Indian woman slits 6-month-old daughter’s throat as sacrifice – Non-Fiction

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Subject: Indian woman slits 6-month-old daughter’s throat as sacrifice

Link: Atheist Republic / 13.05.2021

Indian woman slits 6-month-old daughter’s throat as sacrifice

Bharathi, a 32-year-old woman, killed her newborn daughter to overcome the influence of ‘Sarpadosham’. ‘Sarpadosham’ is a tenet of Vedic astrology that is believed to curse the affected person’s life. The gruesome incident took place in Telangana’s Suryapet district in India. On April 15th, Bharathi killed her child by slitting her throat with a knife and later confessed the crime to a relative. The relative rushed to Bharathi’s house and found the infant girl’s blood-soaked body with a photo of a god nearby. Inquiries revealed that about five years ago, somebody had told Bharathi that she had ‘Sarpadosham,’ which negatively impacted her life. She constantly went through various videos on YouTube to learn how to overcome the perceived curse. Bharathi claimed that she saved her family members’ lives by “sacrificing” the child. The police have charged her with murder under the Indian Penal Code.

9 thoughts on “Indian woman slits 6-month-old daughter’s throat as sacrifice – Non-Fiction”

    1. Agreed. She looked up video’s on Youtube and this was what she came up with? A quick search on the net showed other remedies she could of used. One involved throwing coconuts into a river. Not sure how that would help or what the symbology was but it was definitely not recommended to kill your daughter.

      Now if the woman killed her kid as a sacrifice to Kali, then I could understand. Using the Destruction of the girls life to Create a better…something, as that’s within Kali’s purview. Or just any other reason than some weirdo with a chart tells you something bad might happen in your life. I should have been dead several times during college if I had listened to all those idiots predicting my death, which was coming soon by the way, with all their charts and portents.

      This sounds and reads more like she was desperate to get out of her life and couldn’t think of a better way.

      1. Hail BG … the coconut method sounds less radical … I just find the whole human sacrifice thing really interesting … and your reference to Kali is also on point for me … this evil fucking monster urns me on … oh dear, I sound so perverted!

  1. I hope she fucked the child before a d during the beheading mmmmm I would have helped her with the unholy task the pleasure from it would be overwhelming, then I’d share the corpse with mommy as we fuck and suck
    Hail satan hail lilith hail Mary the whore of God

    Indian woman slits 6-month-old daughter’s throat as sacrifice
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  2. It is heartening to learn of such returns to the Old Way of Darkness. The brat was a proper sacrifice to the True Gods, a clear indication of the Left Hand Path.

    It is the purest, sweetest, most delightful Evil. The Dark Goddess must approve it. The Indian bitch is so obviously one of Her Daughters.

    Hail Lilith, Mother of Abortions.

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