The Late Night Rendezvous! by Morning Star

Writer: Morning Star / ©️Copyrights ~KLN~

Subject: The Late Night Rendezvous!

Link: MEWE / 04.04.2023

The Late Night Rendezvous!

Lilith had just about arrived home after a day of shopping out on the town. She pulled up the drive-way, then she got out of her car. She grabbed all her bags, heading up the stairs to the front porch. She opened the door with her mind. Lilith walked inside she closed the doors behind her. Lilith walked over to the table placing her bags on it.

She walked down the hall and into the kitchen. She opened the cabinet, and she grabbed a glass while walking over to the fridge she opened the door to grab the bottle cranberry juice. Lilith then walked back over to the cabinet. She opened it, grabbing the bottle of vodka. Lilith walked back over to the table to sit back down.

She opened both bottles while grabbing the bottle of vodka she poured herself a little something into her glass. She then placed the bottle back down on the table. Lilith grabbed the bottle of cranberry juice pouring some it into her glass. Lilith swirled the glass around in her hand to mix it up.

Lilith had things she was sorting out in her mind. She picked up her glass bringing to her lips she took a few small sips. She thought a little more about things. She thought about how the way things, and time’s have change. She shook her head while placing her glass to her lips once more. Lilith finished off what was left. She got back up while walking back over to the kitchen sink. Lilith placed her glass inside the cold dry sink. She turned around walking out of the kitchen.

Lilith was walking down the hall stretching for it’s really been way too long. Her bones cracked as she stretched. Well, bloody hell, perhaps I should do this a little more often. She walked over to her bags she snapped her fingers, placing her bags up in her room on her bed. Lilith turned around she grabbed her jacket off the hook, and then she headed out the front door.

Lilith smirked walking down the stairs, and off into the woods. She could smell a lot today, so much more then usually. It was as if her senses were heighten. Lilith loved walking through the woods. She went to sites only she knew about. Lilith had one she liked more than any others. Lilith opened her wings then took flight to the sky. She grinned savagely. She didn’t usually feed off humans, but today,there was going to be an exception. She licked her fangs with her tongue.

She was looking down at the humans they were very few,and far in-between. Lilith calculated her every move. She watched silently flying above until the time was right. Lilith watched as this person got closer and closer to the woods of thee immortal blood mansion — she smirked — now, now, that’s a good girl. Lilith’s eyes now peeled to her prey. Her eyes now a crimson red. Her wings grew in length and opened fully.

Lilith swooped down grabbing the mortal up into the air Lilith sank her fangs into her throat. She drank fast. Lilith enjoyed the warm blood as she fed. Hmm, what a sweet girl she was. Lilith then shoved her hand into her chest removing her heart. She dropped the body to ground, so she could sink her fangs into her heart, before it had went to waste. She drank and she knew human hearts weren’t the best to feed on, but it would do for now.

Always go with the heart of the living. Lilith had savored the very last few drops just moments before it had turned to ashes. She opened her hand,and the wind had carried the ashes off into the dark night sky. Lilith turned around heading in the  other direction. She swooped about looking for a young mans soul to suck out of his chest. Hmm, deeper into the woods Lilith had went, she smirked seeing a vampire awaiting for the sun to set.

Lilith swooped down grabbing the vampire out of the cave, and pulling him up into the air. Lilith looked into his eyes then inhaled his soul. She licked her lips, but there was nothing left, but a mummified body. She licked her lips once more. She let the body go when finished. She then decided to head back in the direction of home.

Lilith swooped in and out between the trees, and throughout the branches of the trees. She flew right above the water that the full moon, the beautiful stars shined upon. Lilith turned around flying right above the water looking up at the bright night sky. Lilith loved looking at the stars,and the bright moon.

Within moments the portal of hell had opened, however this was Lilith’s choice. She sat down in the grass then watch as nothing ever good had came out of the abyss, but Lilith was ready,and she wanted nothing more,but to cause chaos in her very wake. She wanted things worse then death to fall among the ones that deserved it. She smiled devilishly. She turned around and then headed home. She wasn’t worried, for the portal could simply be closed with her mind.

She flew in between a few more trees. Lilith stopped while levitating in mid air. She smiled;her feet had slowly hit the grounds of the immortal blood territory Lilith had landed on her bird like feet. Lilith’s beautiful black silken wings had closed up then they simply disappeared.

She walked across the field and around the back of the dark mansion that screamed in the sounds of death. Lilith walked up the stairs and opened the door walking in. She smirked while closing it behind her to enjoy the rest of her evening in peace. She walked up the stairs to her chambers, retiring for the evening.

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