Feature Writer: Ghostmambo

Feature Title: DEMONTHORN 11

Published: 25.05.2019

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: A warrior woman fights for control of her life


Demonthorn 11

“You are sure of what you saw?” The demon’s deep baritone rang out in the hallway outside of his chamber.

“Yes, you demonic idiot!” The Fury yelled, her black wings rustling in agitation. “The last Fury has been found and awoken and we need to do something now!”

The demon snarled and grabbed the newly created Night Fury by her neck, pinning her against the wall of the chamber.

“You do not speak to me in such a way!” He roared at her.

Jolie’s eyes widened in shock as she witnessed the extent of his rage, but then they narrowed in determination. Her hands grasped his and slowly pulled his hand away from her throat, the demon resisting with all of his might.

“You do not own me Gortelesque. I am not your slave and I am pissed off!” She said through gritted teeth.

Gortelesque pulled his hand back, the two of them breathing hard from the exertion. His rage had not subsided, just remained dormant however, festering inside of him and giving him his massive strength.

“You may be more equal to me than most, Jolie, but that does not give you special privileges within my presence. You will not insult me, unless that is a part of us screwing. You may not challenge me outside of my chamber and you will do as you are told when in the presence of other demons, even if I asked for your advice before or after..” Gortelesque said with his eyes narrowed.

“And what do I get out of this little arrangement?” said Jolie with a snarl and started to walk away..

“You get me.” The demon said. “As well as the pleasure of being my right hand as you so messily murdered my last one.”

“That does not sound equal to me.” Jolie said. “You promised me freedom to do what I want, to let loose and be myself.”

“And you will, within reason.” The demon said. “When we are in battle I will let you do whatever you want. I want you to be a whirling ecstasy of destruction. As of right now, you are the most powerful female in all Below and afforded the most luxuries.”

“It doesn’t feel like it.” Jolie pouted.

“Believe me, most females are broken, raped repeatedly and then eaten. My harpies are those that have been transformed like you and are under my protection. No woman has it better in the entirety of the Master’s kingdom than those with me, especially you.”

“There is no woman like me.” said Jolie, striking a sexy pose with her wings spread and one hand on her hip, her chest thrust out in front of her.

“There is truly no one like you, dearest.” Purred the demon.

“But what are we going to do about the Furies? There are two of them now, Ice and Fire. I know I can best Samantha, but this new one is unknown.” Said Jolie with a frown.

The demon paused to think.

“We will have to seek audience with the Master. He will have a plan of action at least.”

“Is he as terrible as they say he is?” Asked Jolie, her voice quivering with anticipation..

“Even worse. He is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. He is terror, despair and jealousy incarnate. You want to run screaming from his presence and never leave it at the same time.” the demon said truthfully.

“I now doubt the wisdom of going to see him.” Said Jolie, frowning.

“Well, I will have to show you to him anyway. He approved you as my pet project, and now he will want to see the fruits of my labor. That actually reminds me of something I have been meaning to tell you.”

“What?” The Night Fury asked.

“He will probably want to fuck you.”

“Over my dead body.” Jolie said calmly, the purple scars on her body pulsing with even darker purple light. “I gave myself to you, not the Master. He can screw himself for all I care.”

“You will do this Jolie.” Gortelesque’s voice boomed with authority. “For me and for our survival you will do this. You will be the best he has ever had or he will likely kill you and me and we can spend forever in agony in the Pit.”

Jolie breathed deeply, her rage simmering below the surface.

“If it comes to that, I will consider it.” She said.

“Good, now you have a little bit of a task to perform first before we do anything.” Gortelesque said with a smile.

“I already screwed you three times this morning, what more could you want?” Jolie said in fake exasperation.

“No dearest, I am quite satisfied by you. There is the matter of my previous favorite to attend to.”


“Indeed.” Said Gortelesque.

“Is it true that she was behind the massacre at Fort Union?” Asked Jolie.

“Yes she was. She was a fierce warrior, but weak of spirit. Still, she has managed to defy me once or twice over the years.”

“What are we supposed to do?” Asked Jolie.

“You must dominate or kill her. If you fail to do either, she will succeed in doing either to you.”

“She must be so much weaker than me, I will dominate her easily in a fight.” Said Jolie with a smile.

“You must dominate her sexually.” The demon said with a smile of his own. “I would actually prefer she not die, she is very strong and useful in a fight. Plus I have gotten rather fond of her over the years.”

Jolie’s face grew hot and her eyes blazed purple.

“You dare to even consider her over me, demon?” Said Jolie with a snarl. “I am the best, most beautiful and strongest woman in all of creation and you want me to screw your old squeeze so you can watch?”

“That is a side benefit, but with the domination of Garesha, the other Harpies and my harem will fall into line. If they wished, they could all attack you and overpower you. It is vital for your survival that you dominate Garesha and make her yours or kill her and take her place. As I said, I much prefer her alive, but that choice is up to you.”

“You would never leave the life of your harem favorite up to me!” Fumed Jolie. “This is you acting just like everyone else in my life! You manipulate and prod until your little game pieces move into position and I am so damn sick of it all!”

Gortelesque stood there with a small smile on his face as Jolie raged, which caused her face to twist into a snarl.

“You know the worst of it? You had me convinced that you were going to be different. You had me so weak and fooled that I would have done anything for you.” After she was done, she stood there, her chest heaving.

With a low jungle cat growl the demon grabbed Jolie by the arm and pulled her inside of his sleeping chamber. She clawed at his belt, loosening it until his kilt fell away. Jolie already was not wearing very much and Gortelesque ripped her revealing clothing to shreds to get at her.

Jolie screamed in ecstasy as he thrust himself inside of her, releasing the forbidden sensation of pleasure inside of her. She felt so sinful when he was inside of her. Sinfully wicked. With each thrust the demon hammered home that her decision was right and just and ever so pleasurable.

“Clean yourself.” Gortelesque said after he had finished all over her face. “We have business to attend to in the harem.”

“Yes sir.” She said with a grin as she licked his cum off her face. “It will be a pleasure.”

Usually when Gortelesque walked to his harem, his body was eager with anticipation, but nothing like what he felt today. It was like the moments before a battle. He would either see lesbian dominance or a battle to the death. Which violent act would he get to see? The demon could not wait to find out.

Jolie was behind him, her hands wrapped in black linen. She was clothed in minimal garments, leaving her feminine assets mostly exposed. Her feet were bare, but made minimal sound against the cold stone floor. Her wings were folded behind her, but rustled slightly, betraying a small onset of nerves.

She was right to be nervous. Gortelesque had sent Hirk ahead to warn Garesha that they were coming. There would be so much less pleasure if the fight was too one sided. Plus, the harem needed to see that Garesha at her best was no match for Jolie.

As they neared the harem chamber, the demon and the fury heard a chant start to build.

“Garesha! Garesha! Garesha!” It repeated over and over, getting louder as they approached.

Overall seven harpies had challenged Gortelesque’s favorite over the years. Only one was left alive. She was a broken thing that Garesha kept in a cage off to one side of the harem. A constant reminder that there were worse things than death Below if you messed with Garesha.

Killy had once been one of Gortelesque’s favored women after Greasha. She was young and impetuous, so it didn’t take much for Gortelesque to prod her into a challenge. Garesha had ripped her wings off, poked out her eyes and ripped out her tongue in the first minute of the fight.

Her crippled opponent began to cry, her sobs moaning and echoing through the otherwise silent chamber. Garesha took her halberd and forced her opponent to prostrate herself before the leader of the furies. She chopped off both of her hands and feet and then required every member of the harem to eat a finger or a toe.

Nobody had challenged Garesha until Jolie.

Gortelesque had not told Jolie this. All in the name of fairness of course.

The chant became deafening as the two demons and the fury entered the harem. There were pillows and couches spread everywhere. Furies were all over in various stages of undress. Gortelesque did not care whether the women pleasured themselves or not while he was away, but always required their full attention when in his presence.

He waited while the chanting died down. Garesha materialized form the crowd of thirty women. She was dressed in full battle armor as well as a helmet showed her sharp teeth and eyes glowing with hatred. Her armor was fitted to her curves and her breast plate was fitted to make her chest more intimidating than it was.

She wore no chain mail, showing her skin and muscles of her biceps and thighs. Her hair fell free from her helmet, making her seem like one of the ancient war goddesses the Valkyries had trained.

She held her halberd in her right hand. Two secret daggers hid themselves in her gauntlets. Her greaves extended from her shins and were tipped in small blades. Her high heeled shoes were similarly sharpened.

Gortelesque smiled as Jolile’s face fell. Jolie had not had any armor or weapons made, and she had been hoping to catch her opponent unawares.

“You did this.” Jolie whispered to the demon furiously.

“You do not just have to prove your worth to the harem tonight, Jolie. Prove yourself to me. Make me right to have given you such a glorious mantle to carry.” The demon said with a smile.

“I will do all this for me, not you. I am my own woman. Tonight, I prove that I am worthy of being independent and free. Best you watch and learn demon.” Said Jolie, her eyes narrowed as the after sex glow left her.

Hirk came forward and hissed. The harem fell silent in expectation.

“Our great Lord Gortelesque presents the entertainment for the evening.” Hirk said to a chorus of shrieks and yells.

“He has presented you with a challenger to your harem leader, Garesha. Jolie, the Fury of metal, has issued this challenge before our lord. This will be a fight until one yields or death takes one or both of them.” More shrieks and catcalls greeted Hirk’s pronouncement.

The Fury stepped toward her opponent. The rest of the harem stepped back, revealing the center of the chamber to be cleared of all furniture, bones and other such items. Garesha stepped in as well. Hirk poked his finger with a needle and laid it to the floor, his green blood ignited a green circle of light that surrounded the combatants.

“Begin.” said Gortelesque, his arms crossed and off to the side.

Garesha smiled and thrust her halberd forward in a feint. Jolie dodged, but the harem erupted in laughter as the weapon did not even come close to connecting. Jolie had flinched and the harem would likely never let her forget it.

Not a great start. Thought Grotelesque.

To her credit, Jolie did not let the faulty start rattle her. She tied her hair back with a leather thong and dropped into a slight crouch, her fists up and ready. Her wings were slightly spread to give her better balance and her eyes darted over her opponent. The sound of the harem was deafening as Garesha’s supporters screamed for blood.

Garesha stood still, her halberd up and ready. Her leathery wings were folded at her back and a confident smile never left her lips.

“You are out of your league girl.” Garesha said. “You were still in diapers when I was raiding above with a smile on my face.”

“That just means you are old and used up.” Jolie said, her eyes scanning for an opening.

Garesha paused at the insult. Her smile never left her lips, but her eyes blazed. Jolie had hit a nerve and the tiniest of smiles now graced her lips. She had a way in now.

“You are old enough to be my grandmother and even though screwing a demon has kept you young on the outside, inside you are still the withered old hag who betrayed her own soldiers and had no choice but to literally go to hell!”

Garesha was quick, but Jolie was like lightning. The Harpie swung with her halberd, a blow that should have split Jolie in half from her head to her crotch. Of course, Jolie was no longer there, she leaped under her opponent’s guard and landed a full force punch to the armor of Garesha’s breastplate.

Garesha staggered back, her weapon dragging on the ground. The wind was knocked out of her. The fight could have ended there, with the Fury taking advantage of her opponent’s weakness. Instead, Jolie allowed Garesha to recover. A fist sized dent was in the breastplate now.

“Now I will have to get this repaired!” Garesha wheezed, her breath not recovered yet. “I will skewer you like the sewer rat you are!”

Garesha launched a flurry of devastating attacks at her opponent, each strike with the halberd likely fatal. Jolie dodged each one until the last one, which was a slice aimed at cutting her in half at the waist. As the blade neared her vulnerable flesh, Jolie raised her fist and smashed it into the metal of the blade, which shattered the entire weapon into slivers.

Shocked, but not out of the fight yet, Garesha drew her sidearm, a long dagger. Jolie picked up one of the larger pieces of the shattered halberd, hefting it in her hands. It was basically a small spike with a sharp edge. Garesha attacked again, slashing a Jolie with a uncontrolled rage. Jolie dodged every slice and jumped back to the edge of the circle.

“You dance away like the fairy you are.” Growled Garesha, no longer smiling. “You are not worthy to face me head on. You are afraid.”

“Afraid?” Asked Jolie. “Of a cow like you? You are so slow a tortoise could dodge you.”

Garesha leaped at her opponent, one hand extended with her dagger and the other held in reserve, her wickedly sharp nails at the ready.

Jolie jumped up impossibly high and landed with her feet on Garesha’s shoulders, smashing her face into the floor as she then crouched and rolled to the other side of the arena. Garesha howled in pain as blood spurted from her nose.

The harem began to quiet as all could see that the leader of the harem was clearly outmatched. Jolie stood and raised her hands to the ceiling, her spike in her hand.

“You all have seen what I can do. I am armed with a sliver of metal and no armor. My opponent is in full battle dress and has two forged weapons. Who doubts I can win?” Jolie shouted.

The harem was silent. The anticipation of a bloodbath was stirring the loins of all those present, bringing up the battle lust that would either turn into a fight or an orgy. Gortleesque marveled at how Jolie took center stage with little difficulty, his own loins literally stirring.

“You have not won yet, you whore.” Garesha spat blood to the floor. “I am not dead and I will never yield.”

The harpie stood, blood streaming from her broken nose. Jolie turned to her opponent and dropped into another crouch. The two women circled the arena, glaring at eacfhother as the rest of the room was dead silent. The sounds of their feet could be heard as well as the creaking of Garesha’s armor.

Jolie lunged, and extended her arm to it’s full extend with the spike in it. The tip caught the leather strap securing Garesha’s breastplate to her left shoulder. It snapped with almost no effort and then Jolie was dancing away before her opponent could react.

Garesha was now off balance, her armor now making her off balance. She roared in frustration and used her own dagger to slit the leather securing the plate to her other shoulder and around her waist, ;laying her chest bare.

Desire stirred in Jolie’s heart, something she had not felt for another woman in a long time.

“Nice tits for an old bag.” Said Jolie.

Garesha ripped her helmet off and threw it outside the arena. Her hair a wispy mess around her face and head.

“Yeah, that is why I am favored with Gortelesque you flat cunt. I don’t need armor to beat you. When I win, you will be in agony for decades. Killy is in paradise compared to what I will do to you.” Screamed Garesha.

The harpie charged, her dagger slicing at the air in front of her as Jolie dodged her strikes again and again. After a while of this, Garesha began to tire, her breath came in ragged gasps.

It was then that Jolie saw an opening. She feinted with her spike and brought her head down on Garesha’s, landing with a loud crack. Garesha dropped to the floor, out cold.

Jolie’s head rang and she was off balance as she staggered back. After a few seconds her vision and head cleared and the harem erupted with chants of her name. Jolie’s heart swelled. She had won.

She raised her hand for silence, but she didn’t get it.

The Fury screamed until her throat was hoarse. The rest of the women and harpies quieted, eager to see what Jolie would do to her vanquished foe.

Garesha moaned, wincing in pain as she grasped her head. Before she awoke completely, Jolie straddled the harpie woman and wrapped her fingers around her neck, her violet eyes igniting with an eerie purple light.

Garesha struggled weakly.

“Move and you die.” Growled Jolie, her fingers tightening on Garesha’s throat.

The harpie stopped struggling. Her face screwed up in bewilderment as Jolie bent down and kissed her foe passionately on the mouth. The Harpie was so surprised she didn’t struggle or fight. After a few seconds, Garesha returned the kiss as she was certain she was about to die. To her surprise, instead of tightening her fingers, Jolie stood up and stepped away from the harpie.

Jolie took a deep breath in the now silent room..

“Each of your lives has meaning. It’s meaning is to serve Gortelesque!” Jolie pointed at the smirking demon. “His purpose is to serve the Master. Our harem is weaker if we even lose one member, especially such a formidable fighter as Garesha.”

Each of the women and harpies in the room turned to one another, confused. They had expected a slaughter, but instead were getting something quite different.

“Do the weak win?” Yelled Jolie.

Only faint murmurs answered her.

“I asked all you cunts and whores, do the weak win?” Yelled Jolie even louder.

A few weak cheers of “No” answered her.

“If that is all you have then you are all weak!” Screamed Jolie, her eyes blazing with their purple light.

“I ask you again, d o the weak win?”

“NO!” Said all of the harem in response.

“Do the weak survive?” Screamed Jolie.

“No!” Screamed the harem back, following it with cheers.

“From this day on, we do not fight each other!” Yelled Jolie.

More wild cheers were thrown back at her.

“We will create our own sisterhood to replace the one we will tear down! For the demon! For The Master!” yelled Jolie.

“For the demon! For the Master!”

Amid the chaos, Jolie bent and helped her fallen comrade to her feet.

“You have beaten me today, Fury. But one day I will prove Gortelesque wrong for choosing you.” Said Garesha.

“I look forward to that day. Until then, let’s work towards vanquishing the foe up there, then worry about who reigns in hell.”

“Sounds like we have a deal.” Garesha extended her hand.

Jolie gripped her forearm and pulled Garesha in close.

“If you ever want to finish that kiss, I am around.” Whispered Jolie.

“If you fuck as good as you fight, it would be a pleasure.” Whispered Garesha back with a small smile. “You are welcome at your harem any time, Fury.”

Gortelesque nodded approvingly as the harpies and women of his harem began settling down to the beds and cushions around the harem in twos and threes. The moans began to raise in volume as skilled fingers moved women to climax. Garesha herself grabbed two harpies and began aggressively feeling their bodies, bringing small moans of pleasure.

Jolie walked to the demon, her face drawn.

“Don’t you want to join in?” Asked Gortelesque. “It is not good form to miss your own victory party.”

“I am tired demon.” Jolie said. “Take me back to our room and fuck me, then let me sleep.”

“You mean my room.” Said Gortelesque.

“I mean our room.” Said Jolie as she slipped past the demon and into the hallway.

The demon glared after her and followed, a slow grin growing on his face. Everything was going to plan.


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