Feature Writer: Rak_Sasha

Feature Title: THE RAK-SASHA 4

Published: 07.11.2017

Story Codes: Erotic Horror, Shemale, Demonic, Bisex

Synopsis: Mary embraces her wild side and Sasha goes after Vincent


The Rak-Sasha 4

A woman’s hand reaches out of the shadows to glide across Alex’s chest, the dim light of the bedroom revealing his naked frame laying on the bed. A mess of tangled sheets beneath him and barely covering his skin while another shape moves to climb on top of him. Raising her hips a little, only to settle down onto Alex’s lap while a low and wanton moan slips past the woman’s lips. Digging her fingernails into his skin and scratching at his chest, savoring the feel of his manhood sliding into her as the woman arches her back. Tossing her hair over her shoulders and panting with each thrust, moving her hips in small circles while riding her lover.

Eventually Alex gets a good look at the beautiful woman on top of him, seeing his loving wife smiling back as she licks her lips. Tilting her head back and closing her eyes tightly, Alex could feel Mary’s insides constricting around his manhood. Teasing every inch of his erection and tempting him to release within her, fighting his own instincts as he tries to make it last. Mary’s movements gradually become more aggressive and forceful, where once she offered a loving caress. Now she was actually scratching him, even clawing at his shoulders. Her hands come to rest on either side of his head, followed by a sharp sting of pain.

Either not thinking about the pain or not caring, instead focusing on the intense pleasure his wife was offering him. Alex didn’t even notice the claws slipping from the tips of his wife’s fingers as she rides him. Lustful moans and cries slowly transforming into the vicious growls and snarls of an animal. Feeling himself growing closer as he reaches up to touch her face, only to hear her snarl like a panther and jerk her head back. Glaring at him with her now golden eyes and baring what looked like fangs at him, pushing his hand away from her and pinning him to the bed.

The gentle touch of what felt like a cat’s tail brushed against his bare legs, with a few final thrusts he can’t seem to hold back any longer. Venting his warm seed into his wife’s willing form as she tenses up, hooking her claws into his shoulders and letting out a beastly roar. Her slimy juices washing over his manhood as her inner muscles tremble and constrict around him, seemingly locking him within her for a moment as she lays down on top of her husband. Alex could only lay there and catch his breath while the sensual creature his wife had become began to purr, still moving her hips a little as if wanting him to fuck her again.

Feeling drained from the experience he can’t help but fall asleep beneath Mary’s shifting form, not witnessing it slowly transform back to her normal human self. Not bothering with the covers and cum-soaked sheets as Mary looks over towards the bedroom window, seeing the house next door. In the window a pair of glowing red eyes could be seen staring back at her, Mary smiles a little before laying her head down. The beast wearing her skin knowing that Sasha had seen everything and enjoyed the show, but she also knew that this was only the beginning.

Next door a single claw reaches down to touch the tip of a beastly erection, dipping into the warm slimy precum oozing from it’s tip. Slowly smearing it over the head of her cock while a low purr rumbles within her chest, Sasha leans back in her chair while her body seems covered in a light sheen of sweat. Her toned abs tense up, sensing her daughter’s release while Sasha stares intently at Alex’s bedroom. Even inside her own home she could hear them rutting like animals, the sound of her daughter’s moans becoming beastly growls and snarls as they continue. A sudden noise from the kitchen suddenly gets Sasha’s attention, her head whipping around to look towards the other end of the house with a fierce snarl. Her facial features briefly distort to a more feline shape before quickly shifting back, calming herself a little as even a slight smile comes across her dark lips. Sniffing at the air and detecting something familiar, showing a hint of fang as she whispers to herself “fresh meat”.

Slipping on a near transparent night gown draped on the couch nearby, she makes her way through the living room and back towards the kitchen. Walking with her cock still erect and pushing out against the front of her gown, slipping into the kitchen to see the back door opening and the young man from next door coming inside. She nods slightly, watching Alex’s son Vincent coming through the doorway wearing a dark jacket and pants. Vincent carefully closes the door and unable to see Sasha watching him from across the room, In the darkness he never saw this beautiful athletic blonde shemale standing on the other side of the kitchen counter. Lightly running her claw-like nails across the table as Sasha watches Vincent suddenly tense up, the sound of her lustful voice suddenly getting his attention.

“I’ve been waiting for you…” Sasha purrs to him.

Hearing this, Vincent could feel his heart skip a beat knowing he had been caught. In the back of his mind he couldn’t help but consider himself lucky it was Sasha that caught him, a opposed to Azetlor. Still Sasha’s words seemed to make Vincent feel a mixture of both fear and lust, sensing some dark promise of lusts to be satisfied. At the same time he couldn’t ignore the ominous tone in her sultry voice, and that she caught him trespassing in her home late at night. Catching himself about to apologize for coming in uninvited before hearing her say she had actually been waiting for him.

“You have?” Vincent asks, still barely able to see Sasha in the dark room.

“Yes… I knew you’d come to me. Like a moth to the flame”

Vincent blinks and shakes his head a little, his eyes adjusting to the dark as this woman comes into focus. Seeing that she was wearing a near transparent gown that did little to hide her firm breasts and hardening nipples. Unable to see anything below her waist from the countertop between them, watching her strangely thick and sharp nails scratch across the smooth granite. “I.. I wanted to see you.” Vincent admits, briefly allowing his eyes to wander to the floor and trying not to stare at this beautiful creature nearby. Trying to control his desire, even now he could feel his manhood pulsing with arousal and growing erect. The sight of this woman reminding him of the intense dreams he had been having about her, thoughts he would never have even considered before now.

Sasha nods a little, moving along the counter until she reaches the end to slowly come around the end of it. Allowing Vincent to see her entire body, from the long blond hair, those intense eyes that seemed to have a shade of red in them. Past her dark and sultry lips, those perfect breasts and their hardened nipples. As Vincent’s eyes travel down Sasha’s body, through the gown he could almost see what looked like a few extra nipples trailing down over this woman’s abs.

Noticing the defined muscle tone of her athletic frame before noticing the thick cock standing proudly erect between her legs. Vincent couldn’t help but stare at it for a moment, seeing it actually jerk a little while another thick bead of pre-cum oozes from it’s tip to smear against her gown. Inside his mind he was fighting with himself, part of him would have never even considered being with a shemale or doing anything with one. At the same time he heard a strange voice in his head, the same one that led him to come to this woman’s house late at night. The voice sounding a lot like Sasha, only a little deeper and laced with what sounded like an inhuman growl.

“We both know you wanted more than to see me” Sasha whispers while looking down to see Vincent’s own arousal making itself more obvious by the minute. Sasha takes a few steps closer, walking up to the young man as he just stands there seemingly in awe of the creature in front of him. Reaching out with her clawed hands to grab the jacket Vincent was wearing, he doesn’t resist and slips it off before Sasha tosses it to the floor. Walking right up to him, making sure he could feel her breasts against his chest, and her cock rubbing against his own through his clothes. Vincent could feel this woman’s warm breath on his neck as she moved closer, nuzzling into his neck and offering a few tender licks. Hearing a deep rumble coming from her, sounding like she was purring just as he turns to look into her eyes. Sasha’s lips catching his in a soft but passionate kiss, his first kiss felt more amazing than he had ever imagined.

The softness of this woman’s lips, the way her agile tongue slithered over his own and slipped into his mouth. His first kiss slowly growing more intense, his own tongue coming out to meet hers before touching what felt like a set of upper and lower fangs. Feeling this, Vincent almost pulls back until Sasha places a hand behind his head. Stroking her claws through his short dark hair while her other hand grabs his wrist, bringing Vincent’s right hand to rest against Sasha’s hip. Leaning into the kiss while slowly moving her hips a little, allowing him to feel her body against his while she continues to purr. After what felt like several minutes, Sasha reluctantly pulls her lips from his. She could see in the young man’s eyes he had never tasted a woman’s flesh, Vincent’s virginity was intoxicating. Such raw untamed desire just waiting to be released, the mere thought of it making Sasha’s lower lip quiver as she purrs to him.

“I want you, I want to be your first…”

Vincent could feel his mind and body fighting over what he should do, briefly thinking of his on and off girlfriend Tina. Then remembering how she would often tease that he was still a virgin, though she had already been with a few different men. Before having met Sasha, he would often think about Tina being his first love and losing his virginity to her. Now being face to face with this beautiful shemale and hearing her say she wanted him, the first to ever come out and say it and show it in such a lustful and passionate way. Hearing Sasha’s beastly voice growling inside his head, urging him that she would be his. That she would never hurt him, never leave him and would do anything to satisfy his darkest desires.

Sasha’s voice in his mind actually snarls at what had to be his own sense of right and wrong, his faith and teachings that had led him until now. Now with only her voice guiding him Vincent reaches up with his left hand to run his fingers through Sasha’s long blond hair. Resting his hand on the back of her head and grabbing a handful of her hair as he suddenly turns her head a little, kissing her once more with renewed passion. Unlike before, this was a rough and almost animalistic kiss that seemed to go on and on. Before long the two were biting at one another’s lips, Vincent’s clothes were being ripped and pulled off to be thrown to the ground. Stepping over them as Sasha turns and pushes him along back towards the living room, feeling her erection hard against the bulge in his.

By the time they reach the middle of the living room Vincent was completely naked, his lightly tanned skin adorned with several scratches from Sasha’s claws removing his clothing. The pain only seemed to add to the lust he felt for this woman, hearing promise of such passion and desire that he had never felt for another. Staring into Sasha’s eyes as she slips off the see-through gown, standing naked against her younger and inexperienced partner. Sensing his uncertainty of what to do next, she smiles back at him and whispers softly “Lay back, baby…”

As instructed, Vincent lowers himself down towards the floor as Sasha moves with him. Gently laying back on the carpeted floor of the living room, looking up to see this woman positioning herself over him. Their cocks rubbing together sensually, touching for the first time and swapping precum between them. The clear slimy liquid felt warm against his skin, it also seemed to fuel the lust growing within the young man. Vincent felt as it his desires were becoming uncontrollable, like some wild animal inside him trying to break free. Sasha could sense this as well, kissing him once more before crawling back away from him. Leaving a trail of soft kisses and tender licks down his chest, watching Vincent shiver at the feel of her long hair brushing against his manhood.

Her head stopping between his legs as Sasha turns a little, blowing a soft breath over his aching erection. Watching it throb and continue to drool precum from it’s tip, her now warm red eyes staring back at her lover as she lowers her dark lips to his waiting shaft. Another first for Vincent, the intense warmth and pleasure of this woman’s lips wrapping around the head of his cock. The sensation surges through his manhood and radiates through his entire body, feeling the urge to reach down and shove this woman’s head into his lap. To force his entire length down her warm throat and savor the feel of her skilled tongue adoring his erection, giving in to the urge Vincent reaches down to grab a handful of Sasha’s hair.

The instant he touches her her hair and tries to grab it, her head suddenly lifts up as she lets out a fierce inhuman snarl. Her face twisted into a beastly expression, grabbing the hand that was about to touch her head and forcing it back down. Her other hand reaching down to take a firm grip on his shaft, giving it a little squeeze as her face shifts back to it’s normal appearance. “Later, my love… I’ll let you fuck me as much as you want” Vincent could only make a fist, this woman felt stronger than she should be for her size. The way she actually seemed to growl and snarl at him, and the way her face looked more feline for an instant when she was seemingly upset. These questions were quickly forgotten as Sasha lowers her head into his lap, taking his cock into her waiting mouth and running what felt more and more like a forked tongue along it’s length. The deep purring from within her only added to his pleasure, feeling it through his manhood and tempting him to release.

Sasha could also sense the young man growing closer, knowing that this would never forget this as she decides to tease him a bit more. Moving her head up and down slowly, taking care to lovingly lick every inch of Vincent’s erection. Watching him tremble and hearing his moans and grunts as she brings him close to the edge and then teasingly stops, only to keep him that close for even longer. Eventually hearing her lover grunt and almost growl with frustration at being denied release, she growls back softly. Not before giving him a teasing bite on his inner thigh, the brief pain of Sasha’s upper and lower fangs and other sharp teeth sinking into his flesh was nothing compared to the feel of those lips sucking him off.

The warmth of her slimy drool mixed with a little bit of his own blood was too much to resist, this time she seemed intent on letting him cum. Bringing him closer, even lapping at his balls with that forked tongue while easily deep-throating his cock. The familiar sensation building in his loins, felt before when he had secretly masturbated to the hidden porn on his computer, only this time it was more intense than Vincent had ever experienced. The sensation spread upward through his manhood, almost trying to tell Sasha he was about to cum while she continues to suck wantonly on his shaft. Her purring only adding to his pleasure and with a jerk of his hips, he releases a thick load of seed into Sasha’s mouth.

She could feel it painting the back of her throat, thick loads of the young man’s warm slimy cum oozing down her throat. Vincent couldn’t help but feel the intense pleasure washing over him as Sasha continued to suck wantonly on his manhood, hungrily swallowing his seed as he seemed to cum over and over again. After a few moments Sasha slowly begins to lift her head, dragging her lips and sharp teeth over Vincent’s erection until she was lapping at the head of his cock. Her obviously forked tongue slithering over the head of his erection, licking away his seed as it continued to ooze from it’s tip. As it begins to subside, she leans forward to kiss his still erect member. Sucking a little and taking some of his seed into her mouth, eventually lifting her head and smiling at her lover.

A thick string of cum stretches from her lower lip back to the tip of his shaft, when she pulls away the strand breaks and drips down her chin. Vincent felt a newfound sense of strength, of passion within him seemingly awakened by this beautiful creature. Watching as Sasha crawls over her younger lover, resting her hips against his own to feel his cock touch hers. Her own was a bit larger but what mattered was the feel of it touching, the intimacy he had never experienced. Vincent’s eyes were staring deeply into the warm red glow of Sasha’s lustful gaze, smiling up at her as she leans forward. Watching her mouth open slightly as if to kiss him, taking the invitation Vincent leans up and actually kisses her back. Tasting his own seed in her mouth, having never tasted his seed he had no idea what to expect. It wasn’t unpleasant, in fact the warm slimy feel was rather inviting amidst their lustful and passionate kiss. Hearing a beastly purr from within the woman on top of him, Vincent slowly pulls back from the intense cum-swapping kiss.

Slowly licking his lips clean and smiling up at Sasha above him, watching her moving a little before feeling her tight ass rubbing teasingly over his cum-slick shaft. Arching his back while Sasha grinds back onto that waiting cock, allowing it to slide wetly along the crack of her ass before Vincent reaches up to grab her hips. Sitting up and throwing her head back while a low growling moan escapes her, reaching down to push Vincent’s hands back to grip her firm cheeks. Feeling him actually slap them as she tenses up, raising up to let the tip of his shaft almost slip into her tight hole before it slips back into the crack. Eventually Vincent could feel his cock brush against something firm as he slid along her ass, moving up to her tailbone before feeling it again.

“Mmmmmh… Wha…” Vincent mutters, still lost in his lustful daze.

Catching the sight of something moving behind him, he notices a lion-like tail swaying back and forth. Apparently attached to Sasha and moving as if it were a part of this woman, in the back of his mind it made a sense in an insane way. The growling and snarling, the biting, the way she looked like an animal before and now this. At the first twinge of doubt creeping back into his mind, again he heard Sasha’s voice inside his head “Take me Vincent, fuck me… slide that big dick inside me.”

Hearing this, Vincent could feel himself answering her as if she had spoken the words herself.


The sound of his own voice seemed to bother him for a moment, he didn’t feel like he was the one who had said that. Yet the sound came from his lips, in a voice that sounded a little different than his own, a deeper more animalistic tone that carried a low rumbling growl with it. With Sasha on top of him, he quickly put aside his doubts while raising his hips a little. Trying to lustfully shove his waiting shaft into this beautiful shemale’s waiting ass, hearing her purring to him that she wanted him to fuck her. Vincent was unable to see his eyes taking on a more reptilian appearance, closing them as Sasha finally allows him to enter. Her inner muscles gripping at his cock and drawing him in deeper while she throws her head back, roaring like a lion. The sound of Sasha’s inhuman roar echoes throughout her house and could even be heard several houses down the street.

Alex suddenly opens his eyes, awakened by the sound of this roar to see his wife Mary looking over at the window with a smile on her face. Reaching over to gently touch Mary’s face before she turns a little to lick his hand, Alex whispers to her “what was that?”

Both were still naked and for a moment Mary doesn’t answer him and instead stares at the house next door, she could smell the couple next door as they continued to mate. The scent of her son’s cum reaching her nose, causing her nostrils to flare and a soft purr to rumble within her chest, knowing what Sasha was doing to him. Already sensing Vincent starting to change, a brief scent of scales gets her attention before finally answering her husband.

“It’s nothing, baby… go back to sleep” Mary whispers.

Alex just nods and closes his eyes, laying his head back on the pillow while his wife continues to sit and stare out the window. His body still aching and sore from the renewed passion in their marriage, surprised by his wife’s new wilder side but enjoying every minute. He quickly falls asleep, feeling utterly drained but satisfied from the experience. Mary’s eyes take on a warm golden tint as Ne’Kara listens to her mother Sasha, having sex with Mary’s son Vincent. Her purring grows a little louder a she turns from the window, looking over Alex’s sleeping form and licking her growing fangs. Snagging the tangled and ripped bed sheets, pulling them back to expose Alex’s chest. Noticing the claw marks she had left on him, a strange feeling in her belly making Mary reach down to touch her stomach. Despite having sex with Alex, Ne’Kara could feel the child of Rak-Sasha growing within Mary’s body.



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