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Published: 19.08.2015

Story Codes: Erotic Horror. Mind Control

Synopsis: Helena the Steadfast Investigates a Corrupt Magic

Author’s Notes: This is my first attempt at erotica, I simply had to get something down on paper (or, you know, internet-based plasma photons or whatever) or I was going to go nuts, and this is the product of my twisted mind. It’s a one-shot “one-and-done” style story, but with an opportunity to expand the world if it sees popularity. So if you liked or loved it, let me know. I know as authors we are also harsh critics and I can receive scathing criticism well, so feel free to dish that out on me if you wish to. With regards to the grammar, all capitalizations (that I caught, at least) of pronouns are intentional with regards to which timeline the character is referencing and how they do/will see the other and themselves. That statement will make sense when you get to it.

Disclaimer: If you seek this kind of activity in real life, get help, that’s weird. All characters are older than 18 (there are only two main characters, honestly), and pineapples are the superior fruit. This drew inspiration from a story on another website, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to reference that. PM me if you want to know what story it is, or if it’s not a TOS violation let me know and I’ll post the title to the story that became my muse in the comments. Thanks guys, don’t forget to comment and upvote if you enjoyed it! Encouragement is my strongest motivator.


The Demon of Vol Garad

Echoes of change whispered through the crags of the Great Scar, riding the wind over the spires of Mount Thelandriel looming above the great city of Vfeden’l. Rolling over the Thelandriel Range, the echoes danced in the icy atmosphere of the great mountains, ever onward down the slopes and across the plains and forests of Vfedi. Ill intent lined the edges of their muted and ethereal conversations, even as they crossed over Maidengarde, home of the Daughters of El’r, Goddess of Adventure and Justice. Making their way past a lone Daughter, onward through Vol Garad they seemed to cackle, swirling through the misty expanse of its rocky terrain…


Helena of Maidengarde shivered as an ice-cold gust cut her to the core. Cresting another rocky hill, she let out a small sigh, nearly tripping on an outcropped piece of magmite. They seemed to spring out of the ground everywhere, and were nearly impossible to avoid, especially in this low light.

The populace of Vfeden’l had begged the Sisterhood to investigate reports of strange magic in the area. As Maidengarde’s most experience battle-sorceress, Helena had taken on the task. The going was a lot slower than originally anticipated, however. Partially because of the rough landscape, partially because of the cold, and partially because of the nightmares that kept her awake at night. Helena was no stranger to nightmares, the cold terrors brought on by faerie sickness from not respecting one’s magic reserves were a common occurrence for all sorcerers, and especially battle sorcerers, where bloodlust is a common occurrence. Still they affected her sleep, and that made for slow going during the day.

She nicked another stone with her boot-toe and swore. Using her technique she examined the damage, nothing but a light bruising, no healing necessary. Onward she trudged for several more hours until she could see the air dampen ahead, heavy with sorcery and evil. That night she camped just outside of its range, but the nightmares still came. Twice she woke up, simultaneously terrified and aroused, which was confusing, as the two didn’t usually go hand in hand.

A quick swipe of her nether area confirmed the moisture gathered there, however. After the second time, she attempted to frig herself to no avail; release simply wouldn’t come. Not thinking too much of it – likely the environment she was in – she curled over and went back to sleep, her slit moist and warm, but not unpleasantly so. Sleep found her untroubled in her dreams after that, save for the amber eyes that seemed ever present, watching. Waiting.

The next morning, still somewhat horny and frustrated, she began her arduous trek into the dangerous, magical aura. Small magmite hills now jutted from the landscape in every direction, some split wide open by other pieces of magmite. Scientists, geologists, and students of the arcane alike had many hypotheses as to what formed this area, many believed that it was the doing of a particular powerful demon, Lucifel. Conjecture, obviously, as it was millenia ago, but the evidence of a violent destruction in the area was obvious, as well as eruptions of some kind.

The whole area was awash with dirt and lava rock alike, the outcrops appearing to simply jut straight out of the ground in random pockets of upheaval, lending to the theory of magical force – particularly evil at that – and giving it credence. It was the reason people avoided Vol Garad in the first place. Whatever evil had decided to nest here now could have been here for years unnoticed. It was only a few days journey from Maidengarde, but no Daughter had set foot on its stone in ages, before Helena.

“If someone was able to uncover the magic here as a focus…” Helena let her spoken thought drift with the wind. Why they hadn’t thought to send a few more Sisters with her baffled her completely, but not much for it now. She was strong, she had come out of every fight the victor. Though not unscathed… She thought, rubbing the scar along her thigh absentmindedly. The action provided a conduit for her forgotten sexual need, however. Attempting to masturbate again provided no relief, only pleasure and frustration, and she was beginning to think that it perhaps had something to do with the evil around her.

Several hours later her theory was confirmed, she was so horny and desperate for release she could hardly think straight. Her hand was permanently in her pants now as she walked, desperately trying to…to…what was she doing again?

Oh, right. Masturbate. She looked down at her wet leather trousers. She was so wet her juices had actually seeped through. No wonder she felt dehydrated. She smiled mischievously as she slowly slid out of them. Her perfect ass “popping” out as she pushed down on the waistline. Her panties were drenched, and they stuck to the leather and slid down her leg as she stepped out of them. She unstrapped her harness, and undid the leather straps around her chest gear. Her tits – which she was secretly quite proud of, actually – bounced freely in the pleasant, chill air. Her left hand now ventured down to her pussy and began frigging in earnest, desperate to achieve that state of all-encompassing bliss which had eluded her for two days straight now.

Looking around frantically, she found a magmite structure that seemed to be perfect for her chosen task. Grabbing her things she almost tripped twice as she practically ran to it, launched herself down and began attacking her clit and breasts with her hands, bringing her nipples up so she could lick them and feel that sweet chill as the air passed over the wet mounds. All that mattered was release. All that mattered. Her moans filled the night sky, but her safety was no longer her own concern, she needed orgasm. Some rational part still left in her brain counted two ticks of the sun as she continued to scream and groan and moan in frustration, her clit still not raw, release not found, only that pit of pleasure that radiates throughout your core, making you feel alive and blissfully sinful.

“Helena.” The voice seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere. From inside her mind and out, reverberating off the stone monoliths, and coming from directly in front of her. “Helena.” Again it echoed all over, the voice became her, became her hands plunging into the depths of her slit, her fingers curling instinctively inside to hit that perfect spot, became her legs shaking with desperation. She opened her eyes and saw him, the demon from her nightmares, those amber eyes staring at her hungrily, not ten feet away. Still she buried herself into her depths, breathing heavily. Her lust-clouded mind had no time to process what she was seeing.

He was a faint tone of orange, with hair the same amber color of his eyes, brown horns that stuck out and curled dangerously to point backward, and a wicked tail of flesh that ended in a smooth point. Grayed spines grew out horizontally from his shoulders, but he was otherwise in the form of a very muscular – and very tall – man. His tail swayed back and forth in timing with his strides as he gazed down upon her. He reached out and caressed her skin along her jawline, his touch like fire and lust. Helena could feel the pressure building. She needed this creature in order to cum, to find release. She knew and he knew it.

He laughed, his voice brimstone and passion. “Did you think to come here and vanquish me, O’ Daughter of El’r?” What the hell was he talking about? She needed release, all else was inconsequential. Her legs spread wide, she rubbed herself more earnestly, unabashed and seeking his eyes, pleading.

His grin grew more wicked. “You are ready.” He said simply. He removed his hand from her jaw – she whimpered slightly – and began chanting under his breath. Before long her eyes glazed over, and her frigging grew less frantic, more controlled, beating in time with his heart and hers.

“I will pleasure you now, Helena of Maidengarde. Would you like that?” She nodded slowly, that was exactly what she wanted. “And after I have pleasured you, my seed will enter every orifice of your body, corrupting you, heart and soul.” Wait…wha..? Some tiny fragment of Helena’s identity attempted to fight its way through and she started panicking. This was the evil she was sent here to destroy!

“I…get away…!” She shoved the demon weakly. He only laughed at her feeble attempts.

“Shhh. Shh, now.” He brought his divine claws to her jawline again, turning her face to meet his radiant eyes. “Here, gaze upon the All-Seer. All shall be revealed.” He reached around and unlatched a small, shining globe from his waist. Helena felt drawn to it, her attempts at rebellion waning, not understanding what she was fighting in the first place.

She looked in the orb and saw herself from before, trekking into the demon’s lair, hand in her trousers and a look of pure pleasure and frustration mixed in her features. The demon’s amber eyes remained unnoticed in the background, his chanting even then setting in the corruption that she knew now would undo her and remake her entirely. The orb shone briefly and she saw herself willingly opening her cunt to the demon’s waiting tongue. She saw the lust in her eyes, the pure passion as she achieved orgasm after orgasm.

She began to smile, evil thoughts creeping in and finding place there. The demon needed sexual fluid to grow in power, and in turn provided unending pleasure. It was a symbiotic relationship. The orb shifted in perspective again and she was taking his enormous cock to the hilt in her throat. The demon was spewing his corrupting cum deep into her core, and she was loving every minute of it. She watched as she greedily cleaned every speck of cum from his glorious cock, from hilt to shaft to tip. As she saw herself swallow the last of his wicked seed, the heat between her legs became too much and she orgasmed. Hard. The thought of becoming this creature’s evil whore was so erotic that she nearly passed out as wave after wave of pleasure crashed down on her with abandon.

Helena knew, however, that the “show” wasn’t over. Eagerly she peered back into the depths of the All-Seer, her hand returning its ministrations to her cunt automatically. It showed the demon pounding into her ass frantically as she screamed, again in the throes of painful but overwhelming pleasure. Streams of his grayish-blue sperm spewed into her puckered hole and dribbled out. She saw him enter her pussy, filling her completely and burying his shaft to the depths of her womb, filling her final hole and completing her corruption. They would fuck for days, never resting, never needing rest. The evil, symbiotic bond they would form would transform her into part-demon, her own juices sharing the corrupting quality of her new lover.

Helena the Steadfast of Maidengarde, vanquisher of evil and champion of the free people, licked her lips in anticipation as she saw what she knew was coming next. She would enter her Sisterhood, corrupting her Sisters one-by-one, until they all were turned. She saw as she led her fellow Sister Elair by a collar and chain on all fours. Elair was licking her hand and caressing her leg with her head, worshipping her. She would willingly follow her everywhere and be her hound. Jev would be a recruiter, bringing more ignorant souls to Maidengarde. Nagra an initiator so as not to scare off new maidens. Mina would be given Helena’s control over men, and would build a corrupted army of completely obedient – but still lucid – thralls. Corrupting without allowing choice just wouldn’t be very much fun. To have a loving husband choose to cheat on his wife, fucking a maiden in front of her, then turn her despair into lust and lead that same wife to Maidengarde to become a willing slave herself, now there was true power.

Finally, the orb shifted to their final stage, and she realized the symbiotic relationship was exactly that. Symbiotic. As He grew in power, so would She. As equals They would be strongest. They would not only be lovers, but mates. Spreading Their corruption all over Veilan until They ruled Their thralls as gods with absolute power. Again Helena nearly collapsed as a tidal wave of pleasure wracked her body from head to toe. The orb fizzled out and shattered, its magic depleted, and its purpose served.

She looked at the form of the magnificent demon – her new mate, and knew why He chose her (and He did choose her, she noted). She was the most powerful sorceress, unbeknownst to her as she had never bothered to compare, in all of Veilan. Through her They could achieve absolute power. She smiled wickedly as He stopped chanting. The cloud lifted over her head and she noticed she could once again think with perfect clarity.

No more corrupting magic to hold it there, the aura disappeared completely. She stood up, unabashed in her nude state – he had seen her naked and masturbating for quite some time now anyway. For a long while they stared at each other, Helena mulling over the events that had played out. She noted that with the position of the moons in the sky it was now three days later. Three days they had peered into the All-Seer. She pondered her life in the Sisterhood, and realized she hadn’t known any life but the Sisterhood, she had never thought different thoughts, had never seen the world through different eyes. Had never questioned her place in the world.

Now she had. Now she did.

She reached down slowly and started massaging her clit again, softly, staring the demon directly in the eyes. “I want it.” As an afterthought she added, “Lucifel.”

His eyes grew wide a moment, surprised she had guessed who he was, but then he smiled knowingly. “Want what, Sister?”

Her wicked grin returned, a glint in her eyes as she knelt down on the rocky ground, unfastening his ragged cloth pants and pulling out his waiting, erect cock. She grasped it firmly, and purposefully stared up at him again, her azure eyes burning into his amber ones, before plunging the entire length down her throat. She came up for air and once more looked deadpan into his eyes, mischief evidenced in her voice. “All of it.”


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