Feature Writer: lieff

Feature Title: Faustus 1

Published: 15.07.2022

Story Codes: Demonic

Synopsis: A demon encounters a lonely rancher in the 50’s

Faustus 1

Hello. How lucky I am have to found you.

Faustus is the name. Sin is my game. But not just any sin – I love dirty, delicious lust. The sinful thoughts that cross your mind as you drool over abs or ass. The intense desire to see all those forbidden parts you crave. Some of my brothers and sisters just want your soul. I can be happy with far less.

So, I wander the Earth, finding those full of lust and I find a way to get what I want. Women are fun, sure. But men? Men are animals. Have you ever watched a hungry man eat? They greedily rip and tear at their food – eager to fill their mouths. The intense need and the desire to meet it surge through them, totally uninhibited. And that’s how they like their sex – the wild, intense ecstasy sizzles. And the sin? It pours from them, especially in the brief, beautiful afterglow as they come back to themselves.

And there’s no sin more savory then a man indulging his deepest, darkest desire. And for most of them, that’s one thing – another man. Oh, if they’re honest with themselves, they know another man is what they want – whether it’s to fuck or be fucked by. No woman, even their absolute most beautiful, knows how to please a man like another one. And, for almost all of them knowing this but never really acknowledging it, it’s also one of the most sinful things they can think of.

Enter me. I just find a guy and get him to feed me – sometimes at a crossroads but just about anywhere. I simply watch and piece it all together, and then, I make them an offer they can’t refuse. Done it hundreds of times. But to be clear – merely tempting them is not enough. They need to commit the sin itself for it to count.

Intrigued? I have a few favorites stories, and since you seem to be so interested, let me tell you about them.

Oh, let’s see. Back in the 50’s – probably in early 1955 now that I think about it, I was just starving. Korea was over, and the free love folks were a few years away. And I found myself just wandering the hinterlands of the US – eager to fill up. Sin was delicious back then as most of those guys didn’t know what they got themselves into until they were balls deep.

If there is one thing I am, it’s lucky. I had been trailing a trucker for days from Minneapolis – eager to get him to follow me into a restroom or invite me back into his motel room, but he just wouldn’t quite budge. One dead cold night, he stopped at a road stop in the middle of nowhere South Dakota. I watched him for about an hour, debating how I wanted to come to him tonight. Then, Joe entered.

Joe was a classic rancher – tight jeans and western wear but with that squeaky clean look the guys had in the 50’s. Clean shaven with a jawline for days and neatly cut brown hair. Bright, blue eyes rounded out the whole wholesome getup. He must have been a hair short of six-feet and well toned from working at a ranch forever. The whole package was topped with a black cowboy hat. I knew the second I saw him that he noticed how tight those cowboy jeans could be on the other ranchers. And, just like that, I was in.

Joe sat down in the middle of the bar and greeted the bartender, a straightlaced, old coot named Ralph I’d watched the few minutes before. They exchanged some pleasantries before a beer was placed in front of him. I slipped my fingers into that mind as I do – just enough to get a taste. I can’t read minds, but I can get a sense of things and fill in the blanks for myself. Joe’s head was a formal, structured place – he was an ‘everything in its place kind’ of guy. But I knew it was in there – faint little flashes of the ranch hands, the tight behinds they got from all that work, the excitement of pissing alongside them. Oh, Joe was perfect, and his sin could fill me for awhile.

Pretty, masculine guys generally like pretty, slightly less masculine guys – like attracts like, I figure. Taking a few cues from my travels over the previous few days, I quickly concocted my disguise. With Joe being somewhere in his late 20’s, I imagined just what I thought he might like – a slightly younger, slightly smaller guy, slim but not skinny with an average cock. Somebody he wouldn’t feel physically intimated by but would secretly want to taste. I’d use the same backstory I’d used countless times – just a guy coming through town. If Joe didn’t secretly want cock so bad, this guy might be a good friend. But, no, Joe was going to get to scratch that itch instead.

I lingered in the shadows, listening to the conversation. The trucker mentioned the snow snow coming the next day.

“Busted my ass today getting ready for it,” Joe responded.

Ralph nodded solemnly. “Probably won’t open unless it’s pretty light.”

“Ugh – then the old man’s the only one I’m going to see tomorrow,” Joe grumbled.

Jackpot. Lonely rancher trapped in his home during a snowstorm? My hunger swelled at the thought.

When he was done, I followed Joe down the pitch black country roads back to his place, watching him park and disappear into the modest farmhouse. And I waited quietly in the dark, plotting.

The snow came late the next morning – light at first but picking up in intensity in a matter of an hour. Just before the whiteout began, I pulled myself together and began walking up their rather long driveway. I normally go by Jim or some other generic guy name in these situations, and so Jim it was. Jim was a 5’9″ guy, slim but noticeably built with light brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. He had a similar pretty boy face to Joe but slightly chubbier, more angelic.

The wind was violently cold – something I first noticed in human form. Nobody would make it long at here without some shelter, and I bet Joe was happy to offer his home to get some company.

I climbed the squeaky steps to the house and knocked loud on the old door. Moments later, my gaze met a gruff, unfriendly face.

“What the fuck you want?” the man asked.

“Uh, I’m sorry to bother, sir – my, uh, car slid off the road, and I’m stranded. I was wondering if I might use your telephone,” I replied, my voice shaking.

The sound of the howling wind filled the void as we stood in silence.

“All right, get in here,” he responded, throwing the door open.

I entered, looking around in the small prairie kitchen I walked into.

“Ain’t nobody gonna be able to help you now,” the old man said, “But you might as well call whoever it is that might be looking for you. Let ’em know.” He pointed to a phone in the corner on the counter.

“Thank you, sir,” I said, walking quickly to the phone. I picked up the receiver and, just my good luck, there was no tone. I placed the receiver down.

“There’s no tone,” I said, turning to face the man.

I got my first good look at the guy. Before me was an old rancher in a worn plaid shirt and suspenders – maybe 50 but still in good sharp with large, powerful arms. His skin was rough and worn from years of outdoors work, but he was a kind of rugged handsome still with light salt and pepper stubble covering his face. His hair was still dark but gray along the edges. I knew from the height and jawline instantly that this was the old man of the house.

He heaved a heavy sigh. “Well, you’re fucked, son.”

“I…uh…could…” I deliberating stumbled, hoping the old man would just give in and let me stay.

“Where you headed?” he asked.

“Uh, Rapid City,” I said, remembering some sign the trucker passed late the prior night.

“Yeah, fucked,” he replied. He took two cups out of a cupboard and placed them on the counter before carefully picking up a pot and poured coffee for both of us.

“Here,” he offered a cup to me. “Ain’t no cream but we got some sugar if you want. Cold enough to freeze Commies out there.”

I smiled, “Thank you.” It was a bitter, terrible coffee, but Jim is never one to turn away generosity, even if its a virtue.

The old man motioned to a table in another room and began walking toward it. I followed and joined him. We sat opposite of each other. He politely waited until I sat and took another sip.

“You’re lucky – I needed a break anyway just happened to be in the house,” he said, taking a swig. “Anyway, you ain’t going back to your car unless you want to die out there. And, me and my boy could use some help around here today and tomorrow. Help us out and you can wait out the storm here.”

“Thank you, sir!” I practically shouted, “Yes, anything I can do.”

“Name’s Pete,” he said, offering his hand.

“Jim,” I said, shaking his hand.

Pete took me out to a barn and swung open an old wooden door, revealing the dimly lit interior. A wave of dry, warm air glided over us as we entered. The barn was definitely where the cattle were kept here during the winter, and the smell hit me hard.

“Joe!” he shouted out.

A moment later, Joe appeared from around the corner. A pair of baggy overalls mostly covered him, except for the tan t-shirt clinging to his shoulders and chest. The cloth hugged him tight, revealing a small taste of the pectorals underneath. Even here, his hair was neat and tidy – the sign of a man who cared how he looked. I could sense the spark from him almost instantly.

“Joe, this is Jim. He done went into the ditch, so here we all are. Show him what to do for today. He’ll be staying with us tonight.”

Pete then unceremoniously disappeared back out into the storm, slamming the wooden door as he did.

We shook hands, and Joe showed me around. He was distant at first – unsure what to make of my sudden arrival. I, for my part, was a grateful guy, volunteering wherever I could. Joe gradually warmed up over the next hour or so as we did our tasks together.

Joe was single, of course, and a Korean War veteran. I chuckled to myself as he told me – I definitely hadn’t seen him during my time in Korea. I would have remembered. His mom had died right before the war, and he came home after to keep the ranch going. He planned to take over eventually and settle down then.

“Not too many Dolls around here,” I remarked at one point.

“Shit,” he spat in response, “But with this place? I’ll find one, man.”

Around 3, the winds picked up and shook the barn’s timbers. Joe was getting tired and led me to the back, where he had a small, heated area with a few chairs. We sat and chatted for awhile to kill the time. Joe did such a good job of outlining his life that it was easy for me to parrot it back to him, almost making it seem totally real. He ate it up – eager to have a buddy instead of his dad for change.

“Gotta piss,” he finally said, walking back toward the front.

“Oh, yeah, you got an outhouse?”

“If you gotta shit, but otherwise, there’s a trough over there,” he said, motioning with his head toward the front.

I followed him around a few stalls and to an dim edge of the barn. In front of us, a long narrow trough, maybe 4 feet in length, lay with a slight decline toward a drain. Joe stood in front of the drain while I went to the opposite end. We both unzipped and two streams gently hit their targets. I waited a few seconds before gently turning my gaze toward him. He was looking directly forward and the cold air condensed his breath into small little vapor puffs. As I lowered my gaze, I noticed he held his cock in his right hand, which obscured my view.

After a few more seconds, I finished, stood there and looked forward, cock still in my right hand. Though I only have few of my abilities in human form, I can still fixate on my object of focus. Joe was glancing over, and I could just feel his attention on me. I shook my meat a few times and gently squeezed the head, letting my thumb run over it in his direct view. His stream continued as I pulled my hand back slightly to give him a look at my semi-hard cock. Even with my attention ahead, I could see his heavier breath floating toward me. Then, when his stream stopped, I turned my head noticeably toward him, pretending I didn’t see a thing. His attention whipped back forward and he quickly zipped up. I did the same.

After a few more chores, Joe brought me into the house to begin making dinner. Pete joined us just before dark, and while cooking the roast, we had a few beers. Both of them were obviously eager to have new company and enjoyed telling me the same ten stories they like to share with new people. It amazed me how trusting and hospitable they were – but this was God’s country. People still trusted each other back then.

We ate and shortly before eight, the power went out from the storm.

“Well, cattle will be fine out there in the barn with the heaters, but we better all get under some covers. Joe, have Jim sleep on the floor in your room,” Pete said, herding us all upstairs and to bed.

From what I could tell, Pete’s room was first at the top of the stairs. Then there was a small bathroom and, finally, Joe’s room.

“Goodnight, old man,” Joe called.

“Goodnight,” Pete replied in the dark. His door softly closed after that.

We walked down the hallway, and Joe closed the door after I stepped in.

“Sit on the bed,” he said, “Let me light some candles so we can see in here.”

I chuckled softly and sat. Joe fumbled to feel around until he found a Zippo and lit some candles on his dresser. The small flame pierced the dark as the wind howled outside.

“I’m not even tired, man,” Joe whispered.

“Me either,” I offered.

Joe threw some pillows on the floor and a heavy blanket. “You get comfy. I’ll sneak a few beers from downstairs. The old man hates any noise at night, so I gotta be quiet.” With that, he quietly opened the door and snuck down the hallway and silently down the stairs.

I stripped down to my underwear, leaving just my tight white t-shirt and tight white underwear.

Joe returned moments later with four beers and a shit-eating grin.

“Nicely done,” I said, taking one and quietly opening it.

“I may have snuck in and out of this house a few times in my day,” he said, with a smirk.

His sin swelled again as he entered – I could feel it radiating off of him. Mischief, sure. But a touch of lust. He was drinking partially to either enhance or dull it – I wasn’t sure. But alcohol usually only makes my hunt that much easier.

He quickly joined me by dressing down to his underwear and slid into his bed. We chatted, bullshitted for maybe an hour. He finished one and eagerly downed a second beer. Still, his intent was not clear to me right away. I could feel the lust, the dirty,magnetic energy just simmering underneath that otherwise cool exterior.

I dared to push a little on the boundaries.

“I’m pretty warm,” I said, slowly reaching down and rolling my undershirt put. I dragged it across my frame, making sure he could take it all in as I did. I stretched this over maybe 20 seconds, letting him fully absorb every second. I closed my eyes as I pulled it over my head. I could hear him squirming, not sure whether to watch or not.

“I gotta piss,” he said abruptly, standing and quickly but quietly walking to the door.

“Me too,” I blurted out. The wind howled still, rattling the panes of the windows in the silence.

He sighed. “C’mon, but you gotta follow my steps or we’ll wake up the old man. Let me get a candle.”

Joe grabbed a candle from his side table and motioned for me to stand. I let my hardening cock show for him in my tightie whities, hoping he might glance over. To my disappointment, he seemed too intent on the task at hand to even notice.

He slowly swung the door open, slowly enough to avoid a sound, even though I doubted Pete could hear anything given the storm raging outside. Joe slowly placed the ball of his foot on the far side of the hallway and pulled himself over to the otherwise, his front fully facing me. From there, he shuffled quietly along the board until he got right before the doorway to the bathroom. From there, he pivoted himself in front of the door and slowly opened it. He entered and only a slight shadow from the dim glow from the candle remained.

I followed his lead, creeping down the hallway as he had. When I got to the entry, he waved me in. I stepped through the doorway, closing the door quietly behind me. A tension quickly filled the tiny room as it dawned on him what was happening.

“Ok, I’ll go first,” he whispered. He extended the candle toward me, “Just hold it so I can see.”

I took the candle in my left hand.

“Wait, let’s just both go at the same time,” I suggested, “It’s tight in here, and you’ll never see without sitting if I turn around. It’s no different than the trough today.”

He grimaced slightly at the suggestion. A slight panic filled his eyes as he raced to find an objection.

“I, uh…” he began.

Before he could speak further, I slide my hand in the front slip of my underwear and pulled my cock out, aiming it squarely above the pooled water in the bowl. A moment later, I started. Joe awkwardly fumbled around until he found his cock and also pulled it out, aiming at the same spot.

Even in the dim glow, I could see he had a fat, cut cock. I smirked to myself – eager to see what this country boy was going to do once I made my moves.

I finished and shook the last few drops from the head as he continued. As I had done last time, I ran my thumb over the head, feeling it beginning to plump. As it slowly filled my hand, I tugged gently, waiting for Joe to finish.

He stopped a few seconds later. With the stream over, I could hear his breath. My eyes remained fixated on his meat, which bounced as if he was just starting to grow. I let my eyes slowly drift up. A second later I saw his fixated gaze watching me jack.

I increased my speed, making it all the more obvious what I was doing. His cock grew watching me and, almost by instinct, he started jacking. With each pump, it grew in size. His lust blossomed big and bright, and my hunger growled deep in me.

We continued like this for about a minute before I reached across and I slide my hand over his, inviting him to let go.

He coughed and I looked up instantly. He nodded in the direction of his room before sliding his hard cock back in his underwear. I watched eagerly as he crept, full mast to the door and back down the hallway. I followed closely behind.

We slid back in his room, and he excitedly but silently closed the door. I stood motionless as he blew out all the candles and climbed back into bed. A pat on the sheets encouraged me to climb in with him under the blankets.

I placed my knee on the bed and brought myself to lie on my back. I lay still for a second next to him, just enjoying the savory waves of lust brimming off of him. Seconds later, I felt the blanket rhythmically moving to my left. I let my hand slowly slither under the blanket and back around his. He released his cock, and I wrapped my hand around the full girth. He had a huge cock – slightly too thick wrap my hands around. My thumb slowly traveled up the shaft before finding the head. He was at least seven inches, I guessed. I felt a smile grow across my face as I grasped him.

I let my full hand glide up and down his cock, teasing him, coaxing him. He squirmed, enjoying it, savoring the pleasure. After a minute or so, I gripped my hand under underneath the head and resumed jacking him, slowly and loosely. He gasped and little moans began escaping from him as the friction grew.

I tossed the blanket off of us and rolled toward him, now gripping him in my right hand. I tugged harder and more confidently. I could feel the intensity building inside of him as jacked him and that giant horse dick. Little gasps slowly filled my ear and I felt him press his head back into this pillow as the pleasure coursed through him.

I knew his resistance was now down – in for a penny, in for a pound. I pushed myself up to sit and kept jacking. He gave no real sign that he noticed a change, until I repositioned and lowered my mouth over his head, letting my lips brush against his cockhead.

“Fuck,” he whispered tensely. This country boy was backed up, and only my forked tongue was going to relieve it.

I slid my lips over the head and swallowed as much of his member as I could. I held my mouth there as this ranch boy bucked up and fucked my mouth.

A series of desperate pants filled the room as Joe struggled to keep himself quiet.

“Its too much! Too much!” he begged me. I pulled back and hovered a second as he briefly calmed down. Then my tongue worked the sides of the head, licking around back to front on both sides, gently. I lapped up the drips of pre-cum I tasted forming at the very top.

“Jim…Jesus!” he said, stifling himself as much as he could.

I grasped the base again and sucked down to my hand, letting my fist and mouth work in one continuous motion. His thighs bounced as the pleasure overcame him and more moans emerged as I slowed and sped up.

He wouldn’t last much longer at this rate, I figured. I needed to make my move now if I was going to. As I continued working him, I threw my leg over his chest, positioning my junk right over his chest with his arms free. I let my still-clothed hard cock brush against his chest, making sure he knew how accessible it was.

A few moments later, I felt his hands brush over my ass and down between my legs. A moment later, his fingers entered the crotch of my underwear, and he released my own hard cock. At first, he left it at full attention without any further movement. I changed my tactics, pulling him out of my mouth and sliding my tongue to his warm, sweat-soaked balls. That’s when my country boy began tugging at me.

It was tentative at first – almost as if he was unsure what he was doing. But his courage quickly grew as I moved back to his own cock and swallowed him as deeply as I could. Moments later, I felt the glorious wet sensation of my cock head entering his mouth. The sweet taste of his sin comingled with the saltiness of his dick and fluids.

Oh, Joe, how happy you made me. The sin gushed out of you as you finally tasted cock. The salty flavor, the wonderful fullness of another man’s cock in your mouth, the excitement and thrill of not knowing when he would shoot his load into you. I fucking reveled in it. I even heard myself moan – my deep need for sin being satiated as he took my cock in. Fuck, Joe, how sweet it was.

Sweet as the sin was, Joe was not a practiced cocksucker and fumbled around as he tried to find a rhythm. The first taste of sin was more than enough for tonight, so I eased his full member down my throat and forced my nose to his thick, musky bush. A loud yelp escaped him and he shook like an earthquake. I felt the cum begin jetting out of him and pushed back, to let it coat my tongue. I eagerly sucked it down and kept his cock in my mouth as it quickly softened, only letting it go when he fully retracted from my mouth.

Neither of us moved for a minute or two. I then gradually pulled myself back up to the head of the bed. Joe, perhaps exhausted from the day and having his cock milked as thoroughly as it had been, was already passed out. And me? Full and happy. I briefly fantasized about how far I might be even able to push him the next day in the barn. Yeah, this might be a pretty good little arrangement for another day or so.

I waited a few more minutes before getting up and creeping back the hallway to the bathroom, fully naked. These damn human bodies always want something, and I was just thirsty for a change. I stepped back into the tiny bathroom and felt around for the sink. A moment later I let the water run and drank some from my cupped hand.

When I was done, I turned the water off and rubbed my wet hands on my sides. A moment later, I turned toward the door and began walking toward.

I noticed a moment later a shadowy form in the darkened doorway. I stopped, examining it, trying to let these clumsy human eyes adjust. A hint of tension but also subtle excitement overcame me.

“Jim,” the gruff, familiar voice greeted me.

“Oh, hey, Pete. I…” I began.

“Follow me,” he commanded, softly but sternly.

I followed, mostly curious as to what he was doing. We approached the staircase when he stopped.

“Turn left,” he whispered, “And walk in.”

I followed orders and walked in. The instant musky smell of a man hit me. This must be Pete’s bedroom. I took a moment to try and feel out Pete, but he grabbed me from behind before I got too deep.

Pete wrapped his strong, firm arms around me – one around my neck and around just below my ribs. His stubble brushed against my ear.

“Sounds like you boys had some fun,” he purred.

“Uh, I…” I said, making some fake struggles against him. It had dawned on me as his body made contact just what he had in mind.

“Had I known you loved cock so much, you could have just spent the day in the house with me,” he breathed into my ear.

A few moments passed, and I heard him take a deep swallow.

“Now, here’s what’s going to happen, Jimmy. My wife worshipped my body nightly – she knew the work it put in to keep her warm and safe. And, as you seen, ain’t no woman around here now. So, tonight, that’s you who’s being kept warm and safe. Got it?”

“Yeah,” I whispered. Oh, Pete, if I had only paid more attention to you.

“Call me ‘sir,'” he commanded.

“Yes, sir,” I replied, easing a bit in her grasp.

He loosened his arms slowly, making sure I wasn’t going to throw a punch, I suppose. I felt the intensity building in him, the desire to spill his seed all over me. I brought my hands over, rubbing his covered arms. His pajamas were a rough fabric – rustic and practical. The earthiness of this man was getting intoxicating – his sin would be raw and powerful. Enough to feed me for months if I did this right.

I slowly turned around and slid my hands up his covered chest, feeling for the muscle underneath.

“Don’t try to kiss me on the lips,” he warned.

“No, sir,” I said quietly. I massaged my palms into chest before bringing them slowly to his shoulders and rubbing them. He was stiff at first, but I felt him slowly relax as he became more convinced I was going to do this. I felt along his collarbone and the edge of the pajamas, looking for how to undo them. I slide my fingers over the collar of the shirt, brought them to the center and began to undo the first button I found.

“Ask permission first,” he whispered.

“Sir, may I?” This filthy motherfucker. I smirked to myself.

“Yes,” he said.

I undid the first button and slowly worked with the way down. I let my fingers brush against his bare skin and enjoyed the feel of his chest hair as I did. His warm skin pulsed with heat as I went, encouraging me further.

“Sir, may I kiss your chest?”


I brought my lips to his collarbone and inhaled him. His musk flooded my senses. I kissed along the bone, pushing his pajama top off of him slowly as I moved toward his shoulder. Moments later, it fell off of him and landed gently on the floor.

“That feels good,” he said. His hands slowly came up and brushed along my bare back, encouraging me.

My lips glided along his hairy chest. My tongue pushed out and against him, almost by instinct. The sin would be so delicious, but I was actually enjoying this man, his taste, his authority.

I brought my hands up and scratched his chest gently as I lowered myself. Moments later I found his rock hard nipple brushing against my chin.

“Suck them,” he breathed.

I eagerly took his l eft nipple into mouth, sucking it gently at first. My lips smacked as I released and greedily worked it harder.

“That’s it. Worship them,” he said, louder this time. His hand smacked against my neck, pushing me into his hard chest. “Fuck yeah.”

I pushed back and latched onto the right nipple.

“You love this, don’t you?” he demanded.

“Yes, sir,” I sighed as I breathed heavily. The lust was building in him, bringing him closer and closer to the frenzy.

“I knew it,” he said forcefully. “Just you wait.”

I worked his chest for a few more seconds before lowering myself further. I kissed down his happy trail, running my tongue around the rim of my belly button.

“Sir, may I remove these?” I said, tugging at his pajama bottoms and almost begging.

“No,” he replied, “Turn around and stay on your knees.”

I slowly spun around on my knees, assuming I was facing the bed. Pete slowly walked around me, his hand messing my hair and then yanking it back.

“Open your mouth,” he commanded. I obliged, spreading my jaw wide. He kneeled down until I could feel his breath against my face and spat directly into my mouth. “Swallow.”

I eagerly obliged, making a loud gulp for him. The first little sin spilled from him. Those flood gates wouldn’t hold forever.

“Yeah, that’s right,” he said, releasing my hair.

Even in the darkness, I could make out his form standing up in front of me. The sound of hands running over the tight fabric of his pajamas filled my ears. He played with the elastic bands at his hips.

“Sir, may I…” I began again.

Before I could finish, Pete sat back on the bed. He laid his legs on either side of me.

“Work your way up to your present,” he said.

I brought my hands to the sides of his shins. The thick muscle underneath his pajamas was warm. Even without my abilities, I could feel his heart excitedly racing. I brought my lips to his left knee and kissed it. I slowly rubbed my face along the cloth up his inner thigh. He jumped a little, almost like I had tickled him.

Once I was sure it was just that, I did the same to the right. I stopped mid-thigh. I brought my hands to the top of his thighs and pushed forward, narrowing it on his cock. I could already feel the fabric rising from where it stood at full attention.

“Stop,” Pete said, “Lay back.”

I pulled myself back as Pete stood. Seconds later, his pajama bottoms hit the floor, and he sat back down.

I leaned forward, bringing my hands to his naked inner thighs. I pushed forward and up to his hips before walking on my knees forward, closer to his crotch. I was going to make this man sin.

I slid my right hand down back to his crotch and wrapped my hand around the base of his cock. Like father, like son. His giant dick pulsed in my hand, almost definitely bigger than the one I milked not an hour before.

“Sir, may I?”


I brought my mouth in and pulled it gently toward me, getting ready to take it in. But, then, I found a surprise. Pete, the giant bull, was probably the one uncut country boy in the land. His pre-cum soaked foreskin caressed my lips as I teased him. The salty flavor blossomed on my tongue as I lightly sucked the edges.

I wrapped my lips around the head and pushed my lips against the foreskin, slowly taking it in. The shaft almost vibrated after being ignored for so long. I slurped on it as I pulled back, making sure my lips hugged it tight.

I took it back in, letting my lips meet my hand. I enjoyed the full feeling of his hard cock in my mouth and slowly brought myself back, letting the head slide against my interior cheek. As it slowly emerged from my lips, I slipped my tongue out, teasing his hole.

Pete heaved a few labored breaths, almost against his will. He was enjoying this more than he thought. The inferno was building inside him. I took advantage and pushed him as far into my mouth as I could before bobbing on him, changing my speed and direction a few times. I wanted to remind him that he could do more with that dick than this.

I felt Pete shifting his weight, leaning back and propping himself up with his arms. His legs spread slightly for me, giving me more access. I slowed down on him, sucking on his head and slowly gulping down as far as I could before quickly pulling back and doing it again. My hand steadily worked him and ran along the course of his shaft as I released him. After a few rounds, I kissed down his manhood and teased his left ball, bathing it.

A low guttural sound came from Pete as I ran my lips over his sack. The sweltering heat and musky small of his bush intoxicated me, and I grew more daring. I took his left ball into my mouth and sucked before switching to his right. My right hand remained firmly grasping him and slowly stroked, letting him enjoy each moment.

After a minute or two, he lowered his defenses fully. I was getting ready to strike.

“Sir, may I worship your nipples again?” I said.

“Fuck yes,” he breathed.

I slowly climbed up and next to him, positioning myself to continue rubbing him with my right hand. I lowered my mouth to his right nipple, kissing around it. Moments later, I opened and gently sucked on it


His body twitched and a moan emerged.

“You’re doing a good job, boy,” he said, half growling through the pleasure.

A moment later, his hands began gliding over my back. He brought his left hand to the back of my head and pushed down, commanding with his strength to work that pec. I eagerly sucked it.

Pete’s stretched his arm as far down my back as he could before digging his nails into the small. I knew he wanted something else.

“Sir, may I get more comfortable?”

“Yes,” he said.

I readjusted myself, straddling his right leg. Once I was balanced, I spit into my hand and massaged his cock. After a moment of strategizing, I placed my left hand beside his neck and lowered myself down to his left nipple. My tongue barely touched the hot pec when I felt him firmly grasp my ass.

His coarse hand grabbed my cheeks and a hard spank followed.

“What a ripe little peach,” he said before spanking me again. I gently pushed my ass against his hand, encouraging him.

“I like that, sir,” I whispered up to him.

He grasped the cheeks and pulled them apart, letting my exposed hole feel the cool air of the room. A moment later, his pointer finger ran along the edge, slowly at first. I puckered for him, letting him know I felt him there. I worked his nip continually.

“You like me pokin’ around the rose?” he asked quietly. The sin was building in him – he wanted that forbidden fruit.

I pulled off his nipple and lay my head against that furry chest. His heart was racing with excitement.

“Yes, sir,” I breathed.

The white hot sin lay just under the surface now. He wanted it. I wanted it.

“Get you on all fours on the bed,” he said, pushing me off him.

I did as he commanded. In the dark, he fumbled around in a drawer. The sound of a glass container knocking against the wood echoed in the room. Moments later, I heard the container’s lid open, and the floor creaked as Pete walked behind me.

A second later, the cold feel of his finger with some sort of lubricant circled my hole. He teased it enough to just push inside. The rest, I assumed, went on his rock hard cock.

The container fell on the bed, and those rough hands gripped my hips. The fully exposed head slide in my crack, searching for my hole. I eagerly pushed it up, helping him find it. Then, I felt the man begin drilling into me.

He was forceful and huge, and while the pain stung at first as he took me, it very quickly disappeared into his thrusts and moans. Oh, this fucker was loud, grunting and sighing, enough to wake the dead. I liked it. I wanted more. Each sound just poured more sin as this Christian rancher pounded me.

The sin would pulse in him as I cried along with him, so I began to match his volume. He got off on the idea of me liking his bull-sized dick in me, knowing how it stretched me.

“Holy fuck, sir!” I cried, “You’re going to rip me!”

The furious pounding only grew harder. He took a break only to get a better grip, almost forcing me into the same position.

“Take it, boy! Take it!” he yelled.

The wall broke and his sin toppled all over me, filling me far past my own brim. He fucking liked this – he knew it. And I knew it.

The time flew past us, and I knew he wasn’t far off. I wanted this fucker to fill me now with his seed.

“Spank me, father!” I yelled to him.

Oh, that was the magic switch. Suddenly, the sin swelled again, and he slapped my ass with his full strength.

“Take my cock, boy!” he commanded, as he smacked the other one.

Moments later, I felt his juices pulse through his cock and fill me deep inside. A loud deep moan followed. Pete slouched down against me, balancing his weight on me. A few deep breathes escaped him before he pulled out and fell on his back beside me.

I let the silence linger. Pete had realized now the magnitude of his sin, and I was basically drunk off of it. Maybe a minute or two passed before he tapped me on the shoulder.

“Go sleep in Joe’s room,” he said gruffly.

Moments later, I walked out into the hallway. The haze off the postcum glow was on me for sure, but I was so full of the father and son’s sins. It was more than enough to keep me full for a long time.

I walked back into the bathroom and listened to the light wind outside. I could stay, sure. I might even get the pleasure of having these two spit roast me. But, sadly, I got more than I had bargained for.

Usually, I disappear back into the night. Sometimes, I stick around for a little while and make sure I’ve milked every ounce I can get before making my run. This one though? It was too special. I’d have to move on for now and come back again.

I snuck back into Joe’s room the way he showed me before. He pretended to be asleep, but I knew he was very much awake and hot over hearing the old man pound me. I ignored it and pretended to sleep until breakfast came an hour later.

With the storm passed, I thanked them both kindly for their hospitality.


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