The Incest Burner

Feature writer: Eternal Night
Feature title: The Incest Burner
Uploaded: ASSTR 1 December 2001
Codes: bg, Mg, Pedophilia, Magic, 1st time, MC, Incest

Warning: This describes sexual acts involving prepubescent children. I do not advocate attempting any of these acts. They end happily only with the help of mind altering magic. However, I do advocate writing down any fantasies you may have of doing such acts, and publishing them in appropriate places.


The Incest Burner


Magus Coppersong

I felt it when Gray Gate opened. I’d earned my scholarship to study magic by helping to maintain Gray Gate for a time. It meant wearing robes and hoods so that no one could see my body.  It meant eating tasteless foods.  Worst of all, it meant chastity, as in not even masturbating, or at least not masturbating without beating myself bloody afterward. After ten years of patrolling that hell, I knew immediately that Gray Gate had been forced open from the other side, and that something monstrous had come through, even though it took two minutes for the official alarm to be raised.

By the time the alarm was raised, I’d already borrowed Violet’s ultimate portal and was seeking the people who could throw my gate insanely wide open on short notice. They had to be children, and of course they had to be siblings, preferably brother and sister.

They had to not only have never had sex, but not even know about it. They had to have clothes to sacrifice, and belong to a nudity taboo. Doing it honorably was also important. Even summoning them from the sort of hell that might make them couldn’t be done against their will, unless they were leaving their world forever anyway.  I’d prepared the summons in advance, though I’d hoped to never need it.

The official alarm confirmed the worst. A being composed of five rings of hellfire had emerged to lay waste to our world, and everyone with connections to an opposing power was to turn it against the monster. Since the seeking spell was underway by then, I ran to fetch a robe, so that the children wouldn’t run away from “the naked man.” Then I went to the starting point for my gate to await the summons. By then my spell had found a boy and girl who matched my requirements, and a second alarm was raised that the rings of hellfire were trying to attack Summersea, but were still blocked by its magical defenses.

Then the children were before me, and I released Violet’s ultimate portal to the next mage who wanted to use it. They were beautiful pink children with blue eyes but covered shoulder to thigh with clothes meant more to conceal than decorate.  The boy had short blond hair and the girl had longer orange-ish hair in a braid. I guessed the boy was ten or eleven years old and the girl was a couple years younger. I knelt to match eye level with them and explain what I needed from them.



We’d been arguing over which tape to play in the car’s player.  Dad had slamed on his brakes and turned around to yell at us, and then something hit us hard from behind.  Then we were in a rough stone tunnel lit by rosy glowing crystals in the ceiling.  We fell to the floor and then got up.  There was a man in front of us, wearing robes with red and orange flame patterns on them that slowly moved.  He had a copper staff in his right hand which had another rosy glowing crystal at its tip.  He had a beautiful sun tan and long dark hair, and was kneeling so he wasn’t looking down at us, but he didn’t look happy.

Sarah asked, “What happened?”

The man answered, “You died. I summoned you. I need your help.”

I asked, “What do you need us for?”

He answered “Saving the world. There’s something that wants to take everyone to Hell.  I need you to… Aaaaaaaah!”  He suddenly screamed and fell over.

Sarah ran to him and asked, “What happened?” She tried to help him up, and I went to help her.

He told us, “Summersea is burning.” He accepted some help from us, but mostly used his staff for support.

Sarah asked, “Is there anything we can do to help you?”

“Yes.  You start by going down this passage.” He pointed behind us where we saw the passage soon split, and continued “One of you must go one way and the other must go the other way, but it doesn’t matter which.  You must keep following your passage till you reach the copper field. Slide down to the field and then turn left and go around the edge of it.  Do you understand me so far?”

I answered, “We each take a passage to the copper field and slide down on it.  How do we get back up?”

He answered, “If the world is still here in three hours, I’ll get you back up. I promise.”

I told him “OK. Once were on the field, we turn left and go around the edge.”

He answered, “Yes, and each time you reach a fireplace, you must light a stick of incense and sacrifice an article of clothing.”

I asked, “When we reach a fireplace, we light a stick of incense and do what with our clothes?”

He answered, “Sacrifice a piece by throwing it into the fire.”

I didn’t like where this was going.  I asked, “How far do we have to go?”

He answered, “When you’re naked, and it must be completely naked, you must go to the center of the field.”

Sarah exclaimed, “Completely naked?”

He answered “Yes.  That means not even a hair band or a watch.”  He asked “Is that a watch?” indicating the watch on my wrist.

I answered, “Yes.  It’s a watch.” I looked at the display, which showed seconds passing irregularly, and asked again, “We have to be completely naked? There’s no other way?”

He answered, “No other way.”

Sarah asked, “Will you give us clothes when we’re done?”

He answered, “As much as you want.”

I asked, “You swear?”

He swore, “I, Magus Coppersong, swear that if the world still lives three hours hence, I will bring you out and give you all the clothes you want. I swear on my name.”

For a moment the crystal on the end of his staff glowed bright golden like the sun.

I decided, “I think I can do it. What about you sis?”

She asked, “Will you promise not to laugh at me?”

I answered, “Yes.”

She told me, “Then I can do it too.”

Magus Coppersong told us, “When you reach the center of the field you have to share with each other, but you have to figure out how to do so yourselves.”

I answered, “We have to share with each other in some special way, but you can’t tell us how to do it. What if we can’t figure it out?”

Magus answered, “It’s enough for me that you try. I swore to rescue you whether you succeed or not.”

Sarah commented, “You swore even if we don’t try.”

Magus asked, “Are you really going to not even try?”

She answered, “No.” She went on “I, Sarah Hodgson, swear I will try. I swear on my name.” Magus’s crystal flashed.

Magus looked at me, and I told him, “I, Eric Hodgson, swear I will try. I swear on my name.” The crystal flashed for me as well.

Then Magus spread his arms and hugged us both. I resisted for a moment, but he wouldn’t let go. Then I remembered I’d sworn to do something ten times as embarrassing as this, and let him hug me.

He hugged us for a good and long time before letting us go and telling us, “Time for you to go.”

Sis took my hand and we walked hand in hand to the place where the tunnels parted.


Magus Coppersong

There’s something horribly wrong when the death and damnation of millions of people gives you the chance to get what you want. The way they were about nudity, I’m not sure how I’d have convinced them to help me if it hadn’t happened. If I’d just lied, the spell might have succeeded, but it would also have reduced my body to a pile of ashes. It was sweet seeing them hold hands as they left, especially since the boy didn’t accept affection easily.



As I went along the tunnel, there were fewer and fewer glowing crystals in the ceiling. It was a long walk down a slightly curved tunnel which finally opened out into a night sky and the copper field. The field was huge. I think you could have put four football fields end to end to stretch across it. Also, the copper seemed to glow, so that even at night I saw the clean copper color clearly. As Magus had suggested, the edge of the field curved up to form a steep wall around it. I could slide down, but there was no way up.

It was too far across to see Sarah standing on the ground above the field, but when I slid down, I thought I saw a dark speck sliding down the opposite side of the field. Though the night air was cool, the copper felt warm against my back as I slid down. Once down, I couldn’t see Sarah anymore.

I turned left as Magus had instructed and walked a ways to an opening in the wall which held a good sized fireplace. There was a pile of sticks of incense on top of the fire place, as well as a string of holes on top to hold lit sticks. I took a stick and held the tip of it in the fire for a moment, and when I pulled it out, it was burning. I blew out the flame leaving the red coal on the end and put it in the first hole on the fireplace. It smelled wonderful. Then came the part where I had to sacrifice an article of clothing. I looked at my watch. I counted six seconds for the second counter to go from eighteen to nineteen, and then ten more seconds before it went to twenty. Then I took it off and threw it into the fire. I’d expected the burning plastic to smell nasty, but I didn’t smell anything from it at all. I looked again at my wrist, where a white band around it marked where the watch had been.

I walked a long way to the next fireplace. There I lit a stick of incense and sacrificed a shoe. I just sacrificed one shoe because I was sure it counted as an article of clothing, but I wasn’t sure that both shoes could count as just one. The copper beneath my stocking-ed foot felt wonderful. It was a long way to the next fireplace, and I was walking with one shoe off and one shoe on, which felt strange. Then I saw a ring of fire come up from over the horizon. The ring was bright orange and I could feel the heat from it even from what must have been miles away, but it also cast a reflection in the copper, which was black and radiated cold. I wondered if this was the thing that was destroying this world.  A moment later, it changed direction and went back over the horizon, and I continued walking.

I sacrificed my shoes, socks, and my shirt. When I came to the fireplace after that, I found there was already a stick of incense burning there. This seemed strange till it occurred to me that I’d gone over half way around and found a stick that Sarah had lit.  I lit another stick and put it in the next hole, and then took off my shorts, which had my wallet and other little items I cared about, and threw it into the fire. Wearing just my underwear, I walked on to the next fireplace. I saw another ring of fire come up from over the horizon, and then go away, and I felt like it was looking at me and was disgusted by my body. I really didn’t like them.

At the final fireplace (for me at least), I lit a stick of incense and hesitated. Sacrificing my underwear would leave me completely naked for anything flying above to see, and I might never be able to cover myself again. I was especially disturbed that one of the rings of fire might see me. I just instinctively thought of them as bitch nuns from hell with flame throwers who’d humiliate me as much as they could before burning me alive. I really didn’t want them to see my peen. In fact, I think I’d rather have shown it to all the kids at my school than to them.  I’d sworn to do it, but I felt like I’d be completely helpless once I’d done it.

I stood there for a moment, and then put my hands on my hips and got my thumbs under the elastic. When I started pulling them down, I noticed the warmth of the copper on my feet again. On my bare feet, the warmth felt wonderful. I remembered that I wouldn’t be helpless because I’d be able to complete the ritual if I did it.  I got it down to my feet, stepped out of them, and then picked them up. Next was the final step. I was naked, but if I did it, I’d stay naked. I concentrated on the warmth of the copper on my feet, then lay down and rolled on the blessed warmth.  Feeling better, I sat up and moved up close to the fire.  Looking into the fire, and feeling its warmth on my body, I tossed my underwear in. I was committed, yet I felt free.

I sat there shaking for a moment, and then looked down at my genitals. It suddenly seemed perfectly reasonable to have them and crazy to have to hide them. Then I noticed a big spark from the fire settle on my penis, right on the top of the white ring around it.

It burned hot and spread around the ring fast. I screamed and wrapped my hand around my penis to try to smother the fire. My hand didn’t’ seem to have any effect, but a long moment later, the burning began to fade.  When I took my hand off my peen, the white ring was red.

Since I didn’t want another experience like that, I stood up, turned around and started walking toward the dark spot in the center of the copper field. As I walked, I felt softness touch my shoulders, and when I reached up to find what it was, I found it was my hair.  I wondered how far it would grow. A bit further, and I noticed feeling some warmth on my peen. This turned out to be a fold of skin growing from what had been the white ring toward engulfing the tip.  It was red and tender to the touch, and I wondered how far it would grow.

A ring of fire appeared over the horizon again in front of me, and a feeling of heat and cold on my back told me one was behind me too. I immediately covered my genitals with my hands, and was acutely aware that the one behind me saw my filthy butt. I was also aware that the fold of skin on my penis should have stayed cut off, or better yet, my whole penis should have been cut off. It was a small comfort that I now knew I was feeling the thoughts from the rings of fire. I’d never have guessed in a thousand years that anything had been cut off of my peen.

I lay down on the copper floor and thought Please let the ritual get rid of those things. To my surprise, a wave of warmth came from the copper and I immediately knew that it had promised to do so. I stood up and walked on, refusing to cover my genitals even as the rings insulted me. My hair grew down my back, and my foreskin covered the tip of my peen and went on. I even noticed that the white ring around my wrist was gone, as well as the white color of the skin under my clothes. I saw Sarah in the distance walking toward the center as I was.

Soon Sarah and I stood on opposite sides of a hole in the copper field. She was beautiful.  Her hair was loose now, and was even longer than it had been. Like me, her skin was tan all over, and it looked good on her. Most of her body was so much like mine that it seemed ludicrous that we had hidden it from each other, but I saw the slit between her legs where I had a peen and balls, and I was ever so curious.

She asked me, “You remember how you promised not to laugh?”

I answered “Yes.”

She told me, “Well laugh all you want. You’ll never hate me the way those rings do.”
I laughed so much I almost fell into the hole, but I didn’t laugh at her.

When I recovered, I told her, “You can laugh at me all you want too.”

That set her off laughing, and both of us laughed even more when the rings demanded we stop laughing at them. There were five ring of fire circling the field now.  It was good to be brother and sister.

We recovered fast, since the rings of fire were attacking some kind of protective spell around the field, and we knew they’d have no mercy on us once they broke through.  In the hole, cloth hung in a bowl shape, with sides that looked like nylon and shaggy carpet at the bottom. The bowl was colored in a red and orange flame pattern with a bright yellow spot at the bottom.  I slid in, and found the side cloth was softer than nylon.  A moment later, Sarah and I stood face to face on the bright yellow patch of carpet.

I told her, “Now we have to figure out how to share.”

She answered, “I have an idea.”

Then she threw her arms around me and hugged me, pressing her entire body against mine.  The feel of so much warm bare skin against mine was overwhelming. I managed to put my arms around her, though she had them pinned. I felt my peen grow down and press against her lower stomach.  I tried exploring the lower part of her back with my hands, and found a butt so much like mine that hiding it seemed silly, yet feeling it for the first time was wonderful and special. My peen started pointing sideways when she started taking similar liberties with me. A few moments later, my peen was pointed straight up and pressed painfully between us. It was wonderful, and at one point, she lowered herself so the tip of my peen was pressed against her belly button. Still, nothing seemed to be happening, and eventually we separated.

She wasn’t out of ideas yet though. “Let’s kiss.”

This time I got my arms above hers, and I hugged and kissed her on her cheek.

She returned the favor, but explained, “I meant grown up type kiss. Really sucking face.”

I wasn’t expecting that, but I tried it. We separated a little and matched lips with each other.  I pulled back when she stuck her tongue in my mouth, and then put my lips back and started tongue wrestling.  I tasted a little bacon in her mouth from the bacon cheeseburger she had for lunch, and when I realized the irony, I was laughing too hard to continue.

“What’s so funny?” She asked.

When I calmed down, I explained, “I can taste the bacon cheeseburger you had for lunch. We threw away everything. We don’t even have our underwear, but we still have the bacon cheeseburger.”

That started her laughing too, and she finished by telling me, “I thought I tasted barbecue sauce!”

We started in again, and my peen, which had softened during our laughter grew hard again.  It was good, but tongue wrestling got boring after a time.  We concluded that that wasn’t it either.

Her next idea was, “We had to be completely naked for this. Maybe we need to touch each other all over.”

This seemed like a good idea to me too. We started from our feet up. I felt my skin come alive where she touched it, and it helped when she touched it good and thoroughly.  She admitted to feeling the same way herself, so we took our time.

Once we reached each other’s waists, she told me, “Let’s save our crotches and butts for last.”

I accepted that and we proceeded up our bodies skipping them. When we reached each other’s faces, we got fingers into each other’s mouths as far as we could, and even tried picking each other’s noses and touching each other’s eyes, encountering lots of problems.

We stroked each others hair for a time, though that didn’t seem to do much, for our hair.

Then we explored each other’s butts, and stuck fingers up each others butt holes as far as we could, after which we wiped our fingers off on the carpet. The carpet somehow cleaned our fingers but didn’t show any of our shit afterwards.

Finally, the only places we had left were the parts of us that were actually different.  I warned her about how easy it would be to hurt my balls, and she was gentle, and she warned me about a nub in her slit that was similarly vulnerable, so I was gentle with that too. However, in her case it felt really good when I gently touched her and at one point she started breathing hard, and then told me how it had felt wonderful.  It was a little like a sneeze, but it felt ever so good. Then she explored my hard peen, which was trickling liquid from the tip, and I explored her very wet vagina. She pulled back my foreskin to touch every inch of skin on my penis, and I found a hole behind her slit that I slowly worked a finger into. She told me how it hurt to stretch for my finger, so I went slowly, but she told me the insides of her vagina were also coming alive as I did so, so I didn’t stop, except when she made me joy sneeze with my peen.

Then I had an idea, “What if my peen is supposed to go in here?”

She answered, “Maybe. It’s bigger than your finger, but it doesn’t have a finger nail.  Let’s try it, but slowly.”

I took my finger out of her vagina and she stood up. I did the same, but bent my legs a little to get my peen level with her vagina. She took hold of it and pulled back the foreskin to press the inner tip into her slit. I slowly worked it in, following her guidance about how stretched she felt.  Finally our crotches met, and we were in an embrace again, but instead of my penis being in the way between us, it was inside of her.

She told me, “Wow! We really do fit together. It’s like we can become one person.”

Opened to that possibility, I started feeling her body as well as my own. I felt how it still hurt her a little when I moved, and how good her nub felt pressed against me. It was her peen. I put a hand on her butt and pressed her crotch against mine harder to rub her peen, and she helped me with a hand on my butt. As it hurt her less, we rubbed against each other more, and it felt amazing. Finally our bodies began a joy sneeze that blew us away. When it died away, all that mattered to us was making another, and then another.

We stopped only when we were too tired to go on.

Asleep in my sister’s arms, I dreamed of what we had done from outside of us.  The rings of fire moved so slowly as we experimented, and the copper field glowed brighter every time we touched. It suddenly lit up further when we had ourselves properly fit together, and we floated into the air. When we reached our first joy sneeze, the whole field caught fire and orange light full of naked children (mostly intertwined with each other) billowed into the sky. The fire skewered each of the rings just as they started to fly away. The copper field fire consumed the rings of fire, pulling endless streams of naked children out of them who immediately began touching each other. After a long time, the rings of fire ran out of naked children, and floated much diminished and skewered, but still themselves. Then we achieved our second joy sneeze and the Copperfield fire merged with the rings, overwhelming their nature.  That done, my sister and I continued to share, and the copper field poured more fire and naked children into the world.


Magus Coppersong

I retired to a secondary node of my gate, discarding my robe on the way, and began a spell that would accelerate time for the children on the copper field. Both Summersea and Gray Gate were too close for my comfort, and even with the measures I’d taken, I was worried that my gate wouldn’t be opened fast enough. The rings of fire passed by a few times, but they ignored the largely dormant copper field.  I had a feeling that would change once the children were completely naked. They were down to their underwear when a ring of fire passed by and attacked them spiritually.  I hoped it didn’t stop them.

Then my daughter Firecracker appeared in front of me. She was eleven years old, but didn’t look a day over eight.  I was fairly sure she was going to turn into a fire succubus instead of grow up. She was a pink girl with brown hair and light brown eyes, except her eyes sometimes turned orange. She had a natural talent for the fire magic my gate linked to, even to the point at which she could teleport without much effort.  Even so, things were locked down and she shouldn’t have been able to reach copper field or any of its secondary nodes. Still, this wasn’t the first time she’d broke through defenses.  She’d got her name by turning up unexpectedly in many places.

I scolded, “Firecracker, this is not a good time to pop up.”

She asked, “Worse than usual?”

I answered, “Worse than usual, as in eternal damnation. Go back to your solarium.”

She told me, “I can’t.”

I sighed and asked, “Why not?”

“Because you have the whole place warded.”

“That didn’t stop you from breaking in.”

She explained “I didn’t break in.  I was looking out at the copper field in pit form, and then I was here.”

I certainly wasn’t going to take down the wards to let Firecracker out, so I told her, “Just don’t distract me. The whole world may depend on it.”

She answered, “OK.”

It was time for the children’s final sacrifices. It wouldn’t have been easy even if they hadn’t been attacked. It had to be hard to open a gate that could destroy the world.  The suspense terrible as I waited for them to finally undress, and then waited more for them to sacrifice their final garments.

As I’d expected, the rings of hellfire made my place a priority then. Fortunately, they’d spread a ways and couldn’t come back immediately, but unfortunately they still had plenty of time.  I held my staff in the air and began chanting to change the time differential, but not to enough effect, even though the room was filled with living flame.

Two rings of fire got within striking distance of the children, and they attacked viciously.
I knew they’d soon start burning away my wards to perform a physical attack soon enough, and tried to shift the time differential further, but the fire god was giving me all it was going to. Or was it expecting me to do better than that?

I realized what I had to do. I let go of my staff, which floated into the air out of my reach, and walked over to Firecracker. She was examining the filigree on the wall, which was composed mostly of copper and sun stones. I pulled her back by her shoulder and then stepped between her and the wall. I transferred my hands to her hips as I knelt before her. The living fire that filled the room had given me a joyless erection and I saw it had made her vagina very wet.

The joy began the moment my penis touched her. She shrieked as I thrust my entire penis inside her in one move, and then pushed her backward so I fell on top of her. The soft floor cushioned our fall, and I thrust inside her hard. A moment later, she had her arms and legs around me. A burning minute later, I squirted inside of her.  A few minutes later, I did it again.

I took a moment to perceive how things stood, and it wasn’t good enough. The children had met in the central pit, but all five rings of fire were circling and burning at my wards. The children were experiencing a minute for every second that passed for the rings of fire, but unless they guessed at the right thing to do right away, my wards couldn’t possibly hold long enough.

I spoke words to call on the fire god to give me more, expecting no answer.  In fact, the god did answer, but in an insane way. My penis was still hard inside her, but it began swelling more, pushing in further. Firecracker squeezed me tighter with her legs.  I felt this was hurting her, but not as much as it should, since she still wanted me to go through with it. My penis extended an impossible length, bending slightly to my right, and her vagina stretched and stretched to match. Then I felt her heart pounding rapidly on the tip of my penis, and the end of her vagina parted. My penis extended a little further, and her heart opened up for it. Then I came. My urethra started burning at the base and I felt fire quickly flow along its length.  Then I was squirting and squirting fire into her heart. My orgasm went on and on, feeling wonderful even though my penis was burning.

Finally after passing what felt like gallons of liquid fire, my orgasm faded as my wards failed. As my penis shrank though, I found that the rings of fire were too late. The children were fitted together now and had achieved their orgasm as mine had ended.  I knew I needed to close the gate when the rings of fire were defeated, but as my penis approached it’s normal erect size, I passed out.

I think I kept some connection to what was happening, because I dreamed of what happened afterwards. Not only were the rings of fire defeated, but the souls they’d collected were rescued. Once the rings were defeated though, I was in no condition to send the children to the other side, which would close the gate without hurting them

The field spewed living fire and fire lechubi into my world until the children were too tired to go on, and they lasted much longer than I thought they should have.  The out of control Gray Gate had been replaced by an out of control copper field.

I woke up refreshed with a normal sized erection still inside Firecracker, who still had her arms and legs around me. I began making love to her and she responded till she squeezed my penis in orgasm and brought me to squirt into her. I felt satisfied with the one orgasm and rolled off her. She let me go easily. I then opened my eyes to bright sun light. We were lying on the bed in the middle of the copper field, the sun was up, and my staff was floating forty feet above us, and its crystal was shining like a second sun.

Children were flying overhead, loving each other as well as appearing and disappearing.

Firecracker asked, “Did last night happen the way I remember it?”

I answered, “Probably. What was it like when my penis touched your heart?”

She answered, “An orgasm right there. And then you got into my heart and started squirting semen into my blood. It seemed to make sense at the time.”

I told her, “It wasn’t semen. It was liquid living fire. It burned my penis from the base to the tip.”

She replied, “No wonder it felt so good.” Then she realized another part of what had happened and said, “I’ve become fire, haven’t I?” She was excited, since she’d been trying to do so for years.

I answered, “Yes. You are. Just like these flying children.”

She added, “You’re going to be fire too.”

I admitted, “Yes. I will.” Actually I could still escape that fate if I wanted to, but I had no intentions of doing so. Then I remembered “I promised the children that I’d call them back.”

She exclaimed, “Good! I want to meet them.”

I found within myself the essences I’d felt summoning them in the first place, and some of the energy from their love making, and attuned the bed to it. Then Firecracker and I added power to it with incestuous love making until I felt a doorway opened to them.
A moment later, they were there, floating above the bed. They were fitted together with their arms and legs around each other when they came, but they separated a moment later, making no effort to hide their shining genitals. Eric had two braids hanging down from the sides of his head, while Sarah’s hair flowed free. They kept arms around each other’s shoulders and landed on their feet.

Eric asked, “What took you so long?”

I answered, “Time flows differently on the other side. Also, I got knocked out.”

Sarah sympathized, “Knocked out? How?”

I explained, “I had to buy you some time so that you could complete the ritual. It got expensive. What happened to you on the other side?”

Sarah answered, “Well, we had one hell of a time figuring out how to get stuff to eat there.”

Firecracker answered, “I thought we didn’t need to eat.”

Eric answered, “We got hungry anyway. And there was also the language problem.”

Firecracker answered again, “I thought that was easy.”

Sarah answered, “It was easy to do. It was just hard to figure out.”

Eric added, “At least we did it with each other first. But I didn’t realize for a long time that I could do it with a girl who wasn’t my sister.”

Sarah continued, “At least we know all that now. I wanted to ask you what happened to our parents?”

I told them, “I don’t know. If I had Violet’s ultimate portal, I could find out, everyone’s using that to close the gate here and send you lechubi back. If you stick around a few days, I might be able to get access.”

They elected to stick around a few days. The whole area around copper field was something of an endless orgy, and in spite of efforts by the rest of the world to contain it, the orgy continued to spread. Finally an evening came in which Violet could give me time with her ultimate portal, but her news was disturbing. “Everyone’s just canceled their requests to use it. I think something bad’s happening.”

A few minutes later, Eric and Sarah were with me on a hill top, and I sought out their parents. While I did so, the sky lit up in brilliant white for an instant. I found that they had died only moments after Eric and Sarah had. Since their world was dangerously close to the hell Gray Gate had led to, I sent living fire to rescue them, successfully.

When I told them their parents had died, Sarah told me, “I’m not sure you should summon them.  They’d have a hard time dealing with us now.”

I answered, “You’re right. I already sent them to the plane of fire. You might find them eventually.”

Eric answered, “Really? I’ve never seen a grown up in the plane of fire.” The sky lit up in another white flash.

I explained, “They aren’t grown ups any more. At least they aren’t physically grown ups.”

Sarah asked, “Won’t they have a hard time learning to live there?”

I answered “It won’t be much harder than dealing with their son and daughter becoming an incubus and a succubus. You managed.” Another white flash.

Eric answered, “I guess we did. What are those white flashes?”

I told them, “My guess is they’re splitting the night. It’s a theoretical spell that would require all kinds of magicians to cooperate and use thousands of magical nodes. They’re getting desperate to try it.”

Sarah answered, “But what does it do?”  Another white flash.

“It turns this world into two. We go to one, and they go to the other. Ours becomes a permanent outpost of the elemental plane of fire, and they rebuild their balanced system on the other.” The sky flashed again in the middle of my explanation, and continued to flash faster and faster.

Eric described, “So it’s like we destroyed the world.”

I told them, “It beats the alternative.”

Sarah asked, “What’s that?”

“Five rings of hellfire destroying the world.”

Eric answered, “Yeah, that’d be a lot worse.”

Firecracker and several other lechubi joined us to watch our section of the world get severed from the rest. The white flashes soon came strobe fast, till they merged into a dazzling white moment, after which the night got dark again.

We adjourned to a softer place and enjoyed each other for a time. Then Sarah asked “How much of our world could you have saved Magus?  It seems like you’ve got a lot of power here.”

I answered “I’m not sure. Gray Gate has more power there than it had here, but there’s an even less human power taking over. It’d be hard to accomplish much there.” On the other hand, it wasn’t impossible. I thought about for a moment further, and told her “I have some ideas.  Lets try them.”


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