Feature Writer: Amaraine


Published: 06.12.2020

Story Codes: Religious

Synopsis: Desiree, family, and friends have an unusual Thanksgiving

Sister Desiree 4 – Thanksgiving

“It’s so good to have you home for Thanksgiving,” said Desiree’s mom. “And to have your friends here, too.”

Mom had set table for six. Desiree’s Dad, Garrett, sat at the head of the table as usual, eyes feasting at the sight in front of him. On the opposite end was Robert, a friend of Desiree’s. There was a turkey in the middle. While many members of the Church of Gaea were vegetarians, poultry was relatively low on the carbon footprint scale compared to pigs, sheep, and cows. There was cranberry relish, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, a salad with romaine and carrots and cherry tomatoes, a creamed spinach flavored with nutmeg, and two pies to remind people to save a little room for dessert.

That, however, was not the sight Garrett was feasting on.

Sister Mary, once a nun and now an All of the Church of Gaea, was following the Church’s precept to dress provocatively at all times. She wore a loosely knit white shirt that was more than a bit translucent, and her pert breasts didn’t need a bra. As a result, you could clearly make out her nipples through the fabric. Dad had caught glimpses of her ass beneath her short plaid skirt earlier, and she didn’t seem to be wearing panties, although he’d need another good look to make sure. She was a redhead, with creamy skin and freckles.

Alice, meanwhile, had been Desiree’s friend since middle school. She had always been a conservative girl, and even a glimpse of her knees was a rare event reserved for hot days. She had changed, however, in the last half-year since Desiree’s initiation. Today she wore a black blouse he had seen on her before, but the top few buttons were missing entirely, and he could see her cleavage all the way down to a lacy black bra. A pretty blond, he had had more than a few fantasies about her over the years. As she became more sexually open and started attending Gaean services, she was less and less welcome at her own parents’ home, so it had been natural to invite her.

And then there was Desiree, his daughter. He would never touch her, of course, but that didn’t mean he didn’t notice the way she looked. She wore a red skirt as short as Mary’s, and on top she wore only a lacy red bra to cover her full breasts. Since the Supreme Court had affirmed that laws requiring women to cover up more than men violated both the right to expression and the right to equal treatment under the law, Desiree went topless in public more times than not, and even the bra was a concession to the fact that it was a family occasion.

“Enjoying the view, dear?” asked Sharra, his wife. An older version of Desiree, with the same brunette curls, she was quite worth a look herself. She’d gone with a deep v-neck to show off cleavage, and she obviously knew exactly how his gaze had been wandering. But she looked at him with only love in her eyes and a smile on her face.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Do we need a little relief before dinner?” she asked, reaching out to stroke the bulge in his slacks.

He was looking forward to having her mouth around his cock, but he didn’t want dinner to get cold. “I’ll be alright, as long as you stop doing that.”

“Are you groping Dad, Mom?” asked Desiree.

“Um,” said Sharra.

“Good for you. Don’t mind us. But we are hungry.” Desiree looked at Mary and licked her lips.

Mary blew her a kiss.

“Me, too,” said Alice.

“Let’s eat,” Dad said.

For the next ten minutes, it was a perfectly ordinary Thanksgiving dinner except for the displays of female skin. Peaceful and happy, family and friends. The turkey was excellent, and he told Sharra so.

“Mom,” said Desiree at that point, “Have you given any thought to becoming poly?”

“Um,” he said. “I’m not sure everyone here needs to be part of that conversation?”

“Oh, come on, Mom,” said Desiree.

Sharra said, “Well, you know your father satisfies all my needs, but…”


“I’ve been curious about other women now and then, and your Father is okay with that. And I think I’m okay, with, you know, men need variety more than women, and…”

“Really, an OPP?” Desiree gave him a sideways look.

“What’s an OPP?” asked Alice.

“One-penis policy,” explained Desiree, “It’s where the guy gets to fuck whoever, but the woman only gets to fuck girls.”

“Desiree, your language at the table.”

“Sorry, Mom,” said Desiree.

“Doesn’t seem fair,” said Alice.

“Exactly,” agreed Desiree.

He cleared his throat. “Um, that’s not exactly what I said. Or not what I meant, anyway.”

“Hmm, honey?” asked Sharra.

“You said you were interested in dating other women. I said that was fine, if I could too. You didn’t ask about dating other men.”

“See,” said Desiree. “You need an All to help you sort this out.”

“An All perhaps,” said Sharra. “Our daughter is another matter, especially at Thanksgiving.” But she turned to her husband. “So, you wouldn’t mind me having sex with other men?”

“It’d be an adjustment,” he admitted. Or maybe more than that. It’d be heartache. Was it worth it just to fuck other women? He knew he was being influenced by the display at the table, but he continued. “But fair is fair.”

Sharra chuckled. “Maybe someday.” She turned to Desiree. “I’m really more interested in women at this point in my life. That’s what I haven’t had.”

“Mrs. Thompson?” asked Alice.

“Yes dear?”

“Could I be your first?”

Sharra’s mouth dropped, and Garrett felt something stir uncomfortably in his pants. Alice was hot. Also, his daughter’s best friend. Her and Sharra? Oh, what he would give to watch!

Sharra slowly smiled. “What a lovely idea, Alice.” She looked at her daughter. “Would that weird you out too much?”

Desiree recovered her composure. “I think the two of you have been very open and accepting, and it’s time I return the favor. So if you want to f–, um, enjoy my best friend, go right ahead. All acts of pleasure are sacred to Gaea.”

Garrett had read women found it much easier to find partners than men, when couples opened up their relationships, but this was ridiculous. Still, Sharra and Alice. That was hot. The table returned to silent eating, now with furtive glances cast here and there. Sharra and Alice would look shyly at each other.

“Dear,” said Garrett, “You’re hardly touching your food.”

“I’m sorry, I guess I was thinking about other things,” said Sharra, casting a glance Alice’s way. Alice giggled.

“I never did much like the idea of getting overstuffed,” he said.

“Sometimes you stuff me pretty good,” said Sharra.

He was about to protest that their daughter was present, but it seemed a little late for that. “If you can’t stop thinking about it, maybe the two of you should get on with it,” he said, his dick twitching again.

Sharra looked at Alice, and Alice looked at Sharra, and their faces kept getting closer until finally they started kissing.

I didn’t mean right here, Garrett thought. Although I really can’t complain.

“What’s it like,” asked Sister Mary, as Garrett stared at them. “Watching your wife kiss another woman.”

Kiss, and grope, thought Garrett. And she’s half her age. “Um, fine.”

“Does it make you hard?” asked Sister Mary.

“Um, of course not!”

“Mind if I check?”

Garrett blinked as Sister Mary’s hand found his knee. On the one hand, he didn’t mind at all. On the other, she’d soon find out he was lying. Her hand slowly made its way up his thigh, giving him plenty of time to stop her, or say no. He opened his mouth to do so, and her hand paused its journey.

“I have a thing for father figures,” Sister Mary told him.

He shut his mouth, and her hand continued up. If he hadn’t been hard before, he would have been by now. As her fingers traced the outline of his aching cock, she smiled. “Don’t worry, Mr. Thompson,” Sister Mary said. “I’ll take good care of you while your wife has her first lesbian experience. I know mine was very special.” She winked at Desiree.

Mary and Desiree had done that? Even as he tried to process that thought, he looked over at his wife, and saw that she’d unbuttoned Alice’s shirt and Alice was doing the same to her. All while Mary was stroking his cock. He didn’t know what to pay more attention to, and his brain felt like it was going to explode.

“Don’t let me make you cum in your pants, Mr. Thompson,” Mary said, “When I’d really rather you came in my hot mouth.” She licked her lips. “I heard that sometimes you…”

It had been that one time, and he’d been watching Desiree at her initiation fucking and sucking over a dozen people. Thinking about it didn’t help, though. “Garrett,” he said. “Call me Garrett.” Have to focus on one thing at a time.

“Oh, I’d much rather call you Mr. Thompson, Mr. Thompson. You don’t mind doing me that one favor, do you?”

“Um, no, I guess not.” He saw Desiree watching him. This had to be weird for her, although the initiation had been pretty weird for him. Did she know what Mary was doing with her hand?. Probably. Mary was leaning over obviously.

“Should I get under the table, Mr. Thompson?” Mary asked.

“Um, sure.”

“I always like to give my blowjobs topless,” Mary said. “That’s something Desiree taught me. Do you mind if I take my blouse off, Mr. Thompson?”

She had to say, “Mr. Thompson” every sentence, didn’t she. “No, um, not at all.”

Mary grinned. “I didn’t think so.” She stood up.

Desiree stood too. “Here, let me help you. She put her arms around the other girl and started undoing the buttons, then pulling the sides away to reveal Mary’s firm pert breasts.

This isn’t happening. This is happening.

And then Mary got under the table and unzipped him.

Alice and Sharra had their clothes off, and had moved to the floor, touching each other everywhere. Alice shimmied down Sharra’s body until her face was even with his wife’s pussy just as he felt Mary’s warm wet mouth slide over the head of his cock, and despite the show he closed his eyes so he could just feel.

Well, thought Desiree. That went well. I love it when a plan comes together. They’ve been not quite resolving that issue for the last several months. She looked at Robert, and he looked at her.

She grabbed the butter dish, and then her chair, and pulled the chair to a spot in the living room where she knew her Father, at least, would have a good view. She gestured to Robert by curling her forefinger, and he came toward her.

“Take your clothes off,” she said, unfastening her bra.

“This is definitely the weirdest Thanksgiving dinner I’ve ever been to,” Robert said, peeling off his shirt.

“There is nothing shameful about sex, or liking sex. And as good as the turkey is, you have to agree fucking me is better.”

“Language,” Robert said with a laugh.

“I’m not at the table anymore,” Desiree replied.

“Point to you. What’s the butter for?”

“You’ll see. Get those pants off.” Desiree shimmied out of her skirt and was wearing nothing but her heels.

Robert complied, and let Desiree guide him to sit on the chair. She observed with satisfaction that he was already hard. She turned around, curious as to what he could see. Mary, once a nun under Robert’s charge when he’d been a priest, was sucking on her Dad’s dick voraciously. Her Mom had spread her legs and Alice, kneeling next to her, had worked most of her hand inside the older woman’s pussy. Alice had small hands, and Mom looked like she was having a good time.

Desiree bent over and handed the butter dish behind her. “Butter me up.”

“We’re using this for lube?” Robert asked.

“Yep. It’s what was here. Should work.”

“It’s not very hygienic.”

“Dear, I’m an All. We literally cannot get sick.”

“Fair enough.” Robert rubbed a slickened finger around her back opening, then slipped it into her ass. The butter was a little on the cool side, but at least it wasn’t cold.

She caught her Father looking at her, and she grinned at him. She would never touch him sexually, but it was fine by her if he looked and thought what she was doing was hot. There was nothing sinful about being aroused by whatever aroused you. It was how you acted that mattered. She wanted him to enjoy Mary’s mouth as much as she did, and she wanted her Mother to enjoy Alice’s fist, too.

She looked back behind her, to see that Robert was still hard. “Okay, darling. Let’s fuck.”

“I used to think sodomy was a sin,” Robert said.

“You used to think everything was a sin.” Facing away, her legs straddling him, she lowered herself down on him, and let him position his cock against her anus. Then she sat down, feeling him fill her up, well aware that this position left her pussy and breasts on full display for the rest of the room.

Her mother’s eyes widened when she saw what Desiree was doing. But not for long, as Alice moved her hand just right and Mom screamed, her body thrashing wildly.

A moment later, her father grunted, and Desiree was pretty sure he was filling Mary’s mouth with ropes of hot, thick cum. Then Mary proved her right by turning around and opening her full mouth before swallowing.

“Oh fuck, that’s hot,” said Robert, who was thrusting inside her as she bounced up and down on him.

Both her parents were looking at her now. She grinned and waved. “Hi Mommy. Hi Daddy,” she mouthed.

Then Mary gave her Dad what must have been a very sloppy kiss, and Alice said, “Your turn,” and spread her legs. Desiree worked her fingers on her clit, trying to cover as little up with her hand as possible. The cock up her ass felt so good.

“I’m close,” Robert warned.

“Already?” teased Desiree.

“I went years with no sex at all,” Robert reminded her. “There’s a bit of pent up energy.”

Desiree nodded. “Fill me up. Use my little ass in front of my parents. You know you’re my favorite ex-priest. I want your cum, baby, deep inside me.”

She felt him swell inside her. She loved that part, because it made it an even tighter fit, and made her feel so full. She rubbed at her clit, and looked over at her parents one more time, and then she screamed as she came, knowing Robert was emptying his balls in her ass at the same time.

She dismounted him and gave him a kiss. They dressed and walked back to the table, taking the chair with them. Alice gasped a few minutes later, but other than that and the faint sound of Mary whispering in her Father’s ear as she sat in his lap, the room was as quiet as it had been while they were eating.

Desiree figured it was her job to break the silence. “Well, I hope everyone feels they have something to be thankful about.”

“Yes,” said Alice, popping up with a grin and joining them at the table.

“Most definitely.” Mom took her place at the table, looking blearily blissful. Neither she nor Alice bothered to get dressed.

“I got what I wanted,” said Mary. “A mouthful of cum.”

“Yes, Linda,” said her Father, using the name they had given her. “We are thankful to have you as our daughter.”

“It’s Desiree now,” said her Mom. “Since she became an All.”

“Of course. Desiree. We are thankful.”


“Mrs. Thompson,” said Robert. “The turkey is excellent. And the stuffing…”

“We saw how much you enjoyed stuffing Desiree,” Mary said as she pulled her plate over to her.

Everyone laughed, and after that there weren’t very many silences.



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