothing more than an attractive human woman again. One who smelled very, very good.

“Now that I’ve thoroughly convinced you, darling, I’ve got to finish the rest of my shift.” As I zipped my slacks and tucked my blouse back in, Julie didn’t do the same, still kneeling with her cum-covered smile. “Speaking of which, a few folks have their shifts finishing in…around 20 minutes. I’d disappear before then unless you wanna have some explaining to do.” She still didn’t respond, still recovering from her orgasm. Before I left the stairwell, I blew her a kiss. “Be seeing you.”


The hallways were somehow quiet as I strode back to my desk, though I did catch Nancy from Accounting as I sat down. “I hope it was good for you,” I whispered to her in my dark succubus tone.

The woman blinked. She had to have misheard me. “Come again?” There was both panic and…a hint of arousal in her tone, the lust building in her skin.

“Oh, nothing.” I waved her away, this time with my human voice. “Did you get my email, by the way?”


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