How do I know if I’m being watched by a demon? – Non-Fiction

Writer: Elaine Morgan

Subject: How do I know if I’m being watched by a demon?

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Well, I can only speak from my own experience here, so there may well be methods I know nothing off, but here is my take on this. You often don’t know! My sister would have people approach her in the street and tell her she had one following her and I believe at some point it transferred to me.

There was a random photo taken which clearly showed it on me … the picture was deleted by a friend who freaked out that it was on his camera. It is digital and I’m hoping one day someone will tell me how to retrieve it … anyway, here is what I did to rid myself of it. I visualized myself standing in Gods light all the time, I told it to leave in Jesus name.

I had total faith that this would solve the problem and, although it took doing these things constantly for several months, I believe it has now gone. How do I know? I feel it’s absence. It is the kind of thing one has to monitor though. I say to you that if you feel you are being targeted, then assume you are and put your trust in the Lord. If you have faith then you have no need to worry.

Sometimes, on days when I felt oppressed by it, I would say out loud.“ Even if you kill me in a brutal way, all you are taking is my life. My soul belongs to God and that you will never have!” I believe this really helped because it was true! It is your soul they want … to turn you through fear towards them. What do most of us fear? Death! So if you front this I think this takes away their power.

They have nothing to strive for if you are prepared to die and not let that fear tear you from The Lord God. Don’t play the game. Make your stand. Be strong in your belief that Jesus Christ is your savior and will shine His Light to dispel these evil things from your life. I hope and pray your question was just curiosity, but if not, good luck. You can do it though. Amen.


I had a friend that died in a single-car accident. I didn’t know much about his family. His oldest brother I discovered was a black magician. He wanted to blame me for his brother’s death even though the accident happened in a different town from the one I was in. He sent demons to hurt me. They are real.


Hi Roger … I believe you. It was my sister who sent one to me. Long story, fraught with betrayal and lies. It is, as you have read in my answer previously, entirely possible to rid yourself of it so don’t give up hope and try not to give it air time …. these things thrive on attention any way they can get it. Just focus on the Light, on prayer, and show no fear. It is through our weaknesses that they gain control. Have trust in the Lord…this is paramount. Eventually it will become bored that it’s getting nowhere and move on. The one good thing about facing something like this is that you know if they are real, then so is God and with His help you will be successful, so God bless you — I will pray for you my friend.

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