Feature Writer: GigglingGoblin

Feature Title: SERPENT’S KISS 2

Published: 07.03.2023

Story Codes: Demonic

Synopsis: A beautiful lamia-like demoness arrives to ‘save’ him

Author’s Notes (Lorelei’s Note): This series will contain cisboy POV, heavy themes of brainwashing and demonic seduction, non-consent, femdom, a Bad End, and a lot of kisses. Real-life con-noncon requires a lot of trust, safe-words, and other things a fantasy can fudge a little. Enjoy the kink responsibly, and enjoy the story!

Serpent’s Kiss 2

Senya stared up at the voluptuous lamia-fiend looming above him. He felt his heart pounding in his chest and wasn’t sure if it was out of fear or awe.

His wonder was cut short as one of the whorelip down below planted a dainty, teasing kiss on his tip, and a squeak escaped him. He whimpered and wriggled as the luscious lips of the demonic flowers planted kiss over kiss on his sensitive neck, his nipples, his twitching shaft now dribbling with precum.

His cheeks burned as the demoness watched him, one eyebrow slyly raised. “I–” He bucked involuntarily as the whorelip kissed his tip again. “I, um–”

“Poor thing,” the fiend murmured, smiling slyly at the Queen whorelip she’d captured. The whorelip thrashed even more desperately than Senya, as if sensing that a demon much, much higher on the food chain had taken an interest in her. “And how has a sssweet boy like you found himssself in a foul place sssuch as this?”

Senya shivered. The smoky, sultry hiss to her words made it sound as if every word was being whispered just to him, the intimate purr of a lover. “I–I t-tripped,” he stammered, stumbling on his words as the whorelip’s little stamen ‘tongues’ gave his balls little tantalizing licks.

“Oh, dear!” the fiend smirked. “But you ssseem to be… enjoying yoursself.” Her eyes flitted mischievously to his cock.

Senya whimpered. Oh, he was leaking, alright. His cock twitched as she looked at it, as if her mere attention was enough. “I… I, um–a-aah!” He threw his head back in helpless pleasure as a pair of lips slid right over his head, tormenting him with dainty suckles. “P-Please!

“Please?” Her eyes sparkled. “Please what, sweet boy?”

Senya whined and bucked. Suck. Suck. Suck. He couldn’t–he had no idea who or what this demon was, but the chances of her being friendly were too slim, and anything stronger than the whorelip was too strong for him, he mustn’t

“Well?” she asked sweetly. “I sssupose if you’re truly happy there, I should go. Far be it from me to ssseparate a boy and his flowersss.” Her eyes sparkled with mirth. She turned to leave.

Suck. Suck. Senya felt more flowers descending on his tip, sharing an exquisite three-way blowjob–sucksucksuck. Sucksucksuck. Sucksuck–

“P-Please help!” Senya squealed, thrashing futilely against his restraints. He couldn’t help it. He didn’t know what this demoness was but he couldn’t stay like this. He had to chance it. He had to.

“Oh?” She paused, turning back. Her eyes seemed almost to swirl. “You want me to free you, little boy?”

It was as if the whorelip sensed he was about to escape, for they they suddenly struck a horrible, wonderful rhythm. Sucksucksuck smacksmack sucksucksuck smack sucksucksuck–

PLEASE!” he mewled, nodding helplessly as the whorelip planted endless kisses along his neck. “please please please p-pleeEEEASE!

He was humiliated. He’d given in so easily, surrendered to the whorelip so quickly. What chance could he even have against… against…

The beautiful demoness regarded him for a long, moment, lips parted in a subtle smile.

“Good boy,” she said, and turned to the squirming Mother Whorelip.

And Senya watched as the demoness took the kissing blossom into the deepest, hungriest, most passionate kiss he’d ever seen.

And he heard the whorelip moan.

At first, the flower tried to squirm free, but the demon held her totally captive. Her lips smacked against the queen’s, her many tongues slipping inside.

Senya watched as the flower’s fight slowly ebbed, melted and died. And soon it seemed to be kissing back.

But the kiss went on longer, a deep, wet, moaning kiss,. The queen’s moan s turned to whines, and then to submissive whimpers.

At last, the demoness released the flower with a satisfying popping of her lips, smiling smugly.

The blossom swooned, and as one, the flowers holding Senya fell away.

“Careful, now~”

No sooner had Senya realized the pit was rather deeper than he’d realized–that he was about to fall–than he found himself caught straddling the warm, faintly pulsing coils of the demoness.

She smiled down at him, stroking his hair. Her nimble coils wrapped around his waist, pulling him up into the air, then set him lightly on the ground.

He swayed. He was still totally naked, he realized, his face heating up. His cock was even still… dripping a little.

The demoness just stared at him with an enigmatic little smile.

“Well?” she asked sweetly. “What do you say?”

Senya had to fight to regain his balance. His head spun with the effort. He put his hands over his groin and swallowed. “Um… th-thank you.”

She chuckled. “Much better. Good boy.” Again, that sibilant purr that seemed so intimately just for him. “Ssso, how does a weak, haplesss little thing like you wind up in my domain?”

Senya shifted, trying to clear his head quickly–though that sweet indescribable cocktail of scents hanging over him didn’t much help. “I… I just got, um, drawn in by some sprites. I should really be going, though.”

“Oh, should you?” Her eyes sparkled.

Far later than it should have, it occurred to Senya that perhaps meeting the eyes of the beautiful serpent-demoness might not be the best idea. He ducked his head. “I, um, yeah,” he managed. “Thank you very much for the rescue, but–”

“I think you should look me in the eyes when you ssspeak to me, sssweet boy. Don’t you~?”

Senya felt the tug of her voice, sweet and sinuous as it twined around his neck, tipped his chin. He struggled to fight it. “I–I should–I mean, I n-need to–”

To look into my eyes,” the demoness purred. “Don’t you?

Senya’s head swam. Yes, he… he needed to look into her eyes. Didn’t he? Important to be… polite…

His chin rose. He met her beautiful shimmering eyes again.

He was struck by her sheer beauty like a brutal tidal wave. It was… otherworldly, unspeakable. She was a decadent goddess of pure lust and desire. Her ample curves, her flawless, round breasts, her slender neck… her pulsing, flickering red eyes…

His head felt like it was being dipped in honey as she moved a little closer, giggling at something. “That’s better, my handsssome boy,” she said silkily. “My name is Celessste.” The word slipped from her lips and to his ears like a fingertip caress. “What’sss yoursss~?

Senya’s lips were dry. He couldn’t speak. A pretty girl was looking at him, and–and he wasn’t usually so flusterable, but–she was so pretty, and her eyes were so… so…

“Awww!” He heard her giggle as he dropped his gaze. “Poor bashful blushy boy. But I told you.” A finger tapped under his chin. “Eyesss on me.

Whether he was forced by fingertip or simple command, he didn’t know. He didn’t hesitate this time. His chin rose back up, and he met her gaze.

“And your name, my sssweet?”

Senya licked his lips and swallowed. “S-Senya,” he squeaked.

Sssenya.” The way she purred his name nearly made his knees buckle. “It’sss sssuch a pleasssure to meet you.”

“Th-Thank you,” he managed, squirming. “I-I mean. You too.” What was he saying? He needed to get out of here. “I–I, um–”

“Aww, is sssomeone already tongue-tied?” Celeste laughed at him, and he felt his cheeks burn. “What’sss the matter? Never ssseen a pretty girl before?”

Senya whimpered. Those eyes almost seemed to have the subtlest of motion to them. A sparling… glimmering… swirl…

“Or perhapsss,” she purred, “you’ve never ssseen a being of my beauty before~”

Senya swallowed nothing, biting his lip. “I–I, um–I–”

This was bad. He had to run. Had to run. He pounded the thought down into his legs like a piton into hard rock. Run. Run. Run.

It felt like an eternity. It felt like lifting anvils. But he wrenched his gaze away and bolted.

His heart was pounding faster than his feet struck the grass. He had to make it back to where the sprites had brought him in. There was some sort of–some sort of gateway here, some rift, and he could use it to get home if he just–

Something soft, silky, warm, and incredibly strong slipped over his shoulder and in a flash tightened around his upper arm.

The grip jerked him back, and Senya’s feet slipped out from under him.

The vines. Panic filled him for an instant–he couldn’t fall back into the pit, he mustn’t–only to turn to dread as he felt another loop of silky threads slip around his neck, and another around his waist, forcing him upright.

He looked down at the binding around his waist.

Oh, no.

Sparkling, glittering locks of crimson hair were wrapping around his waist. They were as soft as the fluffiest fleece sprite, as silken as Celeste’s whispers. They twinkled and shone with demonic heat that radiated into his captive body.

“N-No!” He thrashed, desperately fighting the bindings. They were as strong as steel. He might as well have been in chains.

But they didn’t feel like chains.

Their warmth began to spread through him. He whimpered and struggled, but that warmth seemed designed to relax his muscles, to melt his strength into goo. Another loop of hair snaked around his right wrist, then another loop around his left. The hair descended upon him, binding his form.

He heard Celeste laughing, but didn’t dare look. He tried to force a step forwards, only to find his legs being bound, luscious tresses wrapping around his thighs. He was immersed in that beautiful, spellbinding heat, that light, that softness.

“Why the rush?” he heard Celeste purr in his ear, and her hair spun him around to face her. She was beaming with amusement at his predicament.

He squirmed, trying to keep what strength he had working towards escape. With that heat pulsing through him, though, it felt harder and harder to even remember he needed to.

The hair slithered around him, pulling him close against Celeste. He bit his lip to hold in a gasp. The hair stroked like silken gloves, so, so close to his still-twitching cock.

And Celeste felt very warm against him. Warm. Soft.

That’sss better,” he heard her murmur.

And her voice was so soothing, the pulsing warmth so comforting, briefly he allowed himself to go limp.

He snapped out of it. “N-No,” he cried, squirming with every tiny droplet of strength left to him, “no, I w-won’t–”

Her arms wrapped around him and pulled him closer. His words died. She was strong. Much, much stronger than him. His struggles were positively kittenish against her powerful arms, and his heart fluttered like a bird in the cat’s claws.

“Weak little thing,” she cooed, stroking his hair. Her hair tightened its grip on him, one luscious lock wrapping around his cock and giving him a little tug. He gasped helplessly, taking in her sweet scent.

His head spun and twirled. His struggles grew mindless. He couldn’t control his muscles except to beg them to move, to thrash, to do anything.

And these weak little wriggles only appeared to amuse the mighty demoness who had captured him. She smiled, tipping his chin up with a finger and forcing him to meet her gaze once again. “Now, now,” she cooed. “Why ssso eager to leave?”

“I–” Senya panted. “I, I won’t–I c-can’t–I–MMMMMF!

With a predatory grin, she had pulled him to her, and then her lips were on his and words were useless to him.

Seven tongues. She had seven tongues. A thinking-cogently-Senya might have registered that was a bad thing, that a demoness’s power was represented by her tongues.

But in the kiss, Senya’s only thoughts were of the softness. The sweetness.

His eyelids fluttered and closed.

She tasted wonderful. Whorelip nectar still lingered in her, but there was something else he couldn’t name. He moaned, and heard her laughing into the kiss, as her seven tongues wrapped around his and bound his tongue, forced their way into his mouth and claimed it, claimed him.

Her lips smacked wetly, indulgently against his. He felt as if the kiss was pulling him in, deeper and deeper.

He whimpered and whined, pressing mindlessly into the kiss. Not even Miss Scarlet’s kisses were this… intense. Not even the cupid’s kisses were this deep. Her tongues entwined with his, and he heard her moaning back.

She was enjoying this. His mouth was her captive, his tongue her prisoner, and all he could think about was her lipstick on him, her tongues around his. She was hungry.

He sank into the kiss and yielded to her. One kiss melted into a second, then a third. Her hair twinkled around him, dazzling him, and he couldn’t even quite remember… how to breathe…

At last, she pulled back, with an indulgent “Mwah~!” and a satisfied smirk. Her cheeks were a deep crimson, and her eyes sparkled with lust and desire.

Senya was left gasping, panting for breath. He swayed, his lungs aching with need.

He heard her giggle. “Oops. I really mussst take care not to get ssso carried away. But you are sssimplydelectable.”

Senya’s world swam. He could still taste her, still feel the lingering wetness of her lips, the lingering lipstick tingling on his skin. He hovered on the verge. He couldn’t remember what he’ been saying. He’d… he’d been saying something about… needing to go, hadn’t he?

She laughed. “Well, what were you sssaying, boy~?”

“I… whuh… y-you…”

Her eyes sparkled. She took him by the chin and, pressing his cheeks together with thumb and forefinger to force his lips apart, pulled him into another sweet, wet, affectionate kiss. He moaned at the feeling of her luscious lips, her playful tongues snaking into his mouth. He melted into her hunger. He clung to her, whimpering, his breath slipping away from him again…

Her lips gave a little pop as she pulled away. A thin strand of saliva connected their lips for an instant as he gazed up at her, drooling and stupid.

“Now,” she said sweetly, “what were you sssaying?”


“I thought so~”

~ ~ ~ ~

His mind took a moment to return to him.

He was partially suspended in the air, caught within twining locks of her lustrous red hair to keep him upright and close to her. The feel of her lips lingered on his skin. His head spun, and he gazed at her in lost, pliant rapture. Her hair twinkled around her, framing her beautiful, angelic face, that spellbinding smile.

She giggled. “Aww, did sssomeone enjoy that?”

He mumbled something, blushing. His head felt funny. Heavy. Sloshy. She was so… pretty…

She laughed at him and caressed his cheek. “Sssuch asssweet, weak boy,” she cooed. “Didn’t I tell you that you could do better than those quaint little whorelips?”

“Uh-huuuh…” he slurred, licking his lips with a stupid smile. He could still taste Celeste’s sweet lipstick. He craved more.

“You want to be good for me,” she said silkily, “don’t you?”

“Uh…” Senya blinked blearily. He did, didn’t he? Celeste was so beautiful, and she was being so nice to him. Still, didn’t something seem a little off?

Her lips quirked. “Aw, ssstill confused.” She patted his cheek. “Poor thing.” Her eyes sparked. “Or perhapsss you’re feeling a little… dehydrated~”

He blinked. Her fingertip started at her fulsome lips, then trailed down, down her slender neck, down to…

His mouth went dry.

Her fingertip had settled right between her cleavage.

Her breasts, so full. Opalescent perfection, glimmering in the light, that light blushing hue.

He stared, and licked his lips. He drifted a little closer.

“Oh?” The serpent drew back. She swayed in place, sinuous, circular motions. “Do you want this, Sssenya? Do you want to try a tassste?”

He shivered beneath that husky purr. “I… I, um…” He shouldn’t. He couldn’t, could he? But her nipple looked so pert and inviting…

“You want this.” She swayed in place, breasts jiggling enticingly with every motion. Back and forth. Up and down. Up, right. Down, left. Down, right. Up, left. “You neeeed this.” Supple figure-eights, so graceful and without seam or stutter.

“I…” He stared as the breasts bounced. Back and forth. “I… nnneeed it…”

Goooood boy.” She sounded so pleased, shivers coursed up his spine and nudged him forward. He leaned closer, closer to her warmth, her heat. “That’sss it. Lean in to me. Give in to me. Jussst. One. Little. Sssuckle.

“C-Celeste,” he moaned, and his mouth met her nipple, and her sweetness poured into him.

It was exquisite. He sucked unthinkingly, pressing harder against Celeste’s massive breasts, and it was like sweet honey was drizzling right over his brain. He gulped her milk down, and his mind buzzed with pleasure.

He heard her purring words in his ear, but he couldn’t register them. All he could register was the sweetness, the creaminess, the surrender. He clung to her, whimpering, and suckled with desperate need.

She laughed, a laugh dripping with lust and pleasure. He felt her stroking his hair and moaned, sucking harder. Her fingers entwined in his hair and pushed him deeper in.

That’ssss it,” he heard her coo.

Everything around him was soft. Her whispered suggestions. Her hair, caressing his inner thighs. Her breasts, pillowy and full and with a nice firm squish as he pressed in to drink deeper and deeper. To obey.

Everything in him seemed to be going limp. What little strength he’d recovered since the kisses was already gone, already melted, and all he could think about was the exquisite taste.

It was like the sweetest and thickest and richest of creams. Only Laca’s own milk surpassed it. This was so sweet, so heavy, and the maple syrup undertones, the faint cinnamon spice, that strange extra kick to it…

… it was intoxicating. It was addictive. He needed more.

And luckily, it seemed that more was all Celeste was planning to give him.

“Good boy!” she cooed, pulling him close to her warmth. She was so strong, so soft, and her heat pulsed around him, soothing his worries, melting his cares away like butter in the sun. “Oh, sssuch a good boy. I sssuppose this mussst be the sssweetessst milk you’ve ever tasssted, hmm?” She squeezed her tits together, so pillowy and… “And the sssoftessst place to ressst~

“Mm…” Senya nursed needily, eager to agree.

But… something stopped him. The sweetest? The softest?

But… there was Laca the holstaur, wasn’t there? He blinked blearily up at Celeste. Surely… surely Mommy was…

Celeste’s eyes sparkled, seeming to immediately note his hesitance. “Oh?” she asked innocently, with a wicked glitter to those swirling eyes. “Is there another?”

Her head slowly bobbed.

“Mm…” He nodded drowsily, gazing into those spiraling eyes. “Mmmy…”

Her smile widened.

“Oh, really?” she purred. “Are you sssure?”

She reached up and gave the breast he was suckling a squeeze, sending another gulp of sinful milk onto his tongue. Pure syrupy bliss pushed into his mind.

Senya’s mind went rosy-dark. He moaned, eyes lost in Celeste’s. He… he was sure… wasn’t he?

Sure that…

… that…

He felt Celeste’s coils wrapping around him, around his ankles. The pulsing warmth began to spread through him, even as he struggled to access the memories.

“Aren’t these the sssoftessst titsss you’ve ever felt?” she hissed.

He knew there was something. Someone else. Someone who… oh, but Celeste’s breasts were so soft, and she was cooing so sweetly down to him as that milk trickled onto his tongue with every obedient suck…

The eyes spiraled. “Isn’t it the sssweetessst milk ever to touch your tongue?”

His mind swirled like honey being stirred into milk.

The sweetest he’d ever tasted.

The softest breasts he’d ever felt.

That… that had been Celeste, wasn’t it?

The heat pulsed through him, melting his uncertainties away. Celeste. Beautiful, sexy, soft Celeste. His lips smacked needily as he clung to her, feeling those warm coils sliding up his body, reaching his waist, delicately sliding over his cock with such silky smoothness…

Of course it had been Celeste. He smiled stupidly up into those spiraling eyes as the coils slithered around his chest, undulating slightly, squeezing what little tension remained out of him.

Celeste. Perfect, sexy Celeste, so soft, so buxom. He sucked happily. The sweetest milk. The softest breasts. That had always been Celeste.

He smiled drowsily up at her, bucking slightly as the coils pulsed around his cock. Who else could it be? Who… who…

It felt like an eternity before he managed to pull his lips from her nipple. She might have pulled him off. He blinked up at Celeste, her eyes no longer swirling–had he imagined it?–and her expression unbearably smug.

“Um…” He blinked rapidly. “I… I was, um…”

Yesss?” she asked sweetly. “What were you sssaying?”

He’d been saying something. Or planning to do something. If only he could remember what it… what it had… been.

“I…” His blinking slowed. He managed to meet her gaze, frowning. “I was… I was–”

This time, when her lips met his, it was almost a relief. Words didn’t matter. Thoughts didn’t matter. Her lips, luscious and soft and pillowy and sweet, they mattered. Her tongues, twisting around his own, so slender and yet so much stronger–just like her powerful arms wrapping around him. Her coils were up to just under his shoulders, now, basically holding him up.

The deep many-tongued kiss crushed his mind, overwhelmed his weak boy brain. He felt the breath leaving him, and he didn’t care. He moaned, and she moaned back, half-giggling, her fingers faintly scratching at his back as she held him.

She pulled back with a pop of her lips and a satisfied, predatory grin. He was panting, gasping, head spinning aimlessly like a falling leaf.

Like a stone fallen in honey and struggling to sink.

She smiled sweetly, her cheeks flushed a beautiful vivid red. Was it just his imagination, or were her eyes glowing a little brighter after the kiss?

“Good boy,” she cooed.

He moaned as she combined the praise with an undulation through her coils, vibrating against his twitching cock.

Her eyes darted down, and her smile widened. His cock protruded from the coils, twitching, dribbling slightly.

Her eyes shot to his again, now glowing very brightly.

She licked her lips as a demonic smile spread across her angelic face.

“I think you’re being sssooo good,” she purred, cupping his cheek, “it’sss time to show you what a real blowjob feelsss like~”


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