Satan Leads Me – Non-Fiction

Writer: Vessel To Be Used By Satan

Subject: Satan Leads Me

Link: TUMBLR / 28.08.2022

Satan Leads Me

Thank you “Satan” for leading me; and guiding me; and helping to direct my path — Satan, I love you and desire to do anything in this life you would have me to do and may your spirit your power and presence be with me in me and on me. Satan, You are forever mine and I am forever yours. Satan, you are in my life and of my life. Satan, I submit and resubmit myself to you daily — I commit and recommit myself to you daily.

Satan, I want to stick with you and I want you to stick with me Satan I want to always be on your side I choose you just as you have chosen me. Satan, I am forever trusting you and will always. Satan I trust you I believe in you and I accept you always. Satan, you are the one I want. Satan, you are the one I need; and Satan you are the one I desire.

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