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Feature Writer: blasphemer30

Feature Title: Repeat these words after me… evil ones!

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Repeat these words after me… evil ones!

I deny the existence of the holy spirit and I close my heart to the useless words of the sick,perverted fucking bully Jehovah! I will ejaculate my demon seed onto the useless teaching of the filthy fucking Nazarene and I devote my eternal soul to the Adversary, my lord and true god SATAN LUCIFER. I open my heart and mind and give them openly to be used as tools of all the demons and evil spirits that reside in hell… I curse you Jehovah! I praise you Satan! Hail Satan!

1 thought on “Repeat these words after me – Non-Fiction”

  1. Mmmmmm, it’s so important that all of us that worship the dark master lord God satan, understand what’s going on in the world right now, satan is under attack we must fight this holy group of righteous individuals waging war against satanism a war to shut down the illuminati world wide, don’t let these self righteous bastardized men and women and government to try to stop our right to worship satan, they want to stop us they want to keep us from thinking free, being free, they want us all to worship God as they do, don’t give in ask satan to help you, find others into satanism, find the holy and corrupt them into perversion, turn the pure God fearing souls into Sodom and Gomorrah, take the god away from them through sexual pleasure show them how to worship perverted lustful pleasure tempt them every chance you get till they give in to there deep dark sexual cravings, let them see you for what you really are, they need to feel in you all the perversion you can offer, men corrupt other men, women corrupt other women, parents must corrupt there children early, do fear god ever, or the holy governments around the world there so many of us out there, find each other and breed together breed perversion breed incest, teach your children to love satan and his perverted lustful pleasures he’s given us, it’s so important to not give in, hail satan hail lilith hail Mary the whore of God we must take turns all of us fucking her sweet wet bald cunt, mmmmm mary sucking dog cummmm from lilith juicy demon twat, remember filthy perverted lustful thoughts control our minds and cocks cunts mouth and ass pussy mmmmm

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