Obey Me! – Non-Fiction

Feature Writer: Yagis

Feature Title: Obey Me! – NSFW Boyfriend Headcanons

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Obey Me!

A/N: Damn. I see. Y’all want that good good. If you could give the same energy for this fic, then that’ll be delightful and I’ll give you a reward — Yagi’s Wife


  • He is a sadistic and selfish lover
  • Selfish in terms of he’ll make you come over and over and won’t stop even if you beg
  • Teasing little piece of shit
  • “Baby, I can’t understand you when your mouth is full”
  • ull of dick
  • He’s more long than thick but still fills you the fuck up
  • Expect lots of marking


  • Dear fucking Lord
  • He’s literally the embodiment of lust
  • So expect nothing but intense and almost mind-melting pleasure
  • Very very sensual
  • But also very very kinky
  • Loves tying you up
  • “Tell me what you want, darling. I’ll do it in an instance”
  • Gets off at your pleasure


  • I expect he’s very vanilla, Except
  • For his need to role play
  • Doesn’t do it often, only on certain occasions
  • Very sensitive
  • Kinda a bottom
  • Suck his dick, it drives him insane
  • Like legs shaking, pulling your hair, and losing his breath insane
  • “Please don’t stop, that feels so good.”


  • He’s a switch, bitch
  • Will hit it from the back and make you unable to walk
  • But also loves it when you’re a tease
  • Kind of a brat
  • “Look at you, taking it like the slut you are.” or
  • “Stop teasing and just fuck me already”
  • He ain’t afraid to show his bratty bottom self


  • Two sides of sex with Satan
  • When he’s angry, prepare for rough rough sex
  • Hair pulling, sore throat, tears dripping down your face, multiple orgasms and orgasm denial
  • “Fuck, I love it when you let me use you as my toy.” Or
  • Soft, sweet, loving sex
  • Light touches, whispers of love and praise, coming together, the slow build-up of an intense orgasm
  • “I love you and want nothing more than to make you feel good.”


  • Beel can like
  • Get it
  • Surprisingly a tease
  • But it’s like, unintentional
  • “Why are you pouting? If you want attention, come get it.”
  • Loves, loves, loves kissing you
  • Favorite place to fuck you is on the kitchen counter in the middle of the night
  • Will eat you out like it’s his last meal
  • Pls don’t let Lucifer find out


  • Fucking lazy ass bitch
  • Makes you do all the work
  • Loves watching you ride him and plays with the tiddies (or nipples)
  • Smirks up and you, grinds his hips and says
  • “Enjoying the ride?”
  • Will eat you out slowly and loves orgasm denial
  • Give him a taste of his medicine and he’ll go feral
  • By tying you up and fucking you until you can’t even speak
  • Uhhh I think I have a thing for Belphegor

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