Take me Satan – Non-Fiction


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Feature Title: Take a Satan

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Take me Satan

Satan offers the wonderful gifts of possession by the demons of prolonged masturbation and pornography addiction. When we  masturbate at the same time open ourselves to demonic possession, SATAN will let his demons enter into us and possess us.

The objective is reached when  we think about SATAN and  his LUST.

A penis beater can achieve an erection only when he think about SATAN. Cock  get a hard-on through contact emotional with SATAN . Masturbating while immersing himself in SATAN  is the only way he can orgasm and ejaculate.

Sexual pleasure will be achieved through masturbation while feeling lust, perversion, in the possession to SATAN.

If you have successfully gotten to this state, thank SATAN for giving you his demons, and give thanks to the demons possessing you as you masturbate compulsively.

Remember that you can always go deeper and reach greater heights of perversion. Thank you, SATAN, for filling me with demons. Demons are so much POWER!

THANK YOU FATHER SATAN FOR YOU HAVE FILLED ME WITH MANY DEMONS. HAIL OUR DARK LORD. Always shout out Satan’s name when you fuck and he will reward you for your efforts

6 thoughts on “Take me Satan – Non-Fiction”

  1. I keep getting more absorbed and deeper into satanic lust i have gladly given myself over i am glad to becomingone wth Satan

  2. So good so true

    I need to acknowledge and indulge more and more
    To give myself and my lusts into Satan’s control and to flush away my old morals and embrace the passions and pleasures he offers

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