Praise Him 1 – Non-Fiction



Feature Writer: Unknown

Feature Title: Praise Him 1

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Praise Him 1

Expose your body for the camera in front of you as you stretch out and suck the strange cock filling your hot mouth and you experience yet another strange cock filling your ass. Desire cock all the time. Prefer being fucked in the ass. Give pleasure everywhere with your mouth. Rim.

Let your face be exposed as photos or videos are taken. Hope and rejoice that they appear online. Rejoice when your husband’s best friend sees them wants to fuck you and do so quickly, willingly and often. Screw your husband’s coworkers, and if you are employed, those who work with you. Pray that your husband’s employer/boss will see your photos and videos online and demand you give into any and all of his sexual desires and needs with him and whoever he wishes you to fuck.

Tempt your neighbors husbands and have them fill your bed and your cunt and mouth on every occasion while your husband is away. Be known as devout outwardly and as a whore inwardly. Please Satan in every way. Embrace nymphomania and guide your daughters accordingly. Cultivate new evil tastes along with all of your sexual needs. Love semen and suck and fuck hard and often to get your fill. Consider getting pregnant by other men and not your husband so you will not know the father.

In so doing you please Satan. Honor Him with your body and the bodies of other Xian wives and moms you lead into the left hand path. Remain or become very active in your church and teach Sunday school and become involved in youth group and other ministry so that you can lead others to the Dark Lord. Fuck your postman, the pizza delivery boy, even the occasional Jehovah’s Witness that comes to your door.

Fuck the occasional guy you meet while shopping or the cute server at the restaurant without guilt and with abandon. Frequently unbutton your dress or blouse and/or raise your skirt or dress up to your navel and open your knees wide when you come up to the drive in window at McDonald’s or a fast food establishment. Pull your dress to your navel and spread your legs as you drive on the high way and show off to truckers and others. These are pleasing to Satan.

Guide Girl Scouts to sex and Satan as they come selling cookies and in other situations. s. Be an exhibitionist showing off your body and your sexual abilities. Frequent adult shops and x-rated movie booths and give pleasure to the needy therein. Enjoy black cock as you see fit. Become well known at area motels in the company of men and not your husband.

Never be afraid to engage in a new sexual experience. See sexual pleasure in everything you do. Touch upon the sexual in every conversation, even the most innocent. Be discreet in all your efforts for Satan but be direct in your intention to please Him. Open your knees often to discerning eyes and smile at the voyeur.

Open the blinds in your bedroom and bathroom to show off your body. Dress provocatively. Read and watch porn continually and seek to please Satan in all that you do, even the most innocent as well as the activities of daily life. Masturbate daily. Use toys and vegetables for sexual pleasure. Realize that a large, well hung pet dog is not mans but a woman’s best friend.

Take up horseback riding and learn to take care, very good care, of your horse. Pray for and seek out fellow Satanists and join a satanic circle or coven if possible. Always seek to please Satan in all that you do realizing that in doing so you are giving in and pleasing yourself and your deepest needs.

Love Satan and Love yourself first and foremost. Make everything and everyone else second place in your life especially your daughters. Redefine love as fulfilling your needs and using those around you to achieve your sexual and other wicked pleasures. Realize Satan only wants His best for you. Praise Him in all that you do and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Hail Satan!

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