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Feature Title: Metaphor

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We foolishly take so many things as metaphor. Guardian angels are real and literal persons whom we must curse and cast out by the power of Lord Satan’s name. And familiar devils are just as real. Our Lord Lucifer turns his gaze on every human soul, and the mere intertwining of his will with our being creates a living spirit with its own personality, half us and half him. Just like xians say the holy spirit is born out of the intertwine of Jehovah and his bastard son. Speak to your demon when you worship Satan by sin, especially by masturbation, when you’re alone with the Spirit of Lust. Ask your demon to possess you and lead you to hell. Your orgasms will become unbelievable.

4 thoughts on “Metaphor – Non-Fiction”

  1. i want to know my demon and have him guide into ever more perverse depraved lusts and desires and to let others pass through me to corrupt and possess others.

    1. Hail Sabrina — isn’t that the true joy of Satan — knowingly doing evil and wicked things — blasphemous delights lay ahead for all of us — rejoice and cum and say his name out loud — SATAN OH SATAN

        1. Hail Sabrina – I still remember the first time I called His name out loud as I brought myself to a blasphemous orgasm – it was one of most powerful orgasms in my life

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