Feature Writer: Mark Gander /
Feature Title: THE HONEY DEW LIST 2 /
Published: 01.12.2016
Copyright: © 2016 by Mark Gander

Story Codes: MF, FF, MM, Bi, Drug-use, Hypnosis, Paranormal, Incest, BDSM, Anal, Pegging, Pregnancy, Squirting, Voyeurism, WS, Violent /

Synopsis: A little play on words here. Damien Martin is right on the verge of dumping his rather demanding live-in girlfriend Cassidy Lassiter, when she surprises him with a new “honey-do list” that isn’t so bad after all. /

The Honey Dew List

Chapter 2

Damien spent much of the late morning and early afternoon in a tangle of sweaty flesh, his cock pumping vigorously in and out of each of the girls as he took full advantage of the pills that Maryam gave him to help with his stamina. It was one hell of a Sunday, of course, getting to screw not only his girlfriend, but her sister and … her mother. At various moments, he had the irrational fear that his cock might quit on him, or perhaps his heart, and he wasn’t sure which would be worse. When he finally collapsed on the bed from exhaustion and fell asleep for a decent nap, the women were themselves tired enough to content themselves with snuggling up to him.

He awoke a couple of hours later, to find three lovely faces admiring him, and the second that they realized that he was awake, all three Lassiter girls began smothering him with kisses to his entire body. He was surrounded by their soft, feminine flesh and far too relaxed to oppose their intentions for him, whatever they might be. This naturally led to what they wanted all along, which was another foursome where he performed an encore of his previous encounters, their hips moving energetically as he fucked them silly. Apparently, Damien was very much in demand that day, much to his delight as he enjoyed the ladies’ attentions to him.

“You know, I could really get used to this,” Damien grinned as he felt the ladies fondle his body all over again.

“Good, because this is just part of your new lifestyle. I was so wrong about how to treat you, but from here on out, I’m making it right. Many of these things were fantasies of mine at times, but I was so wrapped up in so many other things, and you were so worn out, that I never did anything about them until last night and today. I really feel as if we have started over fresh, remembering what drew us to each other … and to have Mom and Tammy along for the journey … that’s just icing on the cake!” Cassidy told him with a series of kisses, as she got up and offered him her hand, “Shower?”

“Damn good idea. I need to get my land legs back. I’ve been floating on a sea of female flesh. Not that I minded, especially given whose flesh it was, but getting back on my feet is kinda necessary, eventually. I think that I’ve probably pumped enough spunk in you ladies to breed half the girls in my college speech night class! And to think that we did it all bareback,” Damien smiled as the other Lassiter women winked and blew kisses at him.

“The only way to go. Condoms have a nice function, but not when you’re starting a family. By the way, I quit the Pill this morning. So did Mom and Tammy, though Mom is getting closer to menopause, so who knows if she’ll catch. It would be neat to watch my fiance spawn my baby brother or sister. To see Mom’s belly swell up with your seed. Damn, that idea’s hot! Kinda incestuous, but not going far enough to technically cross that line. Just taboo enough to really turn me on!

“As for Tammy, she doesn’t plan to move out, anyway, so why not breed her, right? She wants to stay home and be a ‘domestic goddess, ‘ as she puts it, while you and I work for a living. I find it kind of a thrill to think of her as a kept woman myself. Don’t you agree? I know that you would always take care of my baby sister and any children that she gave you, so I don’t worry about that. Besides, we’re heiresses. We’ll have plenty of money for our needs, she and I. Between Mom and her, once Mom retires, we’ll have two homemakers, which is perfect for the place that we’ll get. Oh, she wants to keep her current staff, too, as they are discreet and speak little English, anyway,” Cassidy told him as she squirmed in the shower under the touch of his hands and the puff.

“Do you need to pee? Go ahead. We’ll do it together. I can wash you again. It’s fine. You can wash me off afterward. Let’s piss on each other in the hot water, rinse it off, and wash each other clean. How does that sound to you? Oh, and I love the idea of knocking you three up, especially if you’re all pregnant at the same time. There’s just something about that plan that really appeals to me,” Damien confessed as Cassidy and he let out streams of piss that mixed together on the way to the drain, though part of it sprayed both of them, forcing them to rinse and wash it away.

“God, that’s kinky and hot! We need to do more watersports like that, too. I know that your Mr. Happy isn’t quite ready for more action, yet, but we can still feel each other up and do all kinds of fun things while getting ready for supper. It’s rather sexy, too, to have you inside me when you’ve been inside my own mother and sister. There’s just something about that, especially when they’re both trying to let you breed them, just as I am. The feeling and experience of my mother’s and sister’s pussy juices on your dick as it went inside me actually made me cum even faster today.

“I think that part of it is a feeling that I have part of them inside me, too, as if bonding with them by not only sharing you, but also mixing our juices together, if that makes any sense. I really have had a secret fantasy of sharing men with Mom and Tammy for a very long time. I just didn’t dare to act on it until now,” Cassidy admitted to him in the privacy of their shower as they lathered and fondled each other’s flesh.

“Well, that is pretty hot. Have you ever wondered about, you know … bonding with them directly, by committing lesbian incest? Not saying that you should … or shouldn’t. Just asking, in case you harbor secret lusts for Mom and Tammy, either or both of them,” Damien teased Cassidy a little about the most obvious next step.

“Sure, but I guess that I was hesitant, in case that’s one step further than they want to go and they somehow get so disgusted that the rest of our grand design falls apart. Still, I really should and maybe I will, at least once my liquid courage sets in. It’s a sweet idea, because I adore both of them in their own special, unique ways, and I certainly desire their bodies. I won’t lie about that. The idea of tasting their sweet pussies and having them eat me out … delicious! That’s not to mention licking their asses and having them lick mine. And it would give us another way to enjoy the sex while you recharge between fucks,” Cassidy confessed to Damien.

When they returned, both of them were ambushed with kisses by Maryam and Tammy, followed by the two ladies heading hand in hand to the shower together themselves. The fact that the other two Lassiter women gave both Damien and Cassidy French kisses with considerable heat was not lost on either half of the future married couple, nor was the fact that Maryam’s hand held Tammy’s the way that a lover’s might. Damien looked at Cassidy and she winked at him, before both of them burst out laughing.

“I think that we’re on the same page, it would seem. Mom and Tammy are definitely into each other, or at least curious about it, not to mention about how they feel about you. That apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, either, does it?” Damien chuckled.

“No, it doesn’t, dear. I can imagine what would follow next. And they’re already in principle fine with you screwing Stephanie. So, why not this? By the way, if I have my way, Stephanie will have a nice baby bump from an incest love child soon, too. I wouldn’t mind eating her out, too. Your sister is a total cutie. I don’t know what would happen to her porn career, but I’m sure that even that takes a backseat to servicing her own brother. We could have the best honeymoon ever, with the whole family involved,” Cassidy thought aloud while stroking Damien’s dick.

“Not to mention your friend Vera and your other friend Umberto,” Damien grinned.

“So, you do like Vera and Umberto that way. Or at least lust for them. Cool! Sure, let’s invite them along. Oh, and I suggest that we combine the bachelor and bachelorette party to do one big thing the night before our wedding, with strippers of both sexes, too. If either of us wants to fuck either stripper, of either sex, no one will gripe, right, lover? If I had my way, it would turn into one hell of an orgy to precede our nuptials, and perhaps we can even arrange to get married still smelling of wild, kinky sex.

“Imagine your cock with another woman’s juices on it while tucked inside your pants, even as another man’s cum squishes in my twat under my wedding gown. I wonder what the officiator would think of it, even if he or she didn’t know about others. They would have to know that I had just been intimate with someone and so had you. This would obviously not be his or her normal wedding experience,” Cassidy giggled.

“That’s not even counting my groomsmen, because I think that it’s high time that they got to enjoy the bride, just as I should sample the bridesmaids,” Damien laughed, even as Cassidy knelt to kiss the head of his cock.

“Oh, honey, I can just see it now. The bachelor-bachelorette party would be one big, steamy orgy, with everyone and their uncle getting it on. The groomsmen gang-bang me while the bridesmaids have their way with you. You’d need a blue pill or two, but boy would it be fun! Can you imagine if you knock a few of them up during the clusterfuck, too? That would be sweet!” Cassidy told him, just as Maryam and Tammy returned from the shower, a single towel wrapped around them together … yes, it was one big-ass towel.

“That’s one hell of a bath towel, Mom!” Damien laughed.

“Yes, well, it was one that Tammy found for me online, custom-made in the event of me finding someone special, which I have and then some. I love how it allows you to feel the remaining drops of water on the other person’s flesh as you walk out of the shower together. Don’t worry, dear. Now that I’ve opened the package, it’s for all of us to use when we feel like it. It’s nice and sensual, to rub your skin against the other person’s as you walk down the hallway inside it. Tammy’s feels nice and slick, for instance, against my own,” Maryam told them with a grin, while Tammy actually started grinding her bottom against her mother’s crotch.

“Now, now, don’t tease Mommy, or Mommy will have to sample the forbidden fruit after all,” Maryam chided Tammy, who promptly turned around and pressed her tits against hers.

“Mother, may I?” Tammy said, not waiting to open the towel and kneel before her mother, spreading her thighs to start sucking her clit.

Maryam just about lost her balance as her own daughter began eating her out in front of Damien and Cassidy, so Damien began holding her steady by the waist, while Cassidy held Tammy’s head in place. Tammy soon lost herself in the taboo act of making sweet love to her own mother, licking the place that once brought her into the world. For Maryam, it was as if she floated on a cloud, pleasure overwhelming her right then as her own daughter orally serviced her so enthusiastically.

While Tammy ate her mother out, Damien found himself kneeling to spread Maryam’s cheeks and start rimming her. Cassidy licked her lips and joined him in the sampling of her mother’s crack, finding it delicious as she later admitted to all of them. It was clear before too long that the three of them were treating Maryam as a sort of special treat, an appetizer before supper. She never felt quite as much pleasure in her entire life as she did right then, with so many lips and tongues exploring her flesh, dining on her pussy and ass. Her climaxes came one right after another, as Maryam melted into the skin of those servicing, her whole body aching with her sweet ecstasy as she was devoured by her own family.

“Oh, God … oh, damn! Guys … oh, my God! I’m never going to forget this moment! Thank you! I’ve never experienced pleasure quite this intense before … Thank you! Damn, that was something that I had never quite imagined being that good … Oh, I’d fantasized, sure, this … Wow! So, ready to eat some actual food? Man shall live by lady flesh alone,” Maryam teased as she led the way to the kitchen to begin cooking supper at last.

From the way that her hips swayed as she walked naked to the kitchen, Maryam had every intention of repeating everything that had happened … and paying them back in kind. Her wink made obvious that she badly wanted to eat her daughters out and suck their boyfriend’s cock until they were more than ready for a final orgy that night. Oh, yes, the night was young and she felt quite rejuvenated herself, at forty-one (she had Cassidy when she was just eighteen). Of course, Cassidy, Tammy, and Damien had plans of their own, and all were sure that the evening would get very pleasurable indeed for all of them.


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