Occult Satanism 2 – Non-Fiction

Feature Writer: Brother Luthorius Grand Warlock Of The Devil’s Cabal / High Magister And Demonic Scribe

Feature Title: Occult Satanism 2 – The Foundations Of Occult Satanism

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Occult Satanism 2

The Foundations Of Occult Satanism

Devil Worship, Dark Infernal Witchcraft and Classical Satanism … These are the core strands that weave the tapestry which is Occult Satanism. The Path itself is one which demands three things from the Initiate who embarks upon it — first of all it is required that the Initiate abandons and rebukes the foul tenets of the Abrahamic Religions and for the individual to swear themselves as an Adversary of those paths and all that have spawned from them.

Secondly the Path of Diabolic Satanism requires the Initiate to become fully liberated and free from the moral, ethical and spiritual laws and the laws of man which have been derived from the teaching of Abrahamic Religion. Thirdly and most importantly of all it requires the Initiate to believe in the power of Satan, in his existence and the existence of the Demonic Legion over which he rules and to give of the self to the Work of that Legion in bringing forth the Aeon Of Flame upon this World.

On an Occult level concerning the Dark Rites and Black Arts of Diabolic Satanism the Initiate must again be able to leave the false morals and ethics of the Orthodox herd behind and immerse themselves in the darkest forms of Infernal Sorcery and Devilish Witchcraft. In addition to this of cause the Initiate of the Path of Occult Satanism is urged to utilize the Black Arts of the Satanic Mysteries to enrich their own lives satiate personal desires and attain objectives they seek to achieve.

The Path is one which leads the Initiate into fully merging with the Demonic, an opening of the self to the Infernal Currents of Hell and the following of an Infernal lineage which contained some of the Darkest Arcane Arts ever practiced. A lineage of Dark Apostles which immersed itself within Rites of Blood Sacrifice, Sexual Magick, the blackest Arts of Occult experimentation and the creation of Demonic beings here upon the physical realm.

Occult Satanism is certainly not an Infernal Sojourn which will appeal to all who follow the Left Hand Path … rather that refute the labels of evil, decadent and malevolent often aimed at Satanists, the Initiate of Occult Satanism embraces such labels and immerses themselves in the cultivation of a lifestyle and Magickal arena which honors them!

The Occult Satanist honors and serves the Lord Satan, the Devil of the Dark times now lost to memory and legend, the Black Goat of the Witches Sabbath — they honor Satan for is true self, an ancient and powerful force that has nothing at all to do with Fallen Angels.

Satan has always been the Devil, a Creative and Destructive Monarch who is far more ancient than the concept of God, if Orthodox Religion has contributed to the Devil of this Tradition at all it is in more than providing various archetypal guises to add to the many this Dark God already had. Satan, the Devil Himself is primordial … a power of ineffable force that has been here always and it is in this form and in the guise of the Horned Goat Headed God that the Occult Satanist observes and honors their Infernal Father.

For those who can embrace true darkness and take the descending path into Hell the Magickal Powers and Knowledge which lies before them is truly of the highest form and they will find themselves on a journey that opens themselves not only to the pleasures on the realm of the flesh but beyond in spheres beyond our current perception!

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