Husband Hunter by Lycan Rex – Non-Fiction

Writer: Lycan Rex

Subject: Husband Hunter

Link: MEWE / 21.09.2023

Husband Hunter

Once I am able to break your marital bonds, I move on to your more sacred spaces that are harder to erode. Because faith is something that one is brainwashed by from a young age and harder to get one to act out against it, I have to try different things. The joy of having a man cheat on his wife and religion at the same time is a double victory for girls like me. I will be living rent-free in their mind for a long time

3 thoughts on “Husband Hunter by Lycan Rex – Non-Fiction”

  1. I’m not married as I’m a Franciscan Friar Priest. I am married to God and to the Church. I have special protection from evil with Angels and Saint Michael the Archangel. Peace

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