Feature Writer: Anna Laura

Feature Title: Novices

Published: 08.06.2008

Story Codes: Religious Themes, Non-Consensual, Rape, Torture, Violence, Sadism, Snuff


“Lovely weather and great driving conditions, no traffic” said John. “We left too early I guess, more than three hours to spend at the airport.”

“Boring, but I like the thought of some rest.” His wife Elaine, sitting next to him in the hired SUV, stretched herself and yawned. She was a natural blonde in her early thirties, dressed in a white blouse, khaki shorts and walking boots.

From the back of the car, a woman laughed. “Tired, are you? Was it the toga party last night? I saw what you did!” Roberta turned to her husband Paul, who was sitting next to her and added mischievously: “Not that she kept her toga on for long!”

Elaine turned towards them, laughing. “Stop it! I don’t think I behaved any different from how a young Roman matron would have behaved at a party two thousand years ago!”

“Hmmmmmm …” said John, smiling “Did they use drugs then?”

“Maybe not cocaine” said Paul “but I am sure they did what they could to loosen their inhibitions.”

Roberta looked at him, mockingly irritated, with a mischievous smile: “And what makes you think that I have inhibitions?”

“Nothing, of course! Just teasing you.” Paul kissed her, caressing her breasts through her blouse. “I wouldn’t be so hot about you if you were a coy and demure wife.”

“I love toga parties” interjected Elaine form her front seat. “I have always been a pagan at heart … being in a toga brings out my sexuality like no other dressing style. And anyway, the whole point of dressing up for a party is that at some point the clothes will come off!”

“You are right about feeling a pagan” said John. “I saw you with those two girls dressed as Christian slaves … it turned you on really, didn’t it? Even if they were just prostitutes?”

“Fuck, yes!” Elaine felt her nipples harden at the memory. “I never expected Joanne to organize that as part of the entertainment … two high class call girls playing the part of Christian slaves. I wished it was all true.”

“Well, you managed to frighten them” remarked Paul from the back. “They were expecting some mild discipline … but you were hurting them for real. They were lucky that Joanne stopped you.”

“Pity” said Roberta. “I was all excited too … I have kept fantasizing about what I would have done to two young and attractive Christian slaves, if I had been a young Roman matron.”

“You girls really hate religion” remarked John. “I like your attitude, but I don’t see why.”

“You don’t see?!?” Roberta sounded indignant. “Religion has oppressed us women from the start! Turned us into wives and moms and baby-making machines, repressed our sexuality…. you men could always have fun, but we?”

“OK, OK, you win!” John raised his hands in mock surrender and almost lost control of the SUV; the road was wide but it was really just a wide dirt track, full of potholes, right through one of the most splendid forests in Senegal. “Heck, I would have loved to play with a reluctant Christian slave myself.”

“Fucking God bothers” said Elaine. “One of the good things in the toga party was that no condoms were allowed. I hope it got me pregnant, so I can have another abortion and show the Church what I think about their teachings!”

“Uh oh, accident ahead!” said John, slowing down. “A jeep got into a ditch. let’s see what happened.” They could see a jeep inclined on the side, and two women in long, white dresses waving them to stop.

John stopped the car and he and Elaine stepped out. “Have you had an accident?” he asked.

The younger of the two women replied: “Monsieur, je ne parle pas Anglais. … not speak English. Nous sommes deux missionaires francaises.” She was tall, blonde, probably eighteen or nineteen Her companion was younger, a brunette perhaps sixteen years old.

John turned to Elaine. “Have you heard? They are French missionaries. Perhaps they have French letters.” Elaine grimaced. “OK, OK, you are having fun. Shall we help them?” She looked at the two girls. “Have you understood anything??”

The brunette looked puzzled. “Missionaires, madame.” Elaine turned to John. “They don’t understand a fucking word.”

“Behave!” said a voice behind them. Roberta and Paul had got off the car too. Paul turned to the taller girl. “Soeur, pardonnez moi, mon Francais est tres limite. Vous allez a la ville?”

“Oui, monsieur!” The girl smiled. “Nous allons a la ville pour avoir des documents, nous resterons la un jour ou deux. On ne nous attends pas, nous ne pouvions user la radio…..”

Paul turned to the others. “They are going to the town to get some documents, it will take them a day or two. Nobody is expecting them, they couldn’t communicate with the radio.”

“OK” said John. “Tell them to get along – we can’t tow their jeep, but we can take them to the town.”

Paul explained in halting French. The older girl smiled and thanked him profusely. They took some bags from their vehicle and climbed onto the SUV, behind Paul and Roberta. John restarted the engine.

Paul chuckled and tapped on Elaine’s shoulder. “See? You wanted to abuse two Christian slaves, and now you are helping two Christian missionaries. That’s God punishing you.” He looked at the two uncomprehending girls. “Don’t worry, they understand fuck all.”

Elaine turned, showed him her tongue, then smiled at the girls who smiled back. “Don’t tease me, or I will do something nasty to them! Remember what they said, nobody is waiting for them. Don’t tempt me!”

Roberta chuckled. “If they only knew what a shameless hottie you are … they would be horrified.”

Paul laughed. “Why, as if you were not a hottie!” He turned towards Roberta and kissed her. She returned his kiss eagerly. His hands caressed her breasts. She opened one more button of her blouse, two … he took the hint and his hand slid inside, caressing the bare skin and teasing her erect nipples. She moaned and unbuttoned her blouse completely.

Elaine looked behind her seat and laughed. “This is naughty!” She started to unbutton her blouse. Roberta giggled excitedly. Both women discarded their blouses, remaining topless.

Because of the tall seats, at first the two French girls couldn’t see everything and couldn’t understand what was happening. However, when Paul drew Roberta to himself and kissed her while openly caressing her bare breasts, they could see them well through the gap between the seats. Paul turned towards them and smiled, still with his hands on Roberta’s breasts. The older girl went red and stammered: “Monsieur … qu’est-ce c’est?”

Paul’s limited French now failed him. He said “Je baise ma femme” thinking that he was saying “I am kissing my wife”, not knowing that in modern french “baiser” means “to fuck”. The girl drew her breath sharply and said: “Nous devons descendre tout de suite. Pardonnnez. …. please! Stop!”

She tried to open the door handle. Paul tried to stop her – the car wasn’t traveling very fast, but opening the door and jumping out at hat speed would still be dangerous. John, driving, heard some noises in the back, saw the struggle in the rear mirror and shouted “What the fuck is going on?” while breaking sharply.

The car almost skidded on the dusty road and came to a halt. The French girl succeeded in opening the door and ran out, followed by her bewildered younger companion and by Paul and Roberta.

Roberta ran after the older girl and grabbed her by an arm. She turned and tried to struggle free, but Roberta was stronger and seized both her arms, immobilizing her. The younger girls tried to stop Roberta, but Paul seized her firmly.

John and Elaine had got out of the car too. Elaine was angry. She went to the older girl, still half naked, eyes blazing, and invested her: “What the fuck did you think you were doing? You stupid fucking bitch, you could have made us skid off the track!” She looked at Paul. “Can you fucking translate for this idiot?”

The French girl looked at the two naked women, then at Paul. “C’est immoral … je ne veut pas voir …”

Paul turned to Elaine: “She says it is immoral and doesn’t want to see.”

Elaine was really angry now. “Oh I see! So getting topless is immoral and the poor little virgin doesn’t want to see, and of course making love is immoral too. Stupid fucking sexless bitch. What do you think then, your body is immoral too?” Before anyone could try to stop her, she grabbed the collar of the young missionary’s dress and pulled hard.

The fabric gave way. Elaine pulled down and tore the fabric, using both her hands. The French girl screamed and tried to get free, but Roberta held her firmly. Elaine pulled the torn dress off; the girl remained in her underwear, plain cotton bra and panties. Elaine laughed. “Feeling shy?” she said mockingly. She moved closer and sideways, and started to undo the clasp of the girl’s bra. The girl struggled and screamed. Elaine slapped her hard on her cheek, undid her bra and pulled it off. She stepped back, waving the bra triumphantly.

The French girl screamed again. John shouted: “Shut up!”. Elaine moved again close to the girl and roughly pushed the bra into her mouth, gagging her. She looked at John. “See? Easy!” The younger girl screamed too, shouting for help, but Paul seized her from behind and placed his hand on her mouth, silencing her.

Elaine looked at John. “Let’s get both naked and then let’s drop them here in the middle of nowhere, since they don’t like our company!”

John laughed. “I like that! But we can’t get them naked here on the road, what if some car comes along? Let’s get a bit into the trees.”

He turned, climber on the SUV and gestured at Elaine. “All aboard, I’ll drive a couple of hundred meters from the road.”

Paul and Roberta frog-marched the two French girls to the car and pushed them on board, while Elaine followed them having retrieved the bits and pieces of the older one’s clothing. While in the car, Roberta and Paul gagged both girls firmly with pieces of cloth. After a few hundred yards, John drove into a clearing and stopped the car. “We’ll have some privacy here ….” he smiled.

They all got out of the car. John and Paul took their belts and some pieces of rope from the trunk and tied both girls, hands and feet, sitting them against two trees. Elaine crouched down in front of the older girl, now clad in her panties only, and smiled. “So, nudity is immoral, is it? Now I will get you naked and we’ll all have a good look at you. And to your friend.” She turned and walked to the SUV, rummaged in the back a bit, and walked back with a hunting knife in her hand. She crouched again and cut off the French girl’s panties, leaving her totally naked. The girl moaned in her gag and her eyes filled with tears. Elaine and the others laughed. Elaine gave the knife to Roberta and asked: “Care to get the younger one naked too?”

Roberta laughed excitedly, took the knife and walked to the other girl. She crouched next to her and slashed away her dress, then her bra and panties, pulling everything off and leaving her naked. They all regarded her. Roberta smiled and said: “You are really a beauty. And you have pledged celibacy…. how silly! Probably you also think lesbian sex is sinful too!” She caressed the girl’s breasts, teasing her nipples, and then inserted a hand between her legs. The girl tried to close her thighs, but to no avail. Roberta laughed and started to masturbate her. She looked at Elaine: “Why don’t you masturbate the older one? Let’s see if we make them have their first orgasm!” “Yes! great idea.” Elaine started to touch the older girl, her nipples first, then between her legs. She kissed each nipple, licked it and bit it gently. She looked back at Paul and John. “She likes it, she is getting wet!”

“Can we help?” asked Paul. Roberta looked back. “Yes, but you have to get naked first! Let’s show them some cock.”

Paul laughed and started to take off his T-shirt. John did likewise. Elaine and Roberta got rid of their shorts too; they were wearing no underpants. When they were all naked, they started to tease both girls. Male and female hands and lips were all over them, and their bodies were responding – stifled moans came from under their gags, and after a few minutes both girls were shaken by powerful orgasms. Elaine laughed. “Now, to complete their sex education, let’s show them some fucking!” Having said that, she laid down and open their legs. “Let’s swap partners” suggested Roberta. “More sinful and immoral.”

“Yes!” laughed John. He kissed Roberta; they made out for a bit, then, still standing, he lifted her legs and entered her. “Pas de preservatif” said Paul, whom was already inside Elaine. “Je vais la mettre enceinte, et elle vas avoir an avorton.” “Yes, I will get pregnant and have an abortion!” panted Elaine, who had half understood. “Get that, you Christian idiot? I am going to murder my baby just for fun!” She pulled Paul inside her, making sure both girls could see.

Both couples fucked feverishly, thrilled at having a captive and unwilling audience. They soon came – wild, unrestricted orgasms. The thought of pregnancy and the subsequent abortions excited them and made their sex more intense.

The French girls had watched everything. They looked shaken, tearful and frightened. Elaine stood up, naked and excited. “OK, they had a good sex education I think!” She lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply.

“Not quite” noted Roberta. “They haven’t had cock yet, and they haven’t licked a woman.” She looked at John. “Shouldn’t we complete their initiation to sex?”

“Fuck, why not?” asked John. He crouched next to the older girl and untied her legs.

“Wait!” Paul walked close to the older girl too. “Is this safe? We are talking rape here!”

John turned to him. “Hadn’t thought about it… but we are leaving in a few hours. We can drop them somewhere far from the road, before the police is alerted we’ll be gone.”

“We can go back and torch their car too” interjected Roberta. “Come on, let’s do it….. it was always a fantasy of mine to help a man rape a nun!”

“Mine too!” Elaine walked closer to them. “I’ll be thrilled to help. Then we can dump them somewhere, maybe tie them up to make sure.”

“OK, fine. I like the idea of raping them. And we have enough time.”

“Let’s untie her and hold her on the hood of the car” said Roberta. “You can fuck her standing between her legs, and Paul and I can pin her to the hood. Then we can swap places for the other one.”

“OK.” Roberta untied the girl’s arms, then John and Paul lifted her by her legs and arms and placed her across the hood of the SUV. John positioned himself between her legs, while Paul and Roberta on the other side of the car held her firmly by her arms. Elaine stood in front of the car, watching with a smile. “No condoms, of course” she said. “We want to get her pregnant … maybe she’ll change her views about abortion!”

“Fuck, yes!” said John. He positioned his hard cock against the girl’s slit. “I hope she is a virgin!” He started pushing. The girl struggled, her legs flailing. He laughed. “Keep struggling, baby, it feels even better on my cock.”

Elaine, who was still watching, laughed too. “Wait, I will help…. I am bored just watching.” She walked round the car, rummaged inside and came back with a belt. “What are you doing?” asked John.

“Keep fucking her, you’ll see in a moment.” She turned again to the front of the car, doubled the belt and, without warning, hit the girl’s breasts with the belt. John gasped: “Oh fuck, yes, yes, do it, that’s so fucking hot.”

Elaine hit the girl a few more times. John tensed, grunted and came. He breathed heavily for a few seconds, then laughed. “This was totally hot! I loved what you did to her, so fucking wicked.” He pulled out. “I hope I got her pregnant.”

“Wait … let’s make her clean you up” said Roberta. She and Paul pushed the girl to the ground. She didn’t try to struggle or flee: all fight had gone from her. She just lay there, sobbing. John knelt next to her, took her head with his hands, opened her mouth, removed her gag and pushed his cock inside. “Bite me and I’ll kill you” he growled. He moved in and out a few times, then pulled out. “Stupid bitch won’t lick me.”

“Let’s make her do it” said Elaine. She turned to Paul. “Tell her that either she licks him clean, or we’ll kill her friend.”

Paul translated. The girl, still sobbing, opened her mouth. She licked John. When he withdrew, Elaine said: “I am turned on like hell but I haven’t cum yet. Tell her to lick me too.”

Again, Paul translated. the girl just lay down. Elaine straddled her face, positioned her pussy carefully, then said: “Lick me!”

The girl was too shocked to do it, she just sobbed. Elaine looked at Roberta. “Give me your cigarette, please” she said. Roberta inhaled, and passed the cigarette to her. Elaine turned, facing towards the girl’s feet. She bent down and with the glowing end she pushed against one of the girl’s nipples. The girl screamed, and Elaine pushed her pussy down on her mouth. “Lick me!” she repeated. She looked up. “I can’t believe, she is really doing it. Fuck……..” she tensed, let out a little scream and pushed hard down on the girl’s face. After a minute or so, she looked up again. “What a fucking orgasm. I loved it!” She stood up and looked at the others. “Let’s tie up this one again and do the other.”

They tied up the girl and left her on the parched ground. They went to her younger companion, untied her and brought her to the SUV, as they had done with her friend. John and Elaine held her arms from the side, stretching her while Paul, holding her legs, positioned himself to fuck her. Roberta stood next to Elaine, with a mischievous smile and the belt ready.

Paul entered the girl in one hard stroke. She let out a muffled scream. Roberta hit her breasts hard a few times with the belt, then threw the belt away, lit a cigarette and got closer. “I’ll make her struggle a bit more now” she said. She pushed the burning end of her cigarette against one of the girl’s nipples. The girl’s movements became frantic. Roberta laughed excitedly and burned the other nipple. “Fuck …” Paul’s voice was strained. “This is so sadistic … I am there …  He tensed, grunted and came, pushing viciously into the girl. He then pulled out, moved to the side and un-gagged the girl, then pushed his cock into her mouth. The girl fainted.

Roberta laughed. “What a wimp!” She reached for her lighter but, instead of lighting another cigarette, she moved the flame close to the girl’s pussy lips. The girl screamed, and Roberta swiftly straddled her and pushed her pussy on the girl’s face, grinding herself to orgasm.

They tied up the second girl too, and gagged both again. John looked at his watch. “That was totally hot, but we must get moving. We have still a good margin but we have to give the car back and get our flight.”

“What do we do with these two?” asked Roberta.

“Let’s just leave them here tied up” said Elaine. “Better not to untie them, they could reach the road and ask for help.”

“We are still close to the road” said John. “How about driving a mile or so into the forest and dump them more far away, maybe in different places?”

“If they are too far and tied, they will die of starvation, or killed by animals” remarked Paul.

“Who cares?” asked Elaine. “Personally, I don’t give a fuck.”

There was a pause. Roberta broke it. “Oh for fuck’s sake! We are all thinking the same thing. It is not safe to leave them alive after what we have done to them.”

“Yes” said Paul. “I think the same. Heck, we have kidnapped, raped and tortured them, too dangerous to leave them alive.”

“OK” said John. “That’s fine by me.”

Elaine looked at Roberta. “To be completely honest, it thrills me no end. Killing them I mean. I will do the older one myself. Would you like to do the younger one?”

“Yes!” Roberta laughed. “I will do it … I want to sit on her face with my pussy, on her mouth and nose, and smother her while I get another orgasm.”

“Fuck … you girls are so sadistic, I love you!” laughed Paul.

“Talking about sadism” said Elaine, looking at Paul “would you care to do something to her while I kill her? Rape, torture, whatever?”

“Hmmmmm … nobody has taken her asshole yet, I’ll impale her there while you kill her.”

“I like that” said Elaine, smiling. “Let’s put her over that fallen tree there, with her head on the ground and her asshole exposed. You can kneel between her legs.” Elaine gestured towards a fallen tree trunk.

“OK.” Paul lifted the girl and dropped her across the trunk, with her pussy on the trunk and her head on the ground. He untied her legs, picked up a twig from the ground and positioned it at the entrance of her back hole, while Elaine straddled her and positioned her pussy on the girl’s mouth and nose. Elaine adjusted her position. “I am making sure she can’t breathe” she said, in an excited voice. Paul put her hands on her shoulders, pulled her close and kissed her, and at the same time pushed the twig inside the girl, hard, and started to push it in and out. He and Elaine started to make out, kissing and touching each other.

Roberta and John were watching them, each with an arm around the other’s waist. Roberta whispered: “I had never watched someone being killed, this is turning me on so much …” she touched her pussy. John pulled her against his body and kissed her. “Same for me. Let’s start with the younger one.”

They lifted the girl and took her to the fallen tree, a couple of meters from Paul and Elaine. They turned her over, and untied her. She struggled, to no avail – John picked up a twig too and pushed it cruelly int her, while Roberta was squatting on her face. She was smiling mischievously and had her lighter in her hand.

“Go on, do it …” grunted John. Roberta lit the flame and placed the lighter against one of the girl’s nipples, burning it. The girl struggled frantically. Roberta laughed and kept torturing her, adjusting the position of her pussy. Next to them, Elaine was moaning, approaching her orgasm. She dug her nails viciously into the girl’s breasts, tensed and screamed in ecstasy. The sight pushed Roberta over the edge, and she came too.

They stood up and looked at their victims. “Oh fuck” said Elaine “they are both still moving.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake” said Roberta “let’s just beat them to death!”

She walked in front of the younger girl, pushed her legs apart with her foot, and kicked her pussy viciously. Elaine walked to her side, picked up a branch from the ground, and hit her on her face, once, twice. The girl’s head slumped, some urine came from between her legs. She was dead.

They turned to the older girl. Roberta picked a small branch from the ground and pushed it hard into her pussy, impaling her. She then stood up, walked around the girl and kicked her head, hard. Elaine kicked her stomach. They rained blow after blow on her, until her head slumped, blood seeping through her lips.

Elaine was very excited, sweating, breathing hard. “Whew! That was hot. Time to go now though.”

“What do we do with the bodies? leave them here?” asked John.

“No way!” replied Paul. “Too close to the road. Let’s drive a mile or so in the forest until we find a good place to dump them.”


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  1. Anna Laura really has given us a really cock hardenng story, which I greatly enjoyed. Tales of snuff are among my favourites and Anna delivers thrills in spades. Do visit the her stories at The sadism in them is delicious, and the descriptions of murders almost intices me to go out and try it too. 🙂

    1. Hail Ranulf — I know there are some — but not all — I thought you’d found more (as was excited to read) — haha

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