THE PASTOR’S WIFE by unknown

Feature Writer: Phyllis

Feature Title: The Pastor’s Wife


Story Codes: MDom/F, Cuckold, Anal, Husband-voyeur, Humiliation


The Pastor’s Wife

Let me describe myself for you. I’m male, mid forties, 5’9” tall, weighing about 150 lbs. In the manhood department, I’m just slightly above average in length and girth (no, I’m not one of those guys who claims to be hung like a horse). I am single but quite active with the ladies. I am not in any sort of a committed relationship. I currently have several ladies between the ages of twenty and fifty-five who come by to enjoy some discrete carnal fun. Most of these wonderful women are married and are quite unsatisfied with the sex they get from their partners.

How did I become so successful in the sex department? It all started with Faith, a sexy 30ish year old married woman who has been a friend of mine for years. Over time, it became apparent to me that Faith was becoming more and more frustrated in her marriage. Yes, she loved her husband but, according to her, it wasn’t as fulfilling as it was at the start. I asked her what she meant. Faith related that their sex life had gone downhill. It wasn’t as frequent as it once was and when they did make love, it had turned into “wham, bam, thank you ma’am”. Her husband would get his rocks off then roll over and go to sleep.

Faith is quite attractive and until she confided in me, I held her marriage vows sacred. But knowing she wasn’t being satisfied by her husband, I decided it was time to seduce her. And seduce her I did. When I got her into my bed (which did not take much effort), she left having experienced at least 3 orgasms and a new appreciation for sex.

\After a few months of her coming by every second week or so for physical enjoyment, she told me of some of her friends who were in the same, sexually unsatisfactory boat that she had been in. None of these women wanted to leave their husbands, just like Faith, but they needed more. I told Faith that I would be more than happy to help out her friends. So, by word of mouth (and the passing around of my phone number), I gained a rather happy following of several newly satisfied women. One of these ladies was so happy and impressed with my free service, she sent her (at the time) nine year old daughter to me to take her virginity. But that’s another story.

So, it came as a bit of a surprise when I was sitting at home one warm Saturday afternoon and my door bell rang. I was not expecting anybody (my female friends always called ahead of time). Dressed casually in my usual tight work out shorts and t-shirt, I answered the door to find the pastor of the local church, John Smith and his wife Deb, standing there.

“May we come in?” Pastor Smith asked. Not wanting to be rude, and curious as to the purpose of their visit, I invited them in. We went into the dining room and sat at the table. The Pastor took a seat across from me while his sweet wife sat to my right, at the head of the table.

Pastor Smith is a younger man, about twenty-seven years old. He was dressed in a light weight (and obviously) off the rack suit with a thin tie. His beautiful wife Deb was, by my estimation, several years younger and wearing a light, white sun dress with a belt around her waist that highlighted her marvelous figure.

“What can I do for you today, Pastor?” I asked. He replied that he needed to speak with me about an urgent spiritual matter.

“What might that be?” I asked with a great deal of curiosity.

“It has come to my attention,” he said, “that you are very promiscuous. That, of course, would normally not be any of my concern. However, the fact that you are engaging in carnal knowledge of several of the married ladies in my congregation makes it my concern.”

“How so?” I responded. The Pastor responded by saying “These women are violating their marital vows to be faithful to the man they married. And you are abetting them in doing so.” Not being especially receptive to his tone, I came back saying if their husbands were keeping up with their obligation to keep their wives satisfied in the bedroom, they wouldn’t be coming to me. In fact, several of the husbands knew I was (and I used this term intentionally) fucking their spouses.

For the next forty-five minutes or so, the Pastor and I went back and forth about right and wrong. Eventually, we started getting into some of the graphic details of my encounters with the married women. The whole time, Deb sat demurely kitty corner to her husband.

I doubt that the Pastor noticed but it Deb started to squirm in her seat. As the conversation got into more detail about my encounters with the ladies, I noticed in a sideways glance that her nipples were getting quite stiff under the thin sundress and bra. I also realized that her hands were beneath the table, supposedly laying innocently in her lap.

Pretending to get more comfortable, I turned in my chair so that I could see what she may be doing. The Pastor, in the mean time, kept his attention and questioning directed at me. At this time, he asked me about a specific woman. Deciding to see where I could take things, I started a very descriptive narrative that would rival something out of Penthouse Letters.

The more detailed I got, the more Deb squirmed. I described how Monique (that’s the fake name I used in the story) would come to my home for unabashed sexual fun. There would be a period of foreplay that included me sensually undressing Monique, licking on her neck, kissing the top of her chest, nibbling on her tits, suckling her nipples. I then described how I would massage Monique’s tummy, slowly moving my hand lower until it was inside her panties.

A sideways glance and I thought I detected Deb’s arm moving, indicating to me that she was touching herself through her dress. I almost had her. She was so close to doing what ever I wanted, even with her soon to be cuckolded husband sitting right there. The narrative I was relating was making me hard. But, that was part of the plan. In my tight shorts, my hard cock was very well defined leaving nothing to the imagination. And, I made sure as to angle myself so Deb could see my excitement.

I continued my story of Monique, describing how after fingering her wet pussy, I removed my hand from her panties and licked the fingers clean. I then described with increasing detail of how I knelt down in front of Monique and proceeded to eat her pussy while fingering her asshole.

The Pastor continued to listen intently, as if taking mental notes. Either that or he was silently condemning me to hell. Deb on the other hand was showing signs of extreme arousal. As soon as her eyes glazed over, I knew I had her.

I stood up, making sure she could see my erection. I moved behind her and saw her quickly remove her hands from her lap. I leaned down to ask her, “Has your husband ever licked your cunt?”

“No”, she huskily responded. The Pastor was taken aback by my question and was about to speak when I quickly shut him down.

“If I want to hear from you, I will ask you to speak. Until I decide I want to hear you speak, sit there, be quiet and WATCH.” I curtly admonished him.

Then, I turned to her and continued. “Why not? Doesn’t he love you?”

“I don’t know why he hasn’t. He says he loves me.”

“Have you ever sucked his cock? Or is it too dirty?” I asked.

“He has never asked me too.” Deb replied, still showing signs of high arousal. “Whenever

I have made a move to suck him, he pushes me away.”

I pulled her chair back and instructed her to spread her legs a bit. As she slowly did so, I asked her, “Are you turned on? Are your panties wet?”

Deb looked at me and didn’t say anything. “Lift your dress to you waist.” I ordered. “And keep your legs apart.”

Lowering her eyes, she did as I demanded. Under her dress, she was wearing a pair of simple white cotton panties. I could clearly see they were soaked. “Were you playing with yourself, Deb? Were you touching your crotch?”

Shyly, “Yes”. “Did it feel good, Deb?” I asked. Again, she shyly responded, “Yes.” I reached down and ran my fingers over the wet spot that had formed over her pussy. Moaning, she squirmed in pure pleasure.

“Touch yourself. Play with your pussy.” I ordered as I removed my hand from her crotch.

Once again, her husband started to speak. All it took from me to stop him this time was a stern look. His demure wife was doing things for me that he would never have thought of.

“It’s a sin to do that. To play with yourself.”, Deb protested.

“Does it feel good when you do?”, I inquired.

Deb merely nodded in the affirmative. “Then, do it. Something that feels good should not be thought of as a sin.”, I counseled.

Deb reached down with her right hand and gently stroked the wet patch on her panties. She continued to run her index finger between the folds of her pussy. Eventually, her eyes closed as the feelings started to overcome her.

“Tell me, Deb,”, I started. “Were you a virgin on your wedding night?”


“And tell me, Deb, have you ever sucked a cock before?”

The Pastor sat up rigidly at that question.

Her eyes still closed as her fingers started moving faster, “Yes”, she replied.

“When?”, the Pastor asked quickly.

“Before we met. Several times. I love having a hard cock in my mouth.”, she responded to her husband.

“Would you like to stick you fingers into your cunt?” I asked, again using the nastiest word I could think of to see its effect on the Pastor.


“Then, take your panties off and show me your cunt.”

Opening her eyes, she slowly removed her panties and placed them neatly on the table. I noted that she had a rather healthy bush of hair above and around her vulva. Once she was done with her panties, she went back to masturbating in front of me and her husband.

After a couple of minutes of watching her rubbing her clit and fucking her fingers in and out, I asked her, “Would you like to have a cock in your mouth?”
A sharp breath from Deb was followed by a soft, almost moan like “Yes”.

“Would you like to suck MY cock while your husband watches?”

“YES!”, she replied.

This time, the Pastor just sat there, obediently staying quiet as he knew that his sexy wife was going to do whatever I asked.

I shucked my tights off so that my shaved 7 inch cock was free. I stood next to her while she turned her head, reached up with her left hand and brought me into her mouth.

“Tell me, Pastor, were YOU a virgin when you wed this sweet young lass? Or did you get some before hand?”, I asked the now quiet preacher.

“No. I had carnal knowledge of a woman before I met Deb.”, he meekly responded.

“That’s a little hypocritical of you isn’t it. Expecting your bride to be pure when you are not. Did your cherry taking woman suck your cock?”

“No. I think that is a gross sin.”, Pastor John said.

As for Deb, my god she gave good head. Her mouth was magical. I cannot believe that her husband, the Pastor, never knew the pleasures of her talents.
After about five minutes of her playing with herself and sucking my cock, she suddenly pulled her mouth away from my tool and very loudly began her first orgasm of the afternoon.

When she settled down, she sat there with two fingers up her pussy, slowly stroking. I looked at her and asked, “How long have you been married to the Pastor?” She replied that they had been married 4 years. Then, I asked her when the last time she orgasmed like that was.

“Five years”, was her reply.

“You mean to say, that the Pastor has never given you an orgasm?”

“No. I haven’t cum since before we were married.”

“And, you haven’t even played with yourself in that time to relieve some stress?”

“No,” Deb replied, “he says it’s sinful behaviour.”

“Stand up.”, I ordered. She stood up and as per my next instruction, bent over the dining room table.

I flipped her dress up to expose her ass and pussy. I ran my fingers through her wet slit, making sure to apply pressure to her clit. This action resulted in her moaning loudly.

My cock had not lost its erection since she had stopped sucking hit. “Would you like me to fuck you? Would you like the Pastor to watch me fuck you properly and hopefully teach him how it’s done properly?”

“God, YES. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”, she practically screamed.

The Pastor sat there rubbing the front of his pants as I took position behind his sexy wife.

“Stop that!” I snapped at the Pastor. “Put your hands on top of the table.” Then, I slipped the head of my cock between his wife’s hot, wet pussy lips. Deb moaned at the feeling of my cock just resting there. Then, I took a half step forward and plunged the entirety of my cock into her.

“My God. So good. Feels so good.”, she moaned.

I had to ask, more for the humiliation of her husband than anything else, “Feel better than your husband’s dick?”

“My god, so much better than his little dickie.”, she moaned. I began fucking in and out of her pussy as he watched with a downfallen look on his face. The Pastor was now officially a cuckold. His proper, demure wife was getting totally fucked in front of him and she was enjoying the experience.

Over and over, with shortening breath, she proclaimed, “Yes, yes, god yes. So fucking good.” This was more than I had hoped. She started to demand the I fuck her harder. She was proclaiming that she was getting close to cumming again.

“Fuck. Fuck me harder. Deeper, yes.” Deb demanded. I got as much leverage as I could and gave her everything I could. In no time, Deb started her second orgasm of the day.

Her pussy was clamping down on my cock. Her cum juices were so copious that they were dripping down my balls and her legs. I had to hold on to her to keep her from collapsing on the floor.

I left my cock deep in her while she came to her senses. Once she had recovered, I had another nasty thought that would surely kick the Pastor in the nuts.

“You like that, Deb?”

“God yes. I loved it.”

“The Pastor ever do you like that. Ever fuck you from behind?”

“No. We only ever do it with him on top. We make love. We don’t fuck.”

“Do you “make love” often? Do you get enough?”, I probed.

“Not nearly enough.”, was Deb’s response.

“What would you say, if I said I was going to fuck your ass, Deb?”

She just moaned at the prospect. “Have you ever been fucked there, Deb? Ever take it in the ass?”

A little bit embarrassed at the prospect of answering in front of her prim and proper husband, Deb hesitated. It was one thing to admit that she had sucked cock before meeting her husband but something completely different to admit to having been sodomized. She had in fact been a vaginal virgin when she married Pastor John. But, she was not the sweet innocent lass that he thought.

Again, I asked her. “Have you ever let a guy fuck you in the ass?”

With an increase in blush on her face, she turned to me and whispered, “Yes.”

I pulled my well lubricated cock out of her pussy and slid it up to her sexy little anus. As I proceeded to press into her, I demanded that she say it louder.

“Yes!”, she stated loud enough for her husband to hear. “Yes, I love having a cock in my ass.”, she continued without prompting.

I groaned as I slowly worked my hardness into her tight ass. In response, she started to cum again.

“Yes, yes, yes. FUCK yes.”, Deb screamed as she orgasmed with my cock in her ass. And for the next five minutes of me fucking her ass, she continued to cum.

Her anal canal kept clamping down and releasing my hard on providing extra stimulation. It didn’t take me long before I felt the urge to ejaculate.

“I’m going to cum soon, Deb. Do you want my spunk up your ass?”

“Hell, yes. Cum in my bum!”, she screamed.

“What do you think, Pastor? She wants my seed in her ass. Should I?”, I queried Deb’s meek husband. He just nodded his head in agreement with his wife.

With that, I shot several strong streams of cum deep into her bowels. When my cock finally settled down, I simply held on to Deb, wrapping my arms around her waist to hold myself up. I stayed like that until my cock had deflated and naturally fell out of her tight back door.

The position that Deb was in came with the side benefit of my sperm leaking out of her ass and down her leg when my cock fell out.

I invited Pastor John over to where I was standing. He got up and with an embarrassed look on his face, came over.

“Look at her, Pastor. That’s what a properly fucked woman should look like. How do you feel, Deb? Satisfied?”, I queried.

“God yes. I haven’t felt like this in years.”, Deb replied.

I had one more idea of humiliation for the Pastor but decided he had enough. I decided to not have him orally clean up his sexy wife. She had had enough stimulation and release for the day. Then, I noticed a dark area on the front of his pants.

“Did you cum, Pastor? Did you blow a load in your pants watching me with your wife?”
Now he was truly embarrassed and humiliated. He looked down at the floor and answered that he had.

I instructed the both of them to wait there as I went into the washroom to get some wash cloths to clean all of us up. As well, it was one thing to humiliate the Pastor in the privacy of my home. It did not have to carry on outside. When I returned, I gave each of them a wet cloth to clean up with.

“Take your pants and underwear off, Pastor. I’m not sending you home looking like that.”, I told him as I went to my bedroom to get a clean, dry pair of pants out of my closet.

Upon returning I tossed him the clean pants. “Something I hope you learned today, Pastor John, is sex doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, if it is not fully enjoyed by both parties, it should be seen as a sin. Even if the two people are married to each other. Your wife has been pleasured like she hasn’t been since before she married you. And that is no one’s fault but yours.”

Pastor John looked at my as if I was the devil reincarnate. I continued, “Deb can come back to me anytime she wants. The only condition I will have is that if she does show up, her pussy is to be shaved smooth. And, YOU, John will be the one to do the shaving. I will insist upon proof. I like smooth cunt. Understand?”

Again, looking at the floor, the Pastor acknowledged what I had said.

“And one final point. I have never chased after any of the women I engage in carnal activities with. They have all come to me on their own initiative because I give them what their husbands or boy friends won’t or can’t give them. None of them are going to leave their partner for me. The just come to me for sex, not love. And, I do not cum in their pussy unless I know that I will not get them pregnant.”

With that, the Pastor and his well satisfied wife finished getting dressed and left my home. I don’t know what he thinks of me but then again I don’t care. Deb came by my place about three weeks later. She showed me her smoothly shaved vulva but that’s as close as we came to sex. It would seem that she took control in the bedroom and the Pastor had become a really good student at providing his wife the sexual fulfillment she needed.

“It turns out, he’s a closet submissive and rather enjoys me dominating things. He has even come to crave having his cock sucked. And, he’s learning to eat my pussy. Especially after he’s cum in me.”, Deb reported.

She finished her visit by telling me she has told the Pastor about her past – how she loved sex but saved her pussy for her wedding night. “The stories I have told him about sucking cock, getting my pussy eaten or getting fucked in the butt get him really hard. He hasn’t had my ass yet. He still thinks that’s dirty and filthy. I just might have to stop by sometime for you to do me there again.”, she said with a smile.

I never saw her again other than to see her and the Pastor walking down the street. But, if she is happy with what her husband does for her, I’m happy for her and him.


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