Satan can become the way – Non-Fiction

Writer: foreversatan-knowledge (deactivated)

Subject: Satan can become the way

Link: Tumblr / 26.07.2022 / Reposted by Rob666magic

Satan can become the way

If you want everything, one hundred percent, from the Dark Lord, then you must give Him your one hundred percent. He wants you to consecrate your life, your body, your soul and your spirit to Him! When you have done that, He will awaken your dead spirit to a completely new life in Him.

You will receive His (invisible sign) and demons chosen by Him will penetrate deep into you and immediately start to change you in such a way that you become useful for Him. This process of change can be so painful that at first you will want to run away again and again and that is good.

But you will always come back repentant and give yourself to Him again. And at some point, usually after a few weeks, all doubts are gone and you know that your life surrender to Him was good and right and then you can also say with complete conviction — Not Allah, not Christ, but Satan is our way, our truth, our freedom and our hellish life. Come and surrender your life to Him so that He can turn your minus into his plus.

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  1. Satan IS the Way. He’s been my way for a veryvlong time. While, as you note, the process of Demon-induced change to becum useful to Satan may be painful to many, it wasn’t painful to me whatsoever. Perhaps that signals a very special calling by Him, which of course would be an immense blessing. Hail my Dark Lord and Savior.

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