Feature Writer: Regis

Feature Title: College Chums

Published: 02.06.2023

Story Codes: WS, Bestiality, Young Ones

College Chums

Mari Lu was not her real name, but her high school chums called her that, and for some reason it stuck. Her real name was Mary Louise Gardner, but none of the kids used last names, and they liked to scale down double barreled or long names. So Mari Lu she was. When meeting her for the first time, people who knew her name first were surprised she was not Chinese.

She was very popular in junior and senior high school, as she was beautiful, with a noticeable figure. She developed breasts earlier than most girls, and hers just kept on growing and firming up. By the time she was fifteen she boasted triple E-cups, easily the biggest in school, and they were firm enough she seldom wore a bra. Her best friend through school was Megan, who had double D-cups, but needed a bra to display a cleavage.

They were both cheerleaders, and very popular with the stars on the football and basketball teams, sharing intimate nights during field trips to distant cities, and insisting the boys wear rubbers. They were both good Catholic girls, and wished not to conceive before they were properly married by a priest — that would be a sin.

Nothing was ever said, but Mari Lu sensed that Megan resented her, based on her incredible figure, and the fact that the best-looking hunks always picked her first. In fact they both always got in all the fucking they could handle, including three at a time: cunt, anus and throat, and neither got much sleep on those trips. They had not joined the college cheerleaders to sleep.

Mari Lu took a year off after graduation from high school to save money for college, working as a salesgirl in a women’s clothier, while Megan, who came from a well-heeled family, went directly to college. She studied psychology and sociology, and although there were a few emails at first, the friends soon drifted apart, having little in common any more.

When Mari Lu went to college a year after all her friends, she joined a Sorority to gain a social life, and was startled to discover Megan was a member. They picked up where they had left off, but Mari Lu noticed her best friend had changed. She now attacked life with much more authority, and seemed to take control of every situation. That was okay by Mari Lu, who was a natural follower.

Megan had a very nice apartment, and had got herself a large dog as a sex companion. One evening when Mari Lu was visiting, her friend suggested they have some fun.

“Nobody will ever know,” she said, “And I’ve tried it, what I’m going to suggest, and it’s really amazing. I know you’ll love it!”

Randi was a tall, heavy-set, muscular short haired dog with big ears.

“What kind of dog is he?” Mari Lu asked.

Her friend didn’t do anything in small measure. For her it always had to be the biggest and best.

“He’s enormous. He must weigh more than one hundred and fifty pounds.”

“He’s an English Mastiff,” Megan replied, “And weighs in at one hundred and ninety pounds. They can go up to two hundred pounds, the biggest, heaviest dogs in the world. He’s a true lover. Look at that look on his face. He likes you.”

“I was noticing the other end,” Mari Lu said, “Look at those big balls! Look, his dick is starting to poke out, and it’s huge!”

“A big girl needs a big lover. This breed has a lot of energy, is easy to train and have great endurance. Want to try him on, like get it on? As you can see, he’s really interested in you.”

Randi’s penis was now extended six inches out of its sheath, was continuing to grow, and Mari Lu saw that it was impressively thick. In high school during their varied unofficial extracurricular activities as a cheerleader, she had established that she was definitely a cock admirer.

“Should we?” Mari Lu said tentatively, “Like it sounds amazing. Getting it on with a dog sounds really out there, and pretty nasty. Like I wouldn’t even try it unless you do.”

There was no doubt as to where her mind was going, as she had taken off her spike heels, and was slipping out of her dress.

In the privacy of her friend Megan’s apartment, it appeared Mari Lu was up for trying out a dog fuck! After all, that was shat Megan had bought the hound for, and said she did it all the time herself, so it couldn’t be too dangerous.

By the time she was out of her clothes, Megan was already naked, and moved down onto her hands and knees.

“They don’t call this doggy style for nothing,” she said.

She reached down and masturbating herself to get her cunt ready for action as Randi moved behind her and worked his muzzle into her groin.

His big tongue licked her already moist vagina, running up across her anus to tickle her nether bud, and as he did so.his impressive erection continued to grow. This dog had a set of serious equipment, and it was clearly ready for the kind of action the girls were anticipating.

Mari Lu squealed with delight as the big hound mounted her friend, climbing over her and easily thrusting its gleaming penis into her ready and inviting cunt. God, this was so outrageous! Fucking outrageous, in the real sense. Her best friend getting herself fucked by a dog! Her dog, bough for this very purpose. Megan had indeed changed.

She was getting herself rigorously dog fucked by her own dog, and Mari Lu realized as outrageous as it sounded, this was the only reason her friend had got the dog in the first place. It was to be her fucking sex companion! She quickly got onto her hands and knees beside her friend, to be ready for her turn. Two naked girls being serviced by the same hound!

What she witnessed got her very turned on, and it was clear that she needed no persuading. This was going to be amazing, and perfectly safe here in the total privacy of her friend’s apartment. They could do whatever they wanted, and nobody would ever know how bad they were, or the evil things they were doing. She was on her hands and knees beside the fucking pair, impatiently awaiting her turn.

Not even their Priest would know. For sure this had never been, and would never be mentioned in confession. This wasn’t what Mari Lu thought the Priest would be interested in, although she could be wrong. Stranger things were possible, but anyway, it was none of his fucking business.

Randi surprised her when he abruptly pulled out of Megan’s cunt and mounted her before finishing what he’d started. This was a hound who knew what he wanted, and was not hesitant in taking it. She couldn’t believe the size of the canine dick sliding into her, and was startled at its length when the pointed tip pressed hard against her cervix.

This was in every sense a big dog. Randi grasped her upper body with his fore-arms, and she was glad the hound’s dew claws had been removed, or she would have been seriously scratched. Without preparation the dog continued what he had started with Megan, and began humping rapidly into her. This hound was obviously experienced in fucking women, and Mari Lu was now getting full benefit of his abilities.

She squealed with carnal pleasure as she felt the pointed head of his cock probing the dimple of her cervix, the cum-thirsty mouth of her inner gonads, and in minutes the fat canine cock was ejaculating into her. ‘Thank God dog seed is harmless,’ she thought as the ball at the base of his penis swelled up to lock him inside her.

It was the size of an apple, and hurt, but her flexibility inside from so much copulation with junior high and high school hookups during her teens made it manageable. He surprised her when he moved off her and turned so they were back-to-back, still locked in a cock-to-cunt canine hook-up.

He continued to buck his hips, and to ejaculate into her, flooding her womb with ample supplies of his thick semen. Megan sat on the couch, poured herself another glass of wine and lit a cigarillo as she watched Mari Lu, her huge full breasts swinging below her like the udders of a cow, screaming her lengthy, extended orgasm.

At last Randi the dog was done, and without notice jerked his ball and cock out of her, still spurting semen.

“Good God, that was amazing!” Mari Lu said, as much to herself as to anyone, breathless from the round of bestial sex, “Who in the world would have ever guessed a dog, like one so huge, could so totally satisfy a woman like that!”

“I would,” Megan replied, “Which is why I bought and trained him.”

“How did you know about this, and that it could be so good?”

“One of girls in our sorority introduced me to a special late-night bar in a seedier part of town that features amazing sex. It’s called the ‘Dog & Pony Pub’, and although guys usually bring their girlfriends there to watch them get it on with a dog, any girls can go and for the reasonable fee of one hundred dollars, pay to put on a show for the people there. That’s where I learned how good a dog can be to a girl.”

“And Pony?”

“Yes, they have a donkey there that sits with its back against the wall in a special stall, and a pair of naked mature women sit beside it to keep it interested with their mouths and fists. For fifty dollars a girl can get naked and sit on the beast’s amazing shaft. It’s an incredibly tight fit, but it can be done, I’ve done it twice. I’m pretty sure I could take in a stallion.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“It was really something else, just to take a firm flesh pole into yourself like that. I even got the beast so worked up I brought it to ejaculate inside me the second time. You’d never believe how much cum a donkey produces. I’ll take you there one night. You’ll want to get your cunt prepared for a donkey’s cock before we go. It’s okay, nobody there knows us or who we are.”

“God, that would be so great!”


Mari Lu’s earnings from her year off were being stretched thin, and she had no money for anything other than tuition and books. She couldn’t even afford to buy decent clothes. She had to take a job to afford food, rent and bus fare. Things were getting desperate for her, and she felt she was in over her head. In contrast, Megan’s parents had given her a Mercedes convertible to get around in, and her apartment provided underground parking.

“I’ve taken a job as a waitress at a formal dining room,” Mari Lu told Megan, “I start Monday right after classes.”

“You’re not going to make much at that,” Megan said, “You’re worth more than a stupid waitress any day. Look, I know a house were men go for special favors, to be treated well by beautiful young women, and it’s a really high-class place, like a mansion or something, on like three acres or something. It even has its own parking lot, with a big hedge around it for privacy.

“When a man arrives there’s a start-up room where friendly young girls get them going. You know, beautiful young women in micro miniskirts and spike heels, educated girls like us who can converse on any subject, girls with full bosoms in a low-cut blouse that greet them and make them feel at home.

“The greeters are expected to become intimate, to fondle them, get them aroused, get them seated, and then get their cocks out and suck them up so they’re completely ready to go for the ladies of delight who will fuck them. If you took this on you wouldn’t be naked or anything, just erotic-looking and smart, and of course willing to fist and suck.

“The place is in fact a high-end brothel, but the greeting girls don’t get naked or fuck or anything, so they’re not really prostitutes, just special greeters with wide deep smiles, if you get my drift. You’d be fabulous at that, and you’d make yourself like four hundred dollars an evening. The place is very expensive, so only wealthy businessmen come as the customers, no low-life scum. It’s a great opportunity to meet rich dudes too.”

Mari Lu blushed.

“My God, what are you thinking? I could never work as a professional cock sucker! You know me better than that, after all our years together. I’m a good girl!”

“Oh, it’s not that bad,” Megan assured her, “I filled in for a couple of nights for one of the girls in our sorority who works there had a cold, and I had a great time. The thing to remember is that you have to hold back, and not get the guy so excited he spurts. He has to save his cum for the girl he fucks, or she doesn’t make anything.”

“Do you really think I could do it?” Mari Lu asked, “I’m not sure I’d want to, but maybe, if we both did it.”

It was the money that had her attention. Megan smiled as she could see her friend was in. The stupid bitch with those huge tits was such an easy mark whenever it came to money or anything sexual.

Mari Lu promised her college chum she would give it a try, and Megan loaned her the clothes she would need to look the part. She started with a pair of sexy spike heels that made Mari Lu’s legs look incredible. For clothes she produced a sharp looking tan leather micro miniskirt and a matching white blouse for her first night’s work. Megan assured her stockings or underwear would not be necessary, but a hindrance, and without them she would feel more in the mood.


Mari Lu went with her the next Monday evening, was hired on the spot, and the gorgeous highly sexed woman did her first shift as a high-class greeter-cocksucker. She did well, and the men liked her. One of them was chastised for reaching into her blouse and squeezing her bare nipple hard with his fingers until she screamed. She was told this was an exception, and the guy was banned from the bordello for three days.

All of the girls worked without underwear, except for those few who could benefit from uplifting bras to produce additional cleavage. The friends worked side by side, and during a lull in the action Mari Lu watched, surprised, as Megan reached up the short skirt of the young girl beside her, and timing her move perfectly, pinched the pretty girl’s cunt lips and clit.

As she did this, the girl was receiving a deep throat fuck from her client. She got the reaction she did because of Megan pinching her genital meat so hard with her fingernails. The surprisingly young girl, who was clearly underage to work in a place like this, perhaps fifteen, couldn’t help herself; she accidentally bit the guy’s penis.

His stout rigid cock was as deep as it could go down her throat at the time, so she bit into the thick male organ at the base, which brought a scream from the startled businessman. The bite broke the skin, and looked like it may also have done some damage to the man’s extended fuck muscle.

The young girl was, of course, immediately fired, which was not an unusual event at the brothel, where expectations of immaculate sexual performance by the working women were high. Megan had cruelly and purposefully cost the girl her job with her sadistic attack with her nails on the girl’s tender cunt.

“Girls so young should never be allowed to do a woman’s work,” Megan said.

She had made her point. intentionally forcing the young girl to bite her client’s raging cock while it was lodged deep in her throat. The teen had no right to take a job designed for skilled and intelligent women who knew how to please a man.

Mari Lu was surprised to see that the manager who fired the girl did not take her to the front or back door, but instead through a door she could see led to the basement. Another girl mentioned the kid was in deep shit now, as that stairway let to a secret show theater in the bordello where very nasty things were done to girls who offended clients.

What kind of things they did to girls for an audience was up to Mari Lu’s imagination, and she had all kinds of ideas of what that might be, which included the worst things possible, like a snuff, the kind of thing girls talked about, but which were likely just the musings of unbridled imaginations. Girls were like that.

Megan was soon busy with her next customer, manipulating his scrotum and penis with her hands and skilled mouth, drawing the sizable organ to full erection, pretended nothing had happened. Her mind was on Mari Lu, who appeared to be shocked at what she had witnessed, and by what she imagined might happen to the girl next.

It was at that moment Megan determined it would be a fun project to ruin, totally destroy the life of this clueless big-breasted cunt who believed them to be friends. What a stupid, gullible cunt she was proving to be. It would be so much fun do demolish the stupid bitch’s sense of self-worth and of any standing in the world. Mari Lu would be no more than a slave to her.

“Well, don’t you get around,” one of her sorority sisters, an up-tight sophomore girl named Robin, said to Mari Lu, “A smut-channel video star on the internet, bare naked on your hands and knees, your ass in the air with your bare cunt and asshole on full display for everybody to see, and convincingly playing the role of a big rutting dog’s fuck-bitch on video!”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Mari Lu stammered, shocked that a sorority sister would know of their private escapade.

How could Robin know what she and Megan had been up to? Had Megan told her? And what was this about a video? Surely that session with her dog had not been recorded with a camera!

“Your online performance with that big dog!” Robin said, “I saw it on Facebook. Hundreds, probably thousands of people have re-posted it, so they’ll never get it all down. It’s everywhere, totally viral. You and that big hyper-active mutt put on quite a show! I’ve never seen anything like it!”

Mari Lu was mortified.

“That was no mutt,” she said, while her brain processed what Robin had said. “It was a purebred English Mastiff, the biggest breed in the world, and it really likes people.”

She was showing how Robin had got to her.

“Show me the video,” she demanded.

She needed to get to the bottom of this, and quickly.

Robin was a resident in the sorority house, and they went up to her room. She opened her roommate’s laptop computer, and within seconds a video of the naked Mari Lu dancing, giggling, wiggling and shrieking under the dog appeared, full screen. She was squealing with her enjoyment of the bestial sex, her big tits swinging freely.

On the video, for everyone to see, she was obviously in total ecstasy, having the time of her life on the computer screen, fully naked on her hands and knees, the big heavy hound, nearly twice her weight, rapidly humping into her, giving her a sustained power fuck, and the shots were from several angles by a number of cameras, high and low, for everyone to see everything that happened.

“That’s outrageous!” she said, but not in the way she had said while it was happening.

That had been during a private time, in a very private place, Megan’s apartment, and then she’d meant outrageously fun. How could this happen? There weren’t any cameras there, she was sure of it. At least she didn’t see any!

“That didn’t even happen,” she said weakly.

“That’s a lie!” her sorority sister said, “Videos don’t happen all by themselves. You’re staring in that video, it’s all about you, fucking that big dog, leaving nothing to the imagination, and it’s obvious to everyone that you’re loving every second of it! There had to be cameramen all around you.

“They’re getting intimate shots of your obscene intimacy with that big hound! Everyone can see that’s true! You’re nothing but a fucking dog fucker! Try and tell me you’re not! You’re the perfect bitch for that girl-fucking dog!

“You’ve got to know I have to report this to the sorority President, don’t you,” Robin said smugly, with a lilt of satisfaction in her voice. She was quickly proving herself to be a real bitch. She turned off the video and then made a copy onto a thumb drive. She was really going to do what she threatened — You wouldn’t, would you?”

“Of course I would. I’ve got to. It’s Sorority policy. We can’t tolerate this kind of behavior by members around here. It downgrades the whole sorority and everybody in it. You’re not keeping up to any of the sorority’s standards. It’s been nice knowing you, you freaking dog bitch! You should be expelled from the university too, for this kind of wanton behavior. Have a good life!”

“Bitch!” Mari Lu shouted.

“Which of us is the bitch?” said Robin, pointing at the thumb drive on which the video was now stored, “Dogs fuck their bitches, and you’re clearly his!”

Mari Lu hung her head in shame. Robin’s argument was irrefutable. She was the worst kind of fucking skank-bitch!


“You nasty fucking cunt!” Mari Lu shouted at Megan when she went over to her house that evening, “You really are a disgusting person! you’re responsible for this, you set me up, made secret videos of me with your dog, posted them on Facebook and then you had me expelled from the sorority!”

“What are you talking about?” Megan responded, looking as hurt as she could manage at the valid accusation.

She pouted and looked down as if she were somehow being falsely accused by her friend, and could do nothing about it.

“You made a video here at your place of me naked getting intimate with your dog Randi, getting myself fucked by him, and you posted it online for everybody to see! That’s such a cruel thing to do to a friend! How could you be so vicious?”

“What video?” Megan asked with all the innocence she could muster, “I don’t know of any video.”

“Of Randi fucking me!” was the response, “You had video cameras set up to record what happened, when Randi fucked me, and you put it online, and it went fucking viral!”

“That’s impossible! I didn’t … unless … oh shit, I just got a new maid. She’s in two mornings a week, and when she saw Randi, he probably grew a hard on, and she must have … Oh my God, I’ll fire that bitch!”

“You think she did it?” Mari Lu said, incredulous.

“I’m sure that’s what happened,” Megan lied, “Her boyfriend is a computer geek, and I’ll bet he put her up to it when she described my dog. I’m sure Randi grew a woody when looking at her, shit, even a woman would grow a hard-on looking at her, the way she dresses, and I’ll bet she put two and two together. Holy shit, who can you trust these days?”

“That’s really awful. And it got me expelled from the sorority. They may even take it up with the registrar, and get me bounced from college. Holy fuck, How could we not have noticed?”

“They make security cameras pretty small, and know how to disguise them really well. I’ll bet that’s what happened. She had them set up to record whatever happened in my living room. She probably thought she’d get video of me fucking my own dog. That fucking sneaky Hispanic bitch is fired for sure!”

“I’d sure like to give her what for!” Mari Lu said, “She should pay big time! I can’t believe she’d have the gall! She’s ruined my reputation and everything!”

“Before I fire her, why don’t we give Rosita a sense of what she made a video of? Wouldn’t it be fun to do something together? When she comes in tomorrow to clean, we can strip her naked, get her onto her hands and knees, warm up her cunt with a severe whipping, I’ve got the perfect riding crop for that, and then get Randi to mount and fuck her. He’d be very happy to comply!”

“God, you’re devious,” Mari Lu pointed out, grinning, and the two college chums started in planning for how to make it happen.

The bitch deserved whatever they did to her. Megan made sure the cameras she’d used to video Mari Lu entertaining her dog were out of sight, and invited her friend to stay the night, so they could get ready in the morning for their escapade.


Rosetta had her own key, and let herself in. She came twice a week, Tuesday and Friday mornings. Megan was usually off to classes at college before she arrived, so she usually had the place to herself. She put in three hours twice a week, and ended each shift taking Randi for a short walk. She was always reluctant to sit, because she was sure he would mount and hump her leg. The last thing she needed was dog cum on her stockings.

“Hi Rosetta,” Megan said, startling her, “I decided to take the morning off to write a paper. I’m usually not here when you come, so I seldom see you. You look younger than I thought you’d be. And you’re such a petite thing. Aren’t you too young to work for the house cleaning agency?”

“I’m sixteen,” Rosetta said, “That’s old enough.”

“Well you’re a real beauty, and have a good figure too. Are you legal?”

Rosetta looked nervous now, and cast her eyes down. Megan had guessed right. No wonder she got the girl so cheaply. This was great news. The pretty little thing was definitely an illegal. She was also lying about her age. Megan guessed she could be no older than 14, was pretty, and under her uniform had a great set of tits. What a find. They were going to have some fun with the young Hispanic bitch.

“I’d hate for you to have to go back home to, where is it, Venezuela?”

“Yes,” the girl stammered.

She was now highly agitated. She was clearly an illegal, and that made her particularly vulnerable to people like Megan, who now had her quivering. Mari Lu had no idea how her college chum would get the bitch naked, but was fascinated by how this whole thing was developing.

“Well I’d hate for that to happen, like for someone you displeased or made angry to report you to the authorities. If you’re careful and do what you’re told, you’ll probably be safe. In fact you’ll be perfectly safe here, where the authorities could never find you, as long as you know how to please me, and do what I tell you to.”

“Ramos knows I’m here. He’s my boss.”

The teen was now definitely uneasy and nervous.

“Don’t you worry, I’ll take care of that, and I’ll take care of Ramos, and let him know you’re fine and in good hands. I can protect you, so there’s no need for you to worry. Why don’t you start cleaning while I get a few important things done?”

Rosetta did as she was told, and got her cleaning things out of her bag. Megan signaled to Mari Lu, and the two went into Megan’s bedroom, shutting the door behind them. She picked up her smartphone, looked up the number and called the cleaning agency. As she was dialing, she said “We just got so lucky! Without even trying, we’ve got us a pretty new fuck toy!”

Mari Lu looked at her, nonplussed.

“Hello, this is Megan O’Reilly. Rosetta is my cleaning lady. The authorities came, ICE, right after she arrived this morning, seized her phone, and they took her away, saying she was an illegal, and said they’re sending her back to Venezuela! What kind of operation are you running there?”

There was a pause while she listened, then she said, “That’s pure bullshit! Don’t expect to get paid for this week! And don’t send another of your illegals! Asshole! Sending a girl who’s both an illegal and a minor to boot! That’s pure bullshit! I’ll no longer require your services!”

She slammed down the phone, then grinned at Mari Lu.

“That was easy,” she said, “These stupid Latinos are so fucking clueless; you can tell them anything and they’ll believe it. This guy bought everything I said. Now let’s go back in there and have ourselves some amazing fun with that girl!”

Mari Lu just stared at her, unable to grasp what was happening. What kind of woman was her college chum? What in the world could she be planning to do? She had just lied to that man, said she wouldn’t pay him for work done, and she was likely thinking of doing something very illegal with an illegal.

This was starting to go in what she could only imagine had to be a dark direction. The only thing she knew for sure was that Randi the hound was going to get it on with Rosetta. What else was she planning for this sexy young Latina? She was right about one thing, Mari-Lu got herself a hard on just looking at the pretty cunt. This was intriguing.

Mari Lu was in on this prank only because Megan was her best friend, and had been as long as she could remember. She had changed during the year they were apart, when she was in college and Mari Lu stayed home to work. The changes included being more self-assured, and more likely to take control of any situation. She was also a lot bossier, at the expense of being less friendly.

Megan also had the inclination to be quite nasty to others at times, and without good reason, but just for the fun of it. What she had done to that poor girl, getting her fired from the bordello by unintentionally biting her customer’s prick anchored in her throat was a was a perfect example, and she found the strange changes in her friend both interesting and scary.

Mari Lu was surprised to see Megan open a closet and take out a tightly woven stiff leather riding crop. The Hispanic girl’s eyes widened as she saw her employer holding the weapon. She had clearly experienced the sting of such a short but powerful whip on her naked flesh, and was greatly intimidated by it, which was entirely Megan’s intent.

The mistress addressed her new ward.

“Although you’ve been working for me for at least three months, I’m usually away while you’re here, and I haven’t seen much of you. I’d like you to slip out of your slacks and blouse for me so I can get a good look at you. Unless of course you would like me to report you to Immigration. And maybe Homeland Security too.”

Without hesitation Rosetta undid the belt and slid down her slacks. At the moment obedience appeared to be her best choice. She folded them and hung them over the back of a chair, and then removed her blouse, so that she stood in her sneakers and socks, panties and bra. The girl had a good figure for a fourteen-year-old. There were no curls showing around the groin of the panties.

Megan saw that with a pair of stiletto heels, some creative makeup and with a bit of work on her hair the little Latina cunt could be made to look quite pretty. She could be improved from looking like a cheap whore to a sophisticated teen call-girl prostitute, and that was exactly Megan’s design for her.

Rosetta had come to Megan’s apartment wearing her long brown hair down, which was how she wore it to work.

“I would like you to put your hair up, so we can see the shape of your lovely neck,” Megan said.

Rosetta reached up and pulled her hair back. She had a band in the pocket of her slacks, and retrieved it to quickly make an attractive high mounted pony tail.

“That’s better,” Megan said, “But you haven’t finished undressing. I need to see you naked, girl, to properly assess your beauty.”

With the sounds of undressing Randi had awakened from a nap, and came into the living room to see what new prospects might be developing. As he observed Rosetta in her underclothes, his sturdy penis began to grow and slide forward, extending out of its sheathe.

“I don’t do no naked, señora,” Rosetta said, her voice trembling.

“But we need to see those beautiful breasts with their pert nipples elongated and pointing, as well as to see the fold of your pretty little cunt. I’ll be able to tell just from looking how experienced it is.”

“Rosetta never get naked for ladies,” the girl insisted.

“Well, that’s about to change,” Megan responded.,

She brought the riding crop up briskly between the defiant girl’s legs and against the underside of the impudent teen’s panties, which were a bit too small for her, and pressed tightly against a conspicuous deep camel toe. The whip struck her cunt with a vicious blow that startled Mari Lu.

This painful crack to her pubic mound brought a sharp scream, and immediate action. Rosetta promptly unclipped her bra, revealing her large full breasts, and slid down her panties, exhibiting her pretty clean shaved cunt. The clean cunt told Megan the little bitch probably worked evenings as a whore, doubtless working the streets.

Young underage cunts on the night streets brought in good money, as girls in their early teens and younger were in demand, but her pimp Ramos likely kept ninety percent of whatever she brought in. That was how it worked for illegal Latina kids, and they had no recourse to the law or to social services. This was the concrete jungle.

Standing naked at last, Rosetta was gorgeous, and Megan knew she could be useful as much more than just a cleaning lady. Randi’s cock grew and stiffened at the sight of the delicious young cunt, and he obediently sat at Megan’s side, his erection on full display, awaiting permission to take what he knew was rightfully his. Megan had trained him well.

“Aren’t you a sexy little Latina,” Megan observed, “Mari Lu, there’s a good camera in the leather bag on that end table,” she said, pointing to the end of the couch, “You know how to use it. let’s get ourselves some hot photos of this naked young beauty! She’ll make a great model, and I think video, too. Others might also enjoy her.”

Mari Lu retrieved the camera, turned it on and adjusted a couple of settings. The room was bright, the SLR camera was new, and it was capable of getting good images in this situation. She was familiar with it and capable of using it. The expensive camera was equipped with a wide to telephoto zoom lens, and she began getting various angles and snapping some photos of the nude girl.

Megan turned on her radio and tuned in a retro rock station that had music with a funky beat.

“Let’s see you move it, girl!”

Rosetta swung her hips, spread her legs and got her body moving, while Mari Lu captured several great shots of her, thrusting and gyrating her hips like a club dancer, the kind whose job it was to make men watching her pull out their rising cocks and openly masturbate.

“Okay,” Megan said, “Let’s switch to video to get some of her sexy movement that way. I think there’s an audience online for a pretty underage Latina nude, moving her booty and flashing her cunt at the camera. I’ll put it on my anonymous Facebook page, and I’ll bet it will go as viral as your video with the dog did, Mari Lu. That will teach her. Let’s see you move it, bitch.”

Rosetta was stunned by what she was hearing, and being told to do, but she knew the price of resistance, and obediently rotated her hips. She pushed forward her cunt, which was swelling open from the sharp blow Megan had given it with her riding crop. Mari Lu had never seen a girl’s naked cunt whipped, and was startled at how well the clean-shaved female organ was responding to the violent abuse by blooming, blossoming open as if begging for more.

Latina meat was truly volatile. With three more blows the youngster’s organ it opened further, and as her tormentors watched in amazement, she gave birth to a large gob of female cum.

“I hope you caught that,” Megan said, and still shooting, Mari Lu nodded in the affirmative.

At that point, experiencing both pain and sexual stimulation, poor Rosetta had a momentary lapse in continence and pissed on the floor.

When the song was over she paused, and paid a price with several rapid blows to her naked buttocks.

“Did I tell you to stop, you stupid young cunt?” Megan shouted.

She had no concern for Rosetta’s screams, because her apartment was well sound-proofed, and her neighbors were away at work or at school. Maybe the music was wrong for the young Venezuelan cunt.

She went to the radio and scanned several stations until she found a Jamaican station playing music with a stirring Latin beat.

“Maybe this will work better for you!”

The beat was closer to what the petite Latina girl was used to, and she raised up on her tiptoes several times as she twisted and ground her torso and hips.

The teen was moving and performing the moves like a professional strip bar dancer. These were the moves developed by no-holds-barred strippers to stimulate carnal lust in men, obscene actions to remove any inhibitions a man might have, and to foster aggressive sexual actions on his part. Where and how could a girl her age learn how to do this?

Rosetta had stimulated herself to a primal sexual stage. She fingered herself, and under threat of the whip bent forward and thrust a pair of fingers into her tight anus. Her actions and movements produced great photos for Mari Lu, who missed nothing.

“It’s okay if you want to piss on the floor again,” Megan told her, “We have a very dedicated cleaning lady who’s here to clean it up!”

Megan lashed the buttocks and breasts of the dancing nude in her early teens, and Mari Lu laughed. She was loving the sadistic streak in her friend, this was getting her going. Her friend Megan was a really creative character, but was now revealing a dark side of her nature she had never shown to her before. How far with this was her college chum willing to go?

Randi was whining, waiting for permission to get involved with this luscious young female nude. He knew better than to step out of line, particularly when his mistress held her riding crop. Rosetta continued dancing, but kept an eye on Randi, guessing correctly at what she could expect from the large hound with the long stout protruding penis, which was now dribbling, clearly ready for heavy aggressive action.

“You look like you want some of that,” Megan said, “And I’ll be happy to oblige you. He’s got the energy to service all of us, but let’s not test that, and get him to mount you first. Get down on your hands and knees like a good bitch must. You are a petite cunt, even for your age, and I’d like to see how much of that glorious penis of our canine friend here you can accommodate.”

Knowing better than to resist, Rosetta did as she was told. There was a time to be defiant, and this was not it. Her ass and cunt were glowing painfully from the attention they had already received from the whip, and she was not inclined to attract more brutality from her employer, who was proving to be a sadistic bitch.

Randi got a nod from Megan, and without hesitation he mounted the young naked kneeling girl. This was going to be a sweet fuck! Without preparation he moved the head of his erection into the open folds of the girl’s whip-prepared vagina, and with a powerful thrust burst in as he entered her deeply.

The head of his penis rammed hard and painfully against her uterus, and with a rapid humping motion he drove it repeatedly against her internal gonad like a ramrod. There was a squeal of pain with each thrust at first, but they shifted gradually to squeals of pleasure as the girl became used to the rough sexual treatment.

Randi was doing what big powerful male dogs do when permitted to mount a woman. She was his new bitch, and was immediately fully mastered. He was giving the slight naked teen with the huge breasts an intense inter-species power fuck. From his focused perspective, that’s what human cunts were for.

Megan intervened, without interrupting her hound’s carnal pleasure. She brought her riding crop forward, and smacked Rosetta’s swinging tits in time to the hound’s thrusting, setting up a rhythm of screams contrasted by the slapping of hardened leather against female flesh. Every stroke of the whip increased the swinging of the young girl’s big boobs, creating a highly erotic scene, turning Mari Lu on.

When they had been in high school, they had sometimes spent the night together when parents were on overnight trips, and Megan had taught her secrets of lesbian love. They had pinched each other, because Megan had said a little bit of pain can be sexually stimulating, and if it is someone else’s pain you’re producing, it’s okay if its quite a bit more than a little.

To make her point, they had put on some of Megan’s porno videos, most of them showing two naked women binding and hurting a third. Some of what they enjoyed involved real torture, but Mari Lu rationalized that there was the chance that it might have been faked, and at any rate it wasn’t really happening now, and besides, they didn’t know personally any of the girls performing and being tortured.

That was how Mari Lu had come to appreciate the sound of shrill screaming as a sexual stimulant, and it opened up all kinds of interesting avenues of sexual exploration that she really appreciated. Like Megan, she like it best when it was someone else’s pain and screams, as was the case now.

Megan went back into the closet and brought out a harness made of leather straps. She had quite a collection of sophisticated sex toys, Mari Lu realized. This one looked nasty. It was designed to harness the head, and she placed it over Rosetta’s head. It had an O-ring gag built in, and she forced it into Rosetta’s mouth, which held It wide open.

Her captive naked Latina subject Rosetta flapped her tongue while she screamed, but the ring gag prevented her from speaking. That was what a gag was for, and it worked perfectly. Mari-Lu remembered how hot it was having Megan’s tongue probing her inner depths, and she realized what a sexy thing the tongue could be.

Randi now dismounted without removing his penis from her fuck-shaft, lifting a hind leg over her back, turning to be back to back with Rosetta, still locked into the distraught girl’s cunt, continuing his long canine ejaculation, flooding her inner gonads with thick dog semen as he had Mari Lu’s.

Megan offered Mari Lu the whip, but she turned it down, as she was fully preoccupied with the camera making a video of the proceedings. She had often loved watching pornographic videos, but this was the first time she was involved in making one, and now loved being the video pornographer.

She could feel the amount of moisture growing in her panties with every move of her legs. She was on the edge of orgasm watching the remarkable bestial fuck the girl was taking, much like the one she had enjoyed not that long ago. Megan was making sure the Latina cunt in her early teens was not getting the enjoyment she hoped for, thanks to the application of the whip to her freely-swinging big titties.

Mari Lu realized her outrageous college chum was not going to let the Rosetta go, but instead planned to keep her, not only as a personal servant, but also as a human sex pet, just like her dog. In Mari Lu’s eyes that was a couple of steps below being a enslaved, as it would permit no freedom whatsoever.

She felt a knot in her gut as she thought about some of the intriguing possibilities, and was surprised she found it exciting to have a friend, still a college student, who was going to keep for herself a young Latina girl as her personal sex slave. This was emphasized when twice she struck Rosetta intentionally across her face.

Megan’s intentional ownership of the vivacious young cunt had already started, and now there was nothing to stop her. She knew the girl’s cunt, ass and tits were going to receive endless whipping. Mari Lu knew a real sex slave owner, right here in the city in twenty-first century America, and it was her college chum! How hot could that be?

Mari Lu didn’t see her friend for a week following the taking of her new slave girl, and she assumed that getting things organized was taking all her free time. Getting a lock for her spare bedroom and making it into a slave-quarters hadn’t been in the plans, as taking possession of her appeared to be a spontaneous decision.

It wasn’t easy owning a person for sexual pleasure, when it was one that didn’t particularly want to be owned. It was special enough that she owned a huge mastiff with a monster cock to play with and be played with, but adding a human to her list was unbelievable, but she was there and saw Megan actually do it.

Megan called Mari Lu early one evening. That was unusual. Ordinarily it was Mari Lu who reached out.

“Hey, how’s the new waitressing job going?” she asked, “Getting lots of big tips?” Megan knew the place Mari Lu worked had no tipping, they automatically added twenty percent to the client’s bill and were good enough to give the staff just under twenty percent of what they collected from clients. That was just how things worked when the boss was a jerk.

“I’m keeping my eyes open for something else,” she replied, “I need to make some serious money in the next while if I’m going to be able to stay in school!”

”I’d guess. Remember when we had a talk about work? The place I mentioned is looking for new talent. Want to go down there with me and check it out tonight? It’s a big house in an estate area where every house has at least two acres, and this place, a saloon called the Bare Back Bar in an elite residential area, has its own parking lot.”

“We could,” Mari Lu responded.

She wasn’t sure the place or the job was as good as Megan had said. However, taking a look couldn’t hurt. She really needed a better source of income to keep up at college. She liked sex, and getting paid for just a suck-up job didn’t seem too bad. Like it could be worse, and the place was high class.

“Can you free up some time this afternoon?” she asked, “I could use a bit of help with a new project.”

“Sure,” Mari Lu responded. “I can cut a class. The prof’s really boring anyway.”

Megan picked her up at one-thirty. She was driving a black Chevy, not her own car.

“Sit in the back seat, I want to borrow a kid, and you can help me get her.”

“What are you talking about?” Mari Lu said, getting in as she was told.

“I had to drive by the projects, and saw they’ve built a pool for the kids to play in, and I’d like to have one of them,” she said, as if she were talking about a loaf of bread or a new skirt.

Megan was silent, and when they arrived at the projects, a series of tall utilitarian apartments where maintenance was minimal, and renters were all black. There was what had been meant to be a park, with a few shrubs and lawn that had not been cut for weeks. Near one edge of it was an inflatable rubber pool, with several evident places it had been patched.

About a dozen little girls and a couple of little boys were playing by it. The pool could only accommodate four, but the others played with a small beach ball as they waited their turn. Like all kids that age, these were shouting and screaming, all of them clearly having a great time, and not paying attention to the car with two white women in it.

They waited, and at last the ball was missed, and rolled over beside the Chevy.

“Quick, throw the ball in the car,” Megan shouted, and Mari Lu jumped out and did as she was told.

A little girl wearing only a pair of water-soaked panties far too big for her, that revealed what they were intended to cover, ran over to retrieve the ball, and jumped into the car after it.

Mari Lu followed, and shut the door. Immediately Megan drove off, and they had their captive.

“Holy shit,” she said over the screaming protests of the little child.

The kid had light bronze rather than the usual black skin, probably half breed with white genes. She was strikingly beautiful, for a kid.

“I just helped you kidnap a little girl!” she could hardly believe how easily she had been drawn in to the scheme as an accomplice, “You’ve just made me a fucking criminal!”

“I guess I have,” Megan responded, “How does that make you feel? Like you need another fuck from Randi?”

Instead of going home, Megan dropped her off at her place.

“I’ll see you tonight at eight-thirty, I’ll come back and pick you up.”

That was that. Mari Lu was now a kidnapper!


They were expected when they arrived. A guy named Rick met them. The place had a discrete sign above the door that read ‘Bare Back Bar.’ To people in the know that meant it was a fuck stop, and that rubbers were forbidden. The ladies who worked there collected cum in their wombs, and pregnancies were so common that turnover was high.

They were in constant need of new girls willing to be mounted and ridden bareback, in a manner of speaking. Fucking women without using condoms was the preferred method of the wealthy, who said fucking while wearing a rubber was like washing your feet with your socks on.

“I thought you said they needed suck up girls, but it looks like Rick’s setting us up to be fucked!”

“You said you didn’t want to be a cocksucker,” Megan pointed out.

“I also don’t want to be a whore!” Mari Lu said, “Like I love fucking, but getting seeded every night means certain conception,” she said, “We’re catholic, so we can’t use pills and we can’t even get ourselves abortions!”

“I know,” Megan acknowledged, “And for us no form of birth control is possible either, but there is a technical way to play it safe. It’s a version of the morning after pill, but it’s really small, and you just tuck it in and reaching deep with a little stick, slip it into your cervix! I carry them with me all the time, in a Tic-Tac tube, in case anybody finds them.”

She gave a couple to Mari Lu. She purposefully didn’t mention they in fact were nothing but Tic-Tacs. The vulnerable girl would be feeding her uterus candy to prevent pregnancy. Also, what Mari Lu couldn’t see was that Megan was wearing a diaphragm covering her cervix, making it appear she was playing ball with flesh-to-flesh fucking. In her purse was a small foam dispenser, for use deep in the vagina, designed to effectively kill semen.

Mari Lu reluctantly agreed to give it a try, seeing that the house paid the girls thirty-five dollars a fuck, and they could easily do three in an hour. Rick said he needed them to work a straight six hours. Mari Lu did the math. That came to more than six hundred dollars a night, just for balling guys for the enjoyment of coitus. She wouldn’t know any of the guys, but a dick was a fucking penis, and the men were eager to inject them with sperm. Life couldn’t get much better than that.

The girls worked naked in the same room, which had twin beds. That was all that was needed. Rick brought up two guys at a time, and because the girls were both gorgeous, the guys never argued over which cunt they were going to fuck. There was a douche bottle and bag on a side table beside the bed, and warm soapy water to keep themselves clean inside.

When they had both fucked eighteen men, Mari Lu tucked a Tic-Tac into her cervix, even though her ovaries were thoroughly seeded. Megan pretended to do the same, and they departed, each with six hundred and thirty dollars in their purses. They were happy, as was the bar. The men had each paid one hundred and fifty dollars for twenty minutes with the girls, and after paying them, the bar retained over two thousand dollars earned from each. This was the miracle of United States of America commerce and capitalism. Everybody was happy.

They returned the next night and the next, Megan gave Mari Lu the bottle of Tic-Tacs, and on the fourth night said she had a cold and let Mari Lu go to work by herself. That was the last Mari Lu saw of her friend during her college career. She worked there six nights a week, fucking more than four hundred and fifty men a month, many of them regulars, because she was a very satisfying fuck.

She took a liking to one of the regular customers, a wealthy guy named Harvey, who was twenty-two years older than her. and when she discovered the Tic-Tacs didn’t work, she had no difficulty in persuading her new rich boyfriend to marry her. For Mari Lu, rich was the important part. She would have anything she wanted, because the guy was really stuck on her, and would do whatever the fuck she asked.


Harvey was not only wealthy but had a beautiful home. He had divorced his first wife, which had brought him to the ‘Bare Back Bar’. He was quite happy to have a beautiful wife with such an outstanding set of breasts. He took her out often to show her off to friends. She bought beautiful revealing clothes that made the most of her gorgeous bosom to advantage.

A couple of his friends liked her as much as Harvey did, and in the same way. Because Harvey flaunted her as he did, they thought it would be just fine to date her when he was out of town, take her to a hotel and have her demonstrate how much she loved a man being totally and passionately intimate with her.

Three children later, she persuaded Harvey they should have a dog, and argued it should be a big one, a male, to provide protection. He agreed, but a few weeks after the hound arrived, he came home early one day to find his wife naked in the living room on her hands and knees under the new hound, squealing in delight as the beast balled her.

Harvey got his pistol and shot the dog in the head while it fucked his wife. He had $560 in his wallet which he gave her, also giving her ten minutes to get dressed and put together a small bag, and then he put the bitch dog-fucker out on the street. That was enough of being married to a whore from the Bare Back Bar!

Harvey cursed his own stupidity. He had married a fucking cunt. What else should he have expected of her? He was a smart guy, knew that cunts were nothing but fucking cunts, and this one had just proved the point in no uncertain terms. He was stupid for letting his balls speak. and should have known better.


Mari Lu was entirely alone, without her children, husband, friends and home. She was on the street with no prospects. She decided to go back to the Bare Back Bar for a talk with Rick. He was glad to see her, but let her know the clients wanted to see younger girls, and now what was she, twenty-six maybe twenty-seven? He could use her as a cock-sucker, but the pay was only one hundred dollars for a six-hour shift.

Desperate, she worked the Bar’s parking lot, fucking a couple of guys in the back seat of their cars for one hundred dollars each, saving them fifty dollars and making three times what she had inside. While propositioning a third guy, he grabbed her wrists and hauled her inside to deal with Rick. She was taken down to the stage of a small theater in the basement, and was stripped naked.

The guy who stripped her strung her up to an 8-foot square frame of heavy beams. Her wrists and ankles were cuffed and chained to the corners of the frame, spreading the naked bitch with the huge tits wide open to assault. To add insult to injury, she was suspended upside down. She was certain she was going to be beaten, and was left for an hour stretched there in the dark, with blood rushing to her head. She cursed Megan for ever introducing her to this evil place.

Lights were suddenly turned on, the doors at the back opened, and a couple of dozen men along with a couple of women entered the tiny theater. That filled it. A shapely and fit woman in her mid-thirties wearing a white flower decorated frock with a very short skirt and a pair of 5 inch spike heels on her bare feet stepped onto the stage.

She carried a short buggy whip, long enough to reach the buttocks of a pair of horses pulling a rig. This whip was not going to stroke the meat of a horse tonight, but the tender hide of a beautiful buxom nude woman. Mari Lu. She appropriately screamed when she saw the woman and her weapon. This was not going to be pleasant.

“Hi, guys, I’m Leslie!” the beauty with the whip said to her small audience, “This gorgeous cunt strung with her cunt-up, head down, used to work here, but thought she’s rather work the parking lot, fucking our customers and stealing our money. What do you think we should do to the lady, to teach her the cost of stealing from the Bare Back Bar?”

“Whip the bitch!” they shouted.

Others shouted … “Whip her tits!” … “Whip her ass!” … “Lash her face!” … and “Whip her cunt!”

“Yah, whip the bitch’s big fucking cunt!”

“Those are great ideas,” Leslie replied, “And I think we can do all of those things and more for your amusement!”

She did. With a sudden flick, the whip lashed across Mari Lu’s big dangling breasts, flattening them. The resulting scream was just filling the small theater when the whip came back across her luscious buttocks, raising an angry welt. To complete the set, Leslie lashed the whip down between the spread legs of the nude woman captive, cracking a painful blow to the wide-stretched cunt that also caught her anus with a stinging blow.

The men in the audience shouted encouragement to Leslie, and several opened their pants and began to masturbate their stiffening penises. As they did the women reached into their panties and began to rub their clits in a rapid motion. This was the kind of show the Bare Back Bar’s customers loved, and the establishment regularly provided. They were getting all they wanted and more.

The whip slapped painfully across Mari Lu’s bare back, raising welts to compliment those on her breasts and buttocks. Over the next half hour she took repeated lashes to her whole body, and the meat of her cunt swelled out so that it stood open like the mouth of a guppy. This was what bitches’ organs should look like when they were in heat. Mari Lu was not having a good time, but her audience was getting more than they thought possible.

When she was at last finished, Leslie spread Mari Lu’s pain-wracked buttocks, and pressing the handle of the whip against the sphincter of her anus, suddenly thrust it in deep, to great applause from the audience. She then walked off the stage, her stiletto heels clanking, leaving her naked victim stretched on the rack.

Before they left, the audience members sat masturbating, watching the damaged bitch, her head hanging, and the whip dangling from her anus like a wicked leather tail. Having no control at this point, she pissed, and gave herself a welt-stinging warm golden shower. This was easily the most humiliating thing Mari Lu had ever experienced.


The rain ran over her light raincoat, soaking her hair and running in little rivulets down her body inside the raincoat as she came back onto the street from the twenty-four hour pharmacy she had found. She had picked up some disinfectant swabs, some body cream and a bottle of Anacin. She desperately needed sleep, and found a nearby flop house that cost her only forty-five dollars .

They had been so pissed off at her for working the parking lot for their customers that the Bare Back Bar neglected to go into her purse for the two hundred dollars she had earned. They had given her only the raincoat, not hers, and no other clothes. She had regained her socks and sneakers, so did not draw attention in the pharmacy.

She treated the whip marks that had broken her skin, put salve on the rest of her welts, and took three Anacin. All she could think of was sleep, and had paid for two nights so she would not be disturbed during the day. The place she had chosen was not noted for service, and she was quite safe in that regard, having hung the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the outer doorknob.

Mari Lu slept until two-thirty the next afternoon, and awoke famished. She got into her sneakers and the raincoat, and headed outside. She had seen a small grocery store the night before, and now it was open. She grabbed some food, a coffee and consumed them all out on the street. Then she went looking for a cheap discount store to get some clothes. She was in the right district, and easily found one.

Back in the flop house she slept again until after seven in the evening. She awoke feeling absolutely desperate, and couldn’t think of who she could turn to. Then she had a thought. Although she had no idea where Megan might now live, she realized that people usually keep their cell phone numbers.

She went through the directory on her phone, and found what she was looking for.

“Hello,” came the familiar voice on the other end.

“Hi Megan, its Mari Lu!”

“Well, this is a surprise. How are you doing? Where are you?”

The voice was not the warm inviting one she expected, but in her abject desperation she overlooked that detail.

“It’s a long story, but I could sure use a place to crash for a couple of days.”

That was met with the expected pause, but then she heard her friend say, “Well, I have some friends over, and this is not really a good time for me.”

“Oh, I’ve got a place until tomorrow,” she said. After a brief pause, “I think that would be fine. My friends are here for the weekend, but I can send a car for you, and you can join us. I think having someone new could be interesting. Does four in the afternoon work?”

“Yes, four would be fine. I could meet the driver in front of St. Devian’s if that’s not inconvenient.”

“No, that would be fine. Four o’clock then.”

Mari Lu heard a moan and a squeal in the background, and Megan hung up before she could thank her. She could do that tomorrow. Was her friend up to her nasty pranks? Probably it was just a social gathering for the weekend. She was sure that her college friend Megan must have a lovely place.

Mari Lu was in a sudden panic. She was a mess, and had no good clothes. In desperation, she returned the the Bare Back Bar’s parking lot, and when she found a good mark she suggested they drive to a more private place to have some fun. Being in such a mess, she charged only sixty dollars, and ensured her client was not disappointed.

She asked to be let off once more at the bar’s parking lot, where she could solicit another client. By carefully approaching the men, she avoided being turned in again, which would have been disastrous, and after three hours of back seat sex had put together over one thousand dollars thanks to generous tips, based on how well she met the men’s expectations. Mari Lu was a remarkable and memorable fuck.

The money was enough for her to buy quality underwear, a new dress, spike heeled shoes, fresh makeup, and then get her hair done. She opted for no panties, no pantyhose and no nylons. Her bare legs in spike heels were exceptional, and she had to look as appealing as she could, to impress her old college chum and their guests.

A cream-colored stretch Lincoln limousine arrived at the front of the church promptly at four, and a man in a tuxedo got out of the passenger front seat and opened the door for her. He had the frame of a body builder, and looked like he could open a locked door as easily as the one on the rear side of the car.

She sat facing forward at the very back of a space that could easily accommodate 10. She was a long way from the men in front. It suddenly hit her that either her chum was married to a very wealthy man, or just as likely, had amassed a fortune of her own, which she realized Megan was quite capable of doing.

They invited Mari Lu to enjoy the limo’s bar, and she did. She poured herself a triple scotch, having got only four hours sleep overnight, and she was careful to sip it slowly as the limo made its way through traffic and got onto a freeway. She needed the stimulant, but realized it would be ill advised to show up at Megan’s place inebriated.

Soon they were in the country, with lush growth of trees and well-manicured lawns on huge estates. The smallest lots were twenty acres, and the smallest mansions five thousand square feet. She couldn’t guess at the larger ones, some of which were mostly hidden by the forest they had penetrated to provide privacy.

They had gone no more than five miles from the city’s boundary when the limo took a side road, and in less than half a mile turned into a short driveway. It was short because there was a large iron gate, that was automated. The driver identified himself at a small speaker box with camera, and the heavy gate began to open.

They drove along a winding flagstone driveway through the forest, and emerged at a large clearing, with freshly cut grass before reaching a round drop-off around an extravagant fountain. A small paved parking lot was occupied by half a dozen luxury vehicles and a pair of limos. It appeared Megan’s guests were very wealthy as well.

The mansion was amazing. Large arched-top rosewood doors were at the head of stone steps, and as the passenger opened the door for her and she stepped out, the front doors opened and Megan stood there to greet her.

“That’s a gorgeous frock you’re wearing,” she said in greeting, “I had one similar to that in college.”

That seemed like a back-hand compliment. Megan always had a curt sense of humor, and thought nothing of insulting her friends. It was all part of her superiority complex, and this jibe was not unexpected. Mari Lu needed her help, and Megan was in a position to get her back on her feet and moving in a positive direction. At least that was her hope.

As soon as she was in the door Mari Lu faced about a dozen people, all in formalwear. They all faced her, wanting to see what Megan had brought them.

“This is my college chum Mari Lu,” she said, as if she were proud to be Mari Lu’s friend, “We had all kinds of fun together, and she proved to be a great sport, and a kidnapper!”

There was a giggle among the group, and Mari Lu blushed.

“Yes,” she went on, “One day she snatched a little black girl, probably about seven, off the street and put her in the back seat of my car. Being that young and living in the projects the girl was wearing only little panties, wet and much too large for her, of course hiding nothing.

“The kid was really adorable, and a great find. In the next couple of years I had some great times with her. I sometimes used her tummy as a pillow. Tell me, how often when you wake up at night, horny, can you reach over and suck on the bare pussy of a little girl? When it comes to little girl cunnies, color doesn’t matter, particularly at night.

“This particular little cunt was, as I remember, beige. I’ve used whites, blacks, Asians and Arab kids the same way, and they’re all great.

“You met this one I’m talking about at the first party we had here” she said to her guests. “You remember, she was nine by then, and well used, with lots of rings pierced in her little body. I’d bought her a pair of charming little silver bells that were attached to rings in her little cunt-lips, and they tinkled when she walked, so we always knew where she was.

“You’ll recall that’s when we taught our canine friend Randi that after a fuck, we might allow him to get his teeth into her belly-meat, and do a tummy rip. A glorious body opening. He got very good at that. The child was frantic, and danced to my whip while she did an amazing viscera dump for us!

“That was the first time Randi got to eat human organs! He loved it. But I have to tell you after he got into pulling out and eating her guts, including her colon and its contents, I didn’t let him lick my face for a week! I don’t know a lot about any comparative qualities, but I can tell you for sure that the black kids can scream as well as any of the little white girls who have entertained us in a similar way!”

Mari Lu fought back the impulse to vomit and said nothing, but instead of blushing, her face went quite pale. Megan’s hand went to the back of Mari Lu’s frock which was very low cut in the back, and with a sudden downward jerk, she ripped the material so that it dropped, baring her to the waist. Not needing one, she had no bra.

Megan’s guests gasped at the enormity of the newly revealed breasts pointing at them. They had clearly seldom seen such a set. They knew the new guest was Megan’s age, and had suckled four children. That made even more amazing their outstanding firmness. They pointed like the heads of torpedoes at them. What an impressive set on that gorgeous young woman.

“This is Mari Lu,” Megan said, “She and I were cheerleaders together in junior and senior high school, and we were college chums later, in the same sorority. We did all kinds of thrilling things together during all those times, and she was a wonderful follower, doing whatever I said. It was amazing. She’s the most compliant person I’ve ever known. Take off what’s left of the dress and move your stiletto heels apart, so we can get a good look at your cunt, cunt!”

Megan was not playing nice, and Mari Lu saw that the only reason she had been invited to join them was to entertain her guests. She saw Megan now had a riding crop in her hand. Could it be the same one she had used on that young maid, Rosetta?

The crop slashed up between her legs as it had done on Rosetta, and smacked hard against the camel toe slit of her cunt. The sting brought a sharp scream, and she released a brief spurt of urine. Now all she wore were her new spike heels. She had bought them to impress Megan, who she knew had a fetish for female feet.

Just then the two muscular men who had been in tuxedos in the limo entered, but now all they wore were heavy boots and raging erections. One of them carried long strange objects. They looked at one end like erotic shoes, with the toes downward pointing, but there was no sole. Instead they extended downward more than two feet.

“Stilt the bitch!” Megan commanded.

She had turned into a cruel authoritarian woman. Mari Lu also knew she had a vicious sadistic streak, remembering her treatment of that innocent young Latina girl, Rosetta. What in the world could she mean by ‘stilt the bitch,’ she wondered. She was about to find out.

One of the muscular nude men lifted her, and the other took off her new spike heels. The small audience moved about to get the best possible view as the contraptions that had been brought in were fitted onto her feet. They forced her to arch her feet, and they had what looked like a long spike heel.

They were by appearance real heels, but instead of extending down from the wearer’s heel, they were on the front, supporting the arch of her foot! That’s how far she was forced to arch her foot as she wore them. They were reshaping her, including her long shapely legs, to make her appear highly sexual.

When they stood her up in them, they indeed were stilts, elevating her nearly three feet. The tiny toes that rested on the floor were no more than half an inch square. She found them incredibly difficult to stand in, with her toes pointed straight down, and the arch of her foot in front bearing most if not all of her weight.

Megan’s riding crop found her buttocks, and she was forced to walk in her bizarre tall stilts. They were fifteen times what platform shoes were, and many times sexier to observe. She was now over eight feet tall, in all her naked glory! The group of guests applauded Megan as she applied her riding crop to Mari Lu’s luscious body, being careful to include striking her bulging cunt.

With the succession of rapid, vicious blows to her swelling cunt, Mari Lu felt a growing urge to urinate. At first the feeling came in brief spasms between blows to her cunt, but soon her need to urinate became an urgent, growing need. She didn’t think she could holdout much longer.

“Please, Megan, I’ve got to pee!” she pleaded.

“What a wonderful idea,” was the delighted response, “I’m sure my guests would like to see that as much as I would. You have probably guessed by now that you are no longer a free woman, but have by default joined my stable of what we call here CUINSRVS. That’s an anachronism for Cunts In Service.

“I have several CUINSRVS, some have long years with me, and others do much shorter service, for reasons that will become apparent. From now on you will refer to me, when you are permitted, as Mistress. You won’t have to use my name, as there is only one Mistress here.”

She emphasized her proclamation with a vicious upward blow under Mari Lu’s large bulging breasts, followed by smashing the whip across the lower tummy, with blows designed to put additional pressure on her bitch’s bladder.

“Now, dear college chum, let’s see you take a public piss.”

“I want to use the washroom, Mistress,” Mari Lu replied, “I really need to take a pee!”

The whip lashed again across her lower tummy, putting a shocking additional pressure on her bladder.

“Piss on the floor, bitch, we need to see your offal emerging from that pretty cunt of yours! I have a maid to mop it up!”

Unable to control her urge, Mari Lu spread her knees and released a stream of warm piss. Because of her stilt shoes, her flow of urine had farther to fall, and it splashed loudly on the floor, to the delight of the spectators. Seeing their pleasure in watching her impudent behavior, she smiled, rotated her pelvis and thrust her cunt forward as she pissed for them, and the applauded her.

One of the naked men left the large room, and returned with an Hispanic girl. She too was wearing stilt shoes, and in them the petite girl stood over seven feet tall. Mari Lu gave her a second look, and realized it was Rosetta. She was now twenty, but was not much taller. Her body had been pierced in several places one would not expect to see piercing, as she bore brass rings everywhere.

From them hung weights, simply as body decoration. She had clearly been stilted in these bizarre shoes for a long time, as she moved easily and fluidly in them. Her hair was in a ponytail, as Mari Lu remembered her, and she guessed that was how Megan liked the hair of her female slaves. She carried a mop, and immediately began cleaning the growing puddle of Mari Lu’s piss, even as the flow continued.

She kept on mopping with soapy water until the spray stopped, and then she departed, without ever looking up at the new CUINSRV. It appeared such ladies came and went frequently, at the discretion of Megan. Or so she surmised. That was an inaccurate guess. They came frequently, but often their stay was brief for quite evil reasons.

These were not nice people, who made bad things happen. They were enjoying her being naked in front of them, moving on these astounding stilt shoes, and being whipped for no other reason than their distorted amusement. She wondered if she would have to endure painful body piercing, and have it done in the presence of Megan’s guests.

She saw the nude men standing by the doorway, their arms crossed, their upward curving erections pulsing, and for the first time noticed that they both had tight brass rings around their scrotums, forcing their testicles to bulge as if they were ready to burst. Even the men in her employ had to endure an ongoing torture. Her friend Megan had become a very malicious, wicked bitch! And she was in her grasp.

“Look at those marvelous breasts, and that scrumptious body!” Megan said to her guests, “Where do you think she should spend the night? The pool? The attic? The wheel? Does anybody have an idea?”

“The door!” one of the women said.

“Yes, the door!” others agreed.

“Then the door it is!” Megan said, “With those big firm boobs, this cunt is perfectly built for the door!”

She put the whip to work again, driving Mari Lu through a door, along a broad hallway and into a room that was quite large but smaller than the first. There were two curved rows of chairs set facing each other, and between them an oak framework.

Hinged to it was what appeared to be a door, of three inch thick solid oak. The door was open, revealing large brass hinges, and a brass doorknob. Up high on the ten-foot-high feature, the wood was course, as if it had been attacked by claw hammers or something similar. A stepladder stood beside the apparatus, and on its tray was a large iron hammer and several foot-long spikes.

The audience of guests was seated, and a pair of naked twelve-year-old girls, their budding boobies protruding nicely and both stilted as was Mari Lu, came in and served cocktails to the seated guests. The four-and-a-half foot girls stood over seven feet tall in their stilt shoes, which they moved easily in, so were well used to them.

Mari Lu wondered what was their age might have been when they were first obtained. Would her deceitful conniving college chum Megan stop at nothing in her collection of females, to become permanent residents at her mansion? The bitch obviously had an attraction to children, and she wondered how young she’d get them.

One of the nude men brought a device Mari Lu had seen once before, at the Bare Back Pub/brothel. It was simply a piece of one inch chrome pipe with a severe bend in it. There was a small rubber ball on one end, and a two-inch ring attached to the other. She knew exactly what it was for, as she had seen a girl wear one.

The man pressed the ball against her anus, and with a thrust pushed it inside her. He pushed it in more than a foot, until the bend in the pipe pressed against her tailbone. The remainder of the pipe ran up to the middle of her back, where the ring dangled. Cuffs were put on her wrists, and rings in them were clipped to the ring on the pipe, holding her arms severely bent behind her.

Now he gathered her hair behind her head and made a long braid of it, and then pulled her head back severely and tied the end of her hair to the ring attached to the pipe. This arched her back more than was comfortable, which perfectly suited Megan’s plan for her. Her head was pulled back so far that she had to open her mouth to breathe.

One of the nude men climbed a couple of steps on the stepladder and took hold of the large hammer. He grabbed one of the spikes, and nodded to the other, who grasped Mari Lu by the waist and lifted her high, so that her chest was against the edge of the door, with a big breast on either side of it.

She suddenly realized what was about to happen, and she screamed and pissed again as she struggled uselessly to get free of the man’s hands firmly holding her. The man on the ladder placed the pointed end of the spike against the outer side of her big breast, and with three powerful blows drove the spike right through her ample tit-meat and into the wooden door.

With three more blows of the hammer he sunk the spike so its point burst out the far side of the door and entered her other tit. The head was driven down flush with the side of her breast. He came down off the ladder and moved it to the other side of her, then climbing it again he put the other spike to work in the same manner, nailing her breast as firmly to the door as the first.

As he got off the ladder, the man holding her released her so that she hung by the spikes through her breasts. Now the man with the heavy hammer took another spike. He positioned her left leg against the door and hammered the spike through her calf, missing the bone, and sunk it in its full depth.

He repeated the same action with her other leg, and she thrust her hips back and produced a long stiff log of her fecal material. The stout turd dropped to the floor, and another began to follow. She was in extreme pain, and Megan was responsible for everything that had happened to her since they were in college.

She hated the bitch for causing her pregnancy by being seeded by customers of the Bare Back Bar, which forced her into the sinful unwanted marriage to that asshole Harry, birthing his babies, the humiliation with all of things they did just to be bad, and now this cruel physical abuse to top it off.

If it wasn’t for Megan she would have found a nice man to love and had a good life with having a family. Now this bitch Megan had ruined everything, making her into a slut, a sleaze-bag, a douche-bag, so that now she was nothing but a cunt-slave!.

And now here she hung, naked, with huge spikes driven through her magnificent boobs, and two more through the meat of her gorgeous legs. Megan’s friends were here to be entertained, and she was entertaining them by her nudity and pain, being spiked to a fucking door, that was built for this purpose.

This whole thing was entirely disgusting. And totally humiliating! Megan thrived on making others ashamed of themselves, and she had done that in spades to her. She wished the fucking sadistic bitch would die a horrible, humiliating death!

Mari Lu bit her tongue. That was a very non-Christian thought, and she felt shame for having thought it. She hadn’t been to Mass for years, since she had married, because she had married outside the Church, and now she would have a lot to deal with when she finally got to confession. Whenever that might be.

She realized her mind was wandering because of the severe pain and humiliation she was feeling. Who could ever imagine a girl could be spiked by her breasts to the edge of a big wooden door, that wasn’t even a door, just a torture prop made to look like one. Her breasts bulged upward in a bizarre cleavage by her weight pulling on the spikes.

The guy with the hammer climbed the ladder again, this time more than half way up. He grabbed her hair and lifted her head so that the upper corner of the door stuck into the front of her neck and her chin sat on the top edge. He pulled her head back so that her mouth opened, stuck the end of a spike under her tongue, and with three heavy blows spiked her chin to the door.

The audience of distinguished guests applauded the work, enjoying seeing a past friend of Megan’s securely held to the heavy door by five big spikes.

“You nailed it, darling!” one of the mature women said to her hostess.

Mari Lu’s heart was pounding from the extreme stress, and to her horror she produced for the audience another stiff stool.

She was involuntarily crapping for the entertainment of her well-heeled audience who were sufficiently sophisticated to not be offended by one of Megan’s enslaved females being tortured to the point they shit themselves. They did not find the sight or the inevitable scent of her solid waste deterring, as it was all in the interests of good clean fun.

When they finished their drinks the guests departed, and Megan followed, until at last Mari Lu hung in misery to spend the night alone, suspended by the huge spikes through her body. ‘This must be real’, she thought, ‘This is too bizarre to be a dream. Even I couldn’t think up something this grotesque. Leave it to Megan to come up with such a disgusting event. And starring me!’

The night went by very slowly, with her only rest coming when she passed out from the pain of her weight on the spikes in her breasts, chin and legs. The tight pull of the pile in her bum caused her groin to hurt as well, and when she wiggled to relieve the pain at one part of her body, the pain was amplified in another, and she would pass out again.

Light came indirectly from a window she could not see, telling her dawn had come. Hours passed, and she was famished. She hadn’t eaten a thing yesterday, and the high level of distress she was having to endure was sapping her strength. She craved food more than she could ever remember. Her hunger proved to be another level of torture.

At long last the people came back in, this time dressed in a western mode, including cowboy boots and hats. It looked like Megan had set a theme. They walked around the door frame and door, with the naked bound and spiked bitch with the big boobs hanging from it. This rig was as fancy as a Christmas tree!

Megan entered after everyone was seated, still carrying her whip.

“I think you must be tired of hanging on those nasty spikes,” she said, knowing that with her jaw spiked to the top of the door there was no way Mari Lu could answer her, but she was just beginning a brief monologue, not a conversation.

A painful squirm was all that Mari Lu could manage.

“You must be thirsty, hanging around all night can be dehydrating.”

The bitch was being obnoxious for the sake of her guests.

“Let’s get you off this door. I think it has served its purpose admirably. I mean you can’t spend all of your time with us just hanging around!”

The bitch was being cute, but got a laugh from her guests, who were enjoying Mari Lu’s misery.

The ladder was back, and one of the nude men with the testicle rings and enduring erection climbed it, carrying a strange looking device. It turned out to be a spike extractor. He began by hooking its claws under the head of the spike in her mouth under her tongue. Although the device was capable of pulling a spike out easily, he made a show of having trouble with it, extending her discomfort.

For half an hour he worked as slowly as he could on the spikes, and one by one finally got each of them out, and she was lowered to stand painfully on her stilt shoes.

“Let’s take a walk, and see how you do with those nail holes in your calves!” Megan said.

The guests arose and moved out of the room, anxious to get to the next part of the morning’s entertainment.

Megan walked behind Mari Lu, encouraging her with sharp slaps of her riding crop up between her legs to smack her naked pubic mound. Her punishment was both painful and extraordinarily humiliating. How could her college chum she’d known and been best friends with since junior high school be so cruel and heartless to her?


The door they entered was marked ‘Riding Stable’. That must account for the western theme of the guests clothing. The room was large, smelled like a barn with straw on the floor, and even some fresh horse manure to one side. The seating was similar to that in the room they had just come from.

In the middle was a large bench, the feature object in the room. Obviously, she was not going to be made to ride a horse for these people with that bench in the way. In addition to a leather skirt that was immodestly short, a frilly blouse revealing her up-lifting bra and a pair of cowgirl boots, Megan wore a broad tooled leather belt with a holster and a pistol.

The nude men moved Mari Lu to one end of the bench, and then laid her back along its length, face up. Her large breasts, bearing now the spike holes from her merciless crucifixion on the spiking door, were still proud, and stood surprisingly firm. One would never guess she had nursed four children with them. That usually caused sagging.

Her cleanly shaved pubic mound was prominent, and her educated cunt, in a constant state of heat, stood invitingly open. The men undid her wrist cuffs, attached them to rings on the lower side of the bench so that she was once again highly restrained, although her legs were for some reason left free.

They took turns driving their large stiff penises into her offered cunt, but did not give her a complete or satisfying fuck. They were just exercising their rights, and demonstrating to Megan’s guests that they had some power over the captive cunts called CUINSRVs here. It was their only freedom.

They undid her hair from the ring and pulled the butt anchor out of her rectum. This meant her head was no longer pulled severely back. It was very painful for her to speak with the spike hole in the bottom of her chin, but she managed to say, in a voice loud enough for the others to hear …

“God, I need a drink!”

“Well now,” Megan said, “The CUINSRV thinks she needs a drin! I was just thinking the same thing. Let me see if I can help you.”

She lifted her ultra-short cowgirl skirt, slipped her panties down past her cowgirl boots, and threw them aside. Megan stepped over Mari Lu, straddling her head, and lowered her groin over the prone girl’s head.

The Dominatrix stared into her captive’s eyes, lowered her cunt until her clit touched Mari Lu’s nose, and she slid it back and forth to rub her prime sex button, stimulating it to the point her cunt awakened, filling the flesh so that the external sex organ opened. She was openly masturbating on the face of her friend of prior years, making her a personal bitch, dehumanizing her in the most humiliating way possible.

Megan’s cunt produced moisture from the stimulation, and she moved it downward to cover Mari Lu’s mouth as well. She brought her weight to bear, thrusting her cunt hard against her victim’s nose and mouth, blocking any access to air. She held that position for more than sixty seconds, backed off just until she heard the resulting gasps for air, and then pressed her cunt over the air passages again.

“If you’re really thirsty I have a gift for you,” she said, “I need you to drink my piss!”

With that she lifted just enough that her guests could see it, and began to urinate into Mari Lu’s gaping mouth. The mouth closed, and she reached behind her to lash with the riding crop at Mari Lu’s thighs.

“Open your mouth, cunt!” she screamed, “You’re wasting my precious piss!”

Her highly compliant victim did as she was told.

“She’s new to our home,” Megan explained to her guests, apologizing for the bound bitch’s bad behavior, “She just arrived at the premises when you met her yesterday. New girls always need some time to learn their role here is to please me, and that nothing else in the world matters, including their comfort. I don’t know why I tolerate their insubordination. They are all truly subordinate to my wishes, and God help those that do not learn that lesson quickly.”

Mari Lu did her best to swallow the stream of amber warm acrid liquid being ejected from her former friend’s open urethra, which was visibly distended as it sent forth the substantial stream of piss. She tried to swallow it all, but the acrid taste was highly disturbing, and some of it splashed out of her mouth and rolled down to the sides of her neck.

Now Megan showed her sadistic streak again as she once more lowered her cunt onto the mouth and nose of Mari Lu, positioning herself so that her stream of urine ran into one of the helpless girl’s nostrils, sending some of her fresh amber offal into the girl’s lungs. If she kept it up she would drown the bitch with piss.

Her guests were getting very excited.

“Kill her, Kill her! Kill her!” they chanted.

They wanted to watch the death of the busty beauty, but Megan had something else in mind. She lifted off Mari Lu, who coughed and sputtered Megan’s piss from her lungs. She heaved, but did not vomit the urine that had gone into her stomach.

“We all had a big breakfast, but you must be famished,” Megan said, “We’ve got a delight for you.”

The two twelve-year-old nudes wearing their stilt shoes came into the room, one of them carrying a small basket. The men approached them, lifted them by their hips, and lowered their young cunts onto their huge erections.

They stood, giving the young ladies impaled on their upward pointing penises a far more substantial fuck than they had given Mari Lu. Grasping the suspended girls firmly by their hips, the men jerked them up and down on their big cocks, hammering the flared penis-heads forcefully against the pillow of their uterus at the rear of their punished fuck-shaft.

After a few moments of carnal enjoyment, they simultaneously groaned and accelerated their pace as they began a powerful ejaculation into the squealing girls, suspended on their cocks. The young girls appeared distraught, and there was good reason. Both were of child bearing age, and had their period just over a week ago.

These two men were prolific fuck studs. They lifted the girls off their big pulsing pricks and set them back on the floor in their stilt shoes. Semen still spurted from their jet-ways. They leaned over Mari Lu, lifted her eyelids to keep her eyes open, and dribble semen into them, blurring her vision.

“She’ll have a blurry if cumly view if the proceedings,” she said, smirking, knowing this bizarre act further humiliated the bound girl, “Now the girls have their pretty little cunts well lubricated inside with semen, and in the basket they have four peeled hard boiled eggs. Those will be our CUINSRV’s breakfast, served to her in the most intimate manner!”

The Dominatrix hostess was not kidding. The girls pulled their freshly fucked cunts opened and easily slid the peeled eggs into their semen-lubricated holes. The first to load herself stepped over Mari Lu’s head and positioned her cunt over the prone lady’s mouth. Mari Lu hesitated, then knowing there was no other option, complied.

The girl laid her first egg directly into Mari Lu’s open mouth, with her vagina lips touching those of the recipient. Strands of semen joined them. Mari Lu reluctantly chewed the tender perfectly cooked egg, ignoring the taste of semen, which she had become used to in her line of work.

The naked twelve-year-old girl in the stilt shoes stepped aside, and her companion moved into place, squatting to make intimate contact with her cunt-lips and Mari Lu’s lips. Everyone could see the semen-coated egg slip cleanly out of her cunt and into the awaiting mouth. The mouth closed over it, and commenced chewing. For a moment the bound cunt felt gratitude she was being fed.

The second egg was consumed, and as the twelve-year-old nudes changed places again, the riding crop found Mari Lu’s cunt, just to remind her she was not here to enjoy herself. The flat leather flap at the end of the crop struck her vagina three more times as the girls completed the task of feeding her eggs from their cunts.

Breakfast was completed. What now?

“We’ll see you after lunch,” Megan said as she and her guests left the room, with Mari Lu still bound to the bench, “I was thinking we’d finish with you tomorrow, but perhaps instead we can take care of you this afternoon.”

The guests were pleased as they headed off to enjoy their lunch, looking forward to further misery for the bound bitch.

The two twelve-year-old nudes took the opportunity to stand over the prone naked figure of the twenty-six-year-old and piss on her. They were exercising just a bit of their independence. They had little enough, but knew their powerful Mistress would not object. They left the helpless women to suffer and smell. They would help serve lunch.

When the guests entered the dining room there was surprise for them. A beautiful young woman in her mid twenties stood in the entrance from the outside door. Like the other guests, she wore western dress.

“This is Robin,” Megan said, “She was a member of my sorority at college, and she’s agreed to join us for lunch. Robin grew up with horses, and is an equestrian competitor in both jumping and dressage.”

Robin smiled at the recognition, took a seat, and all of the guests were seated. The two naked serving girls entered with soup, salad and sandwiches. When they had finished bowls of fresh fruit were brought in, including plums, cherries and strawberries.

The twelve-year-old naked servers also carried peeled bananas in their vaginas, and kneeling on the table, allowed guests to take a bite of the part of the fruit sticking out between their thighs. Robin was totally shocked by the sight of these youngsters, but she saw Megan look at her with disapproval, and she accepted some banana offered in such an intimate way when it arrived.

As soon as the girl moved to the next guest, Robin got up and left for the washroom. Megan followed her.

“How do you like my home?” she asked as they entered the large washroom.

“It’s big, obviously very expensive, but I’m really shocked at those two naked young girls. What are you thinking, making them so obscene, and then making them do those horrible, disgusting tricks with your guests? Like eating bananas from their vaginas? Come on!”

“I think my home is very private, and as such what goes on here stays here. These young girls live here as permanent residents, are like daughters to me, and in that regard, I fully approve of what they are doing. It stays here, and people enjoy the edginess of their sexual presentation, so it’s all good. I think you found eating the banana directly from its fleshy young holster appealed to you, didn’t it?”

“That’s all so over the top!” Robin replied, “It’s filthy!”

“Yes, that’s the point. And you found it sexy, right?”

“Well, sure, I guess a little bit.”

“Then what’s so bad about that? I have a lovely surprise for you. Do you remember that bitchy girl Mari Lu from the sorority? She was a real nasty piece of work, and would do absolutely anything for attention. I think you saw that video of her online getting herself mounted and balled by a big dog!”

“That’s what got her expelled from the sorority.”

“I heard it was you who turned her in.”

“Well, I don’t know where you heard that, but it’s true. She was so uppity, and then she did that outrageous video with that hound, so everyone could see her!”

“You don’t like her, do you.”

“I haven’t even seen her since she was expelled.”

“But she wasn’t your favorite sorority sister, right?”

“She was always a cunt, flashing those huge tits of hers. I’m amazed she didn’t have real back problems, the way she flaunted them! Like she was so much better than everybody else!”

“It sounds like you were pretty happy when she was expelled from the sorority.”

“It was good riddance to that bitch!” Robin replied, “If she wasn’t expelled, I’d have left myself.”

“So you didn’t really consider her a ‘sister’.”

“Not for a minute. Who needs a sister with such huge boobs? I hated the fucking bitch!”

“Before we go back to the lunch room, I’d like you to do me a favor.”

“I’ll be happy to,” Robin said, not guessing what might be asked of her.

“Great. Slip out of your clothes for me. I want you to show my guests that you are not a prude, and willing to show them your most intimate charms.”

“What?” Robin screamed, “You want me to appear in front of those strangers naked, like those two young girls?”

“I think you’re quite proud of your beautiful figure. I remember that string bikini you wore when we had that picnic at the beach. You looked fabulous. I’m only talking showing two percent more than that teeny bikini showed. These people, strangers to you but my friends, are all adults, and they appreciate the beauty of the female body. In its entirety. Pure unblemished beauty.”

That last comment penetrated and resonated with Robin.

“Do you think it would be alright?”

Megan had her number, and had her eating out of her hands.

“Of course it would,” Megan reassured her, “What happens in my home stays in my home. Some of society’s sanctions are artificial, unnatural, and here we prefer to exercise the rights total privacy affords us. You’re a beautiful, contemporary woman, and watching your face, I noticed you appreciated and were attracted to the naked beauty of the twelve-year-old girls.

“It was impossible not to notice you reach with your lips to touch the delicate lips of their little cunts as you ate banana from them, as we were all doing.”

Robin dropped her head in embarrassment.

Megan continued, “I find it such a treat to be able to enjoy the natural charms of people, even as you did those youngsters, and I’d really like you to slip out of your clothes and come back to the lunch room to meet my guests in all your natural spender.”

Robin blushed, but she began to undress. The twenty-six-year-old woman’s body was every bit as attractive as Megan had guessed. This was a real find.

When she was naked, Megan said, “These cowboy boots look like they’ll fit you, and give you a western look. Now that you’re entirely visible, take a deep breath, put on a warm, knowing smile, and let’s go and amaze them!”


“So your family has horses, and you like to ride.”

“I love it!”

“I’ve got a horse here, his name is Lance, and he’s used for stud. He’s a bit of a challenge to ride, but I think you’d be up for it. Would you like to take a ride here? Today? Here, put these on, you’ll need spurs on your boots to master this fellow.”

“I’m in!” Robin said with enthusiasm.

She loved mastering challenging horses. They went back to the lunch room, and as they entered the guests applauded the naked young woman for her beauty and her willingness to appear before them naked. Again she blushed, but she began to strut in her boots, putting on a stimulating show.

When she was done the guests arose, they all went back to the larger room called the stable. The other guests went in first, and when Robin and Megan entered, the two male assistants, naked as always, shocked Robin with their nudity and raging cum-dribbling erections, but they had also brought the big stud horse Lance into the stable.

Because of his purposeful position, Lance blocked Robin’s view of the prone and bound Mari Lu. The magnificent beast wore a halter and reins, but had no saddle. He was in full erection; a point Robin could not miss. The animal’s penis was unusually long and stout, with a tapered end. It was the perfect size and shape for vaginal impalement of a woman.

Robin was told this was her ride, handed a riding crop, and told it was a good time to mount. She hesitated, thinking the stallion’s coarse hair against her naked vagina might be uncomfortable, but then her wish to ride took over, and she climbed aboard the powerful animal, with a boost from one of the naked male assistants. This gave her a new perspective of the room, and she was again shocked by what she saw in the middle of the room.

She immediately recognized her sorority sister Mari Lu, by both her face and her mammoth naked breasts. The naked bitch was bound face up by wrist cuffs to a bench, and she had recent wounds on her breasts and calves.

“What the hell is this about?” she shouted.

“You know how she favors stud animals to men,” Megan said, “You ride the stud stallion and we’ll see if he’ll mount and ride her.”

“Mother of God, you want me to ride the stud horse while he rides and fucks her? You must be crazy! That’s fucking insane!”

Megan’s riding crop caught Robin across her bare back, and with that encouragement, using her spurs and crop the naked rider moved the big stallion over Mari Lu on the bench. The big boobed bitch was making a scene, screaming hysterically beneath her. Robin was a strong-willed young woman, but was wise enough to pick battles she could win.

Lance stood over the bench upon which the screaming Mari Lu lay, face up, bound by her cuffed wrists to the lower sides of the bench, and her amazing legs in the stilt booties free. The audience of Megan’s friends, all in western wear, eagerly awaited the imminent rape of the bound woman by the stud stallion, ridden by the victim’s sorority sister. What the two had in common was a mutual hatred of each other.

Because of the elevation of the young nude on the horse, Megan had replaced her preferred riding crop with a beautify crafted buggy whip. Most whips like this one were for use on horses, and they were made of horse leather. This weapon however was purchased solely for use on the naked flesh of women, making it special, and in keeping with normal practice, it was made of woman leather.

When she purchased it in a backstreet shop in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, the merchant assured her it was braided from the finest woman hide available. He also mentioned it was best used on young women, as it was made from the hide of a fourteen-year-old girl, who died in the act of donating her flesh.

The special leather was carefully carved from a living girl virtually peeling the naked teen in front of an audience in a traveling circus, a process that of course killed her. The raw leather was sun-dried for ten months, and when it was deemed to be ready, the dry and stiff leather was chewed four times daily by the girl’s weeping mother for two weeks to thoroughly soften it before a bizarre weapons craftsman lovingly braided it into a buggy whip.

The finished weapon was six feet long, which was ample to reach any part of the naked rider on the large male horse. In the four years she had owned this house Megan had become expert in its use, and now put it to work on the reluctant innocent nude she had invited to join them on the last day of the weekend party.

“Oww! Why are you whipping me?”

“Just a bit of encouragement, girl. I need you to use your riding crop, spurs and experience to move Lance into position to mount.”

Robin did as she was told, and Lance knew the drill. When the whip and spurs were applied, he moved forward between the legs of the bound nude, and brought the tip of his elongated penis into intimate contact with the constrained bitch’s cunt. The audience visibly shifted to ensure everyone had a good view of the entry.

With a sudden thrust that nearly unseated his naked rider Lance drove his lance one third of its excessive length into her, drawing an horrific scream and filling Mari Lu’s fuck shaft, penetrating her right back to her uterus. As Robin regained her balance, the human leather buggy whip slashed her back, dried mother-chewed girl meat on bare fresh young woman meat.

“You fucking bitch!” Robin screamed.

She promptly put her spurs and riding crop to work on the flanks of the big stud, and he thrust again, seeking to fully embed his penis in his human mount. This thrust also threw Robin forward, as it was unexpected, lifting her so she had to squeeze her knees with her feet spread.

This position left her buttocks well raised, revealing her pretty starfish rectum and cunt between her spread legs, organs that made the perfect target for Megan’s flailing human buggy-whip. Megan got in four rapid blows to the cunt and anus of the naked rider before she could press her vagina down against the spine of the large mount.

Mari Lu raised her gorgeous legs to grasp the withers of the stud horse, not out of pleasure but in a frantic attempt to hold him from deeper entry. Lance paid her no attention, but put his effort into further encunting the hysterically screaming Mari Lu, driving into her with incredible power that only such a large beast could muster.

The bench was low enough that the horse’s chest would not crush hers. All the damage was coming from the enormous cock ramming much too deeply into her, encouraged by the spurs and riding crop wielded by the naked Robin with her cunt pressed onto his back. Robin couldn’t from her position see Mari Lu beneath the massive horse, but the screams spoke volumes.

She had by now taken nearly half the length of the mighty flesh shaft, it’s broadest point now spreading the vestibule of her cunt, and its pointed tip splitting her cervix impossibly wide as the beast’s weapon of choice thrust deep into her uterus, which was designed for babies, not thrusting pricks of large beasts.

With the merciless buggy whip lashing her back, breasts and belly, Robin raked her spurs from Lance’s ribs to his hips, and her riding crop slashed at his neck, shoulders and heaving rump. The stud horse responded as expected, redoubling its sexually driven action with huge powerful heaves of its prick in the womb of the bitch it had mounted, entering her to even greater depth.

Two things happened at the same time, one of them visible and the other not. At this point Mari Lu’s incredible legs in their stilt shoes were widespread, and everyone had a great view as the massive equine penis split the meat separating Mari Lu’s vagina from her anus, joining them into a single groin-hole.

The other thing that happened inside the bitch was that the head of Lance’s prick burst out of the back end of her uterus into her pack of intestines. She was now literally receiving an internal gut-fuck. The penis was poking her stomach, liver and kidneys, and when it reached full depth it also began poking at her lungs and heart.

Within seconds the big stud horse began to ejaculate inside its naked human mount, and its rate of humping greatly increased. The force was too much for Mari Lu’s pelvic bone, which snapped, so that there was little to stop the hole of her cunt from increasing, the tear in her flesh beginning to move upward, splitting her pubic mound and beginning to rip the prone woman’s tight belly bacon.

She was now totally fucked. The big stud horse’s lance was ejaculating massively into her body cavity. At last the big horse backed off her, its huge cock withdrawing from the greatly enlarged hole it had entered. There was no longer a cunt, but now a great bleeding rent from her groin up to her navel.

As the horse moved away Mari Lu’s viscera began to emerge, now that there was nothing there to restrain the gleaming tangle of human tripe. By heaving and twisting she was self-eviscerating, which was a process slow enough that the audience could fully appreciate it. The brutal gutting of live cunts was one of their favorite sports.

“Fucking shit,” one of the guests proclaimed, “I’ve seen Lance fuck half a dozen women to death, and although she’s still hanging in there, I’ve got to say this was the best one yet!”

“I’ve seen these shows only four times,” another replied, “But I’ve got to agree with you, this is a fucking outstanding cunt kill in progress!”

“Having a naked pretty young cunt with spurs and a whip riding him helped,” commented a third.

“Congratulations, Megan,” they said, “This was the best show yet!”

Robin dismounted, and began to vomit as she saw for the first time the damage done by Lance’s penis to Mari Lu, who was bleeding out through her ruptured groin. The large well-trained animal had almost fucked the bound girl to death!

One of the naked muscle men handed Megan a pistol.

She said to her guests, “We don’t’ want our fully fucked friend here to suffer too much from Lance’s. intimate attention, do we.”

She put the pistol in Mari Lu’s mouth, established eye contact with the fading woman, held it for a moment so the cunt would know it was her who was about to take her meaningless life, and then with a satisfied smile, pulled the trigger.

The blast blew off the back of Mari Lu’s head, including a large chunk of skull which held her braided blonde ponytail. It bounced across the floor and came to a stop, with fresh blood spreading from the sizeable chunk of bitch head. Megan grinned, pleased with the job she’d done to conclude the life of her college chum.

Now it was Robin screaming. The nude men, both now ejaculating, spurted great gobs of jetting cum into the air from their raw sexual excitement. They grasped Robin by her legss, pulled off her cowboy boots, and Megan, looking down at the incredible shoes sitting there, commanded of them:





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