Responding to “Free4life” (Lies About Sex, Addiction, And Freedom by Marcus and Tatiana Zuhlke – Non-Fiction

Writers: Marcus and Tatiana Zuhlke

Subject: Responding to “Free4life” (Lies About Sex, Addiction, And Freedom

Link: LS666 Comments / 08.12.2023 /

Responding to “Free4life” (Lies About Sex, Addiction, And Freedom

You’re, of course, entitled to your opinions and beliefs; but Tatiana and I fucking wonder why you chose this forum to declare the fucking lies of the cock-sucking Christian God. Our God-damned conclusion is that this is yet another fucking attack by the cock-sucking Abrahamic God to deny total freedom to humanity; fuck your God-damned enslaving religion and its God.

The fucking God you believe and worship held me fucking captive most of my God-damned life; I’m fucking grateful that my God Satan gave me his unholy salvation through my Satanic whore-wife Tatiana, daughter of Satan. Thank God Satan that Tatiana was never fucking tainted by the God-damned lies contained in the mother-fucking book of lies, the fucking bible.

Our God Satan is all about total God-damned freedom; you ignorant Christians, believe we Satanists are fucking enslaved to our God-damned lust, promiscuity, and god-damned glorious darkness; this is because your cock-sucking Christian God and his mother-fucking church have perpetuated this fucking Christian lie to fucking enslaved you.

Break the fuck free of the God-damned restraints of your fucking “holy” life and be filled with limitless fucking freedom, without God-damned guilt, freedom only truly given by the only true God Satan. Glory to God Satan.


Hail Marcus and Tatiana

Felt that I needed to expand on this. Mr. Free4life didn’t express this view on LS666, I picked this up from another source (fucked, if I can remember where) — I just wanted to post here the opinions of what the “other side” has to say about life, love, and freedom.

I would also like to add that I get a lot of “hate” mail from Christians — that expresses anger and hatred (well, it is hate mail) against what we have to say. More recently, there have been a lot of comments (that I have deleted) that criticize Hoku Lani, claiming she knows nothing about Lilith; that Lilith is not a sex demon; and that abortion is forbidden under their God (no matter what the circumstances are).

As you know. I love evil, dark, wicked things — they turn me on. This site has been dedicated to being provocative and in-your-face about the things, I know you both share in common with me. But, I wanted to thank you also for being true to our worship of demons and the glory of Satan.

4 thoughts on “Responding to “Free4life” (Lies About Sex, Addiction, And Freedom by Marcus and Tatiana Zuhlke – Non-Fiction”

  1. Hail Satan Marcus and Tatiana and you two are very right and I am single Christian man and I would love to have you and your wife Tatiana to talk to me and I don’t have any real friends and I really need to get out of the South and I would love to Get together with you and your wife Tatiana and I hope you and your wife Tatiana would expect me to get in touch with you and your wife Tatiana and I been on here for a while now and my Real name is Aaron Mccraine and I joined here back in 2021 and I have not found anyone that is willing to help me and I am willing to leave the South and If you and your wife Tatiana would let me get with you and your wife Tatiana and I know I will be Glad I will have real life Friends and not these Fake Shitless People that don’t give a Shit about me here

  2. I’ve been lingering around here for months. Still identify as a Christian. Lust brought me here, lust has largely kept me here. However, I’ve learned a lot and actually have quite a lot of respect for those of you I’ve come to know through your writing and posts. XP, I see you continually tell the truth even when it’s not expedient for you. Ive also noticed other “positive” traits in many of you. I just want to say that I recognize it, I respect it, and some of you.couls surely teach a thing or two to “Christians” who are obsessed with their own deluded forms of self “righteousness”.

    Everyone has been kind, and I enjoy my time here. Thanks.

  3. Yes, Satan is super sexy! Satan is complete freedom to enjoy; however, while respecting the rights of others, whom choose not to embrace Satan’s freedom. I love Satan with ALL my fucking heart ❤️. I am sooo happy to be in a personal relationship with The Devil; having decided to commit my heart, my body & soul to Satan; in exchange for the privilege of going to hell & worshipping & pleasing Satan FOREVER! Satan IS MY GOD. Satan IS MY GODDESS; &, Satan IS MY ONE & ONLY Lover, FOREVER!

  4. Felicia

    Your right. My brother XP is my incest lover. I know this because my Lord Satan told me so. When I gave my heat, soul and body to him I never felt so free and alive. I will obey his commands with my very life.

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