Feature Writer: Stephanie


Published: 18.09.1995

Story Codes: Erotic Horror, TS

The Girl in the Moon


I suppose I should have realized something was wrong by the way she was acting, but by then I was totally under her spell.

I met her one Saturday night at one of the bars downtown, I was more or less a regular there and I knew most of the people there by sight. And there she was on her own at a table, she didn’t seem to be with anyone and she was eyeing up the men with a predatory look on her face.

I sat at the bar and studied her out of the corner of my eye, she had a glorious mane of curly black hair that framed her beautiful face. Her features gave a feeling of strength without taking anything from her beauty. Her eyes were as dark as her hair and seemed to smoulder with barely subdued eroticism. Well, in my imagination anyway. Her lips were full and formed a natural pout, she really was very sexy, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen her before. My eyes traveled down her low cut dress, she was fairly well endowed and didn’t seem to mind showing it off to the world. I could get lost in there, I thought. My eyes wandered up to her face just in time to see her looking straight at me with an amused expression. My face flushed red and I looked away, God how embarrassing.

I turned my attention back to my drink, you’ve blown it with her, said a corner of mind. The next thing I knew she settled onto the stool next to me, “Hi, my name’s Heather. What’s yours?” she said seductively.

“Tom Waterman,” I replied. “Haven’t seen you around here before.”

She smiled, “I’ve just moved into the area.”

We swapped small talk for a bit, she was showing more interest in what I was saying than was really justified. I’m not known as reserved, but I’d never been pursued by a woman like this.

Finally she put her arm around my shoulders and I felt one of her ample breasts pushing into my side, “I hope you don’t mine, Tom. But I’d really like to get to know you a lot better.” I suppose I should have been more wary, this could have easily have been a prank by some of my friends.

When she got up and headed out of the bar I followed her like a faithful dog. Outside the night was cool and crisp, the full moon casting a pale light over the street. As we walked arm in arm down to my car I looked up at it, if you look at a full moon in a certain way you can see a face there. I can still remember my dad pointing it out to me when I was a kid, the Man in the Moon he called it. In my slightly inebriated state, I imagined he was smiling with me for landing such a fine catch.

In retrospect perhaps he was laughing at me.

My car was in a corner of the quiet car park, I opened the passenger door for Heather and she climbed in and she promptly dragged me in after her. “What are you doing?”

“I can’t wait.” she said, her voice thick with desire. She pulled my head to hers and we kissed. She wrapped her legs around me and squeezed tightly. I was totally in her power and loving every second of it. She clawed my ass and said “Now! I need you now!”

I needed no other encouragement and I quickly pulled down my pants and boxer shorts. She was pulling her dress over her head, leaving her with just a pair of high-heeled shoes on. My eyes fixed on her large firm breasts, with their large dark nipples. I quickly lowered my mouth and sucked one into my mouth. She gave deep sensuous moans, and grasped my back with her strong hands. Soon she could take no more and she pulled my face back up to hers and said “Do it now!”

She reached down and grasped my red hot cock, I almost came there and then. She guided me expertly into her wet, ready pussy. I thrust my full length into her and started to pound into her. I didn’t last long at all, fortunately she was as aroused as me, if not more so. She clasped her arms and legs around me, pulling me into her as far as possible with every thrust. With one hand she pulled my head to the side of hers and started whispering encouragement, “Fuck me now, fill my hot cunt up with your cock!” I can’t tell you how erotic I found that.

As I felt myself reach and pass the point of no return, she started to moan louder and louder. Suddenly she grabbed me tight with her arms and legs as she had her orgasm, I suppose it was then that it happened but at the time the pain was at the far edge of my consciousness, only one thing occupied my mind. I shuddered and pumped my cum strongly into her.

We laid there locked together for some minutes, exhausted by the intensity of it all. Finally she got up, I suppose she couldn’t have been too comfortable laid across the front seats and she looked at me. I heard an intake of breath and her worried voice said, “Oh no, you’re bleeding!”

Still rather drained, I sat up and looked in the rear view mirror. I noticed a small trail of blood from my earlobe, Heather must have bitten it in the throes of her orgasm. I looked at her worried face and said “Hey, it’s alright. Just a scratch.”

At the time I thought she was just afraid of the sight of blood, but the mood was broken and she pulled on her dress. “I have to go Tom.” She said in a subdued voice.

“Okay. Can we meet up tomorrow?” I asked, I was fairly surprised at her abrupt change of mood.

“Maybe, look I have to go.” And with that she disappeared into the night. I made to follow, but quickly remembered I had nothing on below the waist. By the time I had my pants on she had gone.

I made my way home, it had been an enjoyable if slightly strange encounter. I got home and cleaned the blood off my ear, the wound seemed even smaller than it had in the car park and by the next morning had completely healed. In retrospect I should have paid more attention to that, because any sort of wound simply doesn’t heal that fast. But it was probably too late to do anything even at that early stage.


The next night I returned to the bar, but there was no sign of Heather. I asked around and even checked all the other bars in the area, but no-one could remember seeing her.

After a couple of weeks I knew I wasn’t going to see her again, I’d probably been a one night fling for her. Anyway, the next few weeks passed without any incident and what with a busy period at the office I almost completely forgot about her.

It was about four weeks later that my problems really started, I had arrived home late from a hectic day at the office. I was really shattered, I’d been working flat out all day. When I’m like this I find the best way to relax is to soak in a hot bath.

I ran the bath pulled off my suit and climbed in and relaxed in the hot water. Outside, as I dozed, the sun had set and a large full moon was beginning to rise above the horizon. I’ll never forget what happened next as long as I live. It started with an odd tingling all over my body, I felt a writhing on my arms, legs and chest. I looked on in absolute horror as the hair on my arms was quickly withdrawn into the skin, I ran my shaking fingers over my arm and chest. Except for my crotch, all my body hair was gone! In its place my skin was silky smooth.

I was in total shock, I remember thinking I must have caught some odd disease. But then I noticed something else about my arms, they were smaller, less muscular. I’m shrinking! I thought in absolute horror. But then I noticed that while my fairly well-built body seemed to be wasting away one part of me was actually growing, my chest.

My nipples seemed unnaturally large and sensitive under my hand, I raised my arms and looked at them. They grew larger even as I watched them, I covered them with my hands, desperately trying to deny what was happening to me. My huge nipples responded to the pressure of my hands and became erect, I could feel their points trying to push through my hands, then they seemed to get even bigger.

I had a bizarre image of me attached to two giant nipples. I had to look again and pulled my hands away from my chest. The good news was my nipples had stopped growing. The bad news was that the surrounding flesh had started to grow now. My befuddled mind finally realized what I was growing.


The tingling increased and I think I nearly fainted, my mind didn’t want to deal with what was happening and it decided to go away and hide. I lay in the bath shuddering, with no real control of my body as it changed.

I felt a terrific wrenching at the base of my spine as my pelvis widened. The far end of the bath seemed to pull away from my feet, as I lost a great deal of height. At this point I thrashed about in absolute panic and hit my head on the side of bath, knocking myself out.

I think I was only out for a few minutes and I was really lucky I didn’t drown. I must have pulled the plug out with my foot at some point. Whatever happened I came to in an empty bath, trying to work out what was going on. I felt a breeze on my wet skin and my nipples again reacted, I reached up to pull myself out of the bath and my arm brushed against something soft. I came fully awake as I realized I could feel my arm on a part of me I had never had before.

I looked down and saw two well proportioned breasts. I grabbed one with a hand and tried to pull it off my chest. I’m a man, I thought, I’m not supposed to have these! But of course my new breast stayed where it was.

How was I supposed to deal with this? I couldn’t go to work with these on my chest. I had an image of me in my suit with two huge breasts trying to work and not being able to see the keyboard of my computer. In one sudden movement I lurched out of the bath, trying to ignore my new tits swaying, and stood in front of the mirror.

Someone had replaced the full length mirror with a picture. In it an extremely sexy young woman stood naked, water dripping off her luscious, curvy form. She looked vaguely like my sister, but with bigger breasts. She had auburn hair that reached halfway down her back.

I knew with a sick horror that no one had replaced the mirror, the girl reflected there was me. Had I completely changed? I reached between my soft thighs, looking for the most important part of my manhood.

I screamed then. A long high piercing scream, IT WAS GONE! There was nothing there! I realised that wasn’t true a few seconds later when my fingers brushed a soft crevice. It was all too familiar to me, I had run my hands over a few in my time, but I never expected I would ever find one between my own legs.

“I’ve got a pussy!” I said in a small strangled voice. It had changed along with the rest of me and was now high and very sultry. I ran a finger slowly inside my pussy, not very far, but it still felt very strange. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, men didn’t change sex for no reason. I was about to inspect my new anatomy further when I heard a loud knock on my apartment’s door.

“Are you alright in there?” Came a voice. Oh hell! That was Jake Kilburn from across a hall, nice enough guy in himself but he tended to stick his nose in where it wasn’t wanted. What was I going to do? I knew Kilburn well enough to know he wouldn’t go away until he got an answer and he probably thought someone was being murdered here. If I didn’t calm him down now, he’d probably end up calling the police and they would ask some very awkward questions.

I looked for something to wear, all my clothes wouldn’t fit and would look too odd on my new slim frame. My eyes landed on a bathrobe, it would have to do. I quickly pulled it on and did it up as best I could, it seemed to have grown since I had last worn it but still wasn’t big enough to completely cover my tits. I’d just have to make sure I didn’t give Kilburn too much of a show.

I walked as quickly as I could in my unfamiliar body over to the door. My hips swayed disconcertingly with every step, they seemed so different from what I was used to. My breasts bounced and jiggled with even the slightest movement and I had to hold them to stop them escaping my robe. I reached the door, pulled my robe as tightly together as possible and opened the door.

Outside was a man in his late thirties (about ten years older than me), he had thinning sandy colored hair and was slightly overweight. He was also taller than I was now, I must have lost about six inches in height and it made me feel like a little boy, everything was so much bigger now.

Jake found his voice at last, “Oh .. hello. Is everything okay?” His eyes flicked to my ample breasts and back to my face again, I don’t think he was even conscious of doing it. I found some of my fear slipping away, replaced with a strange thrill of pleasure. Thinking back this was the first time my new body exerted its control over me.

I said in my new feminine voice, “Well me and Tom got a little carried away.” Why had I implied we were having sex? I felt my face get hot with embarrassment.

Jake gulped at my bluntness blushing a bit himself, his eyes drifted down to my chest again. It was only now I realized that I had let go of the front of the robe and I was giving quite a display of cleavage. Despite myself I became very turned on, my large nipples growing even more and I felt a strange wetness from that strange new place between my soft thighs. I could see from his face that he was becoming more and more turned on himself. An image of him nuzzling my breasts and sucking my nipples popped into my mind. I tried to thrust it out of my mind, if I didn’t get rid of him now I was going to end up on my back with him inside me.

An erotic thrill shot through me at that thought and it was all I could do to shut the door in his face. I looked through the peephole to see himself still standing in front of the door, he looked left and right to see if anyone else was around and then he stroked his cock through his pants before going back inside.

I turned around and slumped to the floor, my robe falling open as I did so. I stared down at the impossible sight of my bountiful female form. My mind kept replaying the encounter with Jake, I realized I had been that close to offering my new body to him. I drifted one of my slim hands down over my soft feminine curves, I let out a small gasp as it trapped one of my nipples in between my fingers. They were so sensitive, it was like having two miniature pricks on my chest.

Reluctantly I let go of my breasts and sent my hand over my curving belly to my new sex nestled between my legs. Like virtually all men I suppose, I have a fear of castration, but somehow I felt I had gained far more than I had lost. I slipped a finger between my strange new pair of lips. It felt totally alien to be able to put my finger in there. I ran my finger up the length of my cunt until I came to my clitoris.

I got a strong erotic thrill from my clit and I started to rub it. My barely subdued sex urge started to build even higher than before and I spread my legs and dropped my other hand to my vagina and slipped my forefinger into it as far as it would go. A long low sexy moan escaped from my mouth, this was more intense than anything I had ever experienced. The walls of my vagina parted for my fingers, so this is what it felt like to be on the receiving end.

While I was receiving indescribable pleasure from my hands I knew somehow that a real man could make it feel ten times better. I imagined my fingers were Jake’s thick cock. Thrusting deep into me, his weight between my legs. “Fuck me,” I demanded of my invisible lover. “Fuck your little slut!” The sound of a woman having her brains fucked out, sent me over the edge and I had my first female orgasm. Cunt juice drenched my hands and I shuddered as wave after wave of intense pleasure coursed through my body.

The sensations took longer to die away and I laid there on the floor, absentmindedly smelling my fingers. Wandering if this what life would mean for me from now on. Just an hour before I’d been a man with a good job, now I was little better than a whore. As the hopelessness of the situation became apparent I started to cry, something I hadn’t done for years.

After several minutes I finally managed to get control of myself and I climbed slightly unsteadily to my feet and went to the window. It was a clear moonlit night and as I looked down at the city I wondered how I could survive there in this body. In this body I had no means of identity, which meant I couldn’t get any but the most menial low paid jobs. I pulled the robe tight around me to hide my strange new body, but I could feel the strange softness of my skin, my wide hips and bobbing sensuous breasts.

At this point I had decided to deal with the situation in one of the few ways left to me. I got drunk. In the space of half an hour I’d worked my way through enough whisky to kill a horse and I was completely out of it. My last coherent memory of that night is singing along to a Blondie record on the radio at the top of my voice.


Someone was using a pick axe on my head when I woke up the next morning. I rolled off the couch I had collapsed on and got very unsteadily to my feet, why the hell had I suddenly gone and drunk that much? I racked my brains, a feeling of fear and something to do with Jake? I noticed how late I was and started running around for my clothes, I stopped in front of the mirror and felt a huge sense of relief at my reflection. I looked more closely, I couldn’t see what the relief was about, I was my normal male self.

I got dressed and shaved, I decided to skip breakfast. I was rushing out the door just in time to see Jake Kilburn leaving for work as well. I had a strange memory of him staring at my huge breasts. Huge breasts? I certainly had had too much to drink the previous night.

He smiled, “Hiya Tom, doesn’t look like you had much sleep. Did she keep you up all night.”

He HAD seen me as a girl! It wasn’t some drink induced dream! My memory flooded back, I had turned into a nymphomaniac the night before. I recovered enough to give a small smile and managed to say I was late for work and fled to my car.

I sat in my car for several minutes thinking furiously. I had become a woman the night before, Jake had seen me so I knew it wasn’t me just going mad. But how? And why did I turn back again in the morning?

The moon. That was it, the moon had been full last night, but surely I should have turned into a wolf rather than a buxom woman? And when had I been bitten? I looked down at the car seat and then I remembered when I and Heather had made love in the car a month before. She had bitten my ear AND the moon had been full then as well.

Werewolves were supposed to pass on their curse with a bite, maybe Heather was some form of Werewoman? I’d never heard of a Were- woman, but it was the only explanation that fitted all of the facts. Whatever the case I had to find out how to defeat the curse before it happened again, next time I might not be able to control myself and I might end up having sex with a man. I phoned in sick to the office and drove down to the nearest public library.

I ended up with two dozen books about the supernatural and one on astronomy. I soon learned that virtually every part of the Earth had legends about shapechangers. Werewolves had become popular in the West, but there were stories about men being changed into just about every species on the face of the planet.

There were stories about people changing sex too, a lot of them were from ancient Greece. One of those stories was about a guy called Tiresias who got turned into a woman for watching two snakes have sex. Several hours into my search I did come across an old reference from Medieval England where a supposed witch was burned at the stake. Not really that unusual for the time, but apparently the witch disguised herself as a man except on nights of the full moon. If this report was accurate then this poor man had been another Werewoman.

My stomach growled loudly, I looked up and noticed most of the day was gone, I had spent nearly six hours in the library. I collected up the supernatural books and I took the astronomy book to flip through later.

On the way home I stopped off at a Burger King for some food, I never did like cooking myself. I read the astronomy book being careful not to get grease on it. I had nearly finished when I read something that stopped me dead, I had assumed that there was only one night of a full moon a month. The book pointed out that each full moon lasts over roughly several days. I checked my watch, I still had a couple of hours before I changed again. I couldn’t live a normal life like this, with me changing sex several nights a month. What would any girlfriend say?

I had to find Heather, she had to know more about what was going on and whether there was a cure or not. But the only time I would be able to recognize Heather was during a full moon, at any other time she would look completely different, she could even be a man the rest of the time like me. So my only hope to find her would be to go out to the bar where I first met her a month ago and I’d have to go as a woman.

Fifteen minutes later I was walking self-consciously through the women’s clothing section of a major department store. I couldn’t work out what I needed and finally approached a store assistant. I span out some story about wanting to surprise my girlfriend with an outfit for her, but it sounded lame even to me. She showed me a selection of clothes and lingerie and I picked out some stuff almost by instinct, the clothing was revealing but it seemed that was what some inner part of me wanted.

I had to guess the sizes, but it turned out I got it nearly spot on. Maybe my feminine part of me knew what it needed. She bagged up the clothes and passed them over to me with the words, “It’s alright. If you need anymore clothes for yourself, come back and ask for me. Here have these on me.” She gave me a small makeup kit in its own small handbag with a sincere smile, it was just a small sample kit but I was warmed by the gesture. I was going to need makeup or so I thought at the time. Really, all I needed was pants, a top that fitted and a bra to keep my breasts in place, but it was like some corner of my mind demanded I go the whole way. I thanked her and left, I could hardly contradict her. After all, the lacy underwear and revealing skirts were for me. I suppose I should consider myself lucky the woman was sympathetic to transvestites.

I made one further stop to buy some shoes, again I seemed to know what size I needed. But I went and bought a pair of black shoes with a three inch heel. I didn’t even think about how impracticable they were till I was on my way home.

I got home just as dusk was falling, I scrambled out of my clothes and just sat there in the growing dark waiting for the inevitable. Mixed in with the dread I felt a strange excitement, was I already getting addicted to my new state?

Shortly the moon climbed above the horizon and the familiar tingling began again. I rushed into the bathroom and stared in the mirror and watched as my features were replaced by someone else’s. My face was already softer and my five o’clock shadow had gone. My lips swelled slightly, become full and luscious, my nose and chin became far more refined at the same time.

My heavy breasts were returning, quickly they sprouted and grew to their full abundant size. I staggered as my pelvis rearranged itself into the female shape designed for child bearing and I watched as my penis and testicles shrank and retracted into my body. I reached down with a hand that was as feminine as the rest of me and stroked the lips of my pussy. As I did so I felt a sharp stab of desire, I pushed it away. I realized I might enjoy using my female body but I’d regret it bitterly when I became a man again. I walked back to the bag of female clothes, I tried to make my walk as feminine as possible and I swayed my hips.

First things first, underwear. The assistant at the shop had picked out a beautiful pink bra and panties set made out of silk and lace. In my new form I thought they were lovely and I couldn’t wait to get into them. I drew the panties up my long shapely legs and up around my new crotch. My ass was a lot bigger and softer than what I was use to and the cool silk felt very erotic against it. Next came the bra which I found fairly difficult to do up, I could barely reach the clasps at the back and my boobs kept falling out. Eventually I had to lay my boobs on the couch to manage it. The bra certainly kept them under control, the bra also felt very sexy on my sensitive breasts and I had to admire myself in the mirror. I put myself through some classic pin-up positions.

I had to consciously stop myself before I went too far and lost control. I went back into the other room and pulled out the suspender belt and stockings. I didn’t know if women wore them under or over panties, but I decided that on top of my panties would be all right. I did the suspender belt on and then tries to put on the stockings, I ruined the first pair trying to pull them up like socks. With the second pair I slowly worked them on, until they reached my thighs. I had never worn anything as erotic as stockings before. They felt like a second skin, and they made a swishing noise as they moved together I had always liked from the women I had dated.

Finally I went through the outfits I had bought, all of them were tight, sexy and would show my curves off to maximum effect. I had bought three skirts and four tops, but it was the dress I went for. It was short, black and on my figure it would turn any man on. Of course if I had been thinking straight this is the last thing I would want to do, I’d want to melt into the background, undisturbed until I found Heather. But my female body came with its own set of desires and strong emotions, and I don’t really think I was aware that I was dressing to attract men.

Anyway, I struggled into the dress and pulled it straight until it just covered my stocking tops. Finally, I slipped the high-heeled shoes on and practiced walking in them. I nearly fell over several times and my toes hurt, but it was worth it. Slowly I swayed back to the mirror, I was fantastic and beautiful. I kept practicing and soon I could walk fairly well in them, but not as fast as I had seen some women go in them. The only makeup I put on was some lipstick, applying it seemed the most feminine thing I had ever done, I was starting to lose a grip on my maleness.

I brushed my long hair out, which took longer than I expected and then stood back in front of the mirror. I was ready for anything, or so I thought. I didn’t trust my co-ordination enough to drive in my car, so I hired a cab. There was a company running that was driven entirely by women, for women.

It arrived some quarter of an hour later and I left my apartment, dropping the keys with some money into the handbag. I took the lift down and passed several people, I was afraid that they would realise I was a man. Of course, I needn’t have worried, at that moment I was physically 100% female. The only second looks I got was from a couple of men admiring me, I couldn’t help but feel flattered as I walked past them. I mentally pushed that thought down, if I ever wanted to go back to being a man all the time I had to stay in control.

The taxi driver wasn’t suspicious of me either and I told her the name of the bar where I had met Heather. “So,” she said. “Are you meeting your boyfriend tonight?”

The idea of having a boyfriend repelled and excited me at the same time. “No, I don’t have one at the moment.” I managed to reply.

“Free and single, huh? Lucky you!” She then went on to tell me what a moron her boyfriend was and how crass men were in general.

“Well, they’re not all bad.” I replied, I had to defend my gender, didn’t I.

“Listen, sister. Men are arrogant idiots at heart, some can hide it better than most. You just be careful, okay.”

I said I would and soon we were at the bar, I paid her and wished her luck sorting out her boyfriend. She laughed, said goodbye and drove off leaving me alone in front of a bar full of men. All of whom would probably try to pick me up and the chances of Heather being there were very small. But I had to try, otherwise I would never be free of the curse.

I pushed open the door and entered the bar.


As I entered the bar I found it impossible to shake the idea that everyone would see a man in drag. I looked down to see my breasts nestled in my tight black dress, even now I could not believe they were a part of me. As I came through the door, several pairs of eyes looked in my direction, more than a few stayed to admire my curvy, feminine body.

I smiled at the attention and could not help but wonder what they would like to do to me. I mentally shook myself, keep your mind on the job in hand. I looked over to the table where a month before I had picked up Heather. If you had told me then I’d soon find myself on the other side of the gender divide I would have laughed at you.

A quick scan of the room failed to find Heather, it looked like my gamble had failed. I was not prepared to give up yet though, Heather was my only chance to get rid of this curse that turned me into a buxom nymphomaniac. I decided to check the women’s restroom in case she was in there and to get away from the eyes of the men in the bar.

There was only one other women in the restroom, she was a fairly pretty blonde checking her makeup in the mirror. She smiled at me and I smiled back, I felt a bit of an invader in there. It was a lot cleaner and smelled better than the men’s restroom. I locked myself in a stall and managed to calm down a bit.

A few minutes later I felt strong enough to re-enter the bar and get a drink. I ordered a non-alcoholic cocktail, if I had a bad time keeping control now I’d have no chance drunk. I settled into a secluded booth on the far wall to wait for Heather to show. It was only ten minutes till someone tried to pick me up.

“Hello there, are you on your own?” I looked over at him, early twenties, reasonable well built, with quite an attractive face. My first instinct was to tell him to get lost, but something stopped me.

“Hi, yeah I’m afraid so. I’m Tina, have a seat.” I was utterly surprised at the words coming out of my mouth, Tina? Well I suppose he would have found a girl called Tom a little odd.

He gratefully accepted my offer and settled onto the seat next to me. “I’m Sean, I haven’t seen you here before, have I?”

“Um, no I’ve just moved into the neighborhood.” I tried to turn the conversation away from me, I hadn’t planned for this and had no cover story worked out. “So what do you do?”

“Oh, I work in a bank, it’s dull but pays my bills. How about you? I bet you’re a model.”

I blushed, I could just see myself on a catwalk parading some outrageous new fashion. “Nothing quite so exciting, I’m a secretary myself.”

We started chatting about everything, Sean and I had similar tastes, in more normal circumstances we could have become friends. But this was different, I knew what Sean was attempting to do and I was letting him. As the evening passed we got closer and closer, a part of me tried to back off but the rest of me was lost in my new feminine body.

When I could I’d scan the bar, but I didn’t see Heather. At about 10:30 the moment I’d been dreading happened. By now he had his arm around me, I found it quite comforting. The small remaining male part of my mind couldn’t believe what was happening, here I was being cuddled by a man and enjoying it! He reached over with his free hand and gently ran it along my soft cheek.

“You are so beautiful, Tina.” He smiled at me again, looking at the hard bumps of my nipples clearly visible through my dress, he knew how ready and willing I was even if I couldn’t accept it myself. “Would you like to go somewhere quieter, more intimate?”

At the back of mind I tried to take control and get away from Sean, but I simply didn’t have the willpower. I nodded, “Yes, I’d like that, Sean.”

He leaned over and I could smell his aftershave, it was the same brand I used. His lips touched mine and I parted my lips to his inquisitive tongue, it felt so good. I felt a pressure at my breast as his hand gently massaged it, I was so aroused by now I would have gladly made love to him right there in the bar.

He drew back and looked at me, I can guess what he saw. A beautiful, willing, young woman. Her face flushed with excitement, lips parted and breathing heavily, causing her ample bosom to rise and fall seductively. I know what I would have done in his position, hell I had with Heather a month before.

We stood up and walked out into the crisp, moonlit night arm in arm. His car was in the same car park as mine had been a month before. I managed to hold off from him as we drove away, the parallels between me and Heather were too disturbing.

He lived only a block away from my apartment, I used to pass his building every day on my way to work. As we rode up in the elevator we just stared hungrily at each other, my treacherous body demanding I give in to his every desire. Before his front door had shut properly he had already clasped me to him in a strong embrace.

My breasts were crushed against his wide chest as I reached up for another kiss. I yearned to have him in me, already I was wet and had soaked my panties. His hand slowly drifted down my back and soon I could feel him kneading the soft cheeks of my ass. He turned me around so I had my back to him and raised my dress. I wondered what he was up to and then I felt his hand slipping inside my panties.

My legs almost gave way as he touched my pussy, fortunately he held me upright with his other arm and proceeded to masturbate me. It was so intense, I was totally lost. As the waves of pleasure crashed down on me I could here my high feminine voice gasping.

His fingers slipped in and out of my slippery cunt, rubbing my clitoris with each pass. It was so different from the feelings I got when masturbating as a man, rather than being centered on one area the erotic sensations spread through my whole body. My nipples were so erect I thought they would burst out of my dress, I touched my breasts which still felt alien and huge, but very erotic. I rubbed and teased my nipples as Sean continued to work at my pussy and the erotic sensations doubled in intensity. I heard myself screaming as my orgasm hit me.

Again it seemed to last much longer than my male orgasm, I could do no more than lay there in his arms as the waves pulsed through my body. Slowly I came back to my senses, Sean still held me tightly while slowly rubbing my pussy. I could feel a hard lump in my back and realised it was Sean’s cock, ready and eager to possess me.

Despite having an orgasm, I was still filled with desire and I wanted him to fill me up. I turned around and kissed him long and hard, then I whispered in his ear, “Take me, Sean.”

He smiled and quickly pulled the dress over my head, I was working frantically at his belt, I finally got it free and I yanked down his pants. He pulled off his shirt and then virtually tore my bra off, leaving my ample breasts bobbing in his face. His eyes nearly popped out of his head at the sight of them and he eagerly took an engorged nipple into his mouth. I leaned my head back and let out a long low moan of pleasure, I don’t know how long he was chewing on my nipples.

Finally, he turned me around to face away from him, undid my suspenders and pulled down my panties. I could guess what was coming next and I knelt on the bed, with my cute ass pointing at him. I heard a rustle as he dropped his boxer shorts and then he moved up behind me and he rubbed the outside of my pussy with his red, hard cock. I was aching for it, there was nothing I wanted in the whole world except to be impaled on his hot length.

Slowly, teasingly, he edged his cock into my pussy. It felt huge, I couldn’t believe it fitted in my new vagina, but it felt so right. I felt complete for the first time in my life.

He reached round and held one of my breasts in each hand. I was saying “Do it!” urgently. And he did. In one smooth motion he slid his manhood deep into me. I had a sudden moment of clarity, here I was a man, being fucked by another man, with his cock filling my quivering pussy and his strong hands gripping my firm tits.

I felt him start to pull out of me and I was about to protest when he thrust strongly back into me. I lost it at this point and came. This orgasm was even more intense than the first and I gripped his cock with my vagina and it was only through good control that he didn’t cum as well. I had died and gone to heaven and still it went on. He pounded my dainty body and dug his fingers into my breasts.

I think I came two more times before Sean had his orgasm, by this point simple arithmetic was far beyond my abilities. Finally however, as I was enjoying my fourth orgasm of the night, he tensed and I felt his cock quiver and start to pulse as he shot his seed towards my womb.

I should have been more careful I know. I had no idea what would happen if I got pregnant, would I stay pregnant as a man, or would I only be pregnant on nights of the full moon. Fortunately I didn’t get knocked up from this encounter, which I can only put down to luck.

Anyway we collapsed together on his bed, totally exhausted. We continued with some gentle loveplay for several more hours, during which time he mounted me twice. I was a woman and glad, I could remember little else.

Finally, we drifted off to sleep entwined in each other’s arms.


It was the early morning sun shining in through a crack in the curtains that woke me up. I looked drowsily around not recognizing anything, where the hell was I?

I felt a weight around my waist and looked down to see an arm. A thick, hairy arm.

Suddenly I was wide awake. I thank God to this day that I didn’t follow my instincts and leap out of bed. A quick glance quickly confirmed I was back to my male self. For the first time I regretted changing back, if Sean woke up with me now he’d kill me. He was still snoring away, so I started to slowly edge out of bed. Moving his arm without waking him up was especially nerve wracking, but after five minutes I had managed it.

I looked back down at the bed and saw Sean’s sleeping form, the sheet was pulled back exposing his well endowed cock. I felt a little strange as I though about where it had been the night before, but my own cock reacted and pumped half-erect. I looked around for my clothes, they were scattered all around the room, I winced when I remembered I had entered wearing panties, bra and a dress. I couldn’t go back dressed like that, of course. I was going to have to take some of Sean’s stuff, a quick search revealed a sweat stained T-shirt and running shorts in the corner. I quickly slipped them on and wrapped my high heels, lingerie and purse in the black dress. At one point Sean groaned and rolled over but thankfully he didn’t wake up.

I quietly left his apartment and jogged the short way home, barefoot in the cool, early morning air. I was shaking by the time I got back to my own apartment, I changed into some of my own clothes and sat down on the couch with a beer to steady my nerves. As I sat there I tried to analyse my feelings, thinking about the night before caused me to become aroused again and I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock free.

As I stroked my cock I remembered the sensations of Sean’s rough hands on my soft breasts and between my legs. It wasn’t long before I came into my hand. It cleared my mind somewhat and I knew that if I was going to get rid of this curse I was going to have to do it soon before I became addicted to my female body. I showered and went off to work, I didn’t get much done, but if I hadn’t shown up it would have gone down in my record and hurt my future promotion chances.

The day crawled by, I didn’t get much work done as my mind kept drifting back to the royal fucking I had got the night before. What I couldn’t reconcile was that I was a heterosexual male who had been made love to as a woman and I wanted more of it, lots more.

That evening I wore a tracksuit with a T-shirt, they wouldn’t look that unusual on a woman when I changed. I struggled into a pair of white panties and a bra, they were too tight on my male body, but I’d need the support later. In the growing twilight I parked across the road from the bar where I had met Heather. I couldn’t go in case Sean was there and I couldn’t guarantee I wouldn’t go off with the first man who chatted me up.

About fifteen minutes later the moon rose above the horizon and the now familiar feeling of transformation coursed through my body. My breasts grew out to fill my bra cups and my scalp tingled as my hair grew longer. I deliberately tried to concentrate on anything but my body, already I could feel stirrings of arousal deep inside me. So started my vigil.

By the end of three hours I was near breaking point, I was so horny I would have fucked anyone or anything. I was almost at the point of going into the bar and picking someone up. Then, at last, there she was, Heather.

I scrambled out of the car and ran across the road, heedless of the traffic and stopped in front of her, “Heather! Thank God I found you!”

She frowned, “I’m sorry, do I know you?”

“Yeah, but not like this. You picked me up a month back and bit my ear, remember.”

Her eyes widened and she put her hand to her mouth, “Tom? I’m so sorry. I had hoped the bite was too small to affect you.”

“Look, we need to talk about this. I don’t live too far away, my car is just over there.”

She looked around her, “Yeah, the streets are not that safe at night.” She followed me back to the car, the seatbelt wasn’t designed with breasts in mind and was fairly uncomfortable. I drove back slowly, last thing I needed was to be pulled over by the cops without a driving license. Heather was obviously embarrassed and ashamed over what had happened to me, she kept quiet on the way back to my apartment.

I was grateful to get back home, the need for sex was growing and I was constantly aroused, I wondered if Heather was in the same position. For now though I could keep myself under control. I pulled two beers out of the refrigerator, handed one to her and we both sat on the couch. “How did you get the curse?” I asked.

“I was much younger than you when I was bitten, about sixteen years old.” She said. “My family was on a camping holiday and one evening as I made my way back to the tent I shared with my sister I came across this woman. She was dressed in shirt and jeans and they obviously didn’t fit her.

“She took one look at me and then she ripped off her shirt and I got a hard on staring at her bare breasts. Yeah, I’m a man just like you. My name is Harry Mulligan, I suppose most people bitten are men, considering what beautiful women we turn into. Anyway she grabbed me pulled my clothes off, dropped her jeans and climbed on top of me, it was the first time I had been with a woman and she took total control.

“Not surprisingly, I didn’t last long. When we had finished she reached down and kissed me for the first time, then she deliberately bit my lower lip, drawing blood. Then as I was getting a tissue from my pocket, she just disappeared into the night. Well, the next day my lip had healed and I never saw her again. Over the next month I fantasized about her all the time, well what male teenager wouldn’t.

“The first time I became a girl I was out with my mates, when the change came over me. I looked down to see two huge tits stretching my shirt to breaking point. I got away from my mates before they saw what had happened, then I panicked. I remember seeing my reflection in a shop window, I was a beautiful young girl. Then I came across a gang out getting drunk and they taunted me as they would any girl. Of course, I didn’t react the same as other girls. I found myself getting really turned on and I ended up being fucked by all of them.

“The next day, I changed back of course and I was disgusted about what I had done, but come the next evening I had sneaked out of the house with one of my sister’s dresses. I was a bit more endowed than her but I struggled into it and I went off for another night of sex. I was hooked, is it the same for you?”

I sighed, “yeah, last night I was waiting for you in the bar. I got picked up by some guy called Sean and went back to his place.” My face felt hot as I blushed.

“Sean? Oh yeah, he’s good.” Heather said with a wide smile. “Did he take you doggie style? He loves that.” She saw the embarrassed look on my face, “Don’t worry, it’s the way the curse affects us. I’ve learned to live with it. For most of the month I’m a normal heterosexual businessman, but for two or three nights a month I’m a sexy woman begging for sex. I didn’t mean to do this to you, but you’ll get used to it.”

“I don’t want to get used to it!” I nearly shouted at her, “how am I supposed to have any sort of serious relationship with a woman?”

“True,” she sighed. “I managed to hide it from my wife with the excuse of business trips. She got suspicious, had me followed and they saw Heather leaving my hotel room. She divorced me soon after, what could I say. She wouldn’t have been able to handle the truth.”

“But there must be some way to remove the curse!”

“Well, when I went to university, it was easier to become Heather, no one noticed the extra girl. Anyway, one night me and this guy I’d picked up wondered into this antique shop run by some ancient Scotsman. When we entered the shop he started looking at me strangely, I put it down to him lusting after young women. But then he came up to me and said, ‘that isn’t your body, is it lass?’ I said I didn’t know what he was talking about and quickly left, but curiosity drew me back the next day.

“He recognised me instantly, even though I was back in my male body. I admitted that I did change into a girl each full moon and he said he had heard about Werewoman but had never hoped to find one. Apparently he dabbled in pagan magic, throughout the rest of my time at university I’d visit him now and then. He told me once that there was a cure, but it was dangerous, the chance of success was only about 1 in 3. If it had been easy to cure me I might have taken it, but I didn’t mind the small amounts of time I spent female enough to take such a risk.

“Do you think he is still alive?” I asked with hope in my voice. At last there was a chance I could get rid of the curse before I had another encounter like the one with Sean.

“Well, I last saw him about ten years ago. We could go over and find out, but this cure could be worst than the curse if it backfires.” Heather warned me.

“I’ve got to do this, please Heather.”

“Alright, we’ll work something out. Look, I’ve got to get back to the bar, I’m really starting to need it again and I expect you do to.”

She was right, my nipples were hard and pushing into the soft cups of my bra. Between my legs, I could feel an erotic wetness, I knew that what ever objections I had this body would soon drive me to find someone, anyone, to fuck. An idea popped into my head, I reached over and put my hand on her arm. “Why not stay here?” I said in a husky voice.

She opened her mouth to answer, closed it again and finally said, “why not.”

She leaned over and we were kissing. There was little of the guilt at the back of mind that I had when I was with Sean. Sure she was normally a guy, but at that moment she was all woman. She broke the kiss and we stripped each others clothes off. She pushed me onto my back, kneeled over me and started to lick my pussy. She was good, I was gasping with passion almost instantly. I looked up to see Heather’s pussy above my face. I ran my tongue along her lips, she quivered with pleasure and we rode each other to quick, but powerful orgasms.

We went at all night, we would take turns with the dominant role, sometimes we would just kiss and cuddle each other. I noticed how we could go for longer than any normal human could manage, another effect of the curse, perhaps. We were in our favorite sixty-nine position, with Heather on top as the sun rose the next day. The familiar rush hit us both, her clitoris grew into a raging seven inch prick which, I’m ashamed to say I continued to suck. My own body rearranged itself to its male state and Heather/Harry sucked on my cock as I licked his. Our female bodies had been highly aroused, so when we changed back our male bodies were just as aroused.

We were still unable to control ourselves and I enjoyed the feeling of a huge cock filling my mouth. Harry was proving he was as good at cock sucking as at cunt licking and it wasn’t long till I felt his cock start to pulse. Harry groaned and flooded my throat with copious amounts of semen, which I swallowed hungrily and then Harry’s licking caused my own prick to cum strongly in his mouth.

We rolled away from each other, both of us self conscious of being with a naked man. I gave Harry some of my clothes and we quickly dressed. Over breakfast we made the arrangements, Harry would go to find the old man and call me when he found him.

“Just don’t take to long,” I told him. “I don’t think I can stand to go through this again.”

“Yeah, sorry for last night. I should have stopped when we changed back.”

“I don’t mean that, we were too turned on to help ourselves. The real problem is my lack of control as a woman, I spread my legs for anyone.”

“I was like that at first, after a few months you’ll be able to keep some measure of control. But you’ll never be able to stop it completely.” He told me. “I have some important commitments next week at work, but I should be able to find him before the next full moon.”

And soon he was gone, I have to admire him, being able to put up with all that’s happened to him. He had accepted his curse, learned to enjoy it. I just hoped I wouldn’t end up like that, my male self was repulsed by the things I had done as a woman, but already a part of me wanted to experience it again.


The next few weeks were startlingly normal and at times I’d almost forget what happened to me, though several times I caught myself feeling my cock, daydreaming about Sean pumping powerfully into me, or Heather’s pussy inches from my face. At night I’d masturbate over these events, my particular favorite was the feeling of Harry’s cock filling my mouth up. After I came I’d always be more than slightly disturbed by my thoughts, was the curse affecting me even when I was a man? Or had I always been secretly bisexual.

I’d watch the Moon in the sky shrink night after night to a thin sliver of silver and then start to grow again. Each night bringing me closer to the time I’d become Tina again.

It was two days before the next full moon when Harry finally got in touch, “What took you so long?” I demanded.

“It wasn’t easy to find him, he seems to move shop every few years. I think he’s doing it to cover his tracks for some reason.”

“Well, will he help me?”

“He’s very dubious, he says it isn’t safe and you shouldn’t risk it. But he will help you.” He gave me an address and told me to be there on the afternoon before the full moon.

I was on the first flight east the next morning. I had packed my female clothes into a corner of my suitcase, just in case it didn’t work. It took me a while but I tracked down the shop that afternoon, but it was shut. Looking through the window, I saw what looked like a pile of junk. I doubted he’d ever sell any of it.

That night I couldn’t sleep, tomorrow this nightmare would be over.

I didn’t leave the hotel till the following afternoon, I packed my dress, underwear and shoes into a carrier bag just in case the old man turned out to be the crank he seemed to be. The shop was open and I entered, the door ringing a bell as I did so. Harry was nowhere to be seen.

“I’m just comin'” came a voice from behind the counter, the voice had a thick Scottish accent. He walked in from the back storeroom, I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting. He was about six foot tall and looked to be over sixty-five, but he seemed strong and healthy. His face was surrounded by an explosion of white hair.

“Can I help yer, Sir…” He started, then he trailed off and stared at me, “Ah, you’ll be the man with the wee problem.”

I felt a little uncomfortable in his gaze, “Umm .. yeah, that’s right. I suppose Harry has filled you in, where is he by the way.”

“Ah, he’s upstairs settin’ up the room we going to use breaking the curse. Now laddie, has Harry told you of the dangers?”

“Yes, but I can’t live like that, I like to be in control and when I’m changed, I just can’t stop myself.”

“Well, you see. There are many different types of shape-changers and they all date from before history began, when things were more primal, less civilized if you like.”

He led me upstairs and into a room on the back of the shop, all the furniture had been cleared out. On the floorboards an intricate design had been painted. In the center of the design was a small empty circle, Harry was by the window, he smiled as I entered. “Hi, Tom. According to Angus we’re nearly ready.”

“I’ll just get the candles,” said the imposing Scotsman and then he was back off downstairs.

I walked over to Harry being careful not to step on the design. “Angus?”

“Well, that’s what I call him. He won’t tell me his real name, that’s why I had so much trouble finding him, every time he moves to a new shop he changes his name. I’ll tell you one thing that hasn’t changed. He’s doesn’t look a day older than when I first met him ten years ago.”

“Oh come on,” I scoffed. “It’s just your imagination playing tricks.”

“Really? I’m not so sure. He knows a lot more than any ordinary eccentric would. Are you sure you want to go through with this? According to Angus we’re going to summon up some ancient god and it is supposed to be untrustworthy.”

“He is not a god, just a forest spirit.” Said Angus returning with an arm load of candles. “And he’s not untrustworthy, he just has a very advanced sense of humor.” He began arranging the candles at points throughout the pattern on the floor. “Legend has it that he was originally responsible for the curse. A lowly farmer’s son and the local chieftain’s daughter fell in love, o’ course such a union would be frowned upon. So he used to climb into the chieftain’s stronghold to meet her in secret (which he could only see well enough to do under the light of the full moon). one night he was almost recognized and he knew it was only a matter of time before he was caught and killed. So he appealed to one of the forest spirits for a disguise so he wouldn’t be recognized.”

“And the spirit’s answer was to turn him into a Werewoman,” I said. “Some sense of humor!”

“Well, these spirits are not the most balanced of beings. Which is why I think you should reconsider, young lad.”

“No my mind’s made up. I have to do this.”

“Very well then. Harry wait downstairs, I don’t want the spirit to get confused.”

Harry agreed and left closing the door. Outside the twilight was darkening towards night. Angus finished arranging the candles and started to light them. When he had finished he gestured to me.

“Right laddie, take your clothes off. All of them, mind you. Then sit crossed legged in the middle circle.”

I felt very self-conscious undressing in front of him but I had to trust him if I was ever to break the curse. I did as I was told, then I felt his hand on my forehead and I drifted into some sort of trance. I was fully aware of what was going on, but I felt somewhat detached from it.

Half an hour passed, Angus was muttering something under his breath, it sounded like a chant. Then the now familiar rush came over me and I felt my body rearrange itself. I felt my hips widen and I looked down to see my male equipment withdrawing into my body. In my trance I watched with a cool disinterest. Then my full breasts blossomed again on my chest.

Angus looked at me. “Here’s the tricky part,” he said. He started some incantations in a language that didn’t sound vaguely human and the lines of the pattern glowed bright blue. Something appeared at the edge of the room, a swirling mass of leaves. Angus spoke to it in the same strange language and the whirlwind answered him.

After about ten minutes of this Angus withdrew to the other side of the room and the whirlwind moved to the side of the pattern and touched it. The blue color quickly changed to green and I felt my body rearranging itself again, but into what I didn’t know. I could no longer move.

Suddenly all the candles went out and the rustling sound died away. Angus switched on the light and touched my forehead again, suddenly I was back out of my trance. I looked down at my body, fearful at what I might find. To my utter relief I was my normal male self, I checked every part of me and everything was as it should be. I climbed unsteadily to my feet, noticing that the pattern on the floor had vanished and looked out of the window at the full Moon. “IT WORKED! Thank you so much, Angus. I owe you one.”

“Aye, it seems to have worked. But don’t thank me yet, the spirit might have taken the curse away, but it might have added something. So be careful over the next few weeks.”

I was so happy I barely heard him. I struggled into my boxer shorts and ran downstairs to find Harry, I ran into one of the back rooms to find a women in his clothes. “Heather! It worked!”

She was amazed and I was so happy I swept her up in my arms and kissed her. I pulled back to notice she was very turned on, the curse was still working on her, of course. I gave her the female clothes I had brought for me, I wasn’t going to need them again after all and invited her back to my hotel room. Angus rolled his eyes, “that’s all you think about isn’t it?” He said from the doorway.

I quickly put on my clothes and thanked him again. He said it was worth it for the experience, but that if the spirit had done something he could not help me any more. Neither of us were really thinking straight, I was too happy and Heather was too turned on. We virtually ran back to the hotel and screwed all night.

We finally drifted off to sleep at about 4:00 am.

When I woke up, it was just before sunrise. I got out of bed to watch it rise, I had a glorious view from my window. It was as the last part of the sun climbed above the horizon that I felt a tingling start all over my body.

I looked down to see the hair on my chest begin to recede back into my body, “NO!” I shouted in a voice that was already higher than it should have been. My shout woke Heather who was in the process of turning back into a man. She watched horrified as my breasts grew and my skin became softer. I reached between my legs but my penis had already gone, replaced by a feminine slit.

I think I fainted then because the next thing I remember is waking up on the bed with a concerned looking Harry leaning over me. It was just a dream I thought, but I could feel the soft mounds of my tits resting on my chest. “What happened?” I asked in my soft girlish voice.

“The spirit must have tricked you, at a guess I’d say you’re now a sort of Wereman.” he said. I couldn’t take this, it was far worse than just changing a few nights a month, now I’d be a woman all my life EXCEPT for those few nights. I’d have to learn to live full time as a woman, and I could feel my sex urge returning. I started to cry and Harry instinctively cradled me in his arms, I felt safer in his embrace and soon I managed to stifle the tears. “What am I going to do. I can’t go back home like this, where will I go? I can’t get a job, because I have no birth certificate or qualifications in this body.”

His strong hands rubbed my back and I felt myself becoming aroused, my nipples stuck out like spikes and my hand drifted down to his cock. To find him aroused and ready and I remembered what his prick had tasted like the previous time. I dropped to my knees and took him into my mouth, I was rewarded by bringing him fully erect.

I licked and sucked on his hard penis, he pulled me off before he came and pushed be onto my back on the bed. He put one hand between my legs and of course I was already wet. He rolled between my legs and I reached down to grasp his long, hard cock and guide it into me. I gasped and moaned with pleasure at the exquisite feelings of penetration. Harry’s cock glided in and out of my pussy and I reveled in the sensations. I knew that this was my lot from now on, I would take the passive role, opening my legs to allow men to fuck me. Rather than becoming hard, I would soften and open my legs to my lovers.

I wrapped my legs around him, so I could pull him in as deep as possible with each thrust. I had several explosive orgasms before he came strongly inside me.

It was as we were lying together afterwards that he made the suggestion, obviously I couldn’t go home. But he earned more than enough money to support both of us and we seemed made for each other now…

The thought astonished me, I knew I had very few options and this was the best one. And he was right, we were made for each other, when he was male I’d be female and when I was male he would be female.

I never went back home, instead Harry took me to his house. He was very well paid by the look of the house. That evening I did turn back into a man with the full moon and I spent the evening making love to Heather. After the full moon had finished till the following month I had to get used to living twenty-four hours of the day as a beautiful woman. I learnt to control myself, but I was still turned on for most of the day. Harry pulled a few strings and managed to buy a new identity for me on the black market, he proposed the day he gave the documents to me.

By then I had been female for three weeks and my male self was receding into the background. I wanted to be with him and bear his children.

Harry had gone back to find Angus, but he had already moved on.

We were married a few months later, a quiet affair, mainly because I wouldn’t have been able to produce any relatives. But I did get a beautiful wedding dress to wear. I felt more feminine in that dress saying I do to Harry than I had ever before.

I noticed that when I turned back into a man, I still moved and talked in a feminine way, but I was still man enough to satisfy Heather. Seven months after my curse was reversed, I became pregnant. I was ecstatic, I was bearing Harry’s child. While pregnant, I didn’t change back to my old self during the full Moon and spent nine months straight in my female body. Harry was entranced with my pregnancy and he often spent ages feeling it move inside me. I won’t pretend the birth was easy, it felt like I was passing a bowling ball. But all of that was worth it for my son.

As I sit here now, it’s the middle of the night and I’m comforting my three month old son. It is the full moon and I’m back in my male body. It feels slightly odd and alien to me now, but I enjoy having the best of both worlds and I’m immensely happy I’m a beautiful woman most of the time. Harry (or Heather as he prefers to be called when female) is playing with my vibrator in our bedroom. Even though her breasts aren’t lactating she wants to feel what it’s like to breast- feed. And who am I to deny her the whole female experience.

I’m just trying to work out how to tell Heather that her son turns into her daughter three nights a month.



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