Feature writer: Yamesh
Feature title: Bloom
Uploaded: ASSTR 21 May 2006

Story codes: Evil, Ff, bondage, NC, SM, Torture, Disfigurement, WS
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Warning: This story contains descriptions of torture. If you are a minor or are easily offended by this type of content, then please do not read.

Summary: A woman kidnaps and tortures a coed, making her into her sex slave



Karen had been waiting forever. The seed had been planted a very long time ago, just flashes of something disturbing that would sometimes come to her while having sex or in a dream. At first she was troubled and tried to figure out why or where these thoughts were coming from, but then she began to accept them, and finally embraced them. After all they were just thoughts. She had always secretly been attracted to women yet never really had the guts to act on it, plus she was married and the idea of sharing a woman with her husband was really unappealing…in fact, he was unappealing.

The divorce had been the turning point, it was nasty and she vowed from then on that she would do things for herself. She had shocked everyone who had expected this shy, pleasant woman to simply accept the settlement and back off, and had hired a tough, top rated divorce lawyer. Her lawyer went for the jugular. She was a wealthy woman now, and not dependent on anyone anymore. Alone in her house she was able to escape all the restrictions imposed upon her, and she cut loose her “friends”. The few remaining duties she carried over with her were the upkeep of the house and tending to her garden. She would spend hours every day preening and cultivating. Her particular love was for her roses, she pampered them as she wished to be pampered.

It didn’t hurt if she just planned out her ideas more thoroughly; that was part of the fantasy right? The handgun and stun gun she purchased could be easily explained as purely defensive items a single woman might want to use for protection, that justification worked on herself at least. For other items the Internet was wonderful…it allowed her to acquire things she would be too afraid to do in person. She began purchasing quite a lot of bondage toys and dungeon equipment, but also purchased something a bit more ominous, a liquid tranquilizer. If this was fantasy, why did she do that? She had half expected it to not be delivered or for it to be fake.

But it did arrive like every thing else she ordered, a little gift from Mexico. Karen did quite a bit a research on the drug, and one night tried a sample on herself, it worked like a charm. Possessing the tranquilizer did make her excited, it was real . Holding the bottle made her wonder if it held the key to her ultimate pleasure. Then the bottle sat. Waited.

Something was growing inside of Karen, was it apprehension? No. Maybe it was resolution. She was becoming more excited as she prepared. She arranged the basement where she could keep a slave, erecting sound baffling on the walls, not that anyone would ever hear as Karen’s house was miles from the nearest neighbor.

A thick chain bolted to the floor, a mattress, heavy-duty locks and bolts and bars, motion detectors, a closed circuit monitoring system with night vision, intercoms. This was becoming a full time job. She became more thrilled as it all started coming together and sometimes couldn’t help but to sit down in her private dungeon and masturbate. The thought of controlling someone else’s life totally, to think of making them do whatever she wanted made her cum again and again. If she had control she would become the real Karen, she would bloom.

She started eyeing particular women that caught her fancy, watching their habits and routines from afar. It couldn’t hurt to just start picking one out, keeping notes on times and dates, people they saw, activities. Right off the bat several were too unpredictable; they had no discernible rhythm to their lives. One however, looked very promising. A student of the University of Wisconsin, this woman was predictable to a tee. Tall and blond, this woman was just her type…hell, they were all her “type”…what was she thinking? The beauty was just icing. All the woman really needed to be was acceptable, she didn’t concern herself that much with looks, it was all about control. It was all about Karen.

She watched her for weeks. Karen waited outside her apartment, watched her on campus and followed her to the grocery store. Took photos. A whole surveillance setup was constructed in her van, decked it out with all the comforts of home, and she constantly moved it to not be in one spot too long. Her life began to revolve around this woman. It was now officially obsession. One day when she made sure she wouldn’t be seen she took some of the women’s mail, leaving enough behind as to not arouse suspicion. Sandra, Sandy, Ms. Sandra Keller. Karen had her name:

Ms. Sandra Jane Keller, lesbian sex slave.

It was now time to lay low for a while. Karen still couldn’t tell if she really intended to go through with this or not, so far it was still a fantasy. But she would carry on as if it were reality nonetheless because it excited her, so it was best to have some time between her monitoring of Sandra and the actual abduction in case she had been noticed. Karen loaded up a syringe with what she calculated would be the proper amount of tranquilizer necessary to quickly bring Sandra under.

She worked out her move swiftly: shocking a mannequin with the stun gun then injecting fluid into the leg, or pulling the gun out quickly if there was trouble. She also spent the down time planning every possible angle, what if Sandra got the upper hand, what if she escaped, what if she died? Karen had contingencies worked out as well as she could but this was still very high risk. She was a turning point.

Karen had started become quite anxious crossed her mind that she might be developing some real mental problems…however she quickly ignored this as she was never so excited and focused in her life. If she was crazy so be it. Plus if things went bad this might give her a good defense to fall back on.

Finally she could wait no longer, it was time to either make a move and do this or accept the fact that this was only an obsessive fantasy. She knew that Sandra had a night class on Thursdays and since she lived very close to the school she usually walked home. Karen packed up her “kit”: gun, stun gun, loaded syringe and handcuffs. She then placed fake license plates onto her van, this was in case anyone witnessed the abduction it could throw police off the trail. She was surprised that she wasn’t as nervous as she had anticipated, probably due to the fact that she could always back out at the last minute, however her heart was still pounding quite heavily in her chest.

She drove to the school, which was a good ten miles away; she concluded it was best to abduct someone a decent distance from where you lived. Karen arrived at the campus about an hour before she knew Sandra’s class got out and parked on a side street that allowed her view of the exit she always used. As the time ticked closer Karen felt pangs of anxiety she never felt before, now she was nervous. This was crazy. This was thrilling. Finally the first students trickled out.

Her heart sank as she saw Sandra come out with a man and walk to his car. When had she started getting rides home? Damn. Then she saw the man hand her a book and start talking to her outside his car. She was not going to ride with him after all. If this went without a hitch he would naturally become the prime suspect. That thought made Karen snicker. Soon they were separated and Sandra began her walk home. Perhaps her last.

Karen’s heart was ready to leap out of her chest. Nonetheless she began to pull up towards Sandra. Then the most wonderful thing in the world happened…rain. It was meant to be. She had prepared an elaborate tale of needing directions to an address close to where Sandra lived, even offering her money if she needed as she was hopelessly lost, she would give her a ride home…but this was all unnecessary. The rain made it so simple.

“Do you need a ride?”

Sandra quickly assessed the offer…a woman…there was nothing to fear. “Oh thanks! I could really use it!” She quickly got in and introduced herself. The woman’s name was Karen and she looked to be in her mid to late thirties, attractive with dark brown hair. She seemed a bit shy and also kind of nervous. had never taken a risk like this in her life. This smoking again, it was an ugly habit to her but she had lately, and drinking slowed her down. The thought The woman must have been smoking up a storm as the air was thick with smoke, hopefully the smell wouldn’t cling to Sandra’s clothes, as she didn’t want to do wash tonight and had no other clean pants to wear tomorrow. “I live about five blocks down this street.” She hardly noticed Karen reaching for something under her seat…instead, because of the awkward silence she turned her head towards the window and away from Karen. She would always remember the jolting pain followed by a needle prick. Then nothing.

Karen was shaking uncontrollably now. She almost vomited from her nervousness and realized that she had wet herself. She needed to remain focused now more than ever. She was almost certain that she hadn’t been seen and even if she was it would never even register in anyone’s long term memory. There was no slowing down, no swerving…Karen hadn’t missed a beat. An exit to the freeway had made her one of the hundreds of indistinct vehicles traveling to nowhere.

If she was stopped now her life was over. She didn’t even dare look at other cars and just focused on the road ahead. Karen was a machine. In ten minutes she was home yet it was the longest drive of her life. When the garage door closed behind her she let out a sigh of relief. The motionless body of Sandra still lay in the same position that it was when she gave her the injection. The final task was to drag her down to the basement and chain her up.

Sandra was heavier than exhausted from the stress, sent both of them crashing balance. Karen placed her clothes with a scissors. She had a fantastic body and after Sandra was naked she locked her leg to the chain. Karen then handcuffed her hands in back of her. She couldn’t resist a quick feel as Karen had never been this close to another naked female before. But now was not the time, as she needed to go up and finish things.

she had anticipated and given that Karen was this became a monumental effort. She almost down the stairs but managed to regain her in the middle of the floor and cut away her Karen turned off the lights, went upstairs and poured herself an exceptionally strong drink. She went out to the garage, switched back the license plates and retrieved her kit. She then ran herself a bubble bath, slipped in with her drink and started to finally let it sink in. She had done it. It was real now…and she turned on the monitor to verify this. There bathed in the green glow of the night vision camera lay Sandra, her Sandra. Karen began to finger herself as she watched the motionless slave passed out on the dungeon floor.

She could do anything she wanted to now. In total control, she felt powerful, she felt like a goddess. Rubbing her nipples she imagined the reaction of Sandra as she woke up and realized her fate. Karen raised her pelvis out of the water by arching her back. Her pussy was throbbing as she slid her soapy fingers in and out, gently rubbing her bud…this produced a soft sucking sound. Karen’s breathing now came in short, sharp breaths. The anticipation of all the demands she would soon have fulfilled by Sandra brought her to the most spectacular orgasm, making her cry out loud for what seemed like forever.

She was quite intoxicated by the time she finally went to bed, so much so that she didn’t even bother to find out if her captive had awakened yet. It didn’t matter much as now both women, for very different reasons, lay in a coma like sleep.

The next morning brought a startling revelation. It had nothing to do with the dramatic events of the previous night or the fact that Karen now owned another human being. Purposely avoiding turning on her monitors and checking if Sandra was awake, Karen instead went about her daily tasks as normal, but her heart pounded through it all…the first dramatic confrontation between mistress and her slave was near. Then as she began to tend her garden she saw it.

In the center was a rose named Ruby Celebration – a deep red rose that sometimes produced very dark petals. Despite all the care she had given it, the rose had stubbornly refused to bloom. She had decided that if it didn’t produce by the end of the season she would have to dig it up. But now it had come into flower, offering its unique gift to Karen… a single jet-black rose.

Karen had studied roses and knew what she was staring at shouldn’t exist. Roses sometimes got very dark and were called “black”, but were in reality a dark red. Black Magic and other varieties rarely even got close to being black, but this one was genuine. Studying it up close she touched its velvet petals to make sure it was really there. Not a hint of red anywhere. She had read that the black rose signaled a rebirth, if that was the case this was the sign of the arrival of the real Karen . She smiled and walked back inside with a new determination…it was time to meet her slave.

Turning on the monitor, she saw her new slave looking about. Sandra was obviously yelling something but Karen’s excellent soundproofing prevented any noise from reaching upstairs. She turned on the intercom to listen in… it was the expected cries for help. Smiling she turned down the sound a bit and began to prepare herself. Karen didn’t like leather bondage attire, it seemed to her too masculine. That was not who she was, she was not butch . She adored lace and light feminine things, she liked perfume and makeup and long flowing hair.

That was what was wrong with the female doms in the BDSM scene, they had little femininity. Karen wanted to remain a woman through and through, no testosterone needed, just cunning and conviction and control. Making herself up as if she was going on a date, she took her time brushing her hair, and started to find immense pleasure in listening to Sandra’s pleading. There was an edgy panic to her cries that began to make Karen moist, and she allowed herself to take her time and drink it all in. She started to softly rock her naked ass back and forth on the chair and caressed her hair with the brush, moving very slowly down the length of her locks.

Beginning to touch herself, she stopped just short of orgasm and resumed focus on her tasks. The makeup was not for Sandra’s benefit, it was for Karen’s, and she wanted to feel beautiful. Deciding to wear her favorite black teddy in honor of the occasion, she put it on and admired her supple body in the mirror, then slipped on her simple but elegant red pumps. Red and black, her Black Widow colors. The spider was going down to toy with her prey.



When she first woke there was total confusion. Sandra tried to move her aching arms and realized she was handcuffed. Naked. Fuck. She tried to retrace her steps and the last thing she remembered was getting into that woman’s van. Karen, that was her name. She must have been working on behalf of some pervert, probably accounts for how nervous she appeared.

There seemed to be the outline of a mattress and Sandra managed to right herself and stand up, blindly shuffling over to it. She was dragging a heavy chain attached to her leg, whoever had put her here had obviously not wanted her to get away. Sitting on the mattress she tried to assess the room. Must be a basement, as she could make out the stairs, and it was either still dark out or the small windows she could see close to the ceiling were masked out. It had to be a very large house as the footprint for the basement was huge.

The little bit of light she had came from the LED’s and meters in a rack of electronic equipment, possibly a stereo setup for the whole house. One other point of light was a red LED up near the ceiling that she determined must be a camera. Was he watching? It was too dark to see anything so he must not know she was awake yet. If she yelled maybe that would just bring him down to her, better to think things through first. It couldn’t be money as she had none and her parents were poor, plus she was naked…that said it all.

No, this was about sex, and someone had no doubt spent a lot of time arranging this. Were there others before her? Was he a serial killer? Her mind raced. Possibly she could convince the woman to help her. Perhaps it was the woman? Sandra thought she could make out footsteps walking around upstairs but she wasn’t sure, sounds seemed to be muffled down here.

Sandra sat for hours before she finally decided to start yelling for someone to let her know what was going on, or help. She didn’t have high hopes for the latter. Maybe just do what he says and she could get the fuck out of here. Pleading off and on for the next three hours, Sandra’s voice became more and more urgent as panic began to set in.

A sound at the top of the stairs made Sandra stop in mid yell. She wanted answers now she would get them, at least she would know. Light from the door opening illuminated her surroundings for the first time and caused her to gasp, this was no ordinary basement…this was a torture chamber! Sandra’s new world then exploded with light reveling all its horrors.

There were whips and canes, shackles, clamps, gags, all hanging on the walls.

There was an item in the middle of the basement that looked like the centerpiece of this horrible setting. It was made of thick wood and looked to be a massive modified dining room table. Large eye-bolts were at one end and was that a winch at the other? Sandra only had an instant to take this all in as she turned her attention to the person descending the stairs, it was the woman Karen and she was dressed in a provocative outfit.

She knew instantly that she was wrong, there was no man, Karen was the pervert. Whether that was better or worse was hard to tell, but perhaps she could reason with her, maybe offer her a little of what she wanted then persuade her to let her go. Sandra wasn’t totally hostile to being with a woman, and this woman was beautiful, plus Karen couldn’t be that sick…could she? Looking at the environment she was in told her otherwise.

Karen had butterflies as she descended the stairs. She was in control but her script had run out, every movement before this had been meticulously planned down to the smallest detail, now she was in uncharted waters. She almost looked away as she met Sandra’s glare but she held fast, she had the power now, and now she had to demonstrate that to her slave. The thought gave her a genuine smile. “Hello Sandra.”

Sandra didn’t respond as she sat on the mattress and watched Karen walk past her towards the end of the room. She observed that Karen didn’t so much walk as she did strut, was she trying to turn her on? Maybe this was some terribly misguided attempt to get in her pants? Again, looking around her dashed those hopes; this woman was really into this. She watched Karen grab a whip off the wall, turn and smile.

“I only really have one rule.” Karen caressed the whip as she spoke. “Do exactly what I tell you and things will be fine, if not, there will be… trouble .” She put an emphasis on ‘trouble’ that made it sound enjoyable, something she was looking forward to.

Sandra kept her calm and spoke softly but determined.

“You don’t have to do this. I realize you may have misjudged things and I’ll forget about what’s happened, I can even help you find someone who is more into your tastes. Let’s work this out and we can both walk away with no problem at all.”

“There is nothing to work out Sandra.”

Karen moved close and placed one leg on Sandra’s mattress. This put her pussy close to Sandra’s face, and Sandra nervously eyed Karen’s bush clearly visible through her teddy. Karen didn’t believe in shaving her pussy like everyone seemed to do now, a bald pussy looked silly to her and leaving tiny patches of hair wasn’t much better. When she shoved her pussy in Sandra’s mouth she wanted it to be her hairy pussy! She inched up her teddy to reveal her open bush. Karen was so wet with anticipation she could hardly think.

“Lick it.”

“Please don’t…”

Karen had expected this and stepped back letting the whip fly as hard as she could. The stroke landed on Sandra’s shoulder and knocked her back. She was startled by the force of the lash and cried out in surprise as much as pain. Karen was pleased with her blow and sent another two to follow. These hit Sandra’s side as she tried to curl up in a fetal position to escape. Then more… four, five, six. The lashes fell all over Sandra’s body as she screamed. Seven, eight, nine. Karen pranced around Sandra as if she was a loin tamer in a circus. Sandra caught a glimpse of Karen’s eyes in her frantic effort to hide from the blows, they had a wide wild look that proved Karen was enjoying herself. She lowered the whip.

“We can keep playing or you can do what I said.”

Karen touched her pussy and found it drenched, so much so that she even wondered if she had pissed herself. Now she needed relief and the bitch-slut better provide it.

“Lick it!” she screamed.

Sandra slowly moved herself closer realizing it was a loosing battle, better to get this over with quick and stop the punishment. She placed her mouth on the hairy puss and was sickened by the wetness and musky smell. Karen’s hands roughly grabbed the back of her head and smashed her face deeper in, causing Sandra’s whole face to get wet with her captor’s vaginal fluid.

Feeling her slave’s tongue part her labia, Karen realized this was something she could make happen anytime she wanted from now on, and when the tongue hit her clit she gasped. The juices were still pouring out and Karen rammed Sandra’s face again and again into her pussy as she exploded in an orgasm that caused her to fall backwards. She threw Sandra back as she stumbled and began laughing as a release, sitting on the floor, laughing and cumming. Life was going to be very, very good… for one of them.

Karen started to compose herself.

“Whew! That was intense!”

She picked herself off the floor and straightened her teddy.

“I’m sure we will be doing a lot more of that in the future!”

Walking over to the wall she hung the whip back up, walked up the stairs and turned off the lights. Darkness again. In the blackness Sandra’s pain seemed unbearable, made worse by the fact that she was heavily perspiring and the salty sweat was stinging her wounds. She was humiliated and hurt, not consequences from anything she did, yet somehow she felt dirty. The woman showed no remorse or empathy and Sandra had an even worse feeling the more she thought about that. Karen was a true sadist, a creature she had never encountered before, at least that Sandra was aware of.

There was not going to be any quick and easy out to this circumstance, this woman planned to keep her and keep her for a long time. She would have to somehow figure a way beyond reasoning to escape her current situation. So it was best to try to do what Karen wanted until she could develop a plan. Sandra wiped the disgusting smudge off her face by rubbing it on the mattress, perhaps if it was a man it would be better. She needed to urinate and remembered seeing a drain by where her chain was bolted to the floor. My chain. The thought repulsed her. She found the drain with her feet and squatted over it relieving herself.

Karen was truly alive for the first time. She had hidden her true nature her whole life, even to herself, and now for the first time it had escaped. It was wild and it was free! Walking into the bathroom she squatted over the bidet she had installed after her husband’s departure, this was something he would have never approved of. Soon however, the bidet would be unnecessary. She ran the cool water on her pussy and contemplated her next course of action.

For some reason she was afraid to leave the house. Sandra was secure she was certain, but it seemed that the dream might all go away if she left. Food and other necessities made the trip inevitable though and Karen decided a break was warranted. While grocery shopping she found something for Sandra: it was a brand of instant meals that you just add water, and she bought the whole box. At the checkout the cashier laughed and asked if she was going on a long camping trip.

“No,” said Karen, “my daughter just loves them.”

Karen bought a large bottle of her favorite wine and since she had no perishables she decided to treat herself to a fine meal at a seafood restaurant. While waiting at the bar for her table she was hit upon by a decent looking man in a well dressed suit, the old Karen would have been flattered and maybe struck up a conversation, the new Karen however told the man in no certain terms to bug off. She liked the new Karen much better.

Returning home she switched on her monitor like she was switching on a soap opera, and unpacked her groceries. She took the large box of instant food mixes and set them by the basement door. It was time to let Sandra be for a while she concluded. A day or more alone down in the dark would show her where the power was.

Time crawled for Sandra as she sat and waited for whatever was next. She was thirsty, sore and frightened. She almost wished Karen would come down just to give her relief, but she had a feeling that when Karen come, it would be for something worse. She screamed her lungs out, held temper tantrums and slept. She tried to exercise but found it difficult as with her hands cuffed behind her back she kept loosing balance, instead she paced. A day passed. Karen saw it on the news… a missing college student. Her heart

a beat and she held her breath listening for news on any leads. A pretty picture of Sandra filled the screen along with a number to call with any information. They were searching her apartment complex and several neighbors were interviewed on camera, ending with the fact that there were no leads and no witnesses to any abduction. This was great news!

Karen switched the input select over to the basement cam and watched Sandra sleeping; she alone knew where the missing girl was…and it was time to play with her toy. Again she prettied herself up deciding this time to sport only her black pumps…this was their second date, no need to be modest and wear clothes. Karen finished and went back down to her kitchen, she picked up the box of Sandra’s food and descended to the dungeon.

Sandra was half asleep and barely noticed the door open, but as the lights went on she shielded her eyes from the pain it caused. She watched Karen descend the stairs naked, save for some high heels.

“Why are you doing this?” Sandra screamed. “Please, please I’ll do anything you want, I just want to go home!”

“You can’t go home now, they are looking for you. I’m afraid it’s too late for you to leave me.” Karen calmly informed Sandra.

She set down the box and walked over to the sink at the end of the room.

“You can’t keep me here forever, I swear I won’t tell anyone!”

The words sounded stupid to Sandra, of course she would eventually tell. Karen was attaching a garden hose to the sink faucet not listening to the pleading.

“I don’t even know where I am! Answer me you fucking bitch!” Sandra knew this was a mistake as soon as she said it, and tried to minimize the damage. “I’ll do what you want, anything.” She said in a much softer tone. “I know you will.” Karen pleasantly replied. “But right now you stink and I want you to wash up.”

She picked up a bar of soap she grabbed from the sink and threw it to Sandra. Karen walked over close to Sandra and let loose a strong spray from the hose hitting her in the head with the stream.

The chilling spray took Sandra’s breath away and she let out a high-pitched yelp like a dog having its tail stepped on. Karen laughed at the sound and moved the spray to other parts of her body.


Sandra obeyed the command and took the opportunity to quench her thirst. Karen re-aimed the hose at Sandra’s mouth long enough to allow her to have her fill.

“Wash your pussy, I don’t want that all filthy!” Karen barked.

Sandra cleaned as quickly as she could in an effort to make the water stop.

Finally Karen decided she was acceptable and put down the hose.

“I suppose you’re hungry.”

Sandra sheepishly nodded yes as Karen kicked the box on the floor closer to her.

“Pick one.”

Since Sandra couldn’t look through the box due to her hands cuffed in back, she just chose the first package on top.

“The chicken one on top.” She whispered.

It was Chicken a la king and came with its own built-in pouch to prepare it in.

“Mmmm, that looks tasty!” Karen mocked, smiling.

Squatting down and opening the pouch Karen removed the attached spoon and placed it in front of Sandra.

“I’m afraid I will have to feed you like a baby as you can’t use your arms, so sit down.”

Sandra sat down awkwardly, momentarily loosing her balance and almost falling.

“Just add water.” Karen pretended to read the directions.

She stared at Sandra’s eyes to watch the reaction as she placed the open pouch under her pussy and let loose a stream of piss into the package. Sandra slowly shook her head back and forth, tears welling up, and whispered: “No. Please no.”

“Yes, you will.” Came Karen’s answer. “This is supposed to sit for ten minutes before it’s ready, I expect at that time that you’ll eat it, if you don’t there will be repercussions.”

Karen got up and walked upstairs as Sandra collapsed in sobs. It was hard for Karen not to finger herself but she wanted to savor this and make it last as long as possible. Once upstairs she set the timer and tried to focus on other things. She walked out into her garden realizing this is the first time she had been nude outdoors. It didn’t matter much as she was isolated out here and her garden had a huge fence surrounding it. Her black rose bloom was joined by two other buds now, as jet-black as the first. She could call the Rose Society and would make quite a stir if she didn’t have her more important business at hand. Perhaps there would be a time in the future when she would do that. But for now… the timer dinged. She turned and walked inside very quickly, almost a run.

When Karen arrived back downstairs Sandra was still in the same position, sobbing. “I hope you are willing to eat your dinner now.” Karen said sounding like an agitated mother.

“No. I can’t, please…” Came the reply between sobs.

Expecting this, Karen got up and walked to a chest near the sink and opened it, retrieving a long item with a prong at the end. Through her tears Sandra was familiar with what it was. She didn’t know where she had seen one before, or how she even recognized it, but it filled her with dread… it was a cattle prod.

Karen spoke gently “There are several settings on this dear, I will start low, but have no doubt you will be eating your dinner before we get to the strongest. Now, I ask you again, will you eat your dinner?”

Sandra remained silent looking down at the floor, trembling. She clenched her eyes tightly shut and prepared herself for the pain. Karen jabbed her with the prong but didn’t squeeze the trigger, laughing at her reaction to what she expected would be a shock.

“Oh honey, it will be a lot worse than that.”

Karen was as wet as she had been a day earlier when she had whipped the daylights out of Sandra. She then gave Sandra the real shock she had been expecting, by placing the prong on her breast and squeezing the trigger.

A burning electric pain shot into her breast causing her to scream and fallback sobbing. Karen smiled, got up and stood over her, giving Sandra another shock on her other breast to even things out. She gave her three more shocks in the stomach and then turned up the settings.

“Nooo, please…” sobbed Sandra as the first shocks on the higher setting hit her.

The pain was staggering in its intensity. This time a jolt hit Karen as well, but a very different kind, a bolt of pleasure that she had never felt before. A new level of satisfaction had been reached, this was her drug and she was an addict. A rapid series of shocks that followed, concentrating on Sandra’s thighs, broke her.

“Stop!” She sobbed. “Please, I’ll do it!”

“Stick your tongue out Sandra.” Karen commanded. “Stick your tongue out or I will keep this up all night!”

Sandra stuck out her quivering tongue and closed her eyes as she knew the pain would be unbearable. Karen put the settings higher and rested the prong on Sandra’s tongue using the anticipation as another weapon in her assault on her slave. A squeeze of the trigger sent Sandra into convulsions and caused Karen to actually start dripping her juices onto her.

Karen sat down on her sobbing slave’s chest and grabbed the pouch of food she had stupidly refused to eat, scooped up a big spoonful and pushed it down Sandra’s throat.

“You will keep this down!”

Sandra started gagging but knew that she had to keep it down, the consequences would no doubt be worse. The taste was awful but she focused on just getting through it. After the pack was half gone Karen seemed satisfied and positioned her dripping pussy right above Sandra’s now empty mouth. There was no need to tell her what to do as Sandra began to lick. Karen lowered her bush and floated away into bliss.



It was a little sound, almost nothing…so quiet it almost didn’t exist, but sounds were just about all Sandra had down in the darkness. She had become hypersensitive to every noise, her chain being the loudest and most disturbing of all. The fact that she even heard it over the chain noises was a miracle in itself. When she sat down on the mattress there was an ever so slight ‘click’ which shouldn’t have been there. Likewise, when she dragged the mattress over closer there was thin scraping noise. Probably a small pebble caught under the mattress.

Why should she even care? Her tongue was swollen to about twice its normal size from the terrible assault inflicted upon it by cattle prod a couple hours ago. Even with the swelling, she could still taste Karen’s piss – she wanted desperately to rid her mouth of that taste. She wanted to throw up the horrible “dinner” Karen had forced down her but she knew there was nutrition in it, and who knew when she would be allowed to eat again.

Though there was no way to tell in the dark, she was sure she had burns from where the cattle prod hit her. So why should she care about some stupid little clicking noise? But she did, half out of curiosity and half out of boredom she had to find out. Sandra knelt facing away from the mattress and lifted it up on her feet; this allowed her to wedge her body under it, the difficulty of this seemingly easy maneuver astonishing her. She felt around as far as her arms would extend out away from her body without causing pain.

Then the source: a large safety pin partially embedded in the underside of the mattress. She didn’t know right away how this could be important, only that it was. Sandra worked another fifteen minutes before she emerged from under the mattress with her prize. Oh great, she could stab Karen with it. If she was lucky she could hit her in the eye, causing blindness or just pissing her off more…then Karen could kill her in a fit of rage. Or perhaps…she could use it to pick her handcuffs. Could that work or was that something that can only happen in a movie??? She decided that she would spend as long as required, which turned out to be the next four hours, finding out the answer.

The sweetest sound that Sandra had ever heard was another ‘click’. She almost didn’t believe it when she heard it, but this sound was loud and confident. Her left handcuff eased its grip on her wrist and she swung her arms freely away from behind her back. This was the greatest relief that she could remember, and she spent a few minutes just kneading her stiff and very sore shoulders.

Sandra started to pick her other handcuff and found it a bit more difficult as she was using her left hand, but since she already knew the technique it took much less time. Finally, she was free of the dreadful handcuffs…now what? Could she pick her leg shackle too? Sandra knew that was not going to happen – it was a heavy-duty lock that would require a better tool and some capable experience. No, she would have to develop a plan with what she had accomplished so far.

She needed a weapon. The basement was mocking her with all the weapons hanging from the walls…out of reach. The mattress? Yeah, she could hit her with a mattress. Stupid. The chain? Possibly, but very risky. It was heavy but not lethal. It wasn’t until she had to pee again that the answer came to her: the drain cover. She began to try to pull it up but could manage to only turn it. Keep working on it. It was small but she could feel that it was heavy. Held behind her back as Karen approached, it could be brought out at the last moment and WHAM ! Sandra would beat that bitch within an inch of her life…perhaps further. What then?

Karen certainly didn’t carry the key with her and Sandra couldn’t let her go get it. No, this would serve only to put her in the same predicament as Sandra, she would handcuff Karen to the chain. But if she didn’t do this now she would have to put the handcuffs back on and bide her time…something Sandra was unwilling to do. Who’s to say this bitch wasn’t going to kill her anyway – no, she certainly couldn’t let Sandra go free – things had gotten way beyond that threshold.

Karen was going to have to keep her forever or kill her, and Sandra would not let that happen. Let the chips fall where they may, someone would eventually come looking for Karen, she was certain. In the meantime, Sandra chopped at the massive links of her chain with the drain cover in a futile attempt to break free.

Sandra wondered what time it was. Her only clue was the fact that Karen had called that horrid meal (that, damn it, she was still tasting) “dinner”, not lunch or breakfast. That was many hours ago, so it must be nearing morning by Sandra’s calculations. Time to be very cautious of Karen opening the door; Sandra didn’t want her to hear the clanging of metal, which was very loud even in the heavily baffled basement.

Sandra felt the links where she was hammering; even though she could sometimes see sparks in the darkness, the link seemed as smooth as all the others. This was not going to work. Maybe Karen would come at her with bolt cutters, or a hacksaw, and she could maneuver the chains so that they would be cut…the thought of that ridiculous idea made Sandra laugh despite the grimness of it all. She put the drain cover down and waited.

Finally there was a sound at the top of the stairs. Sandra quickly grabbed her weapon and held it behind her back as if she was still handcuffed. As the lights blazed on, Sandra pretended to slowly wake from sleeping. Be patient. Be calm. Karen was fully dressed this time, nothing provocative. Something was wrong. A small basket was in Karen’s hands as she descended the stairs, and Karen looked nervous. Sandra began pleading as before, but stopped suddenly when she saw the gun.

Hours ago after their last encounter, Karen had showered instead of having her usual bath and decided to have a drink of wine before bed. It had been truly exhilarating to watch Sandra struggle and suffer, and especially feeding her that degrading meal. She actually ate it! Karen needed to think of more things to train her to do, Sandra really was like a pet now. She could train Sandra to lick her clean instead of using toilet paper, she could have Sandra cook, clean, do Karen’s pedicures… the possibilities were endless, but first she needed to be broken, and that would be the fun part.

She had just about finished her glass of wine and turned off the monitor when she noticed something. Sandra was pulling at the mattress…just out of curiosity (alarm had yet to step in), Karen watched. Sandra was looking for something. There was nothing under that bare mattress, Karen was sure… or was there? Sandra obviously thought there was. Karen watched the whole process as Sandra got under the mattress and retrieved something small, something to pick her handcuffs? Karen could put a stop to this now but she wanted to know, plus she still had the upper hand. Further, Sandra had surely not realized that Karen could see her with the night vision.

After watching for hours, Karen almost fell off her chair when she saw the cuffs come off. Resourceful little cunt! Don’t ever underestimate this slut. Then, as she watched Sandra work on the drain cover, she realized this could have been deadly had she not been watching… this was no game . A lesson definitely was needed to demonstrate to Sandra that there was no escape and that her only option was to submit. She grabbed a hand basket and placed the syringe, stun gun and handgun inside, and opened the door to the basement.

“Place the drain cover over near the stairs Sandra, then lay down by the mattress!” Karen yelled, taking pains to sound authoritative, even though she was terribly rattled by Sandra’s resourcefulness. “Do it now!”

Sandra’s hopes were dashed as she followed the instructions.

“Put your hands behind your back!”

Karen quickly grabbed the stun gun and gave Sandra a jolt. While Sandra was incapacitated by the effects, Karen jabbed her with the syringe, injecting her with the tranquilizer. Then nothing.

As Sandra awoke, she was totally disoriented. Where was she, on some kind of table? Then she remembered…that rack. She thought she was going to be sick, but couldn’t tell if it was because of her predicament or the after effects of the tranquilizer. However, she managed to keep it down, since throwing up would only make things worse with the huge gag in her mouth, stretching her lips and cheeks, and making her jaw ache. Karen was milling about the room all dolled up in one of her outfits: a wispy pink chemise slip with matching heeled sandals and a thong. That was not a good sign at all!

Sandra filled with dread – when Karen dressed sexy, that meant she was about to do vile things. Noticing she was awake, Karen came and sat down on the table next to Sandra’s prone body, crossing her legs like she was trying to catch some gentleman’s eye.

Karen pet her hair as she would a dog and spoke: “Sandra, I’m afraid you have a lot to learn about what I will tolerate. The next few hours will be filled with much pain.” She traced Sandra’s body with her finger and continued: “You are and will always be my slave, the sooner you accept that the better things will be.”

Karen walked over to the winch. The rack actually was a heavy dining room table. A monstrosity her husband had purchased and left behind, probably just to punish her. It was almost absurd in its length. She had it brought downstairs for, at the time, she thought she needed furniture down here, and certainly would replace it shortly. However, as she evolved , Karen began to formulate another use for it. It looked medieval; maybe she did like it after all. She purchased four large eyebolts and drilled two into one end, the other two were secured to a heavy metal bar at the other end, this bar was in turn cabled to a boat winch.

Karen had never worked with tools in her life and was surprised at her natural abilities. Purchasing four leather straps, she secured them to the eye-bolts. Karen was proud of her first construction project, a little unorthodox but dreadfully fun! Now it was time to put her delightful apparatus to its first use.

Sandra was pleading through her gag, obviously trying to say something about being sorry or not doing such things again, but it didn’t matter. Karen began turning the winch, which produced a loud clicking sound. She watched as Sandra’s arms and legs straightened out to their full length…and then farther. Karen slowed the turns as the cable became taut; she was drinking this in and was curious of the effects of her toy on Sandra.

Placing her pussy against the corner of the table, Karen began to rock slightly up and down, grinding her pussy on the table as she turned the crank. Sandra’s eyes became huge as the tension set in and began wailing and going nuts thrashing her head to and fro in a desperate attempt to somehow stop her torment, but Karen needed to teach the imp a lesson…and she was also in dire need of some pleasure.

“I wonder how far I can go before your joints pop out, Sandra? A few more clicks?”

Click…click…click. As her body was stretched, Sandra’s moans and thrashing stopped, as the agony of any movement was too much to bear – only her watered eyes spoke of her torment.

Satisfied, Karen bent over and stared into Sandra’s eyes for quite a while before she crooned: “Hurts a little, doesn’t it? Maybe you’ll think next time before you do something so foolish.” Karen moved around near Sandra’s midsection and felt her tummy. “Wow, you’re as tight as a drum.”

She lightly drummed her fingers on Sandra’s stomach. Sandra tried to scream but no sound came out; it was as if all the breath in her body had been stretched out of her. Her shoulders and hips were on fire and she wished she could pass out, but her body wasn’t at its pain limit yet. Karen held up a little box so Sandra could see.

“So, you like safety pins?”

Karen got up on the table beside Sandra and lay down next to her, caressing Sandra’s stretched body and she positioned herself. She set down the box on Sandra’s tummy and, as Sandra watched with disbelieving eyes, pulled out a large silver pin, shaking off the alcohol still clinging to it. “I noticed you have no piercings. I thought all girls your age had them.” Karen lightly scraped the point of the pin up from Sandra’s stomach to her nipple and stopped. She then pinched the nipple firmly between her fingers and ever so slowly pushed the pin through it.

Sandra finally found her voice and emitted a cry that sounded far off to Karen, and she flicked the pin with her finger in an effort to make Sandra recreate it. A large drop of blood oozed out and Karen licked it up. This was making Karen insane with delight and she quickly got up and straddled Sandra’s stomach. This put extra pressure on Sandra’s already rigid body, taking what little breath she had away. Sandra was panicking now fearing that she wouldn’t be able to breathe, but managed quick short breaths. Karen was now dripping wet like the next pin she pushed through Sandra’s other nipple.

Fingering herself with one hand, Karen moved down to Sandra’s navel. Because of the tightness of Sandra’s stomach, Karen had a difficult time skewering the belly button…she had to weave it through like she was sewing a dress. Causing far more pain than the nipple piercing, this forced Sandra to cry loudly and attempt to thrash about, but the winch had stretched her body taut and immobile, so even trying to move amounted to just more pain. Karen then turned around, straddling her the other way (basking in Sandra’s thin but heartfelt wails of agony as she maneuvered none-to-gently) and focused her attention on Sandra’s pussy. Sandra had a full pussy, with a prominent labia and clit.

Karen pinched and pulled at Sandra’s most tender and precious parts to get the blood flowing (and Karen’s own pussy getting absolutely soaked – she was rubbing vigorously on Sandra’s brutally stretched belly, smearing it with her juice and creating more thin wails from Sandra as she absorbed the movement) and licked her lips, breathing in a breath ragged with excitement and anticipation, exhaled, and speared Sandra’s labia with one pin on each side. She stopped riding Sandra’s belly as she concentrated to fight back the culmination… it wasn’t time yet, she had to fight it back.

She looked back at Sandra and almost climaxed again as she saw Sandra’s eyes rolling up at the agony. She turned away, looking up at the ceiling and taking in a calming breath as she prepared… and then went for the finale…the clitoris. As Karen pushed a smaller pin against…ragged breath… wait for it…now, and finally THROUGH Sandra’s prominent clit, she finally let go and exploded with a furious orgasm – finally it was Karen’s turn to scream along with Sandra, Karen in unbelievable ecstasy, Sandra in unbelievable agony! Karen gushed juice all over Sandra’s belly, while Sandra mercifully passed out.



Karen loved the mirrors in her house, and they loved her back. She had purchased fantastic mirrors from all over, antiques that were massive, ornate, and exceptionally expensive. Upstairs and in the basement, she placed dozens of full-length mirrors. In the basement, Karen wanted Sandra to be able to watch her own degradation from every angle. Upstairs she would spend hours in front of them priming and beautifying herself in an effort to create the perfect Karen. She constantly paraded and posed in front of them with her ever-growing lingerie collection, for which she again spared no expense, marveling at her exquisite body, and sometimes masturbating.

This self-indulgence alone would classify her as an extreme narcissist, even without the fact that she was keeping someone captive for her own pleasure, but of course only the truest narcissist would simply not care. She was a goddess, and her mirrors reflected that.

Mirror, mirror on the wall …

Sometimes Karen laughed when she thought of that line, remembering watching those old Disney movies and being less interested in the goodie two-shoes heroine than the much more interesting witch or wicked queen. When she though of the evil women, she wondered what their lives really would be like. What if their plans weren’t foiled, how powerful would they have become? How far would they go if they faced no penalty whatsoever? She was finally in a position where she could find out, as she had her own sleeping beauty, her snow white, and yes, if Karen was truly honest she was jealous of Sandra’s youth and beauty.

Even being the complete narcissist that Karen was and the fact that she was more striking than she ever had been, she could see the beginning effects of age creeping into her appearance… but Sandra had a 23year-old’s sculpted figure, and she could have been Aphrodite herself.

Karen had originally thought that she didn’t care what her slave looked like, but she now realized that picking Sandra had another purpose all along. Sandra’s tits, while not enormous, where perfectly shaped, her waist was tight, and within Sandra’s firm thighs was a prominent but tight little pussy. Sandra would turn the head of any straight man she passed if she dressed in anything but baggy sweats, and make him feel like he was de-flowering a virgin in bed. Perhaps Karen could fix that…she could finish the fairy tale her way.

Karen had already adorned her captive with new piercings, maybe it was time to take things further, change her Athenian goddess slave into something else – something not quite so sculpted. As a bold new plan began to take form in her mind, Karen felt her heart rate rise and that unbridled arousal bubbling up inside her (that happened so often these days – it was a challenge to keep clean panties, luckily she had hundreds).

The evil witches in those stories really seemed to enjoy the bad things they were doing – lots of kids thought that was just exaggeration for the sake of a story, but Karen knew better – she always wanted to know what they were feeling that made them laugh so wickedly (though she had never embraced that side of herself until recently). She began to giggle as she leisurely primped and prepared herself for the pleasures ahead.

A white chiffon baby doll with a lace trimmed neckline, matching slippers and ruffle choker was what Karen decided on this time. The closet in the master bedroom was too crowded with all her wonderful new outfits and shoes, forcing Karen to convert one of the spare bedrooms into a massive walk-in closet, making it look more like a lingerie shop than a bedroom. Karen even had mannequins displaying some of her finest, and used them to try different combinations out. She had purchased so many outfits so quickly that she didn’t even know what she had, packages of shoes arrived daily as ordering items on the web became a nightly ritual.

She had figured money made from the interest off the funds in her bank account was more than she could spend, plus she had the alimony that arrived every month. Karen sat down to make herself up… at 35 she still looked as good as she ever had, and her body had never been as fit. She worked out daily now and watched what she ate like never before; as well as forcing Sandra to worship her, Karen also had to treat her body like a temple. There would be no piercing or tattoos as that would be blasphemy. Oils, perfumes, powders and creams, and Sandra’s tongue would be all that was allowed upon the blessed sanctuary.

It had been several days since Karen had pierced Sandra with the safety pins, and the wounds were still not healed enough to take things further. That would have to wait. Karen unconsciously began to rub herself as she recalled the activity – Sandra’s agonized pleadings, the look in her eye as she realized what was going to happen, her helpless body presented for Karen’s twisted pleasures, and, finally, watching Sandra on the monitor as she awoke to find a dozen more piercings made by Karen after she had passed out. Karen had removed some of these pins as rewards for good behavior, however Sandra’s conduct would not affect what Karen was about to do, this was purely for Karen’s own pleasure. She grabbed a grocery bag, rope and needle-nose pliers… the fun was about to begin.

Karen had left the basement lights on lately giving Sandra full view of her miserable predicament. The handcuffs had gone back on – supplemented by finger-less gloves, making any attempt to escape impossible. Now Sandra had safety pins all over her front side making life extra miserable and painful. She had learned to not plead as Karen came down the stairs; instead to kneel with her head bowed awaiting Karen’s wishes.

Sandra felt despair when she noticed that Karen looked especially flush and excited. As she watched Karen put down the bag and drag a large footstool over, Sandra felt her stomach drop as she realized that Karen apparently had “special plans”… she was going to take it to another level again. Sandra was stunned at the pure wickedness that Karen seemed to have embraced – doing vile things to her seemed to take Karen to heights of pleasure, and Sandra had no choice but to endure Karen’s brutality.

“I want you to lay face down on this footstool Sandra.” Karen commanded, then helped Sandra on so as not to lose her balance.

The pressure on the safety pins caused Sandra to cry in pain as Karen bound her securely to the footstool, wrapping the rope so that it secured Sandra’s arms against her back and leaving only her head and feet free. Karen wanted Sandra’s legs movable, but not to let her gain her footing, so she tied the legs together at the ankles and knees.

Karen then went and grabbed an inflatable dildo-gag off the wall and shoved the gag end into Sandra’s mouth, pumping it and filling Sandra’s mouth taut so that she couldn’t make any noise. Dragging a plush chair over, Karen positioned it directly in front of Sandra, moved the grocery bag over near, and sat down.

The dildo end of the gag was now sticking obscenely out of Sandra’s mouth. Sandra looked down the length of the obscenity protruding from her mouth, the end tantalizingly close to Karen’s soaked pussy. Karen then eased the dildo in to her pussy taking the full length without lubricant… it wasn’t needed. Karen’s strong scent filled Sandra’s nostrils once again. This now had the affect of immobilizing Sandra’s head, and Karen stroked Sandra’s hair as she spoke.

“You have such thick, full hair Sandra – and I believe I’ll have to have it.”

Karen reached in her bag and pulled out the needle-nose pliers, as Sandra began frantically to try and break free somehow. This just caused her to move the dildo in and out of Karen’s pussy, which was exactly the effect Karen was after.

Karen grabbed a clump of hair on the back of Sandra’s head to steady things, and then took the pliers and locked onto a small section of hair on her forehead, and pulled. The bit of hair was stubborn but finally gave into the force of the pliers. Sandra’s frantic but muffled shrieks followed as Karen the dropped the strand into the bag and went for another.

“I know this hurts Sandra…but if we just shaved it, your hair would grow back too soon.” Karen ripped out another strand depositing it in the bag. “This will take a long time, but I am willing to do it right.”

She moved her pelvis back and forth meeting Sandra’s ‘thrusts’ as she kicked her bound legs like a mermaid. Catching a view of this in her mirror, her legs wrapped around Sandra’s head, yanking with the pliers, caused hot lightning to jolt through Karen while Sandra bucked what little she could in an effort to “throw” her rider – careful – make it last – easy – breathe… and she continued.

Sometimes Karen pulled quickly and sometimes agonizingly slow – trying to squeeze every ounce of pain from her actions. Her pussy was dripping juice down the front of the chair now, and she couldn’t hold back any longer…she grabbed a very large chunk of hair in the pliers and pulled as she came – the hair releasing its grip from Sandra’s head simultaneously as Karen exploded onto Sandra’s face – she bucked as cum squirted from her pussy onto Sandra’s face. ‘Oh my God! Where did THAT come from?’ ran through Karen’s mind as she grappled for another clump of hair and thrust Sandra’s head frantically, ripping out some of the caught hair with each thrust, as she squirted AGAIN!

Sandra’s face was wet from her tormentor’s juice and she choked on the gag as she tried to scream – trying to go another place in her mind; away from this unbearable agony – but the combination of Karen’s pussy thrusting into her face and fresh new pains as Karen ripped more hair from her head kept her firmly grounded in the horrible moment. She finally caught her breath again as Karen seemed to be slowly recovering from that orgasm. The agonizing ordeal lasted well beyond Karen’s explosion. A whole hour passed before Karen was down to the back of Sandra’s head.

The paper bag was now stuffed full of Sandra’s disembodied hair, and Karen stroked Sandra’s virgin bald head with her hand.

“So smooth and pretty.”

Fifteen minutes later all the hair was gone. Karen lost track of how many times she had cum, but she knew it was a record for her. Finally Karen eased the wet dildo out of her pussy and bent down and kissed the shivering, sobbing girl’s forehead.

“It will be better this way.” She whispered.

Karen untied Sandra from the footstool and helped her now bald slave to the mattress.

“Almost done.” Karen said as she straddled Sandra’s stomach backwards and grabbed a pinch of Sandra’s pubic hair with the pliers she was still carrying.

Sandra screamed a muffled scream and thrashed about with newfound energy as Karen pulled this fresh hair out. This was a much more physical effort as Karen fought to stay on top of her and also tear at Sandra’s pubic hair… it was also immensely satisfying! Karen eventually ended up lying on top of Sandra in an effort to keep her stable enough to continue her operation.

The pulling of this hair seemed to hurt Sandra more, and Karen relished in this fact, yelling back to Sandra to stop moving or she would make it worse. Karen kicked off her slippers and felt the wet dildo still sticking out of Sandra’s mouth with her feet as she yanked hair after hair from Sandra’s cunt. She took the time to inspect the safety pins in Sandra’s pussy and noticed they were healing nicely; soon she could begin to have real fun with these. The removing of Sandra’s pussy hair was far quicker and Karen was almost spent as she managed to squeeze only two splendid orgasms out of the operation.

Finally, with her slave bald from head to toe, there was nothing left to do as Karen unstrapped and deflated the dildo gag, walked over and dumped it in the sink. Sandra sat down and wept on her mattress as Karen went upstairs returning with a dog bowl of beef stew and set it next to Sandra’s water dish. Karen then grabbed the bag full of hair and left her slave to her thoughts.

Five days later when Karen came down for the daily feeding, she was dressed in a short kimono robe and heels. Although Sandra had never seen this outfit before, this was not what was different… Karen’s hair was now blond, not brown. Had she dyed it? No.

Sandra had been looking at that hair her whole life. She knew every inch of it…and it was part of her , not Karen. She had taken great pride in it and Sandra had put more time into the caring of it than anything else. The bitch had made a wig from her hair! Sandra lost control and began screaming obscenities, but as she watched Karen walk over and grab the cattle prod, she managed to get herself under control and resumed her kneeling position.

“That’s better.” Karen said as she reached up and pulled off her new wig walking over to where Sandra knelt and placed it on her bald head, adjusting it slightly to look more natural. “When you’re good I’ll let you wear it.”

Karen grabbed the wig back, placed it on her own head, and adjusted it in the mirror.

“I look just like you!” She then stood closer to Sandra, spread her legs, grabbed Sandra’s bald head and forced it into her wet hairy bush. “Lick it.”




Karen was a master at adapting. One brief attempt at marriage had resulted in a mercifully quick end, and then she met an extremely wealthy landowner who wouldn’t take no for an answer. Karen didn’t particularly like him, however the trade-off would be all the money she could ever want. He was a controlling, arrogant, lying cheat…but she possessed something that could defeat him: patience. She could wait years, and she did, buying her time. This was a job with very early retirement.

She let his affairs go on ‘unnoticed’, while keeping track of every detail and documenting whatever she could. When the time came to sever the bonds of matrimony, Karen produced a virtual scythe – boxes full of documentation on her husband’s illicit affairs and illegal dealings – letting her lawyer play the Reaper, watching as he sliced more and more money away for her. It was not a divorce; it was rape.

Never wanting children, it was her second husband’s persistence and constant demanding that had finally forced Karen into the fertility clinic. His low sperm count had ruled out any natural methods, yet the impotent fuck still pushed – he had to have a child. She had married him for the money, not a damn family, and when they had dated he had agreed with her that he didn’t want children, but that was the first of his many lies.

The clinic had tried several times to do in-vitro fertilization, but her secret use of a combination of RU 486 – the morning after pill, and a drug named Prostaglandin ensured that the pregnancy would never take. She had often wondered if drugs like these were available to her mother, would Karen even exist? She was the only child and felt that her mother thought of her as a burden, and dad was just not there in any way… period. Now, by her own hand, she did have a “child” in a way, her slave was utterly dependent on her for everything. She had a child and her child was now very sick. Karen was totally unprepared for this.

The sickness had come on suddenly. Of course Karen herself had been ill before and she had to care for her husband at times, but it was rarely anything serious. Waiting it out with a few medications to help ease the symptoms had been the standard, with a couple of exceptions being trips to the hospital. There could be no hospital visit now, but Sandra clearly needed one. Karen couldn’t even determine what Sandra was suffering from. The high fever and horrible cough had led her to believe it was pneumonia, but she wasn’t sure as she didn’t think the vomiting was a symptom.

The symptoms persisted and got worse. How could she treat something if she didn’t even know what it was? She had an old bottle of Tetracycline left over from something she couldn’t even remember (a tooth problem?), and Karen began giving Sandra large doses. Sandra was led out of her prison for the first time as Karen took her upstairs, bathed her, fed her, and cared for her, as would any real mother.

She would NOT allow her to die, would not allow this slave to end the dream Karen had created! Karen had positioned Sandra’s cuffs in front of her now and had placed a leg chain between her ankles; Sandra was too weak to escape, she was sure, but as an extra precaution Karen kept the stun gun strapped to her own wrist at all times. Tightly wrapped in a blanket, Karen let Sandra share her bed at night, and held her…as if to let go would let her dream die.

Sometimes Sandra knew exactly where she was, but these times were fewer and fewer. Most of the time she just knew something was terribly wrong, but she didn’t feel good, and she thought it must be the sickness. Her hair fell out, which was alarming! Cancer? She kept being reminded of this as she tried to wipe her forehead, and she had cuffs on, weird … but she didn’t really care. She just wanted to sleep. The nurse was nice… (No she wasn’t!) … and Sandra couldn’t remember where she knew her from. So pretty.

She tried to eat but it always kept coming back up and Sandra felt awful she got sick on the nurse… (Here you go bitch!). She was so sorry, but was thankful the nurse helped her all the time. Sandra Sometimes had terrible thoughts about the nurse, and tried to quickly wipe them away, she must be very sick to think of such appalling things… (Kill her!! Bash her fucking head in!!) . She even once tried to reach for the stun gun dangling from the nurse’s wrist, but didn’t quite have the energy, that was a dreadfully rude thing to do anyways. That was the nurse’s and the nurse needed that. Stupid! Sorry. The best thing she could do right now would be to try to be more helpful and then maybe just…sleep a bit.

Sandra felt good to be all wrapped up at night even though it was quite warm. The woman, (or was it the nurse?), held her all night long, and sometimes she would kiss Sandra telling her to get better. The kisses occasionally were more sensual, and she hated to do this but Sandra had to turn away as she didn’t have the energy to make out with her, Sandra hoped her nurse/lover would understand. She really did appreciate it. Then finally in the mornings her lover would appear like an angel over Sandra and help her up to a hot bath. She would wash her and caress her, and Sandra always tried to thank the angel. She was so beautiful. Angels didn’t have swords or harps anymore; they had stun guns, and that was funny. Sandra smiled at the angel and the angel smiled back.

In Karen’s garden the blooms had fallen. The rose bush had dropped its wondrous black petals and now looked as all the other deflowered bushes looked everywhere, and nothing more. Karen knew that somehow her actions were intrinsically tied to the plant, so what did this mean? Was she not doing enough for Sandra’s recovery? Was she not doing enough for herself? Karen searched in vain for the beginnings of future buds but came up empty; perhaps it had been a wonderful but temporary anomaly. It might now go back to its dormant state, never to bloom again.

No! Damned if she would let this bitch die! Karen had control and Karen had the power. With a new determination she set about trying to find a solution, scouring the web for solutions to Sandra’s health. She would treat the symptoms as opposed to trying to determine the cause. This was the reverse of what she had done so far, but it couldn’t get much worse. Karen ordered new antibiotics and an IV setup as she decided that Sandra badly needed fluids and nutrients.

A week later Karen had managed to bring Sandra’s fever down to a reasonable level. While still not out of the woods, she felt that Sandra would recover, as she was able to hold down more food. This was a tense time for Karen because she didn’t quite know how delirious Sandra was anymore. It was obvious that, before this recovery, Sandra was out of it and had no idea of her own situation – she had even looked at Karen several times with thankful adoration!

But for right now, if Sandra was recovering her wits and strength quicker than she was letting on, it could be dangerous. Nonetheless, Karen still had to nurse her back to health. Karen ran another chain between Sandra’s leg chain and her handcuffs, so while still allowing her movement it might prevent any sudden attempts to strike out if Sandra was stronger than she appeared. No longer could Karen trust Sandra to sleep in the same bed as her, so she pulled a second iron bed into the room and chained Sandra to the frame at night. The first time this happened it earned Karen an angry glance from Sandra…she was getting better.

All this was not at all part of Karen’s plan, the center of all this effort was supposed to be Karen, not Sandra, and while this wasn’t something Sandra brought upon herself, Karen resented her for it nonetheless. Slowly, as Sandra became better and better, Karen began to resume her dominance, and finally, fed up and frustrated, she tied Sandra face down and fully secured to the bed frame, took off her own cotton panties and stuffed them in Sandra’s mouth. She then grabbed some nylons and wrapped them around Sandra’s head, keeping the panties in place. Sandra, while not yet 100%, was aware enough to be alarmed.

Karen pushed two pillows under Sandra’s pelvis to raise up the ass. Karen then lubricated and secured a strap-on dildo and proceeded to rape her anally. The first push was the worst as Sandra’s virgin rosebud was quickly stretched beyond a point it had ever been before, creating an intense pressure that felt unnatural to her and almost made her sick. She thought at first she was going to shit all over but finally realized that it was almost impossible with that monstrous object pushing up the rectum again and again. How could anyone enjoy this? Sandra’s tight asshole was no match for Karen’s dildo as it was assaulted by thrust after thrust, compelling Sandra to scream into the makeshift gag.

Karen thought if Sandra wasn’t fully cognizant of her predicament before this, it certainly was a brutal awakening back to the reality of her situation. Thrusting as much in anger as in passion, Karen slapped her pelvis against Sandra’s ass, relishing in both the sound of the slapping as well as the cries from Sandra. It had been weeks since Karen came and it was time to pay her back in spades.

Karen quickened the pace even further as she felt the familiar rush coming on, now slapping Sandra’s ass with her hands as well as her now drenched groin. She then grabbed Sandra’s hips giving her extra force as Karen rammed home the strap-on, arriving at the edge…and then over…furiously pumping…as she collapsed on top of Sandra’s back, laughing and releasing her pent up juice. Sandra was raggedly sobbing, as she should be. Karen squeezed her slave tightly knowing that the Bloom would be back.

Her Bloom was a state of mind, and she controlled it…as she willed it to blossom.



There were definite benefits to having Sandra upstairs now; one of them was to put her bidet idea into action. Karen loved to get up from the toilet and just walk into the bedroom and make Sandra lick her clean. She just used the commands ‘front’, and Sandra would have to clean her pussy, licking the drops of pee still clinging onto her pubic hairs, or ‘front and back’ for messier duties. This made going to the toilet far from mundane; it became instead a thrilling and erotic event.

At night, as Karen sat in bed reading, she would have Sandra sucking and licking her feet, making sure that she got every little crevice between and under the crooks of the toes clean. This was something Karen would make Sandra do for hours, until Karen’s toes were wrinkled like prunes. Sandra’s tongue was busy constantly: if she wasn’t using it to service Karen in the increasingly numerous ways that Karen thought of, she would use it to drink water from her dog dish. But by far the job most required for Sandra’s tongue was performing cunnilingus. Several times a day Karen would mount Sandra’s face and wildly ride it, alternating between making her lick Karen’s pussy and reaching her tongue deep into Karen’s rectum.

“Deeper!!” Karen would bark as Sandra frantically tried to stretch her tongue as far as it would go, trying to stave off some horrendous punishment that would result in not following the commands.

It was during one of these times when Sandra was licking Karen’s most secret place that Karen began to formulate a perfectly devious plan; resulting in more pleasure for herself, and a delicious torment for Sandra. The thought drove her wild with delight as she rolled it over and over in her mind and she smudged up Sandra’s face more than usual as she convulsed in a powerful orgasm. If Sandra only knew what caused that extra intensity….

After a few days of research and preparation, Karen was finally ready. She led Sandra down to the basement and once at the bottom injected her with a dose of tranquilizer. This was necessary, as Karen knew Sandra would never willingly be led back to the stretching table, no matter what threats Karen vowed. Sandra had to be uncuffed to be secured, and that was too risky of an action to be undertaken without precautions. Taking her time, Karen placed Sandra on the table and secured her wrists and ankles, then stretched her out to a taught – but not painful – position. It was time to prepare for the operation.

Several hours later Sandra awoke to find herself on the dreaded rack. Her head was secured this time with two leather straps allowing for nothing but the slightest movement, why was this? Already shaking with fear, she tried to psychologically prepare herself for the painful moments that lay ahead, but it was no use…how does someone steel themselves for such pain? She was sure people could do it, stories of soldiers resisting horrendous tortures were common, but where did they go mentally? Did they focus on something else, or just find a way to shut their minds down? She wished she knew the answers because she desperately needed them. Waiting seemed as bad as anything else as she laid on the hard wooden table staring up at the ceiling.

It seemed like hours (but was probably just a few minutes) before Sandra heard the heavy basement door opening. She saw the witch coming down the stairs out the corner of her eyes, except it wasn’t exactly a witch, as Karen was dressed in a skimpy artificial nurse uniform. This brought back vague memories of the confused thoughts Sandra had while she was at the height of her sickness last month. However, this had very ominous implications as Karen also carried a medical bag and towels.

Sandra let out a low moan as she watched Karen saunter up to the table, then lightly trace Sandra’s body with her finger as she placed the medical bag near her head. Karen then got up and straddled Sandra, sitting on her chest, and quietly spoke: “I’m afraid this is going to be painful for you Sandra, but trust me, if you do not cooperate fully, I will make things far worse. You’ll understand, my dear, if you just use your imagination.” Karen began unpacking her bag and began to remove items that alarmed and horrified Sandra …first the gauze bandages…then the dental gag…then pliers and scalpel!?! Putting on rubber gloves like a trained professional, Karen noticed that she was already dripping wet, and began to grind on Sandra’s belly.

“Please Karen, please, I’ll do anything you ask.” Sandra’s voice frailly shook.

Karen thought having Sandra call her mistress or goddess, or anything of the type was silly. She thought it was much more erotic to have her call her Karen, it made it seem as they could be equals or even friends – a friend that does unspeakable things to the other. Likewise Karen would never call Sandra ‘slave’… it was so fake. Of course Sandra was her slave! Sandra was the slave, and Karen was the keeper, no need to attach formal labels to this. That was for the play actors in the BDSM scene, the ridiculous people dressed in leather. This was real life, however the irony that she was now dressed in a fake nurse uniform was not lost on Karen.

“I know you will honey, and I do appreciate that. But this won’t alter your looks any; this will actually give you better abilities. It will be like an upgrade.”

Karen then took the dental gag and began securing it to Sandra’s head. This forced Sandra’s mouth to stay wide-open giving Karen complete access to do what she wished. Sandra began to moan through the discomfort of the gag stretching her mouth like that, but then her eyes popped wide open and she began to shriek as she saw Karen pick up the scalpel and pliers.

She tried thrashing about but the straps on her head held her rigid, and Karen leaned over very close to her face and softly, intimately said “Now settle down. Remember what I said – it can be a lot worse than it has to be if you don’t cooperate.”

Sandra, trembling with fear and dread, started to manage her hyperventilating and to gain control of herself.

“Much better, Sandra. I’m proud of you!” Karen said, grabbing Sandra’s tongue with the pliers and pulling upwards to the roof of Sandra’s mouth.

Sandra moaned strenuously and tensed all over at the pain, tears running down as Karen began to softly rock back and forth on Sandra’s chest as she brought the scalpel under Sandra’s tongue. Now stretched and clearly visible was Sandra’s sublingual frenulum – the web-like piece of skin securing the tongue to the bottom of the mouth.

This bit of skin prevented the tongue from sliding further out of the mouth, and Karen was going to perform a tongue frenectomy, enabling Sandra’s tongue slide further out, and in essence to ‘lengthen’. A quick slice was all it took, severing the frenulum and causing Sandra to scream more in shock than in pain.

“Quiet!!” Karen barked as she carved the bottom portion of the web, dislodging it completely.

Karen then began packing in gauze bandages to soak up the blood, muffling Sandra’s cries.

“All done Sandra, that wasn’t so bad was it?”

Letting loose a stream of juice on Sandra’s quivering chest, Karen bent down and passionately kissed and licked Sandra’s face. Karen licked up the tears as well, savoring the salty results of her handiwork. If there was a heaven on earth it was here for Karen, while Sandra wallowed in her private hell.

The taste of blood was with Sandra for several days, as Karen had to constantly change the gauze she packed into Sandra’s mouth. Karen had given Sandra glasses of water with a straw instead of her usual dog dish, as it was impossible for Sandra to use her tongue in any normal way while it was healing. While the initial ‘surgery’ wasn’t that painful, the resulting aftermath had been almost unbearable. Any movement of her tongue caused sharp pains in Sandra’s mouth, and she ended up simply clenching her jaw tightly shut to prevent any accidental movement.

The gauze in her mouth helped, but it was terribly painful when Karen replaced it with a fresh batch. Karen mercifully loaded some of the later packs with over-the-counter medication for toothaches causing Sandra’s whole mouth to go numb, and to drool all over herself.

As Sandra recovered, Karen had to soothe herself by watching Sandra on her monitors and using her favorite glass dildo. It was SO invigorating to think of remolding her victim, permanently making her into something different than she was. Even if she somehow escaped, she would always carry an everlasting reminder of the changes Karen had made to her. The thought of that, and the sight of Sandra suffering through her recovery brought Karen to many orgasms. However, once again, that particular thrill started to fade… Karen needed to think of some other way to torment her victim to feel the jarring electricity of arousal she had become addicted to.

The thing was, she really didn’t want to risk doing anything physical to Sandra right now… but if she could show Sandra something shocking, wouldn’t that be even better? Karen recalled a news report she saw about Sandra few days ago, and had a brilliant idea.

Six days later Karen was rushing around downstairs, running cable, setting up a TV and audio. Tonight was the big night! Sandra had a sinking feeling…anytime Karen was excited meant depraved things were in store for her, and judging by the amount of enthusiasm Karen was displaying, today was bound to be especially dreadful. Karen placed the TV close to Sandra, but still out of reach. On the screen was a view of Karen’s living room, specifically her huge oversized couch. This couch looked more like a bed, and Sandra briefly pondered how it could even be used as normal couches were.

As Karen turned the sound up on the external speakers, Sandra could hear a small radio that was just visible in the corner of the screen. The sound came through loud and clear – Karen was testing the volume of the camera’s microphone and it was obvious that she wanted Sandra to see and hear something…something that Karen was taking particular enjoyment in presenting. Karen hummed a far off tune as she placed extra gauze in Sandra’s mouth and secured it with tape, wrapping it around Sandra’s head several times. Sandra was cuffed behind her back once again, and this prevented any attempt at removing her gag.

“There! I have to run along now Sandra, you be a good girl and watch the show!”

Karen winked at Sandra and giggled to herself as she bounded up the stairs. Whatever she had planned was going to begin shortly.

About five hours had passed before Sandra saw anything on the TV. At first she just saw shadows and light changes, and the sound of muffled voices. Someone else was upstairs with Karen! If she could somehow let that person know she was down here! Wait, maybe that person was in league with her? Maybe she brought someone over to torture Sandra with her. Impossible…no one was as depraved as Karen…of that she was certain. The voice was that of a man, possibly one she had heard before? The shadows moved into the room, then something blocked the view totally, a blurry close-up of a striped shirt was all that was visible for a few minutes.

That voice.

They were talking about Sandra…they were talking about her! How he missed her, but it was how he said the name… SANDRA… how she heard it said like that a thousand times before… how she loved the way he said it… her love … her fiancé …Tom! Oh my god Karen has Tom upstairs!! Oh god! If he could only hear her!! Scream!! All that was produced was a weak muffled cry, which escaped her gag and was immediately sucked up within the heavily soundproofed walls. Tom moved and sat down next to Karen on the couch, and Sandra saw his face for the first time in months and cried. Tom was crying too… Karen… was there to console him.

Then Tom leaned forward and Sandra saw the bitch fully, with her fucking HAIR on!! Karen started screaming hysterically, but all that came out was more pitifully muted sounds. Sandra felt dread quickly flood out the anger as she saw Karen offer a quick sly smile to the camera before going back to the performance of mock sympathy that was steadily drawing Tom in closer and closer to her.

Was she going to capture him too? The thought terrified her…but a part of her would relish the company, to see his face, to let him know what she had been through. No, the cunt just wanted to drive her prisoner insane watching Karen seduce him, and Sandra was compelled to stare and listen. All the previous pain was nothing compared to this, nothing physical could ever equal the anguish of this torment.

Karen moved in closer as her arm was draped around Tom’s shoulder, it had been so easy! She had seen an interview with him days before as he talked about his upcoming marriage plans with Sandra, and the devastation that her disappearance had caused…the devastation Karen had caused! She found that he worked at a local art store and went in to buy supplies after waiting for the existing customers to leave. Karen wore the wig of Sandra’s hair, along with some perfume she had found in Sandra’s purse. He didn’t see her come in as he was in the back, and Karen purposely stood facing away from where he was, pretending to look at supplies, could see was her hair.

Tom’s heart stopped as he saw Sandra standing with her back quickly dropped the box he was carrying and rushed over to see her…


Could it be?!! But when she turned it wasn’t a stunning, slightly more mature woman with deep green eyes. This was a true lady, not a girl. He apologized, he thought she was someone else, Tom looked badly shaken. The perfume…Karen could tell he recognized it.

Yes, she was looking for some spray lacquer for some printouts…what type was the best? Hadn’t she seen him somewhere before? Oh my gosh, the missing girl! Fiancé… oh god, I’m so sorry! She made Tom cry as she let him tell her the whole story.

Oh you poor boy… she pulled him close to her breast as he sobbed…and his demeanor changed ever so slightly…he was very aware of how close he was to her breast. The smell of her perfume, it was just like Sandra’s…and her hair , if he didn’t know better… Funny how things weren’t quite as sad now. She held him for a long time, so long that it became awkward, the moment had passed from being sympathy to now being sensual, and it was equally as awkward to separate. If he ever wanted to talk, or needed anything here was her number…

The phone rang that night. She would take him out to dinner, she insisted. A few drinks in him and she poured on her sexuality, so easy, so vulnerable. He was like a puppet in her hands and she performed like a master. She had to go meet some friends but maybe he would like to come to her house…Friday? It is a little out of the way but she could promise a nice time.

So here she was, performing her little puppet show for Sandra. Tom, the fiancé /marionette dancing in Karen’s hands, as she stages her tragic comedy. He was kissing her now, and she kissed back with a simulated passion worthy of an award. Karen’s elegant red starlet dress slipped easily off revealing her black lace lingerie, fishnet stockings and renaissance garter belt. She laid back on the sofa and tugged him by his belt, unbuckling it as she pulled him closer. He responded in turn by stripping off his shirt, as Karen pulled his pants down displaying the extent of his hardness for the first time. She then grabbed his cock, kneading it like she would dough, but stopping short of getting him off too soon.

Karen pulled her panties off and placed his hand on her bush, spreading her legs in an invitation to enter. As he moved in to mount her, Karen instead pushed his head down hard towards her pussy, and forced his mouth upon her. At first he resisted, but as she wrapped her legs around his head she held him firm, and he gave in. She then turned towards the camera, winked, and licked her lips. Karen was incredibly wet, not so much because of Tom eating her out, but because of the thought of what this was doing to Sandra. She stared at the camera as she gasped for breath, the warm flush expanding upwards, then exploding as she envisioned Sandra’s tear-stained face within the cameras lens.

Karen then eased Tom onto his back, making his member proudly stick up straight for the benefit of the audience of one, and she briefly toyed with it, licking and stroking it with her mouth. She was now sitting reverse on top of Tom’s chest, her front to the camera, never taking her eyes off the virtual Sandra. Tom moaned as Karen positioned her hairy pussy just on the tip of Tom’s cock and held it there for a moment.

She then rubbed back and forth on the very tip of his cock, listening to his now frustrated breaths… the friction plus the anticipation was driving him wild.

“Tom, you want to fuck me, not Sandra, right?” Karen asked waiting for the correct answer before proceeding.

“Yes! Yes! I want to fuck you, only you!”

Karen dramatically cocked her head at the camera after hearing the acceptable reply, and rewarded him by ever so slowly easing his cock inside her hot wet hole, little by little sliding the whole length into her.

She mouthed “Feels so good!” for Sandra’s benefit, winked again at the camera, then began slowly pumping up and down.

“I want you to forget Sandra for now Tom.”

Karen used the words artfully and at the correct moment to hold off his impending ejaculation. She pumped stronger now and used more force as she slammed her ass down again and again on his groin.

“You have to move on… (pump…pump)… move on to me Tom.”

The words were startling but rang true; he watched her glorious ass pounding repeatedly and knew if anyone could make him forget Sandra it was this vixen… he couldn’t hold back any longer… the resulting eruption made him cry out in pleasure as she sat down hard on his cock, wiggling her hips side to side in an effort to extract everything he had.

Karen rolled over onto her back; her head draped upside down over the edge of the couch still staring at the camera, and started laughing.

“That was wonderful!”

She said while caressing Tom’s shoulders with her feet… but she wasn’t speaking to Tom… Karen was speaking to the devastated creature who lay sobbing at the bottom of her cellar.



A reward of several new black rose buds awaited Karen in her garden.

She reasoned she must have done especially well in this last bit of adventures to be awarded such a prize. Karen could feel it as well, an overwhelming sense of self-confidence, a stronger sexuality within her that grew as she pulled Sandra down deeper and deeper. Sandra no longer begged and pleaded, as she knew it did no good – she simply obeyed Karen’s commands in silence. Like a sexual vampire sucking the beauty and energy from her victim, Karen felt a renewed vitality which drove her further and further. To what end? She didn’t know, or care…Karen only knew she had to keep going. As she altered Sandra into something less desirable, Karen became more sensual, more striking. She had Sandra’s hair, her boyfriend, her freedom, now it was time to take away her body.

But Tom had become an irritant, while at first it was exciting fucking him and making Sandra watch, this was becoming less exciting to Karen. She felt nothing for him, not even pity. Tom had become more inquisitive and nosy, and he blamed it on wanting to get closer to Karen. The foolish boy had no idea on why he was really there, or how dangerous Karen really was. How long before he tried the door to the basement? She would have to kill him if he found out. Karen could be linked to Tom, and while this torment was delicious, it was also risky. She had gotten Tom to admit to her, and the hidden camera, all the things he disliked about Sandra, and how reluctant he really was to get married. This was enough. His usefulness was through.

At the end Karen had to fake her orgasm while having sex with Tom, and waited until she watched a video of Sandra’s reactions to cum. A computer hooked up to the monitor system captured ‘The Best of Sandra’, allowing Karen to keep highlights of the torments… however the recording of the first time Sandra saw Tom on the monitor was the best.

Karen masturbated again and again to that scene, the look of devastation in Sandra’s eyes, the shock…what could be more stimulating?

Karen had put the highlights on a DVD that she would keep forever, long after Sandra was gone. Sometimes after torturing Sandra, Karen would review the video and find out that in her passion she had blocked the camera’s view of Sandra…making necessary a ‘second take’. This second ordeal would always be much more brutal than the first, as if punishing Sandra for the fault.

Karen had prepped herself in a black off-shoulder camigarter, thong, and fishnet stockings. She also carried with her a small but very heavy cloth bag and a bottle of alcohol. The bald skinny slave rushed to kiss her feet as Karen entered the basement, this was now a conditional reflex – a learned action that the cattle prod had taught Sandra. While not requiring certain codes of behavior such as Master/slave titles, Karen did find this protocol exciting, along with having Sandra kneel and bow her head. Karen ‘allowed’ Sandra to have some extra time kissing her newly manicured toes.

It still irritated Karen that Sandra wasn’t talented enough to do Karen’s nails right, she demanded perfection, and Sandra was clumsy. Several times Sandra had tried, and once spilled polish all over Karen’s feet. Karen had made her clean it up then gave Sandra a whipping that was almost beyond belief. Sandra still bore the marks from that incident, and Karen decided she had just better suck up and let a professional do it. She realized that she was really becoming a bitch lately.

Sandra’s body was laden with bruises and marks, her hair was gone and dozens of safety pins adorned her, however this would all heal. Her tongue was cut but that just gave Sandra more usefulness while licking Karen…no, this was not enough. Karen needed permanent changes – drastic changes.

She researched all she could about body modifications, especially extremes practiced by tribes in Africa. Sandra’s body would become Karen’s sculpture, molding through time and tension into a mockery of the female figure. Karen was amazed at the limits skin could be stretched to over time, and she imagined all kinds of possibilities for Sandra, it just required patience.

“The good news Sandra, is that I’m going to take some of those safety pins out.”

Karen spoke as she forced Sandra to lay on her back. Straddling Sandra, Karen began removing the safety pins from the nipples, this made Sandra to grimace in pain as they were still extremely sensitive. Cotton balls dipped in the alcohol caused Sandra to yelp as Karen rubbed the stinging liquid over the piercings.

“The bad news is that I’m replacing them with something that will be much more uncomfortable.”

Karen reached into the bag and pulled out two large brass rings. The rings had a hinge on them that allowed them to open, revealing a pointed end that slipped into the other end when closed, this made the rings much more ominous. Sandra’s eyes widened when she caught sight of this, and she intuitively began struggling to throw Karen off her. While Sandra’s mind knew she shouldn’t be doing this, but her reflexes would not stop as she thrashed and whimpered.

“Stop it!” Karen yelled and slugged Sandra hard in the face. “You know I will make this much worse if you keep this up bitch!”

Sandra was dazed from the punch and while her mind swam through the pain and tried to collect it’s wits, she felt Karen grab her nipple and pull hard. The pointed end of the ring met resistance at first, and Karen had to twist back and forth to work the end through the tiny hole left by the safety pin. Blood began to ooze from the nipple as Karen kept skewering, and Sandra began to cry in pain as the feelings from the nipple overtook the pain from the punch.

Finally the full circumference of the metal was through the hole and allowed Karen to snap the ring closed. She then worked the ring further through so the hinge side of the ring was almost up to the nipple. Sandra screamed as Karen then poured alcohol over the her handiwork.

“That’s one!”

Karen gleefully chirped as she rubbed her soaking pussy on Sandra’s stomach.

Karen stood up and removed her wet panties, freeing her bush for more intimate contact. She sat back down and bunched up the panties in a ball and stuffed them in Sandra’s mouth.

“I can’t have you yelling like a banshee while I’m trying to work here.”

Karen began working on the other nipple, duplicating her efforts like it was some task she had done a thousand times, however this time she exploded when she poured on the alcohol, drenching Sandra’s stomach with her juice as they both screamed in unison.

Gauze bandages were taped to Sandra’s nipples to soak up the blood. Karen then turned her attentions to Sandra’s pussy. Reversing her position, Karen placed her pussy over Sandra’s face and laid down on top of her so that they were in a sixty-nine position. This put pressure from Karen’s stomach onto Sandra’s stinging nipples causing further distress. Karen was able in this position to get an extreme close-up view or her work, and produced another larger ring and a small chain about a foot long.

The ring was of the same type she had used on Sandra’s nipples and Karen opened it up to spear the labia. A fresh pain hit Sandra as she squirmed underneath her tormentor, but this just caused more juice to flow out of Karen’s pussy and onto Sandra’s face. There was nothing to do but try to accept the pain and pray it was over soon, yet Sandra could not help but scream into the panties crammed into her mouth.

The ring finally was fit through the hole in Sandra’s labia and clamped shut. Karen then attached the chain to the ring, relishing in the torment this was causing her slave. This same process was done all over again for the other labia lip, so now Sandra had two rings with two chains that dangled from her pussy.

Reaching into the bag, Karen brought out two small but heavy brass bells. The bells were about three inches tall and clipped onto the chains, and Sandra could only hear the ringing as Karen attached them. Sandra was confused by the sound…what could she be doing now?

“There!” Karen proclaimed with great pride, and she gave the ring a quick tug listening to the squeal that produced.

There was not nearly as much blood from the labia rings as the nipples, Karen was able to stop the flow with a few dabs of cotton, yet she taped gauze around them anyways knowing that when Sandra stood up it would stretch the piercings to their limit.

“Ok! Let’s see you now. Stand up!”

Karen motioned Sandra to get up like she was motioning a model to begin her show. Sandra slowly moved her body into an upright sitting position. “Come on! I don’t have all fucking day!” Karen yelled as Sandra began to stand, feeling the full weight of the bells pulling on her pussy as they lifted off the ground. It seemed to Sandra that the rings were going to either tear through her lips or rip her labia right out. Then there was the obscene ringing as the bells swung to and fro, and Karen laughed and clapped at the sight. One chain was longer, preventing the bells from hitting each other but any movement at all caused them to obsessively ring.

The tears were streaming down Sandra’s face as she watched Karen strut over and pick up a black phallus with a hose and rubber ball sticking out of it. Karen then inserted this into Sandra’s sore pussy and began to pump it by squeezing the ball… it was an inflatable dildo. Sandra felt like she was going to rip open as Karen pumped the dildo to the limit.

“You will keep this inside you for now on. It would be difficult and you may be able to pee with this inside, but I forbid it, if you need to pee you will have to ring your little bells to get my attention. If I hear you I will take this out so you can pee, understand?”

Karen waited for a response but all she got was Sandra’s sobbing. SMACK! …Karen slapped Sandra hard across her face…


Sandra nodded her head up and down and her legs were quivering, she could barely stand because of the pain.

“Oh! One more thing…”

Karen reached into her bag again. This time she pulled out two clips, and attached them to the rings on Sandra’s nipples. On each clip she placed several magnets, which added painful weight to her already throbbing mammories. This started more blood to flow, but was absorbed into the gauze bandages.

Karen stepped back and took in the full view of her tortured slave. She stood and eyed Sandra for a full minute, drinking in the humiliation and pain. Karen turned and started walking towards the stairway but stopped. She was eyeing a missing poster of Sandra that she had placed on the wall a few days ago. The fresh smiling face on the poster hardly resembled the quivering waif behind her with the ringing bells. Sandra collapsed crying out in pain and spitting out the panties from her mouth.

Karen turned one more time looking back at Sandra. “Remember to ring your little bells if you need to pee. Goodnight!” Walking upstairs Karen was already contemplating the fine video she would get from this session. Yes, it was going to be a DVD that would get a lot of use.

Keeping the audio on low, Karen heard the gentle jingling of the bells all day long, it reminded her of a faint wind chime. At one point in the day the bells began ringing in a more persistent manner, Karen rushed to the monitor to view the spectacle… Sandra was slightly squatting down and swinging her hips back and forth, a grimace of pain on her face. This delighted Karen to no end, and she stood and watched as Sandra became more frantic and desperate to get Karen’s attention.

Karen knew that Sandra would wait until the very last moment to try to ring the bells, and who could blame her…it was humiliating and one never knew what torments Karen would bring when she came to “help”. Finally Karen had enough laughs at Sandra’s expense and headed down to relieve her. She decided to simply strip down naked for this instead of putting on another outfit, after all this was an emergency.

“You have to go pee-pee?” Karen asked mockingly as she reached for the valve holding the air inside the dildo. “I’m going to let the air out, but you had better hold it in until you walk over to the drain, I don’t want all your stinking piss on my floor.” Sandra felt like the piss was literally being pulled out of her as the dildo was deflated, she tried desperately to run and make it to the drain but was unable to hold it in. Squealing like a frightened child, she let loose a stream as she ran, and noticed that Karen had already picked up a bull whip and was moving towards her. The rest of the flow splashed off her bells and went down the drain.

“Please, Please Karen, I’ll clean it all up I promise!” Sandra pleaded.

“I know you will, now get on your knees and start cleaning!” Karen barked as she raised the whip.

Sandra knew that there wasn’t going to be any rags to clean this with, she was going to be expected to use her tongue. Gingerly Sandra began to lick up her pee, but apparently it wasn’t fast enough for Karen as the bull whip stuck Sandra in the ass. Sandra yelped as she picked up the pace, slurping up the liquid like a woman dying of thirst.

As Sandra finished her awful task, Karen walked over standing above her, and squatted down to place her dripping pussy just above Sandra’s mouth.

“You piss on my floor and I piss in your mouth, that’s the way it works. Open.”

Karen let loose a heavy stream of pee into Sandra’s mouth causing the girl to gag.

“You WILL swallow all of it!”

Karen spat as Sandra tried to keep up with the flood. It was obvious that Karen had been holding it in for a long time as the flow seemed endless to Sandra, she tried to suppress her gag reflex and not think about what she was actually doing. Finally the stream subsided and Karen placed her dripping pussy directly on Sandra’s mouth. ”

You know what to do now.”

Karen gently spoke as she felt Sandra’s extra long tongue reach far up into her vagina – farther than it had ever been before. Her mind swam with images of all the events of the last day, bringing her to a fantastic climax and letting loose fluid over Sandra’s face…cum or pee, or a mixture of both, it was hard for Karen to tell…but it didn’t really matter. All that mattered now was this moment. And the moment was delicious.


It was one of those days. Every once in a while Sandra would get hysterical. She couldn’t control it, it would just come, usually when she awoke during the night. On occasion the reality and hopelessness of the situation got the best of her and Sandra couldn’t stop crying. Sometimes this would last most of the day, wearing her out even more than usual. She looked down at her nipples that were now stretched hideously from the weight, hanging down and elongating day by day.

The weight was taking a toll on her breasts as a whole also – they were getting so stretched and deformed that they were now looking like deflated balloons. And to think that before this nightmare had begun, they had been her pride and joy! They had been shapely and firm and seldom failed to catch men’s eyes. Now look at them – horridly stretched with those saggy loops that had once been perky nipples at the end. Could these ever be repaired? Her labia was stretched too, the lips were now at least six inches long! How would she ever turn a man on again… If she ever got out of this horror?

Sandra didn’t have any idea how long the weights and bells had been on…two months? Six months? She had no idea of time anymore. Was Karen giving her some kind of drug or was Sandra just slowly going insane? It was amazing how your mind could race while you cried.

Sandra began to pretend that Karen’s sarcastic compliments were real, she pretended that Karen did care for her, and that this was for the best. Sometimes she could even believe it, and for a while the day would be tolerable… but then the damn reality would hit her. Her life before this would show itself in the mirror, only to be replaced with the reflection of the ugly thing… the bald, skinny, deformed waif that cried constantly.
Oh, how she hated Karen when she had the strength to consider her fate honestly.

This twisted and perverted woman was taking SUCH pleasure in ruining Sandra for life. Karen had become bigger than life to Sandra – no longer human, but some demon that could portray itself as an angel when it wanted. Maybe Karen’s goal was to ruin Sandra’s body and spirit, and then would let her go – she would finally be free! No… again, when Sandra had the strength to be honest with herself, she knew that this was a pipe dream. Sometimes hope was the enemy.

Things were much better for Karen. She was changing, no, transforming Sandra, not only on the outside, but Karen could tell Sandra’s mind was changing too. Sure it was a bit of the Stockholm Syndrome, but it was also something else. Sandra was beginning to accept things. But Karen was always suspicious, never letting her guard down. Anyways, total compliance wouldn’t be any fun.

Today was a very special day indeed! Karen had baked a cake for the occasion and put on a black camigarter and thong with red hearts stitched in. She slipped on her red pumps and grabbed the cake and a candle, and headed downstairs. Humming to herself as she placed the cake on the stretching table, Karen stuck the candle in the cake and lit it.

“Do you know what day it is Sandra?” Karen asked with obvious excitement.

Sandra didn’t know but assumed it was Karen’s birthday or some other special occasion of Karen’s.

“Oh come on you silly ninny! Guess!” Karen mocked.

A faint ‘Birthday’ was Sandra’s reply as she stared at the ground. God, it made her sick that Karen would dress so scantily when she was happy, and she had begun to get aroused by Karen when dressed like this… nauseating!

“No dummy! It’s our anniversary!” Karen clapped her hands together. “We met one year ago today! Happy anniversary!”

Sandra tried to show no emotion as she continued to stare at the ground, but tears began to well up in her eyes. Oh my god…a whole year. Karen gave Sandra a big kiss shoving her tongue deep into Sandra’s mouth. She pulled on the loops that Sandra’s nipples had become, forcing Sandra, gasping, closer to her.

“We’re going to watch some videos together!” Karen whispered into Sandra’s ear.

Karen un-cuffed Sandra and bent her over the table, locking her wrists in an uncomfortable position far up towards the middle. Sandra could hear what sounded like belt buckles jingling behind her and cringed waiting for a belt to strike her ass. Still waiting, the television popped to life in front of her. The image was a shaky handheld street shot from inside a vehicle. It was outside the English building where Sandra used to go to class…and out the door came Sandra. Karen’s voice on the tape simply said

“There she is.”

Sandra felt the oversized strap-on burst into her anus like a knife. It ripped and tore as Karen forcefully thrust it again and again into Sandra’s quivering ass. Sandra screamed as the video cut to an interior shot of herself lying in the basement waking up for the first time. She continued to watch the video in an effort to keep her mind off the awful pain that was like fire.

Karen was thrusting faster now, as excitement surged up within her. She herself was having a hard time standing as the fury with which she pounded her pelvis into Sandra was causing her to lose her footing. It was tough because without direct clitoral stimulation, using a strap-on required an immense amount of work to achieve a decent orgasm. She had to pound and pound that dildo into Sandra’s ass with increasing fervor.

Finally, thinking about what had become of that irritatingly pretty girl in the video, the familiar flood began to rise… and the pounding… became a pounding in her heart and ears… she was on auto-pilot now… and the dam burst releasing the delicious waters, causing her to moan loudly covering up the sounds of the sobbing in front of her.

Karen withdrew and unbuckled the now bloody strap-on. Wobbly legs carried Karen upstairs as she left to pour herself a celebratory drink and relax. The dreadful video was still playing as Sandra remained the captive audience. Although she looked away from the video, she could not keep out the screams emanating from the television. That appalling day one year ago continued to play out its horrors in front of Sandra.

Karen relaxed with a glass of her favorite Burgundy. She scoured the newspaper for some article about the disappearance of Sandra, surely there must be something on the anniversary. Karen kept all the clippings she could find in a scrapbook… it was another trophy that brought her pleasure. She was beginning to become angry at the lack of coverage when she saw it…an interview. An interview with Sandra’s family talking about the devastation in their lives and the loss and the unanswered questions.

There was a photograph of the family sitting on a couch, probably a Christmas photo, Sandra’s mother and father, her brother, Sandra, and…her sister. At first Karen though the sister was Sandra, but then it was apparent she was a bit younger. Karen traced the outline of the sister with her nail, searching the article for a name.


Beautiful Sheila.

What fun they all could have! The Keller girls and her! The wheels were spinning furiously, could she take the chance? Maybe she was pushing her luck. Karen strolled out to her garden thinking and pondering…and there, like the Oracle, was her answer. It was willed to be. The magic bush had exploded with a throng of new black heads, all stretching towards Karen as if she was the sun that gave them life. Karen could almost see them growing at her, in a strained effort to touch her. She fed them the touch they needed, crying and caressing them like little pets. If they could make a sound they would be purring, Karen was certain. Yes. Sheila would be Karen’s gift to Sandra…an awful/wonderful gift… a gift that kept on giving. An anniversary present!

It had been several days since the anniversary, and Karen had begun to act strangely. She was distracted Sandra was sure, but also excited. This was of grave concern to Sandra as any deviation in Karen’s mood was likely a bad omen of things to come (this learned from brutal experience). If this held true, something major was in the works. Sandra dared not think too much about it, but she found it hard to ignore her internal alarms. Then Karen started disappearing for long stretches of time and seemed to not be interested in tormenting Sandra. Sometimes Karen would not even cum when Sandra was forced to lick her, the distraction too great. Karen would then simply leave. It was disturbing.

One day Karen didn’t show at all. Sandra knew it was a day, because she was able to keep rudimentary time. Using sounds she was able to tell what time of day it was. The water softener ran its cycle at around 7am Sandra believed. Another noise in the pipes signaled sometime in the evening… around 9 or 10pm. Sandra didn’t know what the noise was, only that it was like clockwork. So Karen was gone. What if she was in an accident? Sandra could be down here for days without water. However much she hated Karen, Sandra’s life depended on her. Like it or not Karen was Sandra’s caregiver.

Eventually loud thumping noises upstairs woke Sandra from a dream. What nightmare had Karen brought home with her? Maybe it was a coffin? Maybe Karen was going to go all the way with her fantasy and arrive at the inevitable end…killing Sandra. The basement door opened and Sandra saw Karen’s legs. She was dragging something down the stairs…it looked like something in a sleeping bag…it looked like a body. If it was a body Karen was being awful careful with it, and why drag a body down here, why not just bury it? Karen dragged the body over to the other side of the basement, reached down and attached a chain to the leg. The person was alive! Sandra’s heart was racing. Misery loves company, but she wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone. Oh god! What if it was Tom? But that wasn’t a man’s leg. Karen left without so much as a glance at Sandra.

Hours passed. Sandra had been staring with awe at the unconscious form at the other end of the basement. She watched the almost imperceptible movements of the breathing…her own heart racing. Who was that poor soul? Was this her replacement? Maybe the police would have some leads with another abduction…maybe Karen slipped up! It was exciting but depressing at the same time. At least there would be a change. Sandra could actually talk to someone! Sandra finally came to the realization that she was more pleased about this new development than disturbed. Perhaps Karen would focus her sadistic tortures on this new victim instead of herself.

Sandra’s mind was racing as heard Karen descend the stairs.

Karen was naked and was smiling at Sandra like the Cheshire Cat. She walked up to Sandra and began to stroke her face. Sandra could already smell Karen’s sex, as she was obviously fully aroused.

“You’ve been keeping secrets.” Karen purred.

Sandra was now shaking, she knew the hammer was about to hit. Karen laughed and began to walk towards the unconscious body.

“You didn’t tell me you had such a pretty sister!”



No! NO!!!! It can’t be!

Whatever was left of Sandra’s life began to crumble away. She began to whine like a beaten puppy. She sank to her knees as Karen bent down on hers and began to unwrap the girl. “So pretty!” Karen stroked the girls face. Sandra couldn’t see the girl clear but knew…it was Sheila. Her little sister Sheila. She would be raped, tortured and broken, becoming another toy for Karen’s pleasure.

“NO!!!!” Sandra screamed. “You filthy bitch!! You piece of shit, get your fucking hands off my sister!!” She was sobbing now. “Kill me! Do anything but please don’t do this to her!”

Sandra cried louder than she ever had before, she was becoming hysterical. Karen was drinking this in as she lowered her cunt onto Sheila’s face and began rubbing. Faster and faster Karen rubbed and then stopped. She then let out a stream of piss onto the unconscious girl’s face and mouth. Karen then smiled at Sandra.

“Just marking my belongings!”


There was total confusion and she couldn’t breathe. Her body reacted in reflex, coughing the warm salty liquid out. Was she drowning? She heard yelling…someone was arguing. It was not time for her body to wake up yet though.

More sleep.

An hour passed, Sheila stirred and began to come around. What had happened? She remembered getting up this morning, breakfast and the store. Yes she was shopping. Then that woman. But it was dark now, where was she? Wait…go back. That woman. She said something important. She said something about Sandra! Yes, she said that Sandra was still alive and knew something about where she was, and the woman was scared. The woman was taking a risk telling her this, and they must hurry. What if it was true? Why would she be lying? Maybe she lived with the man who took Sandra, and maybe this woman was a victim too? The woman was trying to help.

No, they couldn’t go to the police…they had to hurry! He would be back soon. The woman spoke in a quick whisper. Please, she begged, act natural…she had a black Lexis parked around the corner…get in the passenger side and wait…they can’t be seen together. She would come out in a couple minutes. Don’t let anyone see you get in the car. Could she believe this?

Sheila did this, and trusted in the woman. She could take her if she tried anything, Sheila was an athletic woman, and besides…she had her gun. It was a Raven 25, a very small and light pocket gun. She had carried it since she purchased it two months after Sandra’s disappearance. The same thing was NOT going to happen to her. She could not legally carry it, but that hadn’t stopped her, she made a false bottom in her purse that would prevent the gun from being spotted in any quick search. So Sheila got in the passenger side of the Lexis and waited.

Could Sandra really be alive? Sheila had known she was, Elizabeth Smart had proven that you never give up hope. Maybe the woman was just crazy, or perhaps this was some sick joke. Sheila saw the woman exit the store in the side mirror. The woman was attractive and was well dressed…she sure didn’t seem crazy. The woman got in and quickly pulled the car out.

“Did anyone see you?” the woman nervously asked.

“No, I’m certain,” replied Sheila.

“Lay your seat down, I don’t want him to see anyone else in the car,” the woman spoke as she dug for something in her purse. Sheila looked and found the lever and laid the seat down.

“Now what is this about? What do you know about my sister?” Sheila was becoming agitated. The woman reached over towards her. “I’ll show you!” Sheila only heard the zap of the stun gun.

That horrible taste in her mouth…was that piss?? Oh God! Sheila started spitting in order to rid her mouth of what was left of the taste. There was urine all over her clothes.


A voice came from the darkness and startled her…but the voice was gentle and familiar.

“Sheila, it’s me Sandra!”

Sheila was too startled at first to answer.

“Sheila, it’s Sandra! Can you hear me?”

Could it still be some kind of trick? Sheila whispered…

“Sandra? Oh my god!”

The disembodied voice in the darkness began to quiver, “Sheila, I love you!”

Sheila attempted to rise to her feet but was still too dizzy to keep her balance.

“Sandra, are you OK?

“Everyone thought you were dead! I knew you were alive! I knew you wouldn’t leave me!”

Sheila’s own voice began to break up,

“Please Sandra, are you ok?”

There was a chain around Sheila’s ankle. She was a prisoner. But her sister was alive. The mixture of emotions was confusing, plus she was still drugged.

“I’m… OK… I’m alive” replied Sandra, “I’m so sorry you’re here.”

Sheila had a thousand questions for her sister.

“Please Tell me what happened.”

Sandra began to recite her sordid tale to her sister, skipping some of the more brutal aspects, no need to frighten her yet. Besides, she had a thousand questions of her own for Sheila. After learning the horrible truth of her sisters situation, and her own, Sheila began to fill Sandra in on all the events since her disappearance. The searching, the agony, the questions, the slowing ebb of interest.

There were no leads, but Sheila had never given up. She began to live her life as Sandra had. She became who her big sister was. Sheila went to the same school, took the same classes, developed the same friendships. She would keep Sandra’s place until her big sister could return. It got to the point that her parents confronted her, but Sheila wouldn’t be dismayed… and in a certain way it was kind of a false comfort to them. Sheila retraced Sandra’s final known steps a thousand times, as if doing it enough would reach into Sandra’s mind. The doubters were proven wrong. Here was the proof; here she was locked up in the same basement as Sandra.

In this moment however, even chained in a cellar with an uncertain fate, Sheila would want to be nowhere else. She was with her sister again. In this moment, that was all that mattered. Sheila was beginning to make out the outline of Sandra as her eyes began to adjust to the darkness, but how she longed to see her sister’s face again. She felt around and paced the circumference of her freedom, and she stumbled on something soft…her purse. Could it be? She dropped to her knees and went for the prized object hidden in the false bottom. Gone.

The lights exploded to life like a million suns. Sheila cried out in shock and shielded her eyes. The footsteps of Karen began to descend the stairs, and Sheila peeked through her hands at the dark figure slinking towards her, carrying her gun.

“Looking for this?” Karen chuckled.

Karen was dressed in a cat suit, but not any cat suit…this one was very special. As a little girl, Karen had admired Julie Newmar as the Catwoman from the campy Batman TV show. Admired her so much that she emulated her movements and speech, each Halloween there was no question what Karen would be wearing. As Karen matured, she never lost that fascination. She even purchased an expensive replica of the outfit with the original material, Lurex. It was black, but as few people knew, it had blue threads running through it, and the overall effect was more of a purple color.

The Lurex was able to form-fit much better than cheap vinyl or even leather. The silly leather outfits of Michelle Pfeiffer and Holly Berry were mockeries, it was disgusting to watch them parade around claiming to be Catwoman. No, the most famous Dom in the world was and always Julie Newmar. Sexy and feminine. When Karen poured herself into suit, she became the real Catwoman.

Sheila could hardly tear her eyes from the wicked woman coming her, but diverted her attention to Sandra. The shock of Sandra’s deplorable state took her breath away, and tears welled up in her Sandra looked…well, saggy. She was bald, but had peach fuzz growing back in. She was kneeling so it was hard to tell, but it looked like her labia was stretched out on the ground in front of her and attached to…bells? Sheila almost became sick at the sight. And she could hardly call what was attached to Sandra’s chest breasts. Her tits were stretched so much that they looked like deflated balloons.

Sandra looked back with shame, sorrow, but mostly dread in her eyes as Sheila took in the appalling sight. Sandra looked more completely broken than Sheila had ever imagined a person could. As the two sisters looked at each other in silence, the third woman in the room fed off their despair. Karen had been waiting for this moment… to the point that she was shaky with anticipation. To see the look in both sisters’ eyes, as they understood the situation and reality crashed in… Sheila seeing what had become of her sister, and Sandra knowing the games Karen was capable of with them both.

Karen relished the moment when Sheila saw her sister’s condition and look of dread in her eyes, she realized what her own fate was going to be! Karen felt that taking that beauty and sex appeal from Sandra had made herself sexier – she may have been just imagining it, but she felt that she was seeing a younger, sexier body in the mirror these days. Imagine what impact ruining the even sexier younger sister would have!

Even though she thought she had prepared herself, Karen was not ready for the electric jolt of the extraordinary orgasm that ripped through her when she took in the image of the two sisters, one thoroughly broken and one coming to grips with her situation, silently gazing at each other.

Sheila had no idea what was wrong with the woman.

“You can call me Karen. I told you I’d show you your sister.” Karen purred as she placed the gun down and retrieved the cattle prod from the box along the wall.

“You sick fuck,” Sheila replied, “How the hell could you enjoy doing this? Do you even realize how fucked up you are?” Karen continued towards the girl, cornering her at the end of Sheila’s chain.

“I’m not fucked up, I’m free. Are you?” Karen spat as the prod hit Sheila in the chest.

The force knocked Sheila on her back, and she tried to scream but no sound came out.

“Now shut up and take your clothes off. Do it slowly…” Karen breathed and hoarsely said, “Strip for me.”

Sheila looked over at her sister for direction, but Sandra was hanging her head, trying not to look. Maybe all it took was a little titillation to satisfy this woman and she wouldn’t do such terrible things, maybe her sister was not fulfilling that need. But this was the woman who must have pissed in her mouth, and she knew she was dealing with one screwed up bitch.

Sheila started to take off her clothes as slowly as she felt she could get away with, but another jolt of maddening pain hit her.

“I said strip for me! Make it good!”

Karen was rubbing herself through her cat suit as she watched her new toy reveal herself for the first time. There were so many things they could all do together it was hard to focus on one idea. Just the thought of Sandra watching in despair behind her was enough to take her to the edge alone… but here Karen had a fresh, untouched canvas to work with. Another soul to break. Maybe she could make them compete against each other…or turn them against themselves. Karen simply masturbated watching the girl strip and dreaming of all the possibilities. She had already cummed in her cat suit only moments before, but this one seemed just as powerful. When the rush came, it caused Karen to become dangerously vulnerable, as she lost control of herself for a few seconds. Luckily, Sheila only looked at her with disbelief, and Karen regained control.

“Just how much have you missed your sister?” She asked as she walked up with the chloroform-soaked cloth.

When Sheila awoke, she was lying on the floor and was wrapped tightly in cellophane so she could not budge. However, that was not nearly as unpleasant as the metal – what was it, a dental tool? – keeping her mouth open painfully wide. What was worse was that it felt like each side of the jawbreaker was attached securely to the floor, so she could not turn her head at all – she was stuck looking straight up at…oh God! Sandra was hovering above her suspended, tilted a little forward so that she could look at her little sister lying immobile below her. She was suspended by her knees – forcing her legs excruciatingly wide – and her elbows, tied together behind her back, suspended her. Her stretched labia hung down and the bells that had been attached to the rings Karen had installed were replaced with Sheila’s earrings.

Sheila shrieked at the site of her sister spread gruesomely above her and the earrings attached to her labia dangling so much closer to her face.

“I see you’re awake! I hope you aren’t too uncomfortable,” Karen said.

Sheila tried to move her head to look at Karen, but was secured much to tight. She tried to ask “What the hell are you doing?” but all that came out was gargled nonsense.

Karen appeared to get the gist, nonetheless. “Just trying to make your reunion as joyous as possible. You and your sister are going to spend the night together, just as soon as I get your earrings back on your ears. Then I can get a good night’s sleep knowing I have done a good deed!” Karen purred.

Both Sandra and Sheila began to scream in futile protest as Karen lowered Sandra until her pussy lips were lying across Sheila’s tear-streaked face. Karen hummed sweetly under the clamor as she put Sheila’s earrings, still attached to Sandra’s labia, back on Sheila’s ears, stretching her pussy completely over Sheila’s face and wide-open mouth. She paused as another orgasm rocked her to dizziness.

“Good night, girls.” Karen crooned once everything was in place, “I’m going to get a good, long night’s sleep. It’s been such a day! I’m completely exhausted!”

She turned off the light as she went up the stairwell.



Sheila could not believe the horror her life had suddenly become – a horror that had been her sister’s alone until very recently. Now here she was, joining her sister at the mercy of a true monster – a woman who was sick to her bones. Right now, she had her big sister’s gruesomely stretched cunt stretched tight over her face, and a dental gag stretching her mouth painfully wide, so anything that came from her sister would end up on her tongue. Sheila’s stomach rolled with nausea at the situation – both she and Sandra were helpless, stuck together so indecently by those earrings! How was she going to make it 5 minutes like this, let alone all night??? At least that satanic bitch from hell had left, and the darkness of the room was merciful, so Sheila just had to endure and concentrate on keeping her tongue still.

“Oops, silly me!” Karen said as she came back downstairs and turned on the lights once again. “I’m so exhausted, I don’t know how long I’ll sleep, so I don’t want you darlings to get thirsty.”

Karen was lugging what looked to be a giant-size, translucent enema bag with a tube attached.

Only Sandra saw this, since Sheila’s face was full of Sandra’s pride. Sandra filled with dread, realizing that she was going to experience a repeating ordeal of trying her best to hold her bladder and keep from filling Sheila’s mouth with urine, then losing the battle and having to use her sister’s mouth like a toilet, all the while having to drink more and more from this enormous bag that Karen had brought. She knew Karen was going to leave them in this condition for a very long while.

Sandra began sobbing anew at the knowledge that her little sister had joined her fate and Karen, whistling, brought out several pair of dirty panties to pack Sandra’s mouth to keep the tube from the water bag in place. Sandra had learned not to struggle – she was broken and simply complied, full of dread, as Karen positioned her head to tape in the tube and special packing, and then labored to hang the bag above to ensure a continuous flow. If Sheila knew what Karen was setting up, Sandra couldn’t tell, but she would learn soon enough. Tears flowed down Sandra’s cheeks as Karen ascended the stairs again. Karen truly was exhausted.

Several weeks later….

Karen had decided it was time to do something profoundly cruel, to take things further than ever before. She found her answer on Ebay. Looking in the antiques medical section, she had come across a few gems… but nothing like this. As always she put in an extremely high bid so there was no question of who would win, Karen hated losing. Having it shipped was also very expensive; it was very big and heavy. Her present would arrive in the next few days.

In the meantime Karen began to prepare a place for the project to happen. In the basement underneath the study was room about 12 x 20 ft. It was an open room and Karen would have preferred there to be a wall and a doorway to keep it private…she didn’t want the Keller sisters to know what she was up to, it was going to be a horrific surprise. A trip to the fabric store provided Karen with the quick solution of a large curtain blocking the view. It now looked like a stage show, which suited Karen just fine. A lot of the magic would be in the presentation.

Every item Karen brought downstairs and into the room had to be wrapped up to shield it from the prying eyes. Oh there were dying to know what she was up to, Karen was certain, but a flash of a smile was all she would feed them. This would be a show that would haunt their nightmares.

Finally it arrived. The smaller box Karen took downstairs immediately. Even this one was surprisingly heavy. The large box was another thing all together. How in the hell was she going to get this heavy monstrosity down the stairs with no help? She could take it out of the box and cover it, but the shape would still give it away and it was still too heavy.

Dismantling it was out of the question, the hydraulics were too complicated…who knew they had hydraulics in these things back in the late 1800’s? Damn. Karen finally decided that she needed to keep it in the box and slide it down the stairs using some kind of pulley system. At the hardware store she found a good pulley and rope. Karen then bolted the pulley to the kitchen island just in front of the basement door, this would allow her to slowly ease the box down the stairs and hopefully not rip out the island while doing it. It worked, and Karen was proud of her ingenuity, she was becoming quite adept at using tools… soon she would have to learn how to use another tool.

Sheila watched Sandra’s reactions as Karen toiled away at her new project. Sandra was obviously terrified as to what was going to happen. Sheila was still under the false impression that Karen could be reasoned with at some level, but Sandra had no such delusions…and she knew the depth of Karen’s depravity. Karen was very obviously excited and the lack of attention she was giving the sisters was testament to the seriousness of events to come. A pumping noise was coming from behind the curtain followed by the sound of air being let out…what was going on? Sandra thought of the inflatable dildo, but this was much more mechanical. These noises stopped and then a new sound: squeak… squeak… squeak. The squeaking would speed up and then slow down; Karen was learning how to operate something.

Karen eventually emerged with pieces of wood from the crate.

“Done!” she informed the two captives.

Placing a chair in the middle of the basement, Karen spoke to the sisters as she sat down.

“I’m afraid that one of you is going to be in for some serious pain, however, I’m going to let you ladies pick which one it’s going to be.” Karen brushed some of the dust from her jeans as she spoke. “Be aware that this is going to be quite… how should I put it… intense, for both of us. It will leave some permanent damage so choose wisely. I’m going to go up and take a bath, then the three of us need to have a little chat.”

Karen got up and began hauling the wood scraps up the stairs.

Once upstairs Karen drew her bath water and turned on the monitor, as she definitely wanted to hear this discussion. The sisters were already disagreeing as Karen slipped into the soapy bubbles. Sheila was arguing that Sandra had gone through enough torture; at least she could take some of the pain away from her. Sheila loved her, and was in good shape, and could take the pain better than her ruined sister. But Sandra would hear nothing of it. Sandra knew pain well now. There was still a chance for Sheila, but what chance did she have? She would already need a plastic surgeon to fix her up, what was one more mutilation? Sandra had already resigned herself to the way she looked, but she didn’t think she could bear watching the same happen to Sheila. Sandra lied and told her sister that she was able to distance herself from the pain, it was easy now. In reality Sandra was never able to divorce herself from Karen’s dreadful torments.

Karen was fingering herself as she listened to the conversation, and she herself was torn. While it would be exciting to start with Sheila and rip into fresh meat, furthering Sandra’s bodily damage would be fantastic. It really came down to this being a physical torture for one, and emotional torture for the other. This whole idea was brilliant. Karen’s fingers slipped in and out of her aching pussy, as she worked herself into the drama that was unfolding in her monitor. This was all on a whim of hers. She alone controlled both the sister’s lives; it was her decision ultimately. Whichever one they picked she could simply over rule it or drag them both in there. It was like being God, or more accurately, a goddess. Not wanting to cum, Karen shut off the monitor. She needed all her energy for the event; besides, this was all on tape…plenty time to watch it later.

There was no reason to put on an outfit today, Karen would simply have to remove it, plus she didn’t want any blood to ruin a good set of lingerie. Naked was best, plus who knew what was going to happen. It was exciting and Karen’s heart was pounding as she descended the stairs. The sister’s conversation was abruptly ended as they caught sight of Karen.

“Well, I hope you two have decided, as I am raring to get going!” Karen walked over to the chest and grabbed the stun gun. “OK! Who’s it going to be?”

As expected both women offered themselves as victims. Karen sighed.

“Now, I’m going to ask that question again. If I don’t hear a clear decision I will drag you two in there together and you will both regret it! Who is going to play with me??”

Sandra stared hard at Sheila and offered herself again. This time there was no counter offer.

“Wonderful!” Karen turned towards Sandra and unbuckled her leg chain. “Sandra, the doctor will see you now!”

Karen tightly gripped her arm and led Sandra into the room. Behind the curtain looked nothing like the rest of the basement, Karen was indeed busy. It looked like a rundown doctors office; there was medical equipment and charts all over…but all antiques. In the center of the room was a strange chair; it was in fact quite beautiful. A dark polished metal frame supported the seat and backrest, upholstered in a deep purple colored fabric. The headrest was made of leather and the footrest was a dark mahogany. The large steel base enclosed the hydraulics, and was so heavy that there was no need to bolt it to the floor. More ominous embellishments to the chair were some leather straps on the arms, headrest and footrest; these were Karen’s additions. It was a dental chair from the late 1800’s.

Next to the chair was a strange object that at first Sandra couldn’t identify. It was a tall thin pole with a cast iron wheel at the bottom, then a foot pedal. On the wheel was a thin cord that ran up to the top of the pole. This was obviously the origin of the squeaking noise that Sheila and Sandra had listened to for hours. At the top of the pole was another arm that hung down and ended in a…drill. This was also a turn of the century piece of dental equipment, a foot-powered dentist’s drill.

Sandra’s knees started buckling as she realized what was in store and she whispered “Please no! Karen please!”

Karen was amused at Sandra’s response and was getting wet just drinking in her facial reactions. She forced Sandra into the chair and when Sandra began to struggle, zapped her with the stun gun and a shot of tranquilizer. When Sandra came to, she was securely strapped in and her mouth was forced open with an antique dental spreader.

Walking out to the opposite side of the curtain, Karen started to make her presentation to Sheila.

“Ladies and slaves, I’m about to introduce to you tonight’s entertainment!” Karen’s nude body was strutting in front of the curtain as she spoke. “I hope you find this as thrilling as I do!”

She grabbed the curtain and opened it like a model presenting the surprise in a game show, “I present…dental torture!”

Karen studied Sheila’s mortified reactions and wished she had thought of pointing a camera at her face.

Sandra was strapped in the dentist chair with a strap-on dildo around her waist pointing obscenely into the air. Karen had used a much smaller one than the dildo she had violated Sandra with, no way she would stretch her own self out that wide. There were dental charts and some ominous looking old dental tools hanging on the walls… it looked like a horror movie.

Karen slowly walked up to Sheila and asked: “What do you think of my surprise?”

Sheila looked with a mixture of horror and cold hate into Karen’s eyes and spat: “You’re sick.”

Karen walked closer, “I’ll let that pass as I know you are emotional right now. You need to learn some control. Now, give my puss a kiss so I can go and begin.”

She pushed her cunt up to the slave’s mouth and Sheila almost gagged on the musky smell of Karen’s excitement. “You better do it or I’ll rip out all your sister’s teeth!” Karen ordered as Sheila closed her eyes and gave it a kiss. “There we go, now on with the show!” Karen spoke as she turned and walked back into the “office”.

Karen put on rubber gloves and donned a nurse’s cap for effect. She then clipped a paper bib around Sandra’s neck, “We don’t want this to get too messy do we?” Karen whispered. She reached over and turned on a video camera.. Karen then pulled over a tray of dental tools, some very rusty and old and others looking like something out of a nightmare. “Are you ready Sandra? Karen spoke as she began to climb up on the chair, “Let’s have some fun.” Whispering into Sandra’s ear Karen confessed: “I’m glad it’s you Sandra. You’re still my favorite fuck!”

Karen’s legs straddled Sandra and she eased the strap-on slowly into herself. With a little adjustment, Karen could reach the foot pedal of the drill and move herself up and down on the strap-on at the same time. This was kind of difficult at first to do both tasks at once, but soon Karen was able to get a rhythm going, and it became second nature. The familiar squeaking of the wheel alerted Sandra that her nightmare was about to begin.

Sheila was feeling sick as she looked at the unspeakable scene playing out before her: Karen’s ass pumping up and down on Sandra’s lap, her leg just able to touch the foot pedal of the drill, pushing it up and down with her toes. Sheila was sure there were sick people out there who would pay money to see this perverted sight, and this thought made it even worse.

“Let’s start with an easy one shall we.” Karen spoke with a clear enthusiasm in her voice. As Karen started drilling into one of the front teeth, Sandra noticed that she was planning to drill through her tooth not up into it, as a normal dentist would in filling a cavity. So far Sandra could not feel anything and was hoping that possibly the nerve didn’t run that far down, or perhaps Karen would somehow miss it.

Karen was pumping up and down as the incessant squeaking of the wheel was now supplemented by a higher pitched whining of the drill as it worked its way into the tooth. Suddenly Sandra’s world exploded into pain as the bit bore its way into the nerve. The throbbing was breathtaking and Sandra cried out in anguish, but with the swallowed voice of shock, as lightning bolts of electric pain shot from her tooth into her brain.

“Mmmm…there we go!” Karen purred as she pumped faster, both with the drill and her pelvis, and pushed the bit ever deeper. It was amazing how hard teeth really were, either that or her bit was very dull. Blood was beginning to run so Karen grabbed a small hose clamped to the tool tray and squirted it on the tooth. The freezing water hitting her nerve caused Sandra to finally find her full voice and scream like never before. “Now,

file:///Volumes/PORTABLE!/NEW%20TEXT/_CULT/Bloom***.webarchive Page 42 of 58

Bloom*** 13/08/08 7:52 PM

now…almost through.” Karen calmly spoke through the screams.

Sandra was gagging on the bloody water running down her throat and Karen became aware of the screaming, the howling, coming from Sheila behind her, and gave her pelvis a little extra wiggle. As she broke through the tooth, Karen lost her footing on the drill and it came to a sudden stop, seizing in Sandra’s tooth. This caused Sandra to roll her eyes up in pain and Karen unleashed a furious orgasm on Sandra’s lap. Still pumping with her pelvis, Karen threw her head back in ecstasy and was the last sight Sandra saw before she mercifully passed out.

When she came to, Sandra was still in unbearable agony, but at least she was out of that chair. She was aware of something sticking out of her mouth. Karen was standing over her, and bent down to talk. “I’ve run a wire through your tooth so it will be very easy for me to discipline you now if you are bad…see?” Karen flicked the wire protruding from Sandra’s mouth, and it sent an intense jolt of pain into Sandra’s nerve, making her cry out in agony. “I expect you to obey with any of my plans for you or your sister, do you understand?” Karen reached for the steel nerve again. Sandra frantically nodded her head in compliance and Karen stopped short. “I’ll leave you gals to undoubtedly talk trash about me as I’m away, but I’ll be back later for some more fun, so save your energy.” Karen got up and walked away, and winked at Sheila as she ascended the stairs.

Bloom: Part 11 – Blackness

The blackness swirled around her and swept her up in its empty waves. The black roses with her black hair, the darkness she kept her slaves in. It was all one. The further she descended, the darker her soul became, and the more she embraced it. Her cellar literally was hell for the sisters, and she descended into hell to torture them like a demon. She possessed them and virtually everything about them. The power was unbelievable. Any whim, any desire. A person could become addicted to this, Karen laughed at the thought…she was addicted, as addicted as any heroin addict. She was compelled to outdo her latest torment and come up with a larger, more intense fix. The truth was that Karen’s brain was producing endogenous opioids as she tortured the sisters, and that was in fact, a natural heroin.

The blackness also swirled around the sisters. The majority of their day was spent in darkness. Sandra was used to sleeping for large periods of time, her body had followed her once brilliant, but now mostly unused mind and almost went into a type of hibernation. But now, since her sister had arrived, she had the added stimulation of conversation. At first she would talk until her throat was sore, but now with that terrible wire sticking out of her tooth, she found that any movement, or speaking, caused great pain. Why didn’t the nerve go dead? What was the point of having nerves in ones teeth so sensitive?

file:///Volumes/PORTABLE!/NEW%20TEXT/_CULT/Bloom***.webarchive Page 43 of 58

Bloom*** 13/08/08 7:52 PM

Sheila was also finding the situation unbearable. Sandra had hardly spoken since the dental torture, and Sheila’s body had too much energy to just sit in one place the whole day. She paced, and the grating sound of the chain dragging was becoming irritating. Back and fourth…back and forth. She was aware that this was exactly what caged animals did at the smaller enclosures at the zoo. She understood them completely. Sheila did not lack empathy.

Empathy was the one thing that Karen did not possess.

But as unbearable as the blackness was, it was far better than when the lights were ablaze. The lights were the fires in hell, illuminating the horrors inflicted by Her. She knew all. She watched them, listened to their every move. She seemed to know what they were thinking. How could she be human? It was hard to imagine that this woman was once a little girl, who probably had friends, and went to school. If there were some key to unlocking the human underneath, Sheila had to find it. A person couldn’t be that completely devoid of compassion… could they?

Especially a woman? Sheila recalled a story of Erzsebet Bathory, which told otherwise.

The 16th century countess had tortured and killed hundreds of women. Although she is credited as bathing in the blood of the girls, this was never proven. What was established was that the woman was a true female sadist, a rare anomaly. The legend was that Erzsebet believed by bathing in the blood, she would stay young, like a vampire. The parallels to Karen’s actions were unmistakable, and Sheila hoped that Karen’s madness wouldn’t go that far, but things seemed to be getting worse…

Karen was a pathological sadist, and the disease was progressing.

And then there was Sandra. Sheila thought she had noticed an uncomfortable, indecent bond between Karen and Sandra. Sandra seemed to have begun to accept the horrors Karen dished out and, even worse, did she seem to desire them? Sheila was certain this couldn’t be the case, yet there was some undercurrent going on that made her uneasy. Sure Sandra cried out in pain, but there was no fight, no hint of resistance. When the

sisters were arguing over who sound a little too desperate, that broken? Sheila was sure she was the one going insane.

would be tortured, didn’t Sandra’s arguments a little too willing? Could someone become that her mind was just running wild; maybe

Karen, in the meantime, was planning her next exploit. She was standing in her garden admiring the fantastic spectacle that used to be a simple rose bush. This was looking more like something out of a science fiction novel. The rosebush was climbing, reaching for, and strangling the other plants. It was enraged there were other plants there, Karen could tell. The normally green stems and leaves had turned an angry reddish-purple. Karen at first thought this was a rose disease she had seen before, but she had consistently sprayed and checked for any fungus…no, this seemed different. She could almost imagine blood coursing through its stems.

What would happen if she fed it some blood…

A sound startled Sheila. It was coming from the middle of the darkened basement, and she knew Sandra’s chain couldn’t reach that far. At first Sheila jumped back and cried out thinking it was an animal.

Sheila whispered: “Sandra? Is that you?”

But a quiet “No.” was offered from Sandra’s distant location.

It must be Karen. Karen walking around in the dark. Would she leap out at one of them, pouncing like a leopard in the night? The sounds were quiet but persistent. Karen was creating some evil trap or some other nightmare that she didn’t want the sisters to witness. There was silence…and then a noise at the top of the stairs. Either Karen was moving with such stealth that she could go up and down the stairs without making a sound, or there was another person down here. A loud thumping commenced as something heavy was being dragged down the stairs.

How could Karen see? Sheila thought she caught a glimpse of a green light in the direction the sounds were coming from. Night vision goggles. Like the ones the killer wore in Silence of the Lambs. This was a frightening new development. The worst thing was when all the sounds stopped. Karen was standing in the dark watching, studying their reactions. This gave Sheila the chills…something that Karen was able to decipher staring at Sheila, watching the frightened girl’s wide eyes darting frantically back and forth.

Karen thrilled at sneaking around right in front of the sisters, and purposely startled them with sudden noises several times. She stood watching, then slowly inched towards Sheila. Karen could tell Sheila knew she was standing right in front of her, Sheila could sense Karen’s presence. Being naked except for the goggles allowed Karen to make virtually no sound at all. It was funny, but without any sound or vision, people knew when danger was near. Karen stood for as long as her legs could stand it, then quietly backed off, and without making a noise, her bare feet ascended the stairs.

Eventually there were no more sounds as the sisters sat motionless waiting. Had Karen left? After an hour or so Sandra finally heard a new noise…it was sobbing. Sheila was sobbing in the corner as her frayed nerves had caused her to breakdown in exhaustion.

Karen’s work was done, now for the fun part of watching the reactions when she threw on the lights.

After a wonderful meal Karen went up to her bedroom to put on her outfit. She put on a black, long sleeve fishnet body-stocking with an open crotch. Karen usually didn’t like boots as she thought it was sexier to have most of her legs and feet showing, however there were exceptions. One was her ferocious thigh high boots with open lace sides, which she now donned along with long black satin gloves. She grabbed the final item to complete her costume and headed for her prey.

Sandra was just starting to fall asleep as the lights blazed to life. Every time this happened was a shock, the sudden drastic change from going from pitch blackness, to full harsh light was painful on the eyes. It caused the sisters to both shield their eyes and quickly try to adjust to the new environment every time it happened. However this time there was something new in their environment, and it was terrible.

A small platform about three feet high was sitting between the sisters, and it had a small stairs attached allowing someone to step up to it. What looked like a lever was attached to the back and had a thin cord run through it. This cord ran off and the other end lay unattached on the basement floor. The platform by itself wasn’t the ominous thing; it was what was dangling above it. Several feet above the platform hanging down from the ceiling was…a hangman’s noose. Both sisters audibly gasped as they took this in. The platform was obviously a trapdoor, and the outlines of the breakaway bottom were apparent now that the purpose was clear. No word was spoken as the sisters stared at the horrible apparatus before them. This silence lasted an hour until Karen decided to make her grand entrance.

As Karen’s full getup was in sight, it was confirmation of the sister’s fears for the plan of events to come. In addition to her earlier apparel, Karen now sported a latex executioner half mask with a hood. This left only her eyes and mouth visible, to both sisters’ horror, even mostly masked, Karen’s expression could hardly contain her glee. The noose was looped over a water pipe and then the other end was tied to the stretching rack, where Karen untied it and lowered it. “Sheila, come here.” Karen commanded as she held onto the noose.

Sheila was frantically shaking her head no, and was obviously going to put up a fight. Karen had no choice but to get the stun gun, and gave her a jolt. As Sheila lay on the ground twitching Karen quickly slipped the noose over her head and tightened it so it couldn’t come lose. When Sheila finally regained her self-control, Karen was pulling on the end of the rope, dragging her upwards towards the platform. Sheila fought hard, but to no avail.

To avoid choking, she had no choice but to follow the force of the noose up the tiny steps and stand on the trapdoor. Karen then pulled harder on the rope, raising Sheila up onto her toes, securing the end of the rope to the rack again leaving no slack. Sheila started to spin around until she was able to get some semblance of a grip on the trapdoor with her toes.

She was dizzy and her legs were trembling badly from the fear that Karen had decided to take events to their logical end, but she used every bit of strength she had to make them hold her and keep her balanced – the prospect of hanging by her neck tapped her Adrenalin.

Karen turned to Sandra as Sheila struggled to keep her balance.

“Well! That was certainly a dramatic struggle! I do hope you understand that you must do exactly as I say, otherwise it’s…”

Karen made a cutting gesture with her finger across her throat. She walked over to a chair and placed it right in front of the wobbling Sheila. Karen then walked over to Sandra and unchained her leg shackle.

“Go get up on the chair Sis.”

Sandra obeyed the command without hesitation.

There really was no point in protesting anymore, Sandra had concluded. Karen always did and always would get exactly what she wanted in the end. To even ask Karen to change her mind about the smallest thing was a waste of effort. Besides, Karen reveled in the pleading and fed off of it. No, the best thing was to simply comply, get it over with and try to not dwell on the events to come.

Karen then unlocked Sandra’s handcuffs and revealed a small black bag and pulled out something placing it in Sandra’s hands, it was two dozen, foot long antique hatpins. Sheila’s eyes widened with fear when she saw the objects in Sandra’s hands, she knew they would be sticking into her body soon enough. While visibly upset, Sandra displayed far less emotion than her sister. When Sheila tried to look into Sandra’s eyes, Sandra would not meet her gaze.

“Sandra, you will take those pins and one at a time push them through your little sister’s tits”.

Karen grabbed some items from the chest in the corner, picked up the cord attached to the trapdoor lever, and walked over and laid it all on the stretching rack. She squirted some lubricant from a tube onto the head of a large dildo, and worked it around until the object was fully covered.

“When you push a pin through, I want it to go through the whole breast, don’t try and cheat…or I’ll pull this cord here, and you won’t have a little sister anymore.”

Karen started working the dildo into her pussy as she spoke, and realized that she probably didn’t need the lubrication after all, she was quite wet already.

“You may begin Sandra.” Karen said and sucked in her breath as she inched the dildo into her.

Sheila was protesting and pleading for Karen to stop this but to no avail. Sandra still refused to meet her eyes as the first pin was pressed up against the middle of her right breast.

“No!” came a cry, not from Sheila but from Karen. “I want you to move that farther back on her tit. I want you to skewer the whole thing! And it better go through the middle of it!” Karen was now slowly moving the dildo in and out, and was staring with delight at the scene that was playing out before her.

The hatpins were thicker than regular needles, and not nearly as sharp. The result of this was that Sandra had to use a startling amount of force to puncture the breast, this added to the agony of Sheila. Once through the skin, Sandra slowly pushed the pin through until she met the resistance of the skin on the other side. The skin was stretching as the pin tried to find its way out, and it started to seem to both sisters that it would just continue to stretch and stretch, never letting the pin through.

Finally the hatpin popped through and the skin snapped back to its original position, Sheila screamed for Karen make it stop, but Karen was in the midst of a furious orgasm and simply quickened her pace, pumping with the dildo. Sheila prayed that she would not lose consciousness and fall off her tiptoes and strangle herself in the hangman’s noose. Karen’s groans were as loud as Sheila’s at this point and Sandra started another pin through Sandra’s other breast. This second pin met the same resistance on entry and exit and caused the same suffering all over again. Sheila lost her grip on the platform with her toes and started to spin around again, but her sister grabbed and stabilized her…it was time for another one. Karen dropped the cord and began fingering her asshole in addition to pumping the drenched dildo in and out.

“That’s a good girl!” Karen breathed in a quick and quiet voice.

Sandra seemed to know right where Karen wanted the pins to go. What a good slave! Sheila was now screaming at her sister to please stop it, but Sandra didn’t miss a beat as one pin went in after another, eleven on one breast and eleven on the other. As Sandra started the last two pins, Karen cried,

“Stop!” Karen sat up on the edge of the table and composed herself. “On these last two I want the pin to go directly in the nipple, and pushed straight into the tit as far as you can!”

Karen then resumed her masturbation with the sopping dildo, breathing in short quick breaths in anticipation. Sandra did as she was instructed and started impaling the breast centering on the nipple. Sheila didn’t know how much longer she could remain standing as this seemed to be the worse pain she had ever felt. Sandra was only able to get about four inches into the breast before she ran into all the other pins that had skewered Sheila’s breast.

Karen whispered: “Nice”, as she was now able to hear the sucking sound of her dildo moving in and out while Sheila’s cries stopped. Another orgasm crashed out of Karen, and she simply stared at the girls as the tide of emotion swept through her.

Finally as Karen finished, she instructed Sandra to take the weeping Sheila down off the platform and shackle her back up to the leg chain. Karen untied the rope from the rack and watched as Sheila was lead wobbling off the platform and finally collapsed to the floor, sobbing. The pins sticking out of Sheila’s breasts made them look like some kind of strange porcupine.

Karen took her boots and body-stocking off, and called Sandra over. Sandra hurried to kneel in front of Karen seated on the rack, began to wave her gorgeous legs and wiggle her beautiful feet in front Sandra’s face. Sandra knelt in front of her starting automatically to lick and suck her toes. Karen kept her feet perfectly manicured, and was in fact quite proud of what she considered to be perfect feet. She had seen feet of some of the famous models and thought that their long, thin toes looked unattractive. Karen’s feet were dainty, and she usually used a deep red polish and just recently had a diamond embedded into each large toenail. She had such cute little toes, just perfect for sucking! And that’s exactly what a good slave like Sandra needed to do to stay on her good side…and keep Karen horny.

Sandra instinctively opened her mouth and waited for Karen to feed her a foot to worship. Karen’s beautiful bare feet grazed Sandra’s lips teasing her. She then pushed her left foot forward to Sandra’s waiting open mouth. As Sandra closed her mouth around it to lick and suck her toes, her wired tooth snagged on Karen’s toe ring and brought on a howl of pain.

“Oh honey!” Karen mocked, “let’s take that awful thing out of your tooth. I know it must be uncomfortable. Besides you did such a good job with your sister!”

Karen withdrew her foot from Sandra’s face; it was then that Sandra got her first really good look at Karen’s toe ring adorning her middle toe. Sandra recognized the setting. It was her engagement ring from Tom that Karen had made into a toe ring. Karen noticed that Sandra was staring at the ring with a confused look.

“Oh, too bad you didn’t have the wedding ring too, for I could have used it for my other foot!”

Karen reached behind her and brought out pliers and placed her hand against Sandra’s forehead for leverage. As she gripped the wire with the pliers, Sandra cried out, but quickly stifled the noise. It was hard to tell if the pain was caused by the movement of the wire, or the fact that the piers was metal and made some kind of electrical connection with the nerve, either way the pain was stunning in its intensity. Sandra felt the wire pulling from the tooth, but it stopped short as it was wound around too well.

Karen doubled her efforts as she pulled harder and harder.

Finally Sandra could not hold back her cries as the agony flooded her every being. The tooth itself started to give way, but before it could find its way out, it busted in half. Sandra sat dazed, thrown into shock by the pain, as Karen reached for the rest of the tooth.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that dear. That must have truly hurt! Here, I’ll pull that out for you.”

When Karen had a good grip on what was left of the tooth, she twisted and yanked with all her strength…and the tooth finally gave way, freeing Sandra from the prison of pain.

It still was throbbing, but the nerves were no longer there…and this pain was bearable. Karen sat herself closer to Sandra’s face.

“I feel I deserve a little reward myself don’t you think honey?” Karen spoke as she inched her pussy closer to Sandra’s head.

Sandra was bleeding profusely, but was able to ignore it due to the shock as she began to lick Karen with her extra long tongue. She could lose herself in this action and forget the pain…it was like being home.

Sheila had just gathered her senses enough to look over to see what was happening as Sandra started licking Karen’s pussy. After what Sandra had just done to her, there she was dutifully lapping at Karen’s cunt with that disturbingly long tongue like she enjoyed it! Sheila looked down at her aching mutilated tits, and then at Sandra, head buried into Karen’s crotch and blood dripping from her chin. Nausea overtook Sheila and she began dry heaving, the noise lost in Karen’s moans.



The trouble with addiction is that it takes more and more to satisfy the want. Karen’s addiction was no different. The chance she took in abducting Sheila was dangerous and thrilling, but that could only satisfy the hunger, the need, for a while. Karen had to feed the monster again. The need was growing and twisting; choking out everything else…it was her rose bush. Karen knew it would eventually demand a sacrifice.

Her dreams had become demonic, her role as Lucifer tormenting hundreds of women, startled her awake many times. But the awakening shock was accompanied by the realization that her bed was always drenched, and there was no remorse, no matter how awful the “nightmare” was. Acceptance was the only path. Besides, if anything ever went amiss there was always her contingency plan…

That reminded her, it was time to transfer more money.

Sheila and Sandra spoke less and less. Sheila observed an uncomfortable change that had happened to Sandra, almost a jealousy. She was sure her sister was mentally sick from the games and punishments Karen had inflicted on her, and she forgave Sandra…but that didn’t mean that she trusted her. What was once an unfathomable idea had proven true…the look in Sandra’s eyes as Karen descended the stairs every day could not be dismissed.

Sandra longed for Karen. As revolting as Sheila found this, she also felt pity for her older sister. It was like a cult. The cult of Karen.

Karen entered the basement wearing a black bikini and five inch open-toe black pumps. She carried with her a dog collar and leash, walking up to Sandra. Sandra immediately fell to her knees and began to lick and suck Karen’s toes.

“Good girl.” Karen whispered as she bent down and fastened the dog collar on Sandra’s neck.

The leash was attached and Karen then unshackled Sandra from her chain.

“Say goodbye to your sister.” Karen told Sheila as she led her wobbling sibling up the stairs.

“What are you doing?!!” Sheila yelled in alarm, but only received a mocking smile from Karen in return.

Sandra seemed oblivious to what was going on and simply concentrated on staying upright as she wasn’t used to walking any distance. The stairs presented quite a challenge, and more than once Karen prevented Sandra from falling backwards by keeping pressure on her leash.

The door slammed shut and the lights went out as Sheila sat in the darkness alone. Karen’s comment sounded ominous, but would she really kill her sister? It seemed that there was a sick bond growing in both directions between Karen and Sandra, and that in some perverted way, Karen needed Sandra too. But Sheila didn’t feel a similar dynamic growing between her and Karen. No…Karen seemed to genuinely dislike Sheila…she was just a tool used to further break down Sandra. Karen seemed sometimes to be just going through the motions while tormenting Sheila, and it no longer had any noticeable effect on Sandra. Sheila could feel that her usefulness was at end… if anyone should be concerned about their life, it was Sheila. Perhaps that’s what Karen meant.

Karen led the slave out into her garden. Even in Sandra’s shell-shocked state, Karen expected Sandra to notice the bizarre, monstrous plant erupting from the earth, but Sandra seemed to be oblivious to it. This was very strange indeed. How could someone not be aware of such an astonishing sight? There has been nothing like this anywhere, Karen was certain. Perhaps Sandra was just hiding her reactions. What a good slave…

Such a shame.

Karen took off her bikini and laid down on the Chaise Lounge she had brought out for the event. When she sunbathed she liked to do it nude. Plus she was certain she would be playing with herself as she watched. Karen ordered Sandra to pick up the spade lying next to Sandra’s feet. Sandra was free of bonds and, if she hadn’t been broken so thoroughly by Karen, she would have the upper hand as now she had a weapon. But there was about as much chance of that happening as there was of gold raining down from heaven. Sandra was fully under Karen’s control, like a robot.

No will of her own.

Sandra was instructed to start digging a large hole as close to the rosebush as possible. The skinny girl looked pathetic attempting to dig the hole, with the smallest amounts of earth on each scoop. Karen though for a while that she would actually have to dig the hole, but as time wore on it became apparent that progress was being made.

As she relaxed on the lounge, Karen started to finger her wet pussy thinking of the plans she had in store. Sometimes she thought just her ideas would be enough, but inevitably Karen had to put her ideas to fruition. “That’s it Sandra, your doing fine! The hole must be as deep as you can make it.” Karen was marveling at the ghost of the woman she initially kidnapped…what a transformation! No one would ever recognize her! She almost felt like taking her out in public, maybe even walking her in front of Sandra’s parents. However, there were limits to the risks Karen was willing to take. But what a yummy idea! Her mound erupted in fresh wetness.

Karen had worked herself up into quite a state, and finally had Sandra put down the shovel and bury her sweaty face into Karen’s (even wetter) pussy. That delicious long tongue of Sandra’s would be sorely missed. Several studs that Karen had pierced through Sandra’s tongue gave an extra ribbing effect as it slid deep in and out, and caused Karen to unconsciously buck her pelvis with Sandra’s thrusts. Karen had to rub her clit for extra stimulation as the tongue, luscious as it was, didn’t provide enough direct stimuli. She began to clime further and further towards her climax, and breathing in quick dramatic breaths, finally exploded with a fury usually reserved for times after a particularly intense torture session. Perhaps the proximity to her fantastic rose bush was adding to her energy, or perhaps it was simply the thought of events to come. In any case the intensity was an unexpected delight!

“Ok Sandra, back to digging.” Karen spoke as she collected herself, and got up going inside to pour herself a drink.

By the time she returned Karen noticed that the hole was up to Sandra’s waste, progress was being made. Karen felt like a slave driver and brought out a small whip to complete the illusion. The dirt-caked slave was intently digging and yelped more out of surprise than pain when the first stroke of the whip landed. Karen knew this would just prolong the task but she couldn’t help herself. Besides, she wanted Sandra to be bleeding when she finished the task.

Karen finally tired of the beating and left to lay down for a bit. She was startled awake by Sandra looming over her. The dirty slave really did look like a ghost! Sandra whispered that her hole was done, and Karen led her back out to the garden. It was a pretty decent job, and Karen had Sandra kneel down in it. Karen then became the laborer as she scooped dirt back into the hole and packed it tightly around Sandra’s body. Eventually only Sandra’s head was showing as the dirt encased the rest of her body like a tight mold.

“I’m sorry Sandra, but I need fertilizer for my plant, and I’m afraid you’re it.”

Karen squatted down in front of Sandra’s face, stretched her pussy, and let out a stream of hot piss in her face.

“If I were you Sandra, I would be trying to drink as much of my gift as possible. From now on I’m not going to give you anything to eat or drink.”

Sandra opened her mouth and tried to drink the piss as fast as it was splashing into her mouth. Karen’s bladder finally emptied, and she stood up to leave.

“You really are a good slave Sandra. Now I am going on a little trip with your sister. I hope to see you when I get back.” Karen placed a stone from her garden into Sandra’s mouth, stretching it to the breaking point as it created an efficient gag.

Sandra began to cry after her mistress had left. Her cuts were stinging, and she couldn’t move a muscle and Karen claimed she would no longer feed her…but that wasn’t the worst part. The worst thing was that

Karen was going to spend time alone with that bitch try to find her anyways? She Karen was leaving her to die and running Sandra had earned Karen’s attention!

Sandra did want to die now.



Sheila, her bitch sister! Why did was always ruining things, now off with Sheila. It wasn’t fair!

Karen had to be careful of Sheila. Sheila was very different than Sandra, any chance or any opening Karen left would be instantly exploited by this woman. That’s what made her so fun. She was perfect for Karen’s next game…her final game. The first problem on Karen’s list was simply how to get Sheila up the stairs! With Sandra one simply walked her up, but with Sheila all potential problems had to be well thought out. Karen decided on a couple Valiums to weaken her senses and then a leash pulling her and a gun for backup. Even this was a trying task as Sheila was certain that she was moving closer to her death.

Eventually Karen had the girl in her garage and stabbed her with her tranquilizer…with slightly less amount this time on account of the Valiums already in her system. A large duffle bag went over Sheila’s body and then she was lifted into the van. Karen double-checked all of Sheila’s bonds, because if Sheila was able to get access to the weapons and tools Karen had in the van it would be all over. Again and again going through her checklist, Karen realized this had to be perfect. Finally satisfied she climbed in the van. Time to head north.

It was a long drive. Karen had only driven this route once before, and she needed maps from MapQuest to help reinforce her memory. She took the property from her husband simply out of spite. It was one of the hardest blows she had delivered. In her husband’s family for several generations, Karen demanded that this too was rightfully hers! And so the land sat, unused, fenced in with no trespassing signs, and a cabin that had been reclaimed by the elements. It was the most isolated spot Karen knew about…a spot that someone could do anything without interruption.

The silence that had been undisturbed by any human for several years was finally shattered by a large van struggling to make its way down the overgrown path. Karen had brief second thoughts that she should have brought a four wheel drive, but eventually she made it to the tiny cabin. She was this far and she didn’t want to go all the way back. The key to the cabin was hardly necessary as the door was rotted and had the stability of Styrofoam. No matter. Karen would only be here for a few hours.

It was time to unload Sheila. Karen unceremoniously dumped Sheila’s duffle bag encased body down from the back of the van. This elicited a moan deep within the bag, and struck Karen as funny. A swift kick brought out another moan. It was almost time.

The smell was the first thing Sheila noticed. It was the smell of freedom. The smell of the outdoors…but she was not free. As she came to her senses, she was cuffed with flex cuffs, and her enemy was sitting right in front of her smiling.

“Welcome back!” Karen mocked as she placed several objects into a large gut bucket.

Sheila was outside, lying on the leaves, god it was nice to be out of that horrible dark basement… but she knew that this could only mean something terrible was planned.

“We’re going to play a little game, hon.” Karen spoke as she mentally checked her supplies.

Reaching into the gut bucket, Karen brought out what looked like a collar, but it had a small attachment about the size of a nine-volt battery on it. Was it a shock collar? It didn’t look like one. Karen attached it to Sheila’s neck and reached back into the bucket. She then drew out what looked like a PDA. Sheila deduced that Karen had placed some kind of GPS tracking collar on her. She had never seen one or even heard of one, but it made sense. Sheila also noticed the rifle on Karen’s lap; an inkling of Karen’s “game” was beginning to form.

“I was never much into hunting. But that’s probably due to the fact that I was hunting the wrong prey.”

Karen loaded the rifle with shells as she spoke.

“You probably wont like it much either, Sheila. But I have a feeling that if we hunt together I’m going to really start enjoying it!”

Karen’s heart was pounding, and there was a definite stirring in her pussy. She indulged the feeling with a quick fingering as she spoke to Sheila, but Karen didn’t carry it all the way home. She needed to keep her excitement. This was fantastic!

“I’m going to hunt you Sheila. Like a deer.” Karen stroked herself. “I’ll give you a bit of a head start, so if you’re really fast, maybe you can outrun me.”

It was too good to pass up; she had to cum just a bit. Karen unbuttoned her jeans and stuck as many of her fingers in as she could. She was extremely wet!

“I’d have you lick me Sheila, but I think instead I’ll give you a head start until I cum, so if I were you, I’d get up and start moving!”

Karen pumped faster as Sheila scrambled to her feet, a difficult thing to do with her hands handcuffed in back and her head still groggy. Sheila managed to keep her footing and began to scramble off into the woods. Karen watched her prey dash off through the woods as she began to climax shouting “I’m cumming!” as loud as she could.

Karen wanted to relax in the chair for a minute and collect herself, but she didn’t want Sheila to get too far ahead. This was a game after all; she wasn’t really giving her a chance. Quickly Karen slung her .22 caliber rifle over her shoulder, grabbed her PDA, and headed off in Sheila’s direction. Karen had decided to use a small caliber .22 so that unless she hit a vital organ, Sheila would be alive after being brought down. Perhaps it would take several shots. If she were captured alive, it would be time to perform the ultimate sadistic act.

Sheila’s mind was racing. Her only real chance was to remove that collar around her neck. With the collar on, there was no way to escape. She decided to risk slamming the back of her neck against a tree with jagged bark…but all she ended up doing was cutting her neck. Damn. She had to keep moving.

Running through the woods in bare feet was about as painful as anything else; she kept stepping on pine cones and sticks and was sure she cut her feet several times. But there was no time to think. Just move. The PDA was working well. It was easy to track the girl and for a minute Karen had wished that she had made it a bit more difficult…but Sheila proved to be amazingly fast. For all the time Sheila had spent locked up in the basement, she was in pretty good shape. It was proving to be a challenge after all, and it would be worth it in the end.

Sheila came to a hill and heard a “pop” noise coming from the tree next to her. It was a bullet, as she heard the report from the gun behind her about a second later. This gave her extra incentive, and Sheila bolted over the hill in an astounding speed. There was a small cliff ahead and she had to decide whether to chance flinging herself into the ravine, or changing directions and following parallel along the cliffs edge. The decision was made for her as it felt like someone punched her hard in the neck; she lost her footing, and tumbled down over the edge…

Karen saw Sheila drop, and hoped it wasn’t a fatal shot yet. She was on top of the hill and was dismayed at what she saw. A cliff. Where the hell did that come from? Sheila obviously fell down over it. Check the GPS. She was still moving. All Karen could do was follow the edge of the cliff along the direction Sheila was moving.

“Are you hurt Sheila?” Karen yelled. “I’m afraid when I capture you that you will be hurting a lot more!” Karen continued to follow the signal. “If you’re alive when I catch you, do you want to know what I’m going to do?” There was no response. “I’m going to skin you alive!”

Karen was almost out of breath and was frustrated that she could not even see the girl.

“I’m planning to design my own leather bikini, and I want it to be of very special leather…I would love to wear you around! And perhaps a leather dildo, that way we could still fuck!”

Sheila must be hugging the inside of the cliff as she moved as Karen could now see a small stream, and most of the ravine.

“Then I was thinking…”

Karen spotted an area up ahead that she could crawl down and wait for Sheila.

“That I would boil your remains and make soap, maybe liquid soap, so you could be my bubble bath! Would you like to be my bubbles?”

Karen bolted ahead after she spoke and quickly slid down the embankment hiding in a cluster of bushes. Sheila was still coming towards her, and there was no other way out.
She had to pass by, Karen was sure. But Sheila wasn’t in sight yet and she seemed to be slowing down as she came nearer. Where was she? By Karen’s GPS, she should be almost on top of her! And then Sheila passed Karen….how could that be?

The stream…

The collar…

The collar was floating in the stream! Somehow Sheila had managed to remove the collar; she must have also removed the flex cuffs. Karen had to think quickly. She had to go back. Karen frantically ran up the stream. She had to go back to the area Sheila went down. When she had finally run far past the spot she thought Sheila fell, her heart sank. Oh my god. Sheila might escape! Panic struck Karen for the first time in years. She had made a mistake. The van! Karen scrambled back downstream as fast as her legs could take her until she reached the spot she could climb out.

She bolted for the van, always keeping an eye out for a potential ambush from Sheila.

Finally the van was in sight. No Sheila. Added to was the fact that it was beginning to become dark out. many more hours than she had anticipated.

Cut the losses.

Karen had to get out. She was no longer in control She quickly packed up the van and headed for the road. The plan had changed.



her dire situation The hunt had taken of the situation.

Heaven was irritating. Sheila was very disappointed that there was pain in heaven. The bright lights were irritating too and all the milling around. The angels were loud and obnoxious…they were fat and ugly. They had no wings. Best to go back to sleep, she could deal with heaven later. This was really a disappointment!

The next thought Sheila had was more coherent. She was not in heaven. This was a hospital. She was alive. She remembered falling down the embankment and the pain on her neck. She reached up and felt a thick wad of padding there. She must have been shot in the neck. Her left arm was in a cast and when she tried to move it she cried out in pain. A nurse in the room was startled and hurriedly called to alert someone. Quickly many faces were upon her, asking if she knew who she was, if she was feeling pain. Yes her neck and arm were sore. Did she want a drink? Yes. No one was asking the right questions though.

The doctor explained that she was shot in the neck; it had missed an artery. The funny thing though was that it wasn’t even the bullet that dislodged the GPS component…as Sheila tumbled over the cliff, the tracking portion of the collar snapped off, weakened by Sheila’s efforts to bust it off earlier. It was this tracking element that was flung into the stream by the momentum of the fall. Sheila figured it must have been some sort of divine intervention, because any change in any of the variables during the fall would have caused the GPS component to land along with her. It was perfect.

It turned out that Karen’s land wasn’t as remote as it once had been. New developments were going in on the area. Surveyors looking at the stream had stumbled upon Sheila unconscious, lying almost fully encased in the mud.

Suddenly everyone scurried out of the room as if to make way for the Emperor. The Emperor was actually a short pudgy man, with a balding head. He introduced himself as Detective Jack Barlow, and asked if she was up to talking. Of course she was! He asked if she had seen Sandra alive. Yes! Did she know who had her? Karen! Did Karen say anything about where they were going? He obviously knew about Karen. She told him everything she knew. Sheila relived the horrible months she suffered at Karen’s hands in detail.

Detective Barlow maintained his professional air, seemingly undisturbed by the story, and told Sheila that yes, they found out about Karen. The property where she was found was owned by her.

Karen Jane Bloom.

Her house was burnt to the ground. Some type of accelerant was used so the fire was so hot it destroyed any evidence. The cars registered to her were also torched. Detective Barlow produced a picture of Karen; it was from a drivers license. Like all drivers licenses everywhere, it looked nothing like her. Her hair was curled and her makeup was different. Detective Barlow told Sheila that they were having trouble finding a recent photo of Karen; it seemed that Karen had gone about collecting any photos of herself. He had some older wedding photos, but they looked even less like Karen than the drivers license.

The detective assured Sheila that Karen would be caught; it was just a matter of time. In fact the publicity on this case was astounding! Someone was sure to come in with some information. But Sheila’s parents were here…

It was a heart-wrenching reunion, and Sheila kept assuring them that she was ok. The interviews followed as she recovered, it seemed every existing magazine wanted to talk to her. But progress on the case slowly ebbed, all the leads had dried up or turned up to be dead ends. Eventually Sheila attempted to get on with her life, but one thing she had to do to sever the past. She had to visit the site of Karen’s house.

She drove there on a sunny Friday. She didn’t want to take anyone along even though they kept insisting. The area was full of life and there was no hint of the horrors that had happened there. Sheila pulled into the driveway that led to nowhere. A pit was all that remained…soon it would be sold and another house would arise. The next house was sure to contain none of the evils that once happened in this spot. While walking around Sheila came upon the remnants of a garden, some of the plants were burned from the heat, but some still flourished.

Walking to the farthest end, Sheila came across a beautiful rosebush. It was especially lovely in that the roses were colored a very dark red. No one could ever mistake them as being black, but nonetheless they were striking. A spade was near by and Sheila decided that she would save one life from this horrendous experience and began to dig up the bush…she would take it home. There was a pit large enough to hold a person nearby the bush, as if something had already been dug up. No matter, the small bush was easily uprooted and placed in a container lying nearby. Sheila loaded this into her car and drove away.

There was nothing here of Karen, nothing here of Sandra,
and nothing here of her.

Two years had passed and Sheila almost deleted the message. It looked like spam, but Sheila always looked at everything. The email said “Sheila, look inside for used and abused cunts!” Before she could delete it the first line caught her eye. It was from Karen…

Dear Sheila,

So sorry to have missed you! Sandra and I have been following your story closely, and we both wish you were here! I am planning to swing by sometime so I can pick you up to see your sister, I’ll surprise you! Take care!

With love, Karen

P.S. I’ve attached a photo of your dear sister so you can get an inkling of the fun we’ve been having.

Attached was a photo, and Sheila almost couldn’t bear to open it. But she knew that she had to. As she stared at the photo the blood drained from her face.

Sandra at first appeared to be on her elbows and knees, but that wasn’t the case at all… Karen had amputated Sandra’s arms above the elbows and legs above the knees. Her breasts were so elongated that they actually dragged on the floor, the same with her pussy lips. The photo was a bit blurry on Sandra’s face, but Sheila could see the slightest hint of…a…smile.

Sandra was smiling for her sister.

Bloom: Epilogue

It was a modest house, buried deep in the woods. When it was built it was originally intended to be a cabin, but as civilization and modern amenities encroached, the decision was made by one of the previous owners to upgrade it to a real home. Although it was within driving distance of grocery stores and other necessities, it was still very isolated on the relatively hidden lake it resided. The land was still cheap and so the original owners snatched up all the acres they could afford with the foresight of holding onto and selling land as the price rose. However, it was premature…it was still too far in the boondocks for most people, and the land with the house passed through several hands.

But for the latest buyer it was perfect.

The whole incident with Sheila was a shame, but Karen had forgiven herself. She had kept her head about her and simply put her contingency plan into action. Burning her beautiful house was tough. But she still had plenty. Canadian Maple Leafs and Krugerrands bought in small amounts over a large period of time had provided Karen with a liquid asset that also turned into a decent investment. They were easy to unload and were not traceable. It took time to find someone who could provide her with a new identity, but with enough money anything was for sale. The new house was purchased under her new assumed name…Andria, she always liked that name. It was kind of fun picking out your new name.

But Sandra still called her Karen, that was, when speak, for much of the time she “stood” on all fours her mouth, ready to service Karen at any moment. It in life…to please her mistress. Sandra had recently posed for a picture that Karen sent to her sister, and she was excited by the possibility of Sheila coming to stay for a while, that’s what Karen said anyways. Just so long as she wouldn’t try to take Karen away from her like she did the last time. Karen was very careful about sending the message; she didn’t like unexpected guests stopping by, and that was fine by Sandra.

It was terrible that Karen couldn’t take the monstrous rose bush with, but she would plant more; hundreds of rose bushes. Eventually one would turn black again…it had to. The things she was doing to Sandra were wonderful, awful things, and eventually she would be rewarded. It would just take time. She had all the time in the world. But right now it was getting dark and it was time to take her “dog” back inside…she had a brand new idea!

As the woman brought her strange pet back inside the house, the sounds of the frogs croaking on the lake began. Between that and the crickets, one had to listen extremely hard…and once in a while… a random muffled cry could be heard coming from the basement.

The end.



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