Repentance by Hoku Lani – Non-Fiction

Writer: Hoku Lani

Subject: Repentance

Link: MEWE / 23.05.2021 / Hoku Lani


Many of the blind sheep understand the term repentance to mean “a turning from sin.” Regretting sin and turning from it is related to repentance, but it is not the precise meaning of the word. I say repent, change your mind and quit worshiping an entity posing as a god. Stop praising the one who persecuted, executed, encouraged child rape, murder, slavery, and refuses to help us humankind.

In the Bible, the word repent means “to change one’s mind.” The Bible also tells us that true repentance will result in a change of actions. Stop, think, and repent. Follow what is natural and decide for yourself who has humankind’s best interest, demonstrated through out history. I believe those who are honest with themselves, will take the actions required to repent and follow the teachings of our Mother and Father.

5 thoughts on “Repentance by Hoku Lani – Non-Fiction”

  1. What might be a better way to put it is that one acknowledges that they have done a wrong action and are willing to make amends for their mistake. Hence why outside of religion there can be ‘sins of the community’ and other such ‘sins’ that are basically mistakes or actions that aren’t liked by the public or person that the actions affected.

    Not saying Hoku Lani is wrong by the way. She’s completely spot on regarding the topic. Just maybe better worded.

  2. I like this. It reframes a concept created by the enemies of humanity, and it promotes love for our Father and Mother.

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