Feature Writer: sweetrapturedlight /
Feature Title: The Awakening /
Story Codes: Erotic Horror, Supernatural /
Synopsis: Woman finds out what she really is – and embraces it  /


The Awakening

Dementian called his sons to the meeting room. He asked them to have a seat. The two sets of twins, Sebastian and Raphael, golden hair long and flowing, golden eyes, and golden hard bodies, entered the room first, sitting in their seats, respectively. Next, enter Lucian and Vlad, the other set of twins with long raven black hair and eyes as dark as the midnight sky, light skinned, their bodies hard, muscularly defined, they, too, sat in their seats. All four men were staring at their father.

“Boys, you have sisters, Misha and Samantha, they have awakened and are on their way now to the castle, as we speak.” Dementian looked pleased with himself. “One sister has hair of gold and one has red hair, not sure how that happened but she does and the fire to match her hair, be careful of that one boys.” Dementian’s laughter carried throughout the castle.

The limo arrived and the men waited, impatiently, for their sisters to enter. Samantha entered first. She had golden hair and was tall and beautiful. Her eyes were amber and she was delicate. The 4 brothers smiled to each other. Then Misha entered and all eyes were on her. Her hair, red, long, curly, flowing down her back, ending just above the best behind the brothers had ever seen. Then Misha looked into each of her brothers eyes, stopping in front of Vlad, she smiled and gave him a wink. Her eyes emerald, her face the most beautiful, her lips full, and wanting.

Vlad couldn’t help but smile and he couldn’t help the desire welling within him.

“Yes”, he thought to himself, “this one will bring the heavens down and hell will burn forever, as will I if I cannot put these flames out.”

Vlad stopped his thoughts. Where were they coming from? After all, both are fledglings, unaware of what will be expected of them. They are condemned souls, demons, vampires, witches, werewolves, but what was Misha. Vlad had to find out. Vlad himself, a vampire, alone and longing, Lucian, Vlad’s twin, a werewolf, he had a lifelong partner, Lucidia, also a were and a sister to all of them, she was away on business. Sebastian and Raphael, fallen angels, none had partners, they were too busy fornicating mortal women and the men alike to care, however, Vlad saw the way Sebastian looked at Samantha, but then he saw how all of them looked at Misha. Vlad being the oldest could lay claim to her if that ever came about. He liked that she winked at him, she didn’t do that with the others, and he took notice.

A few days had passed and both girls were settling into their roles. Samantha went off with Sebastian and Raphael that left Misha alone in the castle with her “new” family. This new family was interesting to say the least. Misha met her “mom” Aradia, she was Dementian’s consort.

Of course Aradia and Dementian weren’t her real parents but she was assigned to them in the Underworld. A world Misha was finding to be a lonely one. Sure, she liked her abilities she had awakened to but she wanted more. She was a lost soul searching, or did she have a soul, she didn’t know. She wasn’t told what she was, unlike Samantha, Samantha was a fallen angel.

Misha went to the garden outside. Demon like statues, rosebushes everywhere and purple Irises, she smiled at herself, she knew the name of these Irises, Dracula’s Heart. She knew Vlad’s name was Dracula, she knew all about him. She was drawn to him as a small child and when she came face to face with him, his closeness stirred something so deep within her. As the thoughts of him whirled through her mind, Vlad had entered the garden.

“Hello Misha.” Vlad smiled. His eyes warmed her throughout and she smiled back.

“Well hello my dear brother, didn’t expect you up so early.” She blushed as she looked at him.

Vlad loved the way she looked at him and wanted to kiss those very red lips.

“I can manage during the day, my dear, although I’m not at my strongest.”

Misha got closer to Vlad, she held out her hand to him, he held it so delicately and kissed it. She wanted to melt but kept her composure. She curtsied.

Vlad liked this all too well. He bowed and then managed to sit on the bench that was near, asking Misha to accompany him. She sat with him. They talked for what seemed like hours. He answered her questions and then all of a sudden Vlad kissed her, longing, passionately, his tongue parted her lips and eased its way inside her mouth to dance with hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and didn’t dare break away from that which stirred her womanhood.

Vlad broke off the kiss and looked into Misha’s eyes. He knew quite well what she was, a seductress. He smiled to himself as he kissed her again. Her emerald eyes were flaming and he thought at that instant her hair was a fireball. Vlad’s fangs protruding, growing within their kiss, he wanted all of her, but to his surprise, Misha pulled away for hers too were protruding. She, a vampire like him, could it be. She looked at him.

“Vlad, I’ve never had that happen before. What do I do?” Her eyes beckoning him, her hunger feeding her passion, she wanted Vlad the way he wanted her.

“My Misha, I want you this way.” He whispered as he sank his teeth into her milky white neck, her vein pulsing with excitement, he tasted her, he drowned in her life-force. “Now it is your turn, my love.”

His neck exposed to her. She saw his vein, she felt his flushed skin, and it was on fire. She sank her teeth into his neck and drank. Vlad felt more alive then he ever did as Misha drank from him. Finally, he could share this with someone, someone he loved.

Misha loved the way Vlad tasted and wanted more but knew that to drain him would not be wise. They would feed together, love, sleep, do all things couples do. He was hers and she was his, for all eternity.


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