Semen Demon by Lucy Az – Non-Fiction

Writer: Lucy Az

Subject: Semen Demon

Link: MEWE / 25.02.2023

Semen Demon

She watches from her astral dimension. Her nostrils attuned and her dark lust penetrating the minds of lustful human prey. The more these human males masturbate, the more seminal essence she can feed on. Then she select a lucky one in which to manifest herself, and ravage them fully.

If the victim makes an appeal from his heart unto Mother Lilith for a succubus, and to render his semen in submission, it is he that shall be targeted. Slithering her essence over his as a serpent. Energizing his chakra centers and raping his vulnerable mind. Feeding perverted lust into his willing and agreeable mind. Ensuring his cock is fully engorged with blood. It is then she cups his ball-sack, his cock base, then begins her work.

She will work that semen dispenser with demonic lust, completely submitting her prey to her will. Enjoying the suck, and the blissful moans as his soul yields. Her skills so adept and honed, she soon begins her feed. Letting her saliva christened cock erupt a voluminous torrent into her mouth, and with wicked semen greed, she feeds. A learned boy will grip her presented horns so her pump his hips and deliver greater intensity, drawing all his seminal reserves in full surrender.

His grip tightens in agony as she suckles and feeds from his, “Chi,” only loosening his grip as retreats into a depleted stasis of surrendered bliss. A smile permeates his face during her final swallow, elated to have served this semen demon his cock milk, as her sex slave. As she hovers over his weary face licking her lips, he offers his gratitude and swears his soul to her as her feeding stock.

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