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  1. Clothing store perversions

    Nancy’s my semi girlfriend!!!
    she bi and a really hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 hotttxxx slut, has no boundaries at all, if it has a cock or cunt Nancy has banged it she and I love corruption for Satan she and I have turned God fearing christan in slut fucking freaks for sexual perversion in no time, just using our body’s and minds the devil 👿👿👿👿👿👿 666 Satan gave us,

    I was telling her about the clothing store funnnn I had with 2 very sexy faggots…..

    well Nancy I went to try on more pants at the men’s clothing store at the mall, I didn’t know his name, I could see he had long hair great ass only 5 ft tall, I think he had makeup on soft skin very feminine just what I like, young mmmm, he was happy I came back to try on more pants, I told him my name and his name is Raul, he said there was no one in the very back in the changing room, at 10 in the morning no one’s ever here, I took the pants and followed him to the very back room, I went in and stripped down, he went to check out the front he came back I left the door unlocked and he walked in, I was sitting there with my pants off and stroking my hard cock, I took my finger dipping it my my precum oozing sperm juice scoop up some and put it in my mouth 👄 👄 👄 👄 👄 👄 666, he just watched he wanted to suck it bad, come here sweetie I want you baby to enjoy himself, he came over I opened my legs up he got on his knees grabbing the snake and lollipopped it up and down he was born to love men’s cocks he’s really good at sucking and licking and fingering my balls and kissing the meat and fingering my ass, looking down at him with my cock in his mouth is sooooo Hot, he’s very very feminine looking not butch looking more girly, I can tell he’s done this lots of times before, it’s just so taboo and nasty getting sucked off in dressing room by a stranger, he pulled his pants down and he had this little boy cock it looked really nice and hard about 4 inches, he jacked it off while he sucked me and drained my sperm sack god it was good,

    I asked his age??? he’s 26yo and I’m married he said, my wife is 24 and I have daughter 4yo, I asked him if his wife knows he’s bisexual and he said yes and he said my wife is bi also, the young generation now days it doesn’t matter if your bi they done care they only love pleasure, I asked him if he’s sucked off other guys here??? and he said yes, he said it’s a great place to cummmmm and get men’s clothing and if I like you I’ll let you know!!!! I have to suck 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 hotttxxx cummmmm or be fucked at least 3-4 times a day I can’t stop needing it, I need it and so does my wife,

    I was so turned on I wanted to ass fuck him so bad, he was watching me stroke my cock hard again he said wait I’ll be right back I need to check if the other guy is here yet??? he’s my close friend he can watch the front and I can cummmmm back and give you some wet pussy to fuck, keep beating off and I’ll hurry ok??? ok sweetie hurry back, I watch him walk away with his really sexy ass and long hair he so much looked like a young girl from behind I let go of my serpent’s cock watching it throbbing bouncing on it own dripping 💦💦💦💦 precum oozing sperm juice out,

    he came back with his very cute sexy friend and walked in, they were both staring at my huge juicy cock oozing sperm juice out dripping to the dressing room floor they came in and stripped naked and were like two little girls all smooth no hair hard little boy cockletts bouncing as they came over to daddy to get there pussys fingered and fucked by my huge hard snake 8 inches of filthy unholy pleasure that spits out loads of cock milk my sexy little boy climbed on my lap putting his ass in my face to clean it good tongue fuck his hole while his sexy friend eats my cock,

    I love the taste of ass pussy licking his asshole clean I could see his little boy cocklett swing back and forth his little boy ball sack I licked it and pulled his cock backwards between his legs and sucked his little boy pussy stick oozing cummmmm bitting the head he cried daddy suck me daddy please please please Daddy ok I want to cummmmm in your mouth daddy please, I suck his nuts and cock and fingered his fuck hole and he blew a hot load of faggot cummmmm in my mouth, i told him daddy wants some hot pussy bitch faggot now get on daddy’s faggot cock and bounce ride the meat bitch and have your sexy friend stick his cock in daddy’s mouth I want more fuck cummmmm,

    I drained both of them and ass fucked both and shot a full load of satanic sperm juice in my tight little boy cunt, when we were done he told me he wanted me to cummmmm out to his house and he wanted my wife Sally to meet me, she only stands 4ft 7 inches and has no tits. she looks like she’s 9yo bald pussy hard nipples long black hair very very wet all the time she can’t even get enough unholy sexual perverted encounters, she takes our daughter to the park every day and waits to find men or women wanting to fuck a underage child but little do they know she’s 24yo but very petite and extremely horny, BF she plays with my daughter on the rides at the park till someone cummms over anf tries to pick her and my daughter up and take them to there van and fuck my wife, she always goes with them man or woman do she can get off hard with strangers no boundaries at all, mouth 👄👄👄👄 👄👄 666, ass, cunt anything you want she gives it up, she evil wicked, unholy, deviant, satanic, she turns anyone she’s with into satanic whores when she’s done with them there minds are corrupted for ever, they keep cumming back for more wickedness from her each day at the park, some days she lets 10 or more fucking her filthy unholy cunt in the name of the dark master god Satan while my little daughter watches mommy drain cocks and cunts,

    she comes home and fits on the couch and I get between her legs and suck loads of strangers cummmmm out of her as she squeezes her little nipples and stretches them in pleasure for satan

  2. Today is Sunday

    My wife and I and the kids get ready for church were trying to make the 11am mass we wanted to make 9am but my wife and I were still in bed watching sinful porn, she loves interracial porn and. Love gay porn we trade off watching this, we know it’s unholy deviant satanic perversion but we can’t stop, my wife sometimes loves a little lesbian porn watch 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 666 skinny body sluts licking each other off, she pulls out her black snake dildo and ramming it up her little girl cunt, it makes me so hard listening to it vibrate load and then quiet as she masterbation take over her mind,

    Don’t get us wrong we love Jesus Christ we just can’t stop the sick pleasure it gives us laying there watching filthy unholy porn, huge cocks and huge tits stranger meeting and sucking and fucking is so 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 666, so we’re almost ready to head to church the kids are dressed but my one daughter has to much makeup on and her sister Teresa looks like a 18yo her dress is way to short I can see her butt and i can see the little kitty panties on her, way to short, my wife said she looks fine even a little sexy, both are okay let’s go??? We’re going to be late, everyone in the van,

    We’re heading to church it’s 15 minutes away but we have to drive through a rough part of town first, I’d rather take the expressway but my wife insisted we go this way every time, she likes looking at all the old and young black men with there pants hanging off there tight black asses there huge swing snakes pushing out of there pants hanging free and long, I must say I do love seeing them hard, my wife knows I have a thing for a huge black serpent that I love to suck them clean and lick them and make them cummmmm,

    Well we’re on our way almost there and my wife I can see she has her hand down the front of her panties dress pulled up fingering her clit, my girls are in the back seat playing with there cell phone’s watching I don’t know what, I’m so sure it’s probably not good or christan guaranteed, they giggle and can’t take there eyes off the phone, hmmmm

    My wife is so fucking turned on by all these black men shirts off watching us drive by a sexy white woman staring at them fingering her tight sweet cunt wishing she could suck one off,

    She looks over at me legs open panties pulled down 3 fingers all the way in her cunt she looks down at my crotch and sees I’m rock hard, honey pull down the next street baby and pull in the alley okay??? I promise it Will make you feel better than church sweetie, you want to release your cock honey, what about the girls??? They have there headphones on don’t worry there fine, but I’m not honey please pull down the next street and turn into the alley okay????

    I can’t believe it I’m turning on the next street and turn in the alley, my wife undoes her bra, her huge tits and nipples mmmmm she slides her panties off and kicks them to the floor her bald cunt is soaking wet, she sees 2 black men down a ways, honey pull up to those niggas and I want to talk to them baby, hurry up I’m fucking wet, I drive up to these coal black niggas no shirts on shorts on there tight back asses I could see there huge black serpents heads pushing through there pants, it looks like they were jerking each other’s cock off, I pull up and my wife rolls down the window they look in and see my wife’s huge tits and hard nipples sticking through her silk top, they must be 2 inches long and hard I can see milk from the nipple dripping 💦💦💦💦 👿👿👿 666, I nigga boys come over to the window and she’s talking to them the next thing I know there huge black snakes are out and stroking them hard I turn to see my daughter’s watching mommy grabbing one and taking the other in her mouth 👄👄👄👄👄👄 666, he’s cock must be 10 inches at least and the other ones about 9 inches long, i can’t help it I pull mu pants down and start jacking off my little white boy cocklett making it hard and watching my wife and daughter’s face as mommy takes a huge nigga load of satanic sperm juice not spilling a drop, she ducked it clean them the other nigga boy rammed his filthy unholy cock in her mouth 👄👄👄👄👄👄 666, and she took his load and cleaned it off, by then I was going to cummmmm hard all over the dash board blowing ropes of cummmmm and didn’t care if my daughter’s watched daddy shoot all over the place, another nigga boy came over and my wife told him to get in the back of the van, so he opened the side door and got in my wife climbed back there with him and my daughters and pulled his shorts down grabbing his huge black snake and lollipopped it licking and sucking it the purple head veins sticking out hard fat black snake nigger’s cummmmm is all I want I couldn’t wait any longer I got in the back seat next to my wife and she feed me his huge black snake I sooooo loved feeling his huge sperm sack slapping it full of satanic sperm juice for my wife and I, my children were watching mommy and daddy with black snake nigger’s watching us suck him off, this is much better than church sweetie great idea to find us a young nigga boy

    Open your legs honey and ride that nigga beast yo HELL you nigga sperm juice slut ride him deep mommy let him destroy your cunt forever mommy let me get my little faggot cock in your asshole honey and we both can cummmmm in you,

    We finished off the 3 nigga sperm donors and headed for church smelling of nigger cummmmm dripping out of my wife’s filthy unholy cunt and I could see my daughter’s loved seeing us do this alot, we found a seat in the back of church and it was just us 4 sitting there my wife had no panties on and all that niggers sperm juice was cumming out of her on the seat she slid her hand down my pants and jacked me off whispering in my ear baby you loved fucking those nigger boys didn’t you???? Yes honey I loved nigger fivks in my mouth 👄👄👄 👄👄👄 666, well honey I loved them in my white cunt hole and when your at work honey I have them cummmmm to the house and fuck me all day sweetie and lollipop there meat in our wedding bed and I don’t change the sheets we sleep in nigga sperm daddy I love the feel of it and I lick the sheets sometimes baby knowing nigga sperm juice is on it and I get do wet daddy and also I have given myself to Satan and the girls have too so your left, do you want the dark master god Satan as your pimp????

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