Feature Writer: mypenname3000 /
Feature Title: THE DEVIL’S PACT: CULT 6 /
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Story Codes: Mf, FF, ff, Ff, Teenagers, NC, Coercion, Incest, DomSub, MaleDom, Anal, Lactation, WS, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Doctor/Nurse, Violence /
Synopsis: The Ghost of Paris is dead, but he left behind a legacy. There are those who love him, who miss his touch, and will see him snatched out of the jaws of death in defiance of the Theocracy! Sequel to The Devil’s Pact, the Ghost of Paris /

The Devil’s Pact, the Cult of the Ghost – Chapter 6

The Ritual

Notes: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this. Thursday, July 17th, 2014 – Deidre Cheshire – Caissa County, ID

The shield rippled as another barrage of artillery slammed into it. Shells burst against it, sending shockwaves rippling through the green. It was eerie. I could see the fireballs lighting up the night sky, illuminating the farm, but the sound never reached us.

“Why does the shield let through light but not sound?” I asked Carla.

She shrugged. “You’re the expert, Deidre.”

I snorted. “If I’m the expert then we are in trouble. It doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. All this magic…” I sighed.

“The shield’s holding. I’m not detecting any weakening. We’ll be safe for months.”

I bit my lip, worry tightening. “We’ll last long enough to summon the Ghost.”

“And he’ll save us,” Carla smiled. “Right?”

Not in this life. “When Mark and Mary come, I don’t know how long the shield will hold.”

“Isn’t there a way to transport us? The Warlocks can enter the Shadows. Why not us?”

“I’ve read the book from cover to cover. There is nothing in there for our type of magic. We’re stuck here.”

“What happens when the barrier fails, Deidre?” Carla asked, laying her head on my shoulder. “What are you hiding from the rest of us?”

“We’ll be together,” I told her. “With the Ghost.”

Carla tightened her arm on my waist. “That doesn’t sound bad.”

“No,” I admitted. “It doesn’t sound bad.”

But it might very well be. I wanted to tell Carla. But a selfish voice held me back. We were so close to resurrecting the Ghost and freeing him from his torment. I didn’t want to take any chances and reveal our true fate.

“Doctor Savitri says Tammy’s fully dilated,” Ursula called out.

The cheerleader cradled her daughter Gabriella in her arms, wearing only her cheerleading skirt. Her heavy breasts swayed, nipples dark-red. She walked up to them, gazing at the shelling pounding the shields.

“It’s almost beautiful,” Ursula whispered.

“Almost,” I smiled. “Let’s go welcome the Ghost’s newest daughter.”

“Your sister’s about to be born,” Ursula cooed at her daughter. “Isn’t that wonderful? You and her are gonna be such good friends. All seven of you will be. And you’ll help us summon your pa. Doesn’t that sound amazin’?”

Gabriella let out a yawning coo.

“I thought so,” smiled Ursula and she kissed her daughter’s forehead. “Come on. Let’s go.”

Deidre let Carla pull her to the farmhouse. Lights flickered in the house. We were using our stock of Coleman lanterns and candles. The shield had severed the power line running to the house when it raised up.

In the living room, on a mattress, Tammy gasped and moaned. Her lover Cheryl-Lynn knelt beside her, gripping the sandy-blonde teen’s hand. Tammy’s face went red as she strained. The entirety of the cult was crowding into the living room, straining to watch the Ghost’s latest child being born.

A quiet hush fell. Only Cheryl-Lynn’s whispered encouragement, Tammy’s moans, and Dr. Savitri’s comments filled the room. “That’s it,” the Indian doctor whispered, kneeling between Tammy’s naked thighs. “Keep pushing. I can see the crown. Everything’s looking fine.”

“Yeessss!” Tammy groaned and her daughter was born.

Everyone cheered as Nurse Nevada washed the baby clean and handed her to Tammy. The teen mother cradled her daughter, tears streaming down her cheeks—they weren’t the only ones, my eyes flowed like the Rio Grande—as she gazed into her daughter’s eyes.

“Hello, Ophelia,” she cooed. “Ain’t you the most beautiful thing in the world?”

“Definitely,” Cheryl-Lynn beamed, kissing Tammy’s sweaty forehead. “You made a cute babe, darlin’.”

“Prepare the ritual,” I whispered to Carla. All seven daughters had been born. It wouldn’t be long now.


Friday, July 18th, 2014 – Carla Haroldson

The sun rose as I surveyed the farmyard. All the mattresses in the house had been dragged outside, piled together to form a giant bed. In the center they piled a circle of blankets and sheets. Around the mattresses, I had drawn a hexagon, furrowing the hard dirt. That had been hard, the dirt had been compacted by decades of heavy farm equipment. Then, casting a brief spell each time, I anchored each corner with an amulet.

Everything was ready for the ritual.

“Is this really gonna work?” Lizzy asked, setting her daughter Heather on the pile of sheets and comforters at the center. The innocent-looking blonde straightened up, her tits beading with milk, braces flashing on her teeth.

“It will,” I told her, pulling the cute teen to me, my heavy, naked breasts brushing her budding tits. “This is the start of summoning the Ghost.”

She smiled.

The other mothers walked out. Kelly placed Zelda, Latonya set down Remelda, and Ursula knelt and set Gabriella down. Rhonda May walked out with my Annabeth. I scooped my daughter up from the teen’s arms, beaming at my daughter and kissing her on the forehead, before I set her down with the others. Heather set Donna down next to my daughter and Tammy came last, placing her daughter between Zelda and Gabriella.

The Ghost’s daughters all cooed with delight with no idea that they were going to rescue their father from Hell. The other members of the Cult drifted out, all naked and lovely. The Ghost had great taste in women. Over the eight months we had lived on the farm, I had gotten to intimately know all thirty-two members of the cult.

Deidre was the last to emerge, her heavy breasts jiggling as she walked, tawny hair brushing her naked shoulders. A pendant glinted between her tits, seething with energy. The cult all fell on the mattress, pairing up, ready to begin the ritual to age the daughters.

We didn’t have time to let them grow up normally.

I pulled Deidre down to me, sucking on her breasts. Feminine moans filled the air as the other women and teens began to make love. Heather and Lizzy lay on their sides, their lips wrapped around each other’s breasts, nursing with hungry passion. Rhonda May and her twin worked a double-headed dildo in and out of their cunts, and the cheerleaders were a ball of writhing, sucking, licking flesh.

“Let the circle be complete,” Deidre moaned.

A hum rippled through the air. A violet, wavering dome sprang around us, formed from the hexagon. All our lust would be channeled toward the center. Towards our daughters. I nibbled harder at Deidre’s nipple, my hand sliding across her body, reaching for her hot pussy.

“Ghost of Paris, channel our energy into your daughters. Let them dream and grow and learn. Let the span of years pass in hours.”

The babies gurgling fell silent as our daughters slipped into their dream. I lifted my head, staring at my sweet Annabeth. Red hair curled from her head, growing longer as her body slowly aged. It was working.

Deidre’s lips latched onto my breasts, sucking hard. My milk squirted into her hungry lips. I shuddered, the pleasure shooting straight to my pussy. I loved nursing another woman. They sucked with such passion.

“Drink my milk, baby,” I groaned, humping my hips. “So good.”

Her hand slid down my body, brushing the folds of my pussy. Another shudder shot through me, leaving behind aching heat. Her fingers were deft and teasing. Then she pushed into me. I arched my hip, my pussy sucking at her fingers.

They wormed in deep, curling and brushing all the hot spots inside me. Her mouth sucked and swallowed spurt after spurt of my breast. She shoved a third finger into my pussy, stretching me out more. I loved it. Nerves rejoiced.

“Lick my pussy,” Lizzy shouted, straddling my face.

I licked my lips through her teen cunt. She writhed atop me, smearing her delicious, sweet pussy across my lips. I held her thighs, staring up at her dripping tits as she writhed above me. Heather crawled over, sucking on her nipple as I feasted on Lizzy’s pussy.

“Umm, lick her cunt, whore,” hissed Deidre. “She has a cute butt. She keeps flexing it in front of my eyes.”

“Maybe you should lick it,” Lizzy moaned.

Deidre slipped a fourth finger inside my pussy, stretching me out even more. She slide up my body and, based on Lizzy’s sequels, nuzzled at her asshole. I pictured the librarian pressing her face between Lizzy’s cheek and licking at the teen’s asshole.

“So good! Lick me, suck me! Oh, yes!” gasped Lizzy. “I’m gonna cum!”

She let out a low moan as her orgasm shot through her. Juices poured out of her pussy, squirting into my eager lips. I drank her down, loving every second of her juices pouring into my mouth. My own pussy was on fire, stimulated by Deidre’s plunging fingers.

I was on the brink of cumming.

Deidre’s fingers curled inside me, forming a fist. I shuddered as she drove deep into my pussy, my flesh clinging to her fist and wrist. I bucked, my pleasure erupting through me. I moaned into Lizzy’s cunt as my body writhed out of control. My pussy convulsed about Deidre’s fist plunging in and out of me.

My sexual energy poured out of my body and into the spell, sliding towards my daughter and her sisters.

Lizzy slipped off of me and the cute, redheaded Heather straddled her face, grinding her teen pussy on Lizzy’s hungry lips. Deidre pulled her fist out of my pussy, her lips sucking at my other tit, eager to suckle that breast dry.

My daughter was a toddler now, growing fast. She was so beautiful. I would never get to watch her grow up for real, but I knew, in her dreams, she would experience a happy life with her sisters.

“I need you to fuck my cunt with a strap-on,” Deidre purred, lifting her milk-stained lips from my breast. “Hard.”

I nodded and she leaned in, kissing me. My own breast milk poured into my lips, sweet and creamy. My daughter needed to grow more. I had to keep making love to Deidre and all the other women.


Gabriella Ayers – The Dream

“You’re going to grow up and save your Daddy,” Mommy whispered to me as she combed my hair. I loved it. Every night she combed my hair before I went to bed. We had the same, sandy-blonde hair. That made me feel so special that I was like my mother.

Though her breasts were large and round and I was so flat. “They’ll grow when you’re older,” she laughed. “When you hit puberty.”

I loved my life. It was full of laughing and games. My sisters and I ran through endless fields of flowers, swam in cool pools of water, playing silly games. At noon, we would have our lessons, learning about the world outside the field.

Our father was a great man. The Ghost of Paris. He loved all our mothers so much that he made my sisters and I. But the evil Mark and Mary killed him and sent him to a terrible place. I cried the first time I learned this, and then I was so happy when my mother told me I would save h

“You and your sisters are the key. When you grow up, you’ll be able to rescue him.”

I couldn’t wait for that day. Zelda and Remelda were my closest sisters. The three of us where the Lionesses’ daughters. Our mothers were cheerleaders. For our tenth birthdays, we were given our own cheerleader outfits to wear. The three of us spent endless afternoons practicing our cheerleading.

We wanted to be just like our mothers.

It wasn’t long after getting my cheerleader outfit that I finally hit puberty. I was the first girl to sprout breasts, though Annabeth wasn’t far behind me. Our lessons started teaching us about sex and how wonderful it was when the Ghost or one of your sister lies with you.

I couldn’t wait until I was old enough for sex. Every night, as mother combed my hair before bed, I asked her when it was time. “When you’re old enough,” she laughed, kissing me on the forehead. “The Ghost will come for you.”

I hoped he would come when I turned eleven. I felt very old at eleven. I was certain he was coming when I turned twelve. At thirteen, I thought it was time. Even Hannah was sprouting breasts by the time our thirteenth birthday came.

But he hadn’t come.

When we turned fourteen, I had given up hope. Fourteen wasn’t much different than thirteen. Sure I was taller and on my third cheerleader uniform. My breasts were round, the biggest of all my sisters, and I had a nice down of hair between my legs. But my hopes had been so high all the other times, why would fourteen not be the same.

How wrong I was.

I was asleep on my bed beneath the stars. In my lessons I had learned of winter and cold and stormy clouds, but our home was special. It was always summer. Warm and happy. I was snuggled up on my bed. I no longer slept with my stuffed animals. I wasn’t a child anymore.

My covers were pulled off of me, drawing me out of sleep. “What… ?” I murmured, reaching for my blanket.

A hand stroked my thigh beneath my light-green nightgown. A shiver of heat went through me. The touch was so electric. The sensation went straight to my nipples and pussy. I gasped, my pussy growing wet as my nipples hardened beneath my gown.

“Hello?” I asked. No one was in my bed, but a hand, larger than mother’s, stroked up my leg to my pussy.

“Ain’t you just the purtiest thang,” a voice whispered. “Just perfect. Your momma made you right.”

I beamed. “Are you the Ghost?”

“Sure as hell I am, sweet thang,” he answered, his hand reaching between my legs, rubbing at my pussy.

“Oh, wow,” I gasped, spreading my legs wider as his fingers stroked and touched my lips. “That’s nice.”

“Ain’t you just a hot-blooded, little slut.” The Ghost’s lips kissed my cheek. “You as much a whore as your momma?”

“I want to be, Father.”

“Father, huh,” the Ghost said. “I reckon I am your father. Damn, if that doesn’t make this hotter. You are as purtee as a junebug. I’m gonna fuck your cooch hard!”

“Oh, yes,” I gasped, his finger brushing at my pussy, pressing on my cherry.

“You’ll love it when your father pops your cherry,” Mother always said. “He took mine and it was amazin’.”

His other hand pushed down the top of my nightgown. “Damn, slut. You’re almost as stacked as your momma. I need to see you naked. I need to see how purtee my daughter is.”

“Yes, father,” I giggled, sitting up and eagerly pulling off my nightgown and throwing it to grass around my bed.

He squeezed one of my breasts. “Just perfect titties. Umm, I got to fuck ’em.”

“You can do that?” I gasped. Mother never mentioned that in all her talks.

“Sure as hell I can,” he grinned. “I’m gonna enjoy my slutty daughter’s sweater puppies.”

He straddled my stomach, his knees dipping into my bed. He was invisible. It was so wonderful and exciting. I couldn’t see what he would do next. His hands suddenly seized my breasts, his fingers pinching my nipple.

“Oh, yes, father!”

“Call me Daddy,” he said. “Beg Daddy to fuck your big ol’ titties.”

“Please, Daddy, fuck my big titties!” My cheeks reddened as I said those words. I felt so dirty, and that made my pussy even wetter. “Please, Daddy.”

“How can I say no to my darlin’ daughter?”

Something long and hard shoved between my breasts. His cock. The Ghost squeezed my breasts together, his invisible fingers pressing into my plump tits. His hips rocked as he slid his cock in and out, my breasts caressing his cock.

“Do you like my titties, Daddy?”

“They are a mighty fine pair,” he growled. “You’re makin’ my pecker feel like a million bucks. Damn, slut, but you got all your momma’s purtee features.”

“Did you ever fuck her titties?” I asked, squeezing my thighs together. This was so exciting. I was pleasing my father finally.

He grunted, “Sure as shit I did. Your momma had even bigger titties. Fuck, yeah. I’m gonna cum all over your purtee face. Do you want that?”

“I do, Daddy! Cum on your daughter’s face!” I loved this dirty talk. “I love you, Daddy.”

My father thrust his cock forward, groaning loud. His fingers dug deep into my tits’ flesh. Hot, invisible liquid slashed on my neck and face. I squealed in surprise, the salty liquid splattering into my mouth.

I loved it.

“What is it, Daddy? It’s so yummy.”

“That’s my cum. A slut like you should learn to love it.”

“I will, Daddy,” I moaned.

“Course you will. My daughter’s gonna be a big ol’ slut for Daddy and his big ol’ pecker.”

I nodded my head, licking my lips. My pussy burned so hot. “You made me so hot and wet, Daddy.”

“You’re little cooch’s in need of a good fuckin’?”

“Yes, Daddy. Momma told me it was the best thang in the world.”

“Get on your hands and knees and you’ll find out.”

Daddy got off me. I flipped over, kneeling like he asked. My pussy felt so exposed between my thighs. He moved around on the mattress dipping. His hands touched me. They were so strong and warm. As long as they touched me, I felt safe. Nothing Daddy did would hurt me.

He would only love me.


My ass burned and I gasped.

“That is one fine ass you got, slut!” He growled, spreading my asscheeks apart. I squealed as his tongue licked through my pussy lips. A hot surge of pleasure shuddered through me. No one had ever touched me there.

“Yes, Daddy, keep lickin’ me!”

“You taste as delicious as a mashed potatoes. And your gravy is sweet!”

His tongue buried back into me, licking across my lips, pressing on my cherry. At the top of my pussy, he brushed this one spot and I squealed for joy. Mother was right, having my clit licked was amazing.

A shuddering bliss swelled inside me. I hurtled towards it, my little ass wiggling back into his licks. “Daddy. Somethang’s happenin’! I’m feelin’ all hot and tense.”

“You just ’bout to cum like a whore,” he laughed, slurping through my pussy again. “Just let your sweet cooch cum. You’ll love it.”

I relaxed and let the sensation flow through me.

It was wonderful.

I gasped and moaned, pushing my pussy back into Daddy’s lips. My fingers squeezed my bedspread and my body shook. I arched my back, staring up at the twinkling stars and the glowing moon.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

I knew my daddy loved me for giving me such bliss.

“You came hard,” he laughed, slapping my ass again. “You ready to get your cherry popped?”

“Yes, Daddy!” I beamed, throwing a look over my shoulder.

There was no one behind me. But I could feel him. His hands stroked my flesh, his pecker nudged at my pussy. Tingles shuddered through me as the tip of his fat cock slid up and down my flesh, pressing on my cherry.

“Here we go, baby slut. I hope your cooch is as fine as your momma’s!”

“Me, too, Daddy!”

He thrust.

My cherry ripped. A sharp pain flared through me.

And then the pleasure of his cock drowned it out.

“Yes, yes! Fuck my pussy, Daddy! Oh, yes!”

“Shit! You got a tight cunt! Oh, fuck. Squeeze down on Daddy’s pecker, slut! Work those hips and fuck your Daddy like a good slut!”

I worked my hips, thrusting back, letting the new pleasure guide my rhythm. This is what I needed. I loved every second of it. I squealed and gasped and shuddered. My pussy gripped his cock, another cum rocking my body.

He grunted, fucking me hard. He called me such filthy names. I loved it. Daddy fucked me so hard. His hands stroked my back, pulled on my hair, and smacked my ass. I was his whore, his baby slut. I was Daddy’s girl.

“Fuck me, Daddy! Oh, yes! Cum in my pussy! Oh, yes! I love your pecker, Daddy! It’s the best in the world.”

“It’s the only pecker that’s ever fuckin’ your cooch,” he grunted. “Ain’t that right?”

“Yes, Daddy! Only your pecker gets to fuck my cooch!”

“That’s a good girl!” he grunted. “Fuck, you’re tight. I ain’t fucked a virgin in so long. Oh, shit! I’m gonna cream your cunt!”

“Do it! Cream me! I want to feel you cum in me, Daddy.”

“Abso-damn-fuckin’-lutely I will, slut!”

His pecker buried deep in me. Liquid heat burned through me. My world was pleasure. I gasped and shuddered, the strongest orgasm burning through my body. His cum was in me. I satisfied my daddy like a good baby slut.

“I love you, baby slut!” Daddy grunted.

I woke up from my dream.

Momma looked down at me, her beautiful face framed by her blonde hair. We were almost the same age now. She stroked my lips. Women gasped and moaned about me. The sky was green, rippling with burst of fire. They were like blossoming flowers spreading their petals across the sky.

“Daddy fucked me, Momma,” I purred.

“That’s so wonderful,” she answered. She shoved something long and made {of}cotton inside me. It expanded a bit.

“What’s that for, Momma?”

“A tampon to keep your daddy’s cum inside you.” Momma bent and kissed me on the lips, her tongue dipping into my mouth. She had never kissed me like an adult before. My hands reached out. She was naked, her breasts heavy. I couldn’t help exploring them. They were bigger than mine, her nipples fatter. I rubbed them and gasped.

My hands came away wet.

“You’re leakin’, Momma.”

“Yes, she is,” laughed a black-haired woman.

“Are you Momma-Marybeth?” I asked.

“Yep,” she smiled, putting her arm around Momma. “And your momma’s tits are leakin’. Why don’t you nurse away. Just like you did as a baby.”

Momma guided me to her breast, my lips opening wide. I sucked her nipple into my lips and loved the warm, creamy milk that flooded my mouth. Momma’s hands stroked my blonde hair. I felt so safe in her arms.

“Damn, Ursula,” laughed Momma-Marybeth. “But your daughter is hot.”

“Do you want to fuck my daughter?” Momma laughed.

“Hell, yeah.” Momma-Marybeth’s hand touched my ass, giving me a squeeze. It was nice. “Don’t you?”

“I do,” Momma answered. “We’re gonna have a lot of fun with her.”

I couldn’t wait.

“But first, you need to rescue your Daddy from Hell.”

Friday, July 18th, 2014 – Heather Pritchard – Caissa County, ID

“They are so beautiful,” Lizzy sighed, standing next to me as we watched our grown up daughters. In only a few hours, my Donna had grown from a newborn to a gorgeous fourteen year old. She had my fiery-red hair and freckled breasts. And her smile was just infectious.

All seven of the Ghost daughters were locked in a furious daisy chain, devouring the cum the Ghost had spilled in their bodies while they dreamed. It was the most taboo act. They were all a part of the Ghost, they all had his seed in them, and they shared it with each other.

Deidre stood at the center, gathering the lust generated by the Ghost’s daughters. Her pendant flashed with jade light. All the hairs on Heather’s body stood up as she caught her breath. This was it. They were going to finally rescue the Ghost from Hell.

“I can’t wait to see him,” Lizzy whispered.

“He’s the Ghost,” I laughed. “He can’t be seen.”

“You know what I mean,” the younger teen giggled. “He’s going to love us and rescue us from the Theocracy.”

The military was still shelling us. Outside the green shield the fields were covered in craters while thick clouds of dust billowed. But the shield held. The Ghost was protecting us from Hell, feeding off our worship and love. And lust. That was the best part.

“Ghost of Paris,” Deidre suddenly called out. “Feel the love of your daughters. Follow the bond of flesh and blood. Drink of their passion for you. Let it fuel you with power. Let the chains on your soul be shattered.

“Slip free of your prison and live once more!”

A great split cracked the earth. The ground shook Deidre stepped back as the rent opened beneath her. The daughters moaned and spasmed, cumming on each other’s lips. A great, unearthly howl rose from the rent, the cries of the billions of damned, condemned to Hell. Yellow fumes rose, a reek of rotten eggs rolling over us.

Lizzy clutched me in fear. I swallowed, my own body trembling.

“Rise and join us, Ghost of Paris,” Deidre screamed.

The grass at the edge of the rent dipped. Unseen fingers clawed into the turf. My heart beat for joy. The rising smoke rolled around a figure. A man pulling himself out of the earth. He stood tall, the grass crushed beneath his feet.

The rent snapped close and the reek of sulfur vanished.

“Well, fuck me, you sluts did it,” the Ghost laughed. “Hot damn, but it feels great to be free.”

“It’s really you?” Deidre whispered, falling to her knees. She reached out, touching his invisible leg.

“Yep. Sure as shit it’s me.”

I fell to my knees, my heart pounding. “We saved you, Ghost.”

“We missed you so bad,” moaned Marissa.

“We were lost without you,” Rhonda May cried, clutching her twin sister.

“The Lioness fought to get you back,” Latonya declared, clutching her naked daughter to her. “We all did.”

“We’re yours, Ghost,” Carla called out.

“Fuck me, but ain’t you a bunch of wonderful whores. I’m a horny fucker. You all are gonna get your cooches pounded.”

“Yes,” I moaned, my pussy clenching with desire.

“We did it, Momma,” Donna smiled, crawling to me.

I kissed her on the lips. “Yes, you did. You saved your Daddy.”

“Damn, that is hot. Mother and daughter.” The Ghost stood before me, his feet pressing down on the mattress. “We made a mighty fine daughter all those nights I slipped into your bed.”

“Those were the best,” I beamed. “I was your favorite bedmate.”

“That red hair.” His hand touched my hair. “Fuck me, but I need to fuck your fine hole.”

I shuddered, thrilled to be his first. “Which one?”

He laughed. “Your cornhole, slut. You get on your hands and knees and lick our daughter’s juicy cooch while I tear your ass up.”

“Sounds wonderful, right, baby girl?”

My daughter nodded her head.

“Then lie down so Momma can love you.”

Everyone watched with envious eyes as I spread my daughter’s legs. We were practically the same age now. I didn’t get to raise her, but I knew she had a great life in the dream. And we’d have time to do more mother/daughter stuff.

I buried my face into her snatch, licking hard. She had a spicy flavor, just like me.

“Oh, Momma,” she moaned, humping her red-furred muff into my lips, her small breasts jiggling. “That’s so nice. Umm, I like gettin’ my pussy licked.”

“Course you do,” laughed the Ghost. “You’re my daughter. That makes you a horny fucker. Just like your ol’ man.”

His cock thrust into my pussy. I groaned, heat rushing through me. It was so wonderful to feel the Ghost in me again. I pushed my hips back, squeezing down with my tight cooch. I worked my hips, gasping and moaning into my daughter’s snatch.

“Fuck, that’s wild,” moaned Lizzy. “I can see your pussy gaping open.”

“You’re ’bout to see her ass gapin’ open,” laughed the Ghost. “Let me just get my cock nice and lubed, then I’m fixin’ to cornhole this slut.”

“Do it!” moaned our daughter, humping her hips into my lips. “Fuck Momma’s cornhole! She’s a slut that needs your pecker, Daddy!”

“I reckon you’re right, baby slut.”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned. “Your momma’s a big ol’ slut for the Ghost’s pecker.”

“Who isn’t?” laughed Marybeth. “Go on, Ghost. Cornhole the whore! She needs it bad.”

The Ghost ripped out his pecker and thrust it into my asshole. I gasped, my bowels squeezing down hard on his cock. I moaned into my daughter’s pussy, licking harder. I shoved my tongue deep into her tunnel, the Ghost’s powerful strokes driving my face into her juicy twat.

“Damn, that is as nice as I remember! Fuck, I love your cornhole, slut!”

“I love your pecker!” I moaned. “And you!”

“We all love you, Ghost,” Tammy cried out.

“Fuck me, but ain’t I the luckiest.” The Ghost fucked me harder, my orgasm swelling inside me. “I’m gonna love you all.”

“Oh, Momma!” Donna gasped, humping her hips. “Oh, Momma! Daddy loves us! Oh, yes! I’m cummin’, Momma!”

“Umm, that’s a purtee sight! Lap up our daughter’s cum, slut!”

My body shuddered. My bowels writhed about his cock. My fingers dug into the mattress as my orgasm poured through me. I screamed my bliss into my daughter’s teenage cunt. Her daddy buried his cock deep into my bowels.

“You just came like a whore,” he laughed. “Fuck, I love that.”

His cum spurted hot into me. I smiled, my ass squeezing down on his cock. He pulled out of me, my juices outlining his dick bobbing in the air. I fell atop my daughter, holding her tight as we both stared at him in delight.

“So, which of you sluts should I fuck next?”


Sheriff Caleb Barend – Boise, ID

The C-130’s landed in formation, one after the other. Jets screamed by overhead before they began to circle. The Legion had arrived. I stood straight, my best sex slave Corina behind me, ready to provide any service to the Holy Sluts. The other two waited in the lounge in case they were needed.

The lead plane taxied to a stop. The ground crews ran out the ladder to the camo-green plane’s hatch. I forced myself not to tremble. My emotions were mixed. On the one hand, it was a great honor to meet Alison and Desiree. They were the Warlock Hunters. Their exploits were becoming famous. Back in May, every channel showed footage of the destroyed Patriot’s headquarters in Montana. They were even making a movie about it.

But they were here because I fucked up. I let those damn cunts get too much power. They walked all over me. I was weak compared to the Holy Sluts. Those fucking dykes. Anger threatened to overwhelm me again. Last night, I had to greatly discipline my sex slaves. They had been bad and needed their punishments.

Corina’s face wasn’t too bruised today. I never should have disciplined her face. She didn’t look so pretty with a black eye. Lessons learned. But she was a good slut and had pleasured me well afterward. I was glad to have her, Vicki, and Amanda.

The plane’s hatch opened and soldiers poured out. They were quick and lean, and moved with a deadly precision that made the Idaho national guard soldiers look like amateurs. They were all special forces, Desiree and Alison’s personal soldiers. These were the men that helped to kill the Patriots.

And they would make quick work out of the Sapphicists.

Alison emerged, her pink hair clashing with the green fatigues she wore, a handgun on her side. Desiree followed, her large breasts straining at the tan tank top she wore, her hips swaying, clad by fatigues.

The two women marched up. Alison was a lot younger than she seemed on TV. She was barely eighteen, her eyes darting about. She licked her lips, a silver tongue stud flashing in the light. What would those lips feel like around my cock.

“It is an honor to meet you, Holy Sluts,” I bowed. “I’m Sheriff Barends, commanding down in Caissa County.”

“You’re the dumbass that tried to take on Warlocks with your deputies,” Alison laughed.

I flushed. “I, er, was too hasty.”

“Well, me and my wife will clean this mess up.”

Desiree nodded. “Yes, we will.” Her voice was hard.

Another pair of women strode down the stairs from the plane. The first one was Asian, silver glasses perched on her round face. The second woman tailed behind her. She had half-blue and half-pink hair. “The Vizier?” I asked, staring at the Asian woman.

“Yep. We dragged Sam and her cunt Candy along to deal with this shield,” Alison nodded, her eyes narrowing at the woman with the strange hair color. “Sam’s the best. If she can’t bring the shield down, we’ll have to get Master and Mistress involved.”

“And they’re celebrating their anniversary,” Desiree added. “So we can’t bother them until they get back from Hawaii.”

Sam strode up, an excited look on her face. “Let’s get going. I want to see this shield up close. I can’t wait to study it.”

“The legion needs to unload,” Alison sighed, rolling her eyes. “The shield’s not going anywhere.”

“Er, yes, we can retire to the lounge here. Feel free to use Corina for anything.” I smiled. “She’s a very submissive girl.”

“Is that why you punched her in the eye?” Desiree growled.

“She likes it rough,” I shrugged. “Right, Corina?”

“I do,” she whispered, staring down like a proper, submissive slut. “I … if hitting me makes Master happy, then he can hit me.”

“Let’s go and talk in the lounge,” Alison said, a hard edge to her voice.

I swallowed. For such a young woman, there was an intimidating air about her. “Right. We can discuss strategy for crushing those Warlocks.”

“Among other topics.”


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