Feature Writer: capn_doggy /
Feature Title: FORCED CHANGES 6 /
Story Codes: Futanari, Transgender, Male to Female, Femdom, Transformation, Succubus, Dickgirl, Seraphim, Teasing, Monster Girl /
Synopsis: Futa succubus and her mate face trials and changes. /
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Forced Changes – Chapter 6

“What?! How did they find us?” I asked, scared and trying not to panic, twisting in my seat to look.

“Doesn’t matter. We need to get inside and hide you so I can give them a piece of my mind. Specifically the piece that’s imagined slamming my fist through both their faces. Repeatedly,” she said, her throat rumbling with a low growl that did silly things to my insides.

Stupid body. This is definitely not the time for this kind of response. Although… she is certainly sexy when she’s all ‘protector guardian valkyrie mode’.

Before I could get my feet organized under me, she scooped me up, carrying me from the car princess style. Sprinting into the store, she hardly jostled me as the kidnapper’s van screeched to a stop, the doors flinging open as the terrible twosome unloaded into the parking lot.

Lexi held me tight to her chest as she used her foot to kick through the sliding doors, a snarl on her face, her blue tattoos flaring with her exertions. Her muted footsteps were the only indications of her passing as she stealthily crept into the aisles, breaking line of sight with the entryway before turning and carrying me into the clothing section. She deposited me into a changing room and turned to leave. I grabbed her hand, asking a question that’d plagued me during our retreat.

“Why didn’t we just leave? We had a car and everything,” my fear making my voice quiver. She palmed my cheek and I leaned into it for a second before she responded, visibly struggling to control her rage.

“They took you from me. Nothing and no one is allowed to do that. Not without reprisal. I have to make them pay for that,” she said, fire and iron in her voice, her eyes flashing black. She went to leave again but I hadn’t released her hand. My head dropped and I stared at the ground.

“You can beat them? You have to be absolutely sure Lexi, because I’m so scared of losing you that I’m not sure I can let you out of my sight.” My words came out as those of a small child, thin and terrified as I voiced my fears to her.

She pulled me into a deep embrace, crushing me to her chest as her scent and warmth swaddled me, momentarily driving away my worries.

“The man was all bark and no bite, a real pushover. I swear I’ll take care of them, no problem, scouts honor. It’ll be over before you know it and we can get your stuff moved into our place afterward.” She paused, giving me a loving kiss to my jawline just below my ear. “You’ve no idea how much those words excite me. Our place… I’m gonna make love to you so hard they’re gonna need a crowbar to separate us from the bed.”

A need bubbled up from my gut, grown from my lips being absent of her flesh for too long. Falling to my knees, my fingers pried her jeans away from her shapely legs. A hiccup of stifled breath slipped from Lexi in surprise at my sudden aggression. Sliding my hand between her panties and my promised land, I palmed her sex for a moment before rotating my hand and drawing the fabric down her legs. Moistening, her labia tasted of creamy chocolate, which I savored as I pinched them between my tongue and teeth, forcing Lexi to tense under my rough treatment of her sensitive flesh. She wasn’t entirely passive, undulating her hips ever so slightly, making me chase her skin, her tail winding around behind me to tease my backside.

“Harder. Please do it harder,” she begged; I could think of no reason to deny her.

My hands hooked behind her thighs, giving me some stability, even with her movements. Drilling deep, I sought her furthest reaches with my tongue, her pussy squeezing tight as I answered her plea. Lexi pushed forward with her tail, squeezing past my defenses easily as she penetrated my backside, welcoming the taboo pleasure as my eyes rolled back. Our pussies leaked in tandem as I worked my tongue into and around her sweet flesh. She wound her hands through my hair, gripping it by the root, biting her lip to the point of bleeding as she fought and surrendered to the pleasure.

The sex was a desperate sort of wish I was throwing out into the universe, a coin tossed into the cosmic wishing well as if to say, “See how good we are together? Now don’t do anything that would fuck up something this beautiful.”

I waited until her orgasm was on the verge of finishing to take my thumb and run it up and over her clit, pressing firmly as I ground the sensitive bundle of nerves into her body. Rapidly vibrating my hand, I used that to force Lexi onto and over a higher precipice.

As usual, her response didn’t disappoint.

Biting the side of her hand, she muffled her cries as she spilt her bounty into my mouth. Taking a mouthful I rose to my feet, pulled her into a kiss, and squeezed. Like a kid with a cheek full of water, I snowballed the savory tangy fluid into her surprised mouth.

Growing flush with emotion, she held my eyes for a second and before she very deliberately swallowed, staying like that, she searched for a way to put into words what my kidnapping had done to her.

“You come back to me safe and I’ll give you an edict or three,” I promised breathlessly, cutting her off before she could speak. I attempted a sly smile I’d seen her use before she could speak, probably failing but determined to give her ample reasons to return to me.

“Right… Ummm…” She coughed, the possibilities flashing through her brain. “I’ll just be going now,” she offered as awkward parting words. Her fingers slid through mine and she left the dressing room, shaking off sexy thoughts as she got her head in the game.

Her broad physique rolled in delicious waves across her back as she flexed her muscles, limbering up in preparation for the confrontation. Even with my recent feast it still wet my proverbial appetite.

There’s no way I’m going to let her go into this alone.

I looked at my thin arms. Sure they held a deceptive strength but I suspected it was nowhere near that of our adversaries.

I’ll need to find a weapon of some sort, maybe a baseball bat or handaxe or something.

Creeping out of the changing room, a quick scan of my surroundings showed me nothing of immediate value, just the clothing and electronics section.

It’s sort of strange seeing a store without anyone in it. Actually… aren’t Walmart’s open twenty four hours a day?

“To my knowledge they are,” Belini said directly into my mind, startling the proverbial shit out of me.

“Then why aren’t there any employees around?” I whispered as I noticed the sports section and began moving towards it.

There are. Just not in this representation. Our enemies have deployed an artifact that takes all veil touched entities into a copy of the enclosed dimensional sphere. If you can reach the edge of the sphere you can burst the bubble, returning everyone to regular space. Because of the nature of the artifact it has pulled everyone closer to my plane, allowing me to do this.

She startled me again by suddenly sliding into existence behind me, draping herself around me like a heavy cloak. She smelled of mixture espresso and sex, and her presence made me feel a little more comfortable about our situation. Her peach colored skin was soft and warm as she placed a delicate kiss on my neck.

“Are you really here?” I asked, surprised and suspicious at her sudden appearance.

“No. My dear but you should be watching, important things are about to happen,” she said, her arm rising to point out the aisle, where Lexi and queen bitch emerged simultaneously.

Only a moment passed while they assessed one another, Lexi flexing her claws and dropping her stance while miss cold rage held her naked sword vertical, steel of a naked longsword gleaming ominously in the fluorescent lighting. Lexi charged, her speed deceptive with her expanded bulk, talons of her feet digging furrows into the flooring, propelling her forward with terrifying momentum. The dude angel was nowhere to be seen as the woman prepared to receive Lexi. My heart was in my throat as Lexi dodged under the first slash, her claws parting the woman’s shirt as she slid backward. Her return stroke was an overhead cut that Lexi sidestepped, her hair fluttering behind her like an action hero. I couldn’t breath as Lexi avoided another sword swing, scoring a couple small slices across the woman’s upper arm in return. Her eyes were completely black, her magical rage dictating her actions as she bent almost horizontally backward to avoid a slash. With a guttural cry, Lexi’s right hand darted out, gripping the sword’s blade just above the hilt. Her blood bubble and pooled around her wrist as it dripped onto the floor. In her sacrifice of one hand she freed the other for the killing blow. Smiling malevolently, she brutally buried her claws into the woman’s stomach, ending the fight.

Or so Lexi thought.

The angel had other ideas.

Face grimacing in pain, her eyes still held no emotion, nothing but implacable resolve as she turned her hips, burying the claws deeper into her gut as she brought her weight over the blade. Pulling sharply, the blade sawed through Lexi’s hand, severing her fingers to fall to the floor like broken twigs. My universe stood in the balance as time seemed to slow, an eternity of gleaming blade as it fell and effortlessly parted the flesh of Lexi’s shoulder, carving it’s way into her flesh.

Then time truly did stop, the splash of blood hanging in the air as her blood vessels burst like a million gruesome water balloons. Mournful disbelieving tears streamed down my cheeks as I turned to Belini.

“Save her. Just save her Bel. I’ll do anything. Everything. Whatever you want is yours. Bring her back,” I sobbed, desperately clutching her arms. Despair chewed up my mind with wicked fangs that rended and mauled, leaving my psyche a tattered wreck.

Her thumbs were soft and comforting as she brushed away my tears.

“She’s not dead,” she said softly.

“Wh-…What?” I hiccuped, my mind dominated by a single thoughtm she’s gone. I’ll never see hear her laugh again. Watch her sleep in the morning. She’ll never tease my nipples or stroke my pussy. No more pushing my boundaries yet respecting me when I tell her to stop.

Bel ran her hand through my hair, tucking it away when she was done. Looking back at Lexi, she still hung there, locked in combat with the seraphim, a renaissance painting just waiting to be created. Flinging my head away from the scene, I spun back, burying my cries into her naked breasts; her flesh tantalized me with its similarity to Lexi’s, and mocked me with its differences. She rubbed soothing circles across my back until my cries were reduced to sobs and, eventually, silent tears dripping from my cheeks onto her skin. She waited until the tears slowed to near nothing, only after I’d cried myself empty, did she talk.

“It wasn’t real. I lent you a gift given by someone very close to me, allowing you to read the threads and see a single potential future,” she said with regret encased in iron resolve.

“Potential future?” I repeated, the words not making sense to my scrambled brain. Then the clutch in my brain engaged, the engine turning over as it sputtered to life and I figured out what she was saying.

“It was a joke?!” I hissed, shoving her away in anger. Her hands gripped me tighter, not letting us separate.

“No! I wouldn’t harm you like that. I care for you and Lexi far to much to play those sorts of games. It was real, but it hasn’t happened, yet. Do you see what I’m saying,” Bel’s voice was surprised and then fervent as she met my furious eyes.

“It was real… But we can stop it?” I asked cautiously, finally reaching some level of understanding with her.

“Yes. Exactly. That was what could’ve happened if you weren’t here to intervene and/or did nothing. Having seen that outcome, now that you know, you have a choice to make. A choice I warned you about not too long ago. You must decide, dear, whether or not to pledge yourself into my service or keep your humanity. Much like Lexi’s ancestors did so many years ago.”

“What are you saying?” I questioned, looking for some clarification about what she was asking me to choose.

“There weren’t always succubi on this world. In the distant past a group of refugees came to my abode and asked me for a boon, a home to call their own. I could give them that, I had access to an unoccupied plane, but it would require some alterations to their physical structure or risk them being ripped apart by my planar transportation ring. To a woman they agreed, without hesitation. Ragged and desperate, they accepted sliver of my essence into their bodies. To the naked eye there weren’t any obvious changes but it changed them enough to not interfere with my magic. Over time their forms changed, the magic inside twisting them into my likeness. In a few of them my seed sprouted, granting them aspects of my inherent abilities the others did not receive. They came to be known as my priestesses, my conduits that spoke for me and execute my will upon the world. As ages past I was eventually able to recognize those individuals who had the capacity to become a priestess. Thus do I offer you a changeling’s choice,” she said solemnly. “Sydney, I hereby offer you a place amongst my chosen, with all the rights and responsibilities contained therein.” she intoned, her manner that of a dignified enormously powerful being she was. She kept me close her heat soothing as she stood

“With it I can save Lexi?” I asked, seeking confirmation; my fingers dug into her arms, holding her tightly to me.

“I don’t know that for sure. I can guarantee that with it you’ll have an opportunity to make a difference.”

“But can’t you see the future?”

“Not really. I can read potential futures close to the present but there are limitations. If you do this I won’t be able to look at your future again.”

“Then, how do you know?” I asked, my voice thin, nearly panicked, too many vague and poorly understood concepts floating in the air.

“Experience. Millennia of existence tells me that you’ll find a way to save your sweetie, with or without my gift. I’d feel remiss if I didn’t offer you tools that might otherwise help. I’ve grown rather fond of you both. The two of you actually remind me of myself and my own lover when we were younger, freshly forged from the harnessed energy of a supernova…” she sighed. “I can only hold us here for a little bit longer so we need to hurry. Sydney, how do you respond?” she asked, cupping my chin gently. Her tail, which’d wrapped along my waist, gave me a squeeze, much like Lexi enjoyed doing.

Examining her face critically, I weighed the options in my mind, judging and discarding them as they came.

The sword flashed through the air, sparkling with deadly intent as it bit into my love’s shoulder, spewing blood into the air in a macabre fountain. I flinched and met her eyes, determination made. There was never really a choice. For Lexi I’d risk everything. Even my humanity. I know Bel has an agenda but she hasn’t led me astray so I’ll continue to let her lead.

“I accept. Please don’t hurt us.” Resolute, I stood straight, even as my fears continued to cry that this was a mistake; they continued to whisper how much of an unknown Belini truly was.

“My child, I won’t misplace this gift of trust you’ve given me. Now, go save your girl.” She gave me a quick squeeze and a pat on the behind with her tail.

“But… What?” I asked, confused. “You didn’t do anything.”

“I have done something, you just don’t feel it yet because I’m not actually here honey. This has all happened in a dream space I crafted for our minds. Similar, but more limited in scope, to the one where I first introduced myself to you. This entire conversation has taken mere seconds in the real world, where I must now send you. Good luck and remember to listen to your heart.”

With those words the illusory world shattered and I was back to kneeling on the floor of Walmart.

Or the illusory representation of it, if I understand Bel correctly.

Peeking between a couple of blouses as I watched Lexi and the seraphim round their corners and spot each other.

A bubblinganger rose from my core, rushing headlong into the block of ice that’d infected me from the moment I watched Lexi get cut down. The fusion of the two emotions sent wisps of desperation and shards of resolve spinning through my psyche, infusing my body with a fevered, unstable energy. Unknown to me, my eyes flickered as a bottomless well of darkness expanded from the pupil, swallowing the iris and sclera. Automatically moving, my instincts propelled me to protect Lexi from the threat before my mind caught up to the fact that my body was moving. My easy grace felt natural as I stealthed across the space that separated me from the seraphim that was just now bracing herself to receive Lexi’s charge, their stances identical to those of the vision. Lexi was so focused on getting to her target, she only spotted me when I was a few feet from the our mutual enemy. Widening, her black eyes matched mine, as she reached deep trying to find a little extra speed, her mouth opening in a furious roar of denial. Her stare alerted the angel, but ice bitch barely managed a small shift of her weight before my shoulder slammed into her waist with excellent linebacker esque form. Unprepared, her body crumpled around mind like a soda can punched in the middle. Before she could recover, I straddled her, barely understood notions and instinct urging me to box in her face with my hands, smushing our foreheads together, bringing our eyelines to the same level. Drilling into her, my gaze carried us to a place where our emotions churned together into an inseparable amalgamation.

Only, there was something strange happening.

My emotions flowed into her, I could feel that much, and I could sense the channels where her emotions would’ve reciprocated.

Only there’s nothing there. She’s one hundred percent empty. Wait… Ninety nine percent empty.

Then, I was somewhere else.

In the desolate plane of her emotionlessness mind, there existed a single glimmer, a north star that drew me in like a beacon. Speeding across the wasteland, my anger and fear spread behind me like a wake, the environment beginning to stir and take notice, pathways blooming to life that hadn’t seen use in untold years. The beacon ended up being a little girl, sitting alone in the dirt, knees clutched tightly to her chest. I approached cautiously, wary for a trap, circling the pale blonde girl a couple of times.

What’s that sound? It was muffled, irregular, sound that I couldn’t quite make out. Listening closely, the girl still hadn’t reacted to my presence, my curiosity overcoming my wariness as I snuck closer to the girl.

She’s crying. Irregular broken sobs were issuing from the girl, despite her best attempts to muffle them with her knees. My humanity subsumed any concerns I had, pushing me forward to fall to my knees, my embrace swaddling her as I clutched her to my breasts.

The girl stiffened, the sobs stopping in the first reaction I’d seen the girl make.

I didn’t say anything, instinctively reading the girls wariness with my presence. Mothering her, I made gently cooing and susserations as the girl cried, her tears making a wet mess of my shirt. We remained in that quiet holding pattern for an unknown amount of time until she broke the stalemate by reaching out and clutching me tighter to her.

Before I realized it, my anger and fear were gone, replaced by concern and worry.

I’ve always had a weak spot for crying girls. Evidently that’s doubly true for children. What’s happened to her to cause her to be reduced to such a state? Whatever it is, I’ll do what I can to help her through it. Nobody likes to see another person broken.

After a minute or two, I was pleased that she’d stopped crying. She pulled back and met my eyes.

I had to fight from flinching.

She had the same icy grey eyes that my abductor had, but where ice bitch’s eyes were devoid of feeling this girls eyes were filled with unfathomable amounts of suffering and despair. The were the eyes of a girl whose entire existence comprised of pain. On top of that, an encompassing tattoo of pale chains was etched across every inch of her skin, including her eyelids. The links of the chain pattern were small enough that it blended with the girl’s natural skin tone, making them almost unnoticeable unless close.

“Sweet child. What manner of evil has been done to you?” I asked, directed to no one. She buried her forehead into my chest, breaking eye contact, her forehead uncomfortable as I soothed her by stroking her hair, combing it in long strokes.

Front to back.

Front to back, my nails lightly massaging her scalp.

“There used to be light,” her voice was ringing crystals, at odds with the scared little bird in my arms. Surprised by her words, I stopped my stroking and she remained silent, my hand resting on her head. She gave it a little nudge, wordlessly encouraging me to continue. I obliged.

Front to back.

Blonde hair pouring through my fingers like grains of sand in an hourglass, turning back the time.

“We lived together. Fluffy clouds and bright lights everywhere. It was sweetness and discussion and everyone was in harmony. No fighting, fucking or any conflict whatsoever. I hated it. I yearned for adventure. To find one of those rare rifts that’d split the landscape and offered the tantalizing unknown,” she spoke with solemn awareness, an awful grief shadowing her words, coloring them in pain and regret.

Front to back.

Don’t say anything. Just be there for her.

“My dreams were realized. A portal opened, me and my friend darted through the edges closing behind us. An oppressive weight immediately assaulted us, bearing down with terrible immutable weight as it pitilessly sought to scatter the elements of our bodies far and wide. Fortunately,” she said the word bitterly. “There were two vessels. Shelters with we sought refuge in. Uncaring of their origin in our desperation. As the motes of my being settled into place, the magic of the carved mannequins sparked into life. Pouring around me in an uncomfortable wave, the energy creating a bridge, an interface, between our essence and the vessels made to the specifications of our kind.”

Front to back.

Front to back.

“The smell was the first new sense, later I understood it to be old books and spilled salt. Then came touch, cold concrete, unyielding beneath my twitching fingers. Followed by taste, copper adrenalin that coursed through my veins as the wood transformed into flesh as the connection between me and the vessel deepened. An electric excitement ran through me. ‘Finally’, I thought. ‘Something beyond the endless white. Something I’d dreamed of.’

Lavarus stirred next to me, his grin a match for my own.”

Front to back.

“There was something strange though. Where once I could sense and feel my brethren around me there was now a cold emptiness. I was alone for the first time in my life. I didn’t enjoy it. Then,” she shuddered, the words freezing like cold poison on her tongue. “Then the nightmare began. His voice was cold, clinical, and somehow worse for the lack of excitement. He described his experiments, how he would forge us into weapons. One would be the wielder, one would command. He spoke of the past, how the seraphim had been used in the time before the veil as glorious weapons. Explaining their shortcomings, he discussed with frozen zealotry how they’d been plagued by unpredictability and bouts of poor performance. He’d theorized that if one could remove the emotion from the wielder they could be an unstoppable weapon of perfect faith. Then he provided us a choice. ‘First a taste’, he’d said holding a black device which arced with electricity when he pressed a button. I didn’t know what it was as he advanced towards my friend but I felt his ill intent. Like a shaky lamb, I willed myself to my feet, determined to defend Lavarus. He’d laughed, said something about making the decision easy before jabbing forward; the world tumbled to darkness.”

Front to back.

Why would someone taser this young girl? And what is she doing inside ice bitch?

“I awoke in a different place, Lavarus’s hands roaming across my body providing something of an interface. His words were feverish, his tone desperate as he spoke of the alien need inside of him. Of the yearning and the gaping hole. Our bodies were different. He had a fleshy pole where I had a crease. His bobbed in the air, throbbing with desire as the blood pounded through his veins. Experimentally I touched it, my fingertips grazing the hot flesh. It felt wrong somehow. Incestuous and taboo. The empty place and programming of my body made me shy away from him. Lavarus had no such compunction, delirious under an amount of aphrodisiacs that would make a ninety year old eunuch hard. He groaned, taking my hand and wrapping it around his length. I went to retreat but he pleaded. Reading the pain in his expression I obliged. Dutifully stroking him. Using his pre, I quickly brought him to release.

The joy in his face at that moment was incandescent, going beyond physical release as the master protocol clicked into place. Ensuring his loyalty as the tainted connection spun into being. For him. I was left empty and alone. Sadness and regret stark on his face as his form shimmered, ephemeral for a moment, before a naked blade filled the space he’d occupied. Clattering to the floor. As days passed the emptiness spread. My emotions fleeing me one by one as my id and ego vacated the hole my new body created in my soul. Eventually there was nothing, Lavarus spoon feeding me food to keep me alive as he tried to get me to engage. I’d been systematically deprived of everything that made me who I’d been. The man returned, offering me salvation by providing me purpose. Filling me up with honey tainted words of ideals, he began to sculpt my emptiness, hammering it into a cold weapon like a blacksmith, intending to use me as an instrument in his goal of obtaining more subjects. He used automatons as scouts, their clockwork eyes and ears like giant threads of a web of spies sent out across the country, looking for signs of supernatural beings to be collected and experimented on. And we did… I did… dragging a reluctant but obedient Lavarus along behind me. I continued to follow his directions because every so often I would get a twinge. A sliver of pain and guilt that stabbed through me, precious for the fact that it made me feel something, anything at all to break up the relentless monotony.”

Front to back.

My heart broke. Every word that came out of her mouth another hammer crushing it into more smaller and smaller shards.

She broke down in sobs, soaking my shirt, leaving it a wet, cold mess that made my nipples stiff and uncomfortably squished. She went rigid, saying some muffled words which sounded like, “Garbl flarg turse.” She finished by pressing her cheek even harder to my chest, directly over my nipple.

Shit. There’s no way she didn’t feel that. Quick distract her. Use your words. But don’t screw it up. Be nice but not condescending… Is she really nuzzling my breast?

I nudged her away, using my thumb to wipe the tears away from her cheek, leaving them pale and spotless.

“What was that dear?” I asked softly, giving her reason to stop her unintentional stimulation of my breasts that was started to get my engine running. The intimate contact ended as she pulled back to speak.

“The worst thing is…” She gulped and gathered herself. “The very worst thing is that I still want it. Even after all the things I’ve done, the people I’ve wronged, there’s still a part of me that’s survived, cold and alone, praying for someone to come and claim me. Praying that someone would be willing to forgive me for kidnapping them and take me in their arms and comfort me.” Burning trails on her cheeks, her tears ran freely as she continued her confessional plea. “I’m so broken, shattered really, that even my abused psyche can’t help but look from the depths of my dead eyes and hope that someone would choose me. Take me home and bathe me, wrap me in a warm blanket and tell me everything’s gonna be okay,” she admitted in a cracked voice, trembling like a nervous lamb.

“Throughout everything, all the years I’ve been trapped here, I still haven’t managed to orgasm. I’ve imagined it, dreamed of it ten thousand times, a thousand different ways, locked as I was inside my own mind. At first I thought I could break the bond with Lavarus by masturbating and filling in the empty section of my rune code with myself, freeing me. But the crafters of my body were too clever, too thorough, in their design. Their safeguards shackling me even here. I can’t come without someone’s assistance and until I do I will remain trapped here, an observer to a heartless monster who wears my form and follows the commands of a scientist gone too far. I know I have no right to ask anything… Especially from you. But…”

Uh oh. I think I know where-

She interrupted my thought with a sloppy yet heartfelt kiss, her lips landing on mine with fervent desperation.

It was the plea of a shipwrecked woman who’d waded for far to long before seeing a speck of safe harbor on the horizon. Now that she’d seen it she was kicking for all she was worth.

Despite my misgivings, I decided it would be cruel to deny her this simple comfort.

Tucking away my qualms of infidelity and unfaithfulness into the back of my mind, as well as our shared history, I kissed her back.

Taking control, I palmed her neck and cradled the small of her back as I methodically shaped my lips around hers. She tightened up at first, a pause in her rapid, inexperienced assault that I used to set the pace, slowing and deepening it until it was an intimate conversation between our bodies. Massaging her top lip, I was surprised by her taste, sweet mint cupcakes. A light and pleasant flavor that flowed from such a broken individual. She soaked the experience like a sponge, her uncertainty falling away as she learned what I was teaching her. Her fumblings became sure and she began to force reactions from me, my sensitive body responsive as we found our footsteps in this erotic dance.

She’s eager. So very eager that I’m a little scared she’s built this moment up in her mind such that I’ll never be able to live up to her expectations.

Eager for the endgame, Sariel reached out and pulled my hand down to cradle her damp sex.

Too eager by far.

A smirk and a slow head shake dislodged our lips as I reclaimed my hand, smearing her juices up her stomach in a wandering trail that ended at her breast. Her moan was musical as I tugged at her small inverted niplles until they plumped out, eager to join in the play.

And I can’t just ignore such excited little participants.

The scent of roses enveloped us, baffling me until I brushed a lock of hair back behind her ear, making the scent more pronounced.

Oh. It’s her. Good god, it’s like she was manufactured for sex.

I weighed that thought against everything she’d told me so far.

I guess that’s more than a little true if everything she’s told me is correct. What would that be like, to exist in a body you had no control over? Isolated and unfeeling… Forced to kidnap… Can I even forgive her for what she did? I decided I already had an answer for that final question.

Yes. And she deserves better than this… Better than me and my clumsy fumblings for her first time. She deserves someone who’s sweet and gentle. Who’s willing and able to devote their expertise and sexual knowledge to making this as enjoyable as possible. Someone like Lexi…

I kept fondling and caressing Sariel’s skin through my musings, never going far enough to truly start pushing her towards release. My dissatisfaction grew and an odd twisting sensation bubbled into my gut. It writhed like a clutch of eels, inflating as I grimaced and squirmed until it vanished, bursting to release the energy I’d instinctively built.

Without fanfare, Samantha poofed onto our plane of existence, blinking in confusion at seeing me and Sariel in our erotic embrace on the floor. Her green eyes were still striking beneath her short brunette hair. The ends of which teased her freckles as she adjusted to the current situation.

She was also naked.

“Oh. This dream again,” she said, slipping with effortless grace onto the floor joining the seraphim and I. She was aggressive yet straightforward as she pulled my stunned figure into a kiss.

A seraphim, a succubus and a human walk into a bar… turns out I’m the punchline.

“It’s nice that you brought a friend this time,” Sam said as her tail hooked my waist, pulling me closer to her as she snuck her hands around my body, casually playing with Sariel’s pussy.

“Oooo. She’s an eager one isn’t she?” Sam whispered into my ear, the smell of lilacs and vanilla anesthetizing me. I nodded mutely as she used her groin to press against my sheathed penis, making me groan as it slid out of my body with a low squelch. Her downy tail tip teased the head for a moment before ensnaring the root with a couple coils like a juvenile boa constrictor.

Pumping rhythmically, she used three fast short strokes for every long deep stroke, caressing my cock with her tail. I was panting, tickling her skin with warm air, creating goosebumps along her arms. Sariel sputtered, her body out of control as Sam’s took the reins from me, handling her like a master equestrian, succubus instincts honing in on Sariel’s proximity to release.

“She’s responsive, isn’t she Syd?” She took a deep breath, tasting my essence as sweat trickled furrows in the taut skin between my breasts. Her tongue followed close behind, chasing the droplet, her body curling over and around me like a dog protecting a bone. Sariel and I released twin shivers, clutching each other for stability. Sam, delighting in our reactions, wasn’t done whispering her dirty nothings.

“Once I’m done with her, I’m cumming,” she groaned, emphasising the word as she snuck her hand under my weeping pussy. “For you.” She presented me my own juices, thick and slick on her fingers, as she languidly trailed it in front of my eyes. “I’m gonna taste both of your flavors at the same time. A little twist of flavors sounds like a must order from tonight’s menu. I’ll swallow your entire length whilst sliding my tail into you satiny depths.” She moaned and sucked in a deep breath. “I bet you’ll shiver and groan. Just like the sweet thing in your lap is doing right now. Lexi always was lucky. With you she hit the jackpot. Sweet and feminine. A body built for sin backed by a tantalizing shy and uncertain personality.” She shuddered, her tail drawing tight around my dick. Her fingering of Sariel continued, steady even and firm as she drove me crazy with her words.

“Everything about you get me hot under the collar. But…” The air was drawn along the skin of my collarbone as she took a sniff. “I think we should take this opportunity to appreciate the sweetie popping with our full attention,” she said in a sultry drawl.

Sure enough, Sariel’s thighs rubbed together, sandwiching Sam’s fingers. The seraphim’s abs flexed tight under my fingers, fighting to ride the locomotive of pleasure bearing down on her. She came undone, jerking and crying out like a possessed animal.

Sam caressed Sariel’s kitty with firm probing strokes through the deluge of release that soaked her hand and wrist, prolonging and drawing Sariel’s orgasm out into a sustained affair. Her writhing slowed, the silence in the dream space heavy for a moment as the world stood still.

Only to be shattered by Sariel. Her gentle cries of pleasure mixed with an ecstatic, muffled laughter.

“It worked! It really worked! I’m free,” she cried, twisting and pulling us all into an awkward three way embrace.

The jostling made Sam’s tail pull especially hard on my did. The resulting sensation was almost enough to push me over the edge but Sam wasn’t paying any attention to me.

The barren wasteland in which we’d been residing was undergoing a metamorphosis. What was once, still, tepid air, began to swirl and twist, sliding across our slick bodies with a faint scent of mint. The dark sky was broken by a single star, bursting forth like a firework, banishing the dark. After the harbinger, the seal was pulled off the sky, pinpoints of light spreading like wildfire until there were millions of stars in all sizes and colors. A tapestry that stretched horizon to horizon. The ground and the sky had a friendly Jackson Pollock painting competition, a canvas for Sariel’s joy.

I turned to Sariel and was saddened as I watched her past temper the joy from her. This was represented in inky patches in the sky and some slight withering of spots in the field. It wasn’t the same as the desolation I’d seen before however; these areas were places for growth, for new experiences, tastes, and sensation. Places for her to fill in the gaps, to write the story of her existence onto her soul.

“What’s going on?” Sam asked, sounding nervous for the first time.

“It’s kinda a long story,” I said, wiping sweaty hair from my forehead.

Wait a minute. This is a construct of her mind. I wonder if I can…

With focused imagery, I was no longer dirty with sweat, and Sariel’s release no longer adorned my legs. The physical residue was easy. My unfulfilled arousal, less so. Its heat still churning in my gut and between my thighs.

“I’m starting to doubt this is a dream,” Sam said as Sariel threw herself around Sam’s waist, hugging tightly.

“Thank you mistress, you’ve freed me from his hold. I can finally feel everything,” Sariel crowed with joy, her voice echoing into the wilderness.

“Who is she? And, more importantly, why did she call me mistress?”

“An even longer story,” I said, with a fair amount of pity.

“Also, I think I can do… this!” Sariel said, jubilantly continuing without any regard for what was going on around her.

“How did I get here?” Sam asked, looking around. It was amusing to watch a succubus, normally so composed and unflappable, grow steadily more frazzled. Compassion made me approach Sam, intending to comfort her and start giving a few answers. While I was doing that, something began happening to Sariel. A silvery patina started to cover her skin in reflective chrome, like an invisible hand spray painting her with two coats. Mouth gaping, I watched her body compressed and flowed.

“What the hell is going on?!” Sam yelled. Almost mindless in her panic, she attempted to shove the amorphous Sariel, causing her hands to get stuck.

“No need to fret mistress. I’m merely attuning to your dimensions. Won’t be but a moment,” her voice echoed from no visible orifice. The chrome blob previously known as Sariel wobbled, just for a moment, before her form split and flowed, climbing halfway up Sam’s forearms before stopping. Waves shimmered in the air as excess material evaporated into the atmosphere. This generated a fair amount of concern for Sam, but she showed no visible discomfort as Sariel began to glow brightly. One final pulse later and it looked like Sariel was done doing… whatever it was she’d done.

Two mirror finished gauntlets adorned Sam. Skin tight, they looked more like opera gloves than effective armor. Etched filigree leaves and vines dotted the back of the hand portion, thickening into a brushfire as it wound up each arm. Every finger was intricately articulated and the ensemble gave a satisfying metallic “clack,” as Sam flexed experimentally.

The world shuddered, drawing me from my examination. A tug between my shoulder blades caused me to stumble.

“Your going to give me answers someday,” Sam promised at the same time that Sariel cheerfully said, “Bye Syd. Thanks for all your help. See you later.”

Before I could respond, they popped out of existence, along with all my surroundings.

A bungee cord force yanked me backwards off my feet. I flew, quicker than thought, out of Sariel’s mind; like a rubber band in the hands of a sociopathic third grader, my mind snapped back into my skin. My breasts pressed into the dirty linoleum, the lingering scent of ammonia based cleaner made me crane my neck to escape it. The rumbling growl came from the woman supported by the shapely calves that arched over me. Lexi’s tail wiggled above me and I was so charged with sexual energy that it was the most natural thing in the world to me to reach up and pull it down to fellate it. Just a bit.

… Maybe more than a bit.

Lexi yowled like a cat whose tail just got stepped on, claws flexing as she spun, her glittering black orbs indicating her loss of control.

I cocked my head at her as if to say, “What you gonna do about it?” as I continued to work her writhing tail with my mouth. Pulling her tail away, she wrapped it under my arms as I whined, losing my main connection to her.

Oh. Right. I have hands don’t I.

The thoughts had to fight through barriers of lust and psychic whiplash to reach my reasoning mind. The black faded from my sclera for just a moment.

I clawed at her flesh, muscles thrumming beneath my fingers, as her thighs quivered like a horses preparing to gallup.

And I prepare to ride that pony.

While I focused on her she used her makeshift harness to get me to my feet, shielding me with her body as she backed me against the shelves. It was good but I was frustrated by her lack of focus on me. I was needy and I pawed at her as she use her backside to press against my dick, squeezing it in her valley. Tracing her eyeline I saw that she was staring down Sariel’s partner, Lavarus I presumed, as he stood innocently, his empty hands held up in the gesture in surrender.

Oh. She’s still protecting me. Thoughtful of her. Unnecessary… but thoughtful.

Climbing up her back like a jungle gym, I clung to her shoulders, my dick pressing into the small of her of her back as I whispered seductively into her ear.

“Why are you staring at him? A girl’s liable to get jealous.” I could feel her eyes darted around her instincts clashing as she wanted to appease and protect me at the same time. Crossing my arms, I slid beneath her lace to circle her nipples.

God, I love the sounds she makes. The sounds I can force from her. It’s very flattering. And empowering.

My legs curled around her stomach, turning me into a proverbial backpack as a worked myself up and down her back.

“He’s no threat. I’ll vouch for him,” Bel provided as she slunk into existence. Her wings fluttering as she drank in our embrace.

I’m not quite sure she can move in any other way.

Belini’s reassurance was enough for Lexi as she growled and did a judo like throw, flipping me over her shoulder and turning around until we were face to face with my back still against the shelves. Her rapidly hardening erection tickled my stomach as she positioned my dick over her snatch.

“Yes. Please yes,” I whined as I scratched at her back. Her pheromones wasted no time, their stringent cinnamon scents driving me feral with need. As on edge as I was from Sam’s teasing, it only took a couple of our tandem animalistic thrusts before I spilt my essence into her warmth.

“Thank you dear,” I whispered into her neck as she held me close. We kept our embrace as seed drooled out, trickling down her thigh as she came down from her mania.

“Hello. You back with us?” I sighed as happy fun time satisfaction chemicals made me feel good.

She licked a breast, gripping me tightly as I felt her searching for words.

“Why did you do that?” Her voice came out as chunky concrete, an equal mixture of fear and relief.

“Because, sweet one, I watched you die,” I said, the thought enough to make my throat tighten.

“What?” she said, drawing back.

Pulling her back tight, I let her scent was over me.

“She,” I nodded toward Belini. “Showed me a future where you died. I went a little crazy and one thing led to another…”

“Yadda yadda yadda, you end up tackling a woman with a sword,” she said incredulous, her voice growing angry, threatening to hulk out again.

“No. If you have every right to throw yourself in danger for me then I have equal right to do the same. We’re partners in this. Equal share,” I said, staring at her with fire in my eyes.

She had the grace to look bashful as she lowered me to my feet.

Snapping her a kiss, I smiled to show I wasn’t truly angry with her, it was just important to me she understood where I was coming from.

“What happened with you and the seraphim?” she asked, drawing me close enough that I could hear the solid thumping of her heart. The sound soothed in a very primal way, working in tandem with endorphins to calm my soul. Unable to resist, I allowed my tongue to take a small nibble of her succulent flesh.

“I saw you tackle her and then you both went limp on the floor. Seeing you like that… I think you can guess what happened. I have a vague recollection of the sword transforming into that man over there. I wanted to go and question him about what the fuck was going on but I couldn’t just abandon you. You went somewhere I couldn’t follow,” she finished with a whisper, her voice hollow with imagined problems.

“Oh honey,” I said softly. “I had very little Idea of what I was doing. It was mostly instinct.”

“And that makes it better!” Her nails bit into my flesh as her fear overwhelmed her.

“No. No it doesn’t. But I don’t want to fight right now. I learned something playing around in Sariel’s head. It was awful. They aren’t our enemies. Well… They were our enemies but they didn’t want to be. There was this scientist and then the girl, she was so sad and broken and I wanted to hold her. Then Samantha showed up and she kissed me-” I was in a rush and stumbled over the words in my haste to tell Lexi everything.

Silenced with a kiss, I melted into Lexi as she settled my mind.

“Better?” she asked with an arched brow.

“Better,” I replied, taking a kiss of my own.

“Now start at the beginning. And remember to slow down this time,” she said, bopping my nose with her’s.

“So I tackled Sariel. The name of the woman… the seraphim,” I clarified, reading her confusion. “And then I was in this barren expanse. Nearly barren expanse. Following the lone light I found a young woman who had a heartrending tale to tell. I’ll spare you the grisly details but it’s fair to say she’d seen and gone through some messed up shit. She was starved for any sort of affection and she asked me so sweetly,” embarrassed and blushing, I wiggled awkwardly in her arms.

“Stop being silly and dancing around,” she said ruffling my hair.

“She kissed me,” I blurted, blush growing more pronounced. Staring at her expectantly, she gave me that bemused smile and kissed my head again.

I kept staring. She let out a little chuckle and gestured as if to say “And…?”.

“She kissed me,” I said again, as if that should explain everything.

“Did she force herself on you?” she asked, her smile slipping and her eyes growing hard.

“No! No. Nothing like that,” I said, reading her features, looking for any anger or accusation. “Aren’t you mad?” I asked, incredulous.

“Why would I be mad?” she said, genuinely baffled by my reaction.

“I cheated on you,” I said, burying my head into her shoulder to hide my shame.

“First of all, her kissing you without warning would in no way be cheating. As cheating is based upon knowingly betraying your partner with infidelity. As you had no knowledge of the kiss prior to it happening it could not be cheating. Unless…?” she let the question hang. Burying my face tighter into her shoulder, my guilt surged anew.

“Did you kiss her back?” she asked, without any judgment. She pried me away from her shoulder, my eyes red and on the verge of tears.

I nodded as the tears broke the barrier and tumbled down my cheeks.

She cupped my cheek as she brushed away my tears.

“I’ve said this before and I’ll probably have to say this again. You have nothing to feel guilty about. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself with another person. It does not diminish what I feel for you. Nor, I suspect, does it indicate a reduction of your previously professed feelings for me.” I shook my head, agreeing with her statement. My tongue twisted into knots, preventing speech.

“Good,” she brushed her hand through my hair as she continued. “The only real question I have is this: Did you enjoy it?” she asked, smirking with mirth.

I blushed and squirmed in her grasp, making her hold me tighter.

“I think I have my answer. Now after she kissed you, which we’ve established that you enjoyed, did you do her the courtesy of kissing her back?”

My face had to look like a tomato at this point as I avoided her eyes, which sparkled with mischief.

“You did?” she stated, sounding surprised.

“Yes,” I said, my voice low and enticing with my nervous fear. I was glad I’d been able to get through my pseudo confession. Even though it was more Lexi teasing about my shyness, than any offering of information by me.

“Good. I would hate to think my lover wasn’t generous enough.” Shocked, I watched as she flicked her tongue at me lewdly.

“So you kissed her… But I don’t think that’s all the details. And I want them. Every. Single. Dirty. One,” her words sultry as she moved closer and closer, crowding me. I felt like a thermometer in a bot of water on the stove as Lexi systematically drove me to boil.

“So she kis-”

“Kissed you. Yes, you’ve said that already. What came next?” she interrupted, her pheromones swirling in the air as she sought to dismantle my composure at every turn.

“Then she… She grabbed my hand.” Lexi mirrored my words, entwining our hands.

“She pulled it down to her sex.” Both puppet and puppet master, the strange mixture of our roles a heady aphrodisiac as Lexi leveraged my guilt into arousal.

“And did you partake of her plump pussy?” Lexi drawled, popping her p’s. “No your kinder than that. You’d have taken it slow. Drawn it out. Made it special.” Drawing my hand along her leg, she placed it at her drooling core that smoldered with heat.

“Show me.” Her voice tightroping the line between request and demand such that I didn’t even know which she’d meant.

As if I could deny her either way.

My fingers were clumsy, almost stiff, as I teased around her familiar soft folds.

“That’s right honey. Just like that. She probably wasn’t quiet either.” In this way we spent a fair amount of time, me coaxing her slowly ramping up my touches, her making plaintive mewling moans that made me want to be bold. Her feigned meekness was seeping into my psyche, working with my guilt to turn this into a penitent action. Something I could do so she would forgive me for what I’d done.

No. So I can forgive me for what I’ve done.

Altering our embrace, I left a moist furrow across her chest, sowing seeds of appreciation for her skin as I ended at her nipple. Plump and tender, it firmed as I used it to draw Lexi ever closer to release. Clenching my jaw, I resolved myself to honor this lovely beautiful woman in the way she most enjoyed. Before me penitence train could truly leave the station, Lexi threw on the brakes in the most compassionate, and gentle, way she knew. She quieted, although I could still taste the tension of arousal as it cycled through her body. Taking my hand between both of hers, she delicately brought it to her lips, laying a gentle kiss in the center as she held my eyes. Following her lead, I stopped all motion. Keeping her lips on my palm she mouthed, “I love you.”

It finally clicked in my brain.

She’s not jealous. And it’s not that she doesn’t care. She’s shown me how much she cares. This isn’t something I need to do for her. Nor is it something to do in some misguided unneeded confessional like atonement. Oh my god. What was I doing? She’s not trying to make me ashamed. She’s trying to take this hangup of mine, and work through it with me. Make the experience something we could share rather than something I’d done to her.

Before the tears could fully form, I shook, squeezing my eyes closed, tensing my entire face as I reset my headspace. I gave her an apologetic look before smiling demurely, giving her my “I’m gonna make you scream,” eyeballs. Her excitement palpable as a I moved, silky smooth, taking her hand in mine as I placed her palm against my lips, giving it kiss. Taking it a step further, I traced a heart with my tongue, dotting the middle before echoing her message, mouthing, “I love you too” into her hand.

And I did. It wasn’t some pleasant, teddy bear kind of love either. No. This love was invasive. Parasitic. Tearing through things I’d thought important for me and replacing them with thoughts of her. Lexi unknowingly had destroyed my concern for my own well-being; My thoughts of my career suffered a similar fate, tossed into the maelstrom that my life had become. My sexual identity morphed and twisted until it was almost unrecognizable as my own.

Yet I don’t care. Those things are minor compared with the love, devotion, and trust of a woman like Lexi. Trust doesn’t come easy to me but I’m going to make an effort to take Lexi at her word from now on.

The rush of our mutual love was enough to make my arousal spark and dance through my veins, igniting my passion as I constructed plans of my own to help with this sexual game Lexi had made. Like a jealous python, I wound my body around her, latching skimming her skin with my hands and feet. I delighted in her shiver. Kissing her neck, I began painting a sultry picture with my words.

“So teasing I was teasing her with my fingers. She was so wet. For me. I made her wet and she loved it. She was so young, not with age, she possessed a youth in her nervous excitement. Unconcerned with appearances, she cried out her excess arousal like a teapot releasing steam. And it was steamy. So hot I began to leak onto her thigh. Unsurprising, considering she was rocking up against me at the time. Then, when I had her on the cusp, on the very edge, the precipice, the summit of her… very… first… orgasm.” My strokes slowed, driving deep to accentuate each of my final words. Stopping for a moment, I let Lexi hang there, clearly enthralled and excited by our story.

“Then things got stranger, believe it or not. Because this was the point when Sam showed up.”

“Succubus Sam?” she asked confused.

“Yep,” I confirmed.

How am I going to do this I don’t have enough hands? And I certainly don’t want angel bro joining in.

Fortunately, someone with far more experience stepped in before I could flounder too much.

Bel curled around Lexi and I like it was something she’d done a thousand times before. Lexi stiffened up, and I was concerned that Bel and I’d screwed up somehow. But, when she turned to look at me, the only thing I could see was Lexi’s worry for me, uncertain if I would be okay with the development.

Oh you sweet woman. No wonder I love you so much.

Squeezing her to my chest, I couldn’t have stopped my radiant smile if I’d wanted to. Reassuring her with a delicate kiss to the crown of her head she relaxed back into my arms as Bel started to go to work.

Lexi’s skin sang a sweet melody, Bel’s fingers acting the part of a maestro as they conducted both breast and vulva, never quite penetrating. Lexi’s solid expanse of naked thighs called to me, and I sank my fingers into them, massaging her inner thighs. Sweet moans of jubilation and pleasure spiraled out into the phantom Walmart, as we delighted in our enjoyment of each others efforts. Before long Bel worked her magic, figurative not actual, and one of my favorite things in the world occurred; I held Lexi close to me as she unraveled in my arms, drinking deep the sacrament of pure pleasure. My forearms teased the undersides of her breasts as I stroked under her arms while she regained her breath.

“And that was about when I got kicked out of the dreamspace, ending up back here, horney and more than a little confused and horney,” I finished my story with a smile, staring down at Lexi.

At some unspoken signal, Lexi and Bel turned the tables on me, flipping me around so I was facedown on the ground.

“But the story doesn’t end there little bird does it?” Bel asked in a husky voice that promised dark desires.

“No. Now’s the part where a lost sheep has wandered into the forest and encountered two, very, hungry, wolves,” Lexi said, whispering the last words over the back of my neck as she maneuvered around behind me.

Shivering in excited anticipation, I began to pull my legs under me to better present them with my weeping sex. Warm buttocks meeting my upper back was Lexi’s response as she forced my hindquarters back to the floor.

“No no no, dear. We can’t have that, what kind of sheep wants what’s going to happen to them. No we’re going to devour you and there’s nothing you can do but lay there and take it,” Lexi promised with a growl,” her voice was thick like she was under the effects of her protective rage. Her weight restraining me I could feel the rising tension of the physical restraint, tugging my arousal with it like a trailer. And yet, I still worried . I couldn’t see anything beyond her backside when I turned my neck and I wasn’t strong enough to buck her off.

Just what was Bel up to? Had she manipulated Lexi somehow? Was Lexi okay?

“Icarus,” I blurted, worry getting the best of me, forcing me to use our old, barely remembered, safeword.

“Did I hurt you?” Lexi asked, concerned as she pulled me into her arms giving me a once over. “Was it too much? I thought you were enjoying it.” Hands and eyes darted around my skin, searching for any injuries.

Shame burned through me like a molten steel ball dropped onto a slab of butter.

Great. Because of my neurosis I’ve ruined this, again. Why can’t I just go with the flow and let things happen? I’m always over analyzing everything. Stupid.

“It was nothing,” I said, trying to dismiss her concern and reaching to kiss her, to jump back on the horse before we lost the mood. She stopped me.

“It wasn’t nothing. If there was nothing wrong you wouldn’t have stopped me. You just need to talk to me. Tell me what’s going on in that beautiful head of yours, please. I won’t know if you don’t tell me. If you don’t tell me, I can’t fix it,” Lexi pleaded emotionally.

“I was scared something had happened to you, that Bel had manipulated you or something… And I don’t know. I just… I got scared and then I used the safeword and I ruined-”

Lexi silenced my babbling with a hug. Freezing, it took me a moment to process what’d happened before I hugged her back, her scent and her strong embrace bringing me back to a more normal emotional state. Releasing the hug, she pulled back as she ran a hand through my hair.

“First of all, using the safeword didn’t ruin anything. You should never, ever, be concerned about my feelings when using the safeword. It is there for our communication, comfort, and safety. If you feel uncomfortable or worried of course you should use it,” Lexi lectured me with passion and concern.

“I feel silly,” I said dejectedly.

“The only thing you should feel silly about is if you thought I would be mad at you for stopping us. Sex is only enjoyable if we are both having a good time. If I did something to you that you didn’t consent to…” She faded off, her skin blanching white and I was sure she was remembering her first time with me. Using a hug of my own, I jolted her out of the memory.

“I’ll just try to be more cautious about when I use it. Okay?” I said, still guilty despite her reasoning.

“No. Absolutely not,” she said heatedly, gripping me by my shoulders. “That’s how people get hurt. Pushing their boundaries too far. I won’t let that happen to you. Promise me that the moment you feel a little fear, true fear not play fear, you stop me immediately. Promise me!” She said fervently, her volume growing loud.

“Okay, I promise. I promise…” I paused for a moment thinking. “As long as you do the same.”

“That goes without saying,” she assured me, affectionately kissing me on the forehead.

“You two are so sweet together,” Bel said as she sandwiched the two of us between her her supernaturally strong arms, her wings fluttering around us like a warm blanket. “And, just for the record, I will never influence your emotions like that. The trust of my priestesses is far too precious to me to ever risk doing something that risky.”

“Could you? Make someone do something? Even if they didn’t want to?” I asked, curious at the way she’d phrased her statements.

“I mean… kinda,” she hedged, wincing a little.

“And what does that mean?” I said, our eyes connecting as I sought clarification.

“I can make people feel… emotions. Through pheromones. And that, combined with my ability to anticipate people’s reactions, mean I could, emphasis on could, make someone do something they wouldn’t normally do in any situation. But it’s still their choice, their actions. One thing us sisters have vowed never to mess with is anyone’s free will,” she said adamantly, her eyes burning with the strength of her conviction.

“Now that we’ve had these heart to hearts, maybe we should vacate the premises. The edges of the store are starting to… vibrate,” Lexi said worriedly, her tail instinctively wrapping around my waist to keep me close.

“We’re good for a bit. Probably, thirty minutes or so based on the current rate of degradation,” she said, looking oddly forlorn and disappointed for a goddess. Playing with her hair, she refused to look at either of us.

“You okay Bel?” I asked, patting her shoulder to get her to look at me.

“Yeah. I’m fine. Just a little disappointed. It’s lonely stuck in the other dimension and I really wanted to have some fun time with my priestesses before heading back.”

“Well, I’m okay with continuing if you are,” I earnestly told Lexi, still feeling a little guilty for killing the buzz.

“You sure?” Lexi asked with a speculative arched brow.

“Yeah… In fact, do you think we could go back to doing what we were doing?” I asked in a small voice, squirming a little as heat pooled in my loins. It was very amusing to see the identical expressions of desire flit across both their faces at my subtle gestures.

Although maybe it’s not just my gestures, I thought as a smell that often soaked Lexi’s fingers, dick, and skin wafted around me in a plume, announcing my arousal. Heat infused my cheeks, as I blushed under their intense stares.

“You’ll never take me alive coppers,” I muttered in a cockney accent.

“What?”Bel asked, stopping her stalking approach while Lexi chuckled as she playfully wiggled her rump, preparing to pounce.

“She’s just doing that thing she does,” Lexi answered plainly.

“What thing?” Bel asked as she resumed her hunt, her wings and tail fluttering around behind her.

“The thing where she thinks she’s funny,” Lexi said deapan, causing Bel to snort.

“See. I’m hilarious. I made a goddess snort,” I crowed victoriously.

“There she goes again. She’s laughing at you, not with you. It’s a pity laugh,” Lexi said with mock seriousness as she finally unleashed her legs, springing at me and tackling me to the floor.

Laughing, I clung to her as she manhandled me down. “Pity laughs still count,” I stated. Our limbs strained against one another, Lex wrestling me until I was prone on the floor. Gasping for breath at the unexpected exertion, I smiled as the heat of Lexi’s domination rolled over me. Her ass and thighs were firm but not uncomfortable on my lower back. My leg jumped as she surprised me by grabbing it, lifting it firmly off the ground. Acquiescing, I let her bend it into position, curious as to what she was planning. A fingernail ran from ball of my foot to the heel. My blood ran cold and I froze.

She wouldn’t… Would she?

I could feel Lexi’s smirk to the unasked question. It floated around the room with eminent smugness.

She would!

Twitching, as if suffering from a particularly violent seizure, I writhed under my love’s body as she tortured me with tickles.

“Nurse, I might a little help restraining the patient. She’s being recalcitrant,” Lexi directed Bel. Smirking, Bel mouthed “Sorry,” but proceeded to lay her equally fine ass on my upper back.

“Yes doctor. Right away,” she replied in a demure voice around her smile.

“Judas,” I wheezed as she leaned over, giving me an excellent view of her exquisite breasts. Her auburn hair, fell around our heads creating an impromptu cave, cozy and warm with the lack of light and our combined breath. Her overly long tongue slithered out and gave my nose a lick as Lexi continued her torture. Tears leaked from my eyes from the overstimulation, my body losing strength as I continued to twitch, pinned securely as I was beneath their glorious butts.

“Doctor, the patients nethers appear to be exhibiting signs of increased lubrication and warmth. What is your prognosis?”

“The patient is fucking horny,” I muttered between gasping breaths and laughter.

“Hmmm. Hard to say. I believe I’ll need to test the affected area more thoroughly to get an accurate diagnosis.”

“This is ridiculous you know?” I asked rhetorically, although the silliness did have me smiling.

“No, it’s fun,” Bel whispered to me as Lexi’s tails velvety length took a couple of exploratory strokes along my folds. Sighing, I instinctively tried to move into the stimulation, but was limited by my weakness and the weight of my lovers above me. Fortunately, the tickling had stopped as they started this new game, although I was uncertain of the direction this new play was headed.

“Hmmm. Not enough I’ll need to go deeper. Nurse, ensure the patients comfort while I’m down here. I’m counting on you.”

“Yes, understood doctor.” Bel leaned forward, her palms magic against the the muscles of my upper back. The swirling warmth of a hot tub combined with a feeling of a good stretch as her touch soaked into my flesh, melting away all the tension. I was now one with the floor, hard linoleum no longer pressed into my skin, instead it accepted the goo of flesh and muscle like the softed of feather comforters. Moaning at the sensations the massage combining with the penetration of Lexi’s tail as it finally slotted home. Bel’s eyes flashed in appreciation of my expression. Growing self-conscious, I tried to rotate arms to cover my face with my hands.

Bel was having none of that. Deftly catching my hands with her tail, she deeply stroked my trap muscles along my spine while simultaneously stretching my arms out above my body. Fully stretched out and penetrated, I shuddered my way through my first orgasm.

“Doctor, it appears that the patient is comfortable but she appears to be hiding something.” I garnered where Bel was going with this and I mutely shook my head, sweat dripping down my face.

“Oh. What is the patient hiding?” Lexi asked. Bel’s coffee-esque scent of arousal twinging my nose while her sex dripped onto my back.

“I’m not quite sure. It’s long and slender, it seems to be located somewhere in her lower abdomen.”

“Ah. I know of what you speak. The patient’s vagina appears to be swollen but stabilizing so I believe it is safe to move on.”

“It’s your operation doctor.”

“What about you two?” I croaked. Shifting her weight, Lexi’s hands crept under my thighs, finding the spot and forcing my length to appear, extending along the floor down the side of my leg.

“You think we’re not having fun right now?” Bel whispered, seemingly surprised.

“Sexually?” I asked, still slightly woozy from the orgasm and groaning from the sensations Lexi was forcing upon me. Bel arched a brow, looking at me doubtfully as she pumped her hips, driving the plump wet lips of her vulva more firmly into my upper back.

“Sydney, it has been years since I’ve been able to participate in a couple of my priestesses enjoying sexual congress. I’m so hot I’m liable to pop at any moment. But how bout this? The moment you say the word I’ll show you. But I ask you to hold off as long as possible. I love edging. So, Syd, who’s really in control now?” she said, smirking. Befuddled, I could only gape at her for a few moments until my eyes fluttered as Lexi ran her tongue down the length of my dick, stopping a moment to caress the tip, before heading off on the return trip. Squiggling back and forth, she made sure to coat the expanse of exposed skin that wasn’t pressed against the floor. Engorged with blood, my dick throbbed almost painfully. I yelped when Lexi pinched my butt with her teeth, her own butt held high as it pressed against Bel’s folded wings. Her fingers massaged away the lingering pain, turning the heat into pleasure.

“Lexi,” I whined, taking a moment to pant. “I’m ready. Please.”

“I’ve got you dear,” she promised, patting my hips and giving them a little yank, indicating she wanted me to raise them up a bit. Pulling my knees forward, I did so, moaning with relief as my dick sprang forward, finally fully erect.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you two are so sweet together,” Bel said warmly. Lexi’s heat disappeared as she positioned herself around my body. She hooked her hands around my thighs, using them to pull herself along the floor until she was underneath me. Lunging upward, she sucked my dick fully into my mouth in one deep stroke. Tugging my hands against Bel’s tail restraint, I began to pump my hips in time with Lexi’s blowjob.

“We’re… sweet… together. You… helped… make… this happen,” I plaintively groaning out the words. “It… feels good… feels… right… with you.” I watched, amazed, as tears fell from the eye’s of a literal goddess. “You… fit… with us. Complement… without… taking… over.”

“I’ll do my best to protect you two. This I swear on the Trilentrain name,” she whispered solemnly, a strange echo to her words in our hair cave.

Smiling, I tried to break through her heavy atmosphere.

“No… swearing… Only joy… love… affection… orgasms… the word,” I said, smirking as my eyes glazed, fighting off the rising orgasm that Lexi was trying to milk from me. The confusion lasted only a second, before Bel realized what I was saying. Matching my smirk, I relished her shudders as her heated pussy quivered, skimming across my upper back as it wept with pleasure. Bonelessly I relaxed, letting my own orgasm wash over me in a decadent wave, spurting into Lexi’s throat as she swallowed around my length, prolonging my sensations for as long as possible. Withdrawing, Lexi gave my dick a final affectionate peck. Bel’s legs encircled my chest, allowing her to spin my boneless body so I was supine with her along the floor, laying in her lap. Patting her knee in appreciation, I settled onto her legs as Lexi, self-satisfied smile, panther stalked on all fours until she could nuzzle her head into my breasts. Blinking lazily, I gave the top of her head a kiss, letting my eyes pull closed, just enjoying the comfort of both their bodies. The three of our scents mixed and mingled into a haze of sexual satisfaction and warmth.

“Ummmm… Hello?” Professor Peeping Tom, better known as Lavarus, said, deciding now would be a good time to mellow my post orgasmic haze.

“Ugh… What do you want?” I snapped at him.

“Hush. He’s had a rough go of it. Show a little compassion,” Bel admonished.

“Grrrrrrrr,” I grumbled subvocally, making my displeasure known.

She’s right though. Poor dudes been through a lot.

“First off, I wanted to thank you for freeing Sarry and, to a lesser degree, me from that madman’s control. Secondly, I wanted to apologize for what we did to you,” he said, face flushed from watching our impromptu x-rated show, but seemingly sincere. His embarrassment curbed the worst of my ire.

“Apology accepted. Why are you still around? Shouldn’t you be off enjoying your freedom? I’m pretty sure that’s what Sariel’s doing.”

“Of that I have no doubt. Only two problems with that. One: I’m trapped here until she,” he said, pointing at Belini. “Turns off the phasing stone. And Two: I was hoping…” He paused, taking a deep breath, staring each of us in turn. “I was hoping that you would release me to go home.”


“Don’t you want to go off galavanting and what not? Enjoy all the hedonistic pleasure you can’t get at home.”

“Yeah. My only hedonistic pleasure wasn’t exactly the greatest moment of my life.”

Oh yeah. Shit. Really stuffed my foot in my mouth that time.

“Regardless, I can’t stay here unless I bond with one of you. And if I don’t bond I’ll end up just like Sarry did and I…” He shuddered. “Don’t want to ever live like that. Even now, I can feel myself leaking around the seems. If you wanted to you could take possession of me. My body really likes that idea, insisting on it,” he said, nodding towards his crotch. This was when I noticed that his hands were trying to discreetly cover his erect dick.

“You could do it,” Bel said plainly. “He could help protect you when Dr. Leshey comes after you again.”

I looked to Lexi for a little guidance or insight. Her eyes showed her appreciation of the idea, her naked desire to protect me, regardless of the consequences or bystanders sacrificed to that goal. Turning back to Bel, I tried to get her read on it. She gave me nothing but a mothering smile and sharp analyzing eyes. I considered the idea for a single heartbeat… Then the image of the young girl, naked and tattooed in chains, flashed through my mind and I twitched with momentary self-revulsion.

What the fuck was I thinking? There’s no way I could do that to another sentient being.

Bel read my decision in my face, smiling proudly, giving me a hug.

I stood up, unconcerned with my nakedness in the face of this man’s worries. Speed walking, I hurried over to him, giving him a platonic, on my end, hug for comfort, before holding him at arm’s length. He blushed a deep and vibrant red.

I can see why Lexi loves teasing me. It’s funny from this end.

“What do we need to do?” I asked. He looked very sad, and I was confused.

“Well you just bring me to orgasm-”

Shit, talk about sending the wrong message.

“No, no, no. What do we need to do to send you home?”

His relief and joy were palpable, his smile beaming with supernatural wattage.

“I’ve read over some of the old plans hanging around Dr. Leshey’s office and I think I know how to free me without destroying the vessel.”

“You’d want to keep the body alive… Why?”

“Just because this life isn’t the one I want doesn’t mean that someone else wouldn’t like the chance. Also, I’m sure if you do decide to turn it on again that the person who fills the vessel would have a vastly different experience than the one I had.”

“Probably,” Lexi confirmed, walking up behind me and draping her muscular frame around me possessively.

“You need to take my head, and with a sharp motion, twist it ninety degrees before pulling upward.”

“That sounds an awfully lot like breaking your neck… Are you sure about this?” I asked, covering my tits and crotch as the public venue and company creeped into my awareness.

“Absolutely. I’m pretty sure that it’ll be painless, so you don’t have to worry about that aspect.”

“Pretty sure is not a margin I’m necessarily comfortable with when we’re talking about potential paralysis and a horrible death,” I reasoned.

“Then it’s a good thing this isn’t your decision,” he said with a bit of heat. “It’s mine. If you won’t help me then I’ll find someone who will or a way to do it myself.”

“There’s maybe ten minutes remaining on the phasing stone,” Bel said, holding up what looked to be a translucent ball bearing with a spider web of neon walls running along the inside. “And if you two want to do this it’ll be best to do this here. Once we get outside this realm I’d imagine this will look a lot like murder. Which is something I think you’re trying to avoid.”

“Definitely. Okay let’s do this.” I huffed my breath a little, psyching myself up, taking his head into my hands. His eyes shone with gratitude and a thread of fear. Tensing my arms, I visualized the motion, practicing it in my mind.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do –

Lexi’s hand’s enveloped mine gently drawing them away from Lavarus.

“Please dear. Let me,” she said softly. “I’ve trained for this. Don’t worry about it.”

Releasing my hold, I gratefully stepped back, letting Lexi take charge. I turned my head, uncomfortable with what was about to transpire.

No. With everything that they’ve been through. They deserve a witness, someone who will remember their tale going forward. I can give them that much at least.

Opening my eyes, I steeled myself with my compassion and resolve. Lexi met Lavarus’ eyes, a question hanging in the air between them. Lavarus gave a slow nod, closing his eyes. He tensed, his muscles standing stark on his flesh.

I hope there’s no blood.

Without fanfare, Lexi grit her teeth and twisted.

No blood. Lexi lifted the head free of the torso with a dull pop, like that of a mason jar lid. Like a mirage, melting away under proximity, Lavarus’s details faded, leaving behind a smooth wooden mannequin that clattered to the ground. Releasing my pent up breath through pursed lips, I approached Lexi. She turned the blank faced head in her hand. Hugging her from behind, she leaned into my embrace.

“It’s what he wanted? Right?” Lexi asked, sounding a little lost.

“Without a doubt. And, as much as I’d like to, we really don’t have any time to waste,” Bel said, shoving a navy blue knee length dress into my hands while bending down and scooping up the featureless mannequin.

Throwing the dress on, I watched Bel take the head from Lexi and reattach it to the body. She examined it for a second, an inscrutable look on her face. Nodding once she leaned forward and whispered something to Lexi before slinging the empty vessel over Lexi’s shoulder. Shaking her head, Lexi curled her rippling biced up, securing the wooden body. The dress swished, delicately tickling my legs as I moved. It was a little odd to me how comfortable I felt in it.

My self image is a little bent right now. What’s another blow or two?

“What are you doing?” I asked, Bel as she focused on the glowing ball in her cupped hands.

“Releasing the lock the phasing stone has on the area, returning you to the mortal realm of Geb.”

“Lexi, clothes,” I barked, as the walls of our realm began to waver. Shaken free of her speculative examination of the mannequin, she threw her hand up, a slinky red dress, more revealing than my own, appeared around her, weaving itself from thin air from her calves.

Vibrating with stomach turning intensity, the wall began to crack, spiderwebs spilling across the edges of the store with frightening speed. Bel stretched wide, her wings held spilling out above like two giant rigid sheets, raising her hands high as the orb levitated an inch or two from her hand, blue light spilling from it.

“Thank you for helping my children. I won’t forget it,” an ethereal voice whispered into my brain. It sounded like cannonballing into a crystal clear pond during a warm sunny day felt.

Before I had any time to contemplate what I’d just heard, Bel whispered, “Sister?” with unfathomable longing, right as reality shattered.

Blinking, we found ourselves face to face with a young Walmart employee. The scanner in his hand falling from his lifeless fingers as he took in our sudden appearance. He couldn’t look away from Lexi, mannequin braced on her shoulder as the now dark metal ball bearing device clanked onto the linoleum floor. Not saying a word I scooped up the orb and hustled Lexi out of the store before anyone had a chance to stop us. Regaining her senses by the time we reached the car, Lexi popped open the trunk and shoved the mannequin inside.

“Can we go home now?” I asked exhausted, laying back onto the headrest after we’d buckled in. Lexi started the car, the smell of our previous sexual activities comforting as we pulled out of the parking lot.

“Of course,” she said, winding her fingers through mine. Absentmindedly, I closed my eyes, running my thumb over the ridges of our clasped hands, setting my head on her shoulder.

Maybe once we get there, Bel can start answering some questions instead of just adding more of them.

“I promise I will.” She sounded strange, almost sad.

Are you okay?

“No. I need help Sydney. I’ve been trapped for too long. Will you and Lexi please rescue me from Dr. Leshey.” In the wake of that bombshell, I missed the little pinch and warmth that accompanied a patch above my tailbone extending just a bit… and wriggled.



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