Lexi and the Prisoner

Feature Writer: BlazeSM

Feature Title: LEXI INTRO

Published: 20.08.2020

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: A nylon clad assassin catches up with a prisoner.

Lexi and the Prisoner

I opened my eyes and, knowing what I did, Immediately, sprang to my feet. Lexi could be around any corner and if I wished to escape this hell they have built, I needed to move. I was a gift to them, by that filthy succubus, that swine that destroyed our kingdom.

“Have the captain of the guard as a present from me.” She aid in her metallic, yet succulent voice. My escape had more to do with luck than anything else, but I did not plan on wasting it. These halls had an end and that end I would find.

Naked, I moved from corner to corner, trying not to lean upon the walls too much. They were pure latex and… I knew what waited for those that were trapped inside.

“Shit!” I muttered. Not a corner away from me I saw a couple of Lexi’s and Loreline’s goons. Clad in latex catsuits, boots and gloves, they were patrolling the halls of this abyss, looking for lil’ old me.

Too bad.

They were giggling to each other, talking of their past lives. Enjoying the new power they had found.

“What about yours?” One asked the other.

“Oh, my husband is within one of these walls. Though he was almost drained of sanity by the time I put him in.” Both of them were gorgeous with flowing hair and tender lips and skin. But the shine in their eyes was as sadistic as that of Lexi.

That whore… I will make her pay!

As they drew close, I sprang from my waiting spot and rammed one of them in the stomach. She was out before her body hit the floor. The momentary feeling of latex upon my fist was pleasurable.

The result of Lexi’s poison no doubt.

But the other one was ready, quickly she unzipped her catsuit, freeing her breasts, and squished them over my head. I fell backwards, her body atop of mine, my naked body beneath hers of latex. I felt my cock grow stiffer as she smothered me.

“What have we here?” She cooed. “Lexi’s escapee come to play?”

I tried pushing her off but the slick fabric of her latex only made my hands glide and grasp at nothing… that and it felt like heaven.

“Maybe I should just smother you to death hm? I doubt she would mind. No escapee has ever lived long enough to breathe fresh air and, mmm, I think you like my perfume better.” She giggled and moved her breasts a bit, letting me breathe. I gasped for air, only breathing in more perfume.

“I’m not finished with you yet honey.” She said with a satisfied giggle.

My cock was rock hard by now and I… oh so badly wanted to give in to her, to let her punish me like I deserved. But I refused to let those thoughts settle in. I barked at her and pushed her off.

“Yes you are, you little wench!”

I stood up, grabbed her by the throat, forced a kiss, and without much effort threw her against the latex wall. The material behind her turned liquid and started drawing her in, much to her terror.

“I wonder if your mistress will even bother looking for you slut.” I said and with a wink, and ran into the unknown as she continued screaming.

Her screams will surely draw others to her. Let them look there, I will be long gone.

I heard her for a long while afterwards as my cock did not soften. I almost envied her, almost. Just the thought of the pleasure that awaited her made me falter.

“So you do envy her?” I voice full of venom and lust purred from beside me. I jumped, fell and got back upon my feet in a flash.


“How did you find me?!” I demanded, panting.

“Fufufufufu~ Easy, slave, the girls patrolling don’t have to catch you. You getting hard is enough for me to smell you.”

“I am not your slave. Nor was I a slave of that bitch who gifted me to you. I will prevail where even my princes have fallen.” I barked.

“Oh?” She pouted. “So… you are leaving?”

God she was gorgeous. So alluring, so perfect… so dangerous.

She wore her usual attire. A black nylon catsuit with a dark snake embroidered upon her right leg. That was her favorite manner of execution, she would slither and grind against you until she choked you out. Until you would breathe your last breath in her embrace, broken. Obedient.


I felt my cock twitch with the sight of her but I still spoke not. Lexi waved her silver hair from her eye and licked the claw upon her right hand. It was, as always, dripping, with a toxicaly green liquid.


“Yes. And do not try to stop me. When I come back you and your sister are done! And then? That succubus will get hers, for everything she has done!” I turned and started walking away, not even looking back. But, again, without a sound, I found her right next to me.

“Fuck off!”

I yelled at her as she, nimbly, jumped away. “We had a deal. If I managed to escape you would not interfere!”

“That we did little mouse.” She sighed in ecstasy. “But this snake isn’t done strangling the life out of you just yet… and now I have you right where I wanted you. See my sister wanted to use you as a battery. A yummy battery but a battery none the less. That is boring. I wanted you … broken, obedient and dead.” Every word Lexi voiced came out like a silky stroke of my cock.

God did I wish it to be so…

“Bite me! You cannot touch me. We had a deal.”

“And I would almost call you a worthy adversary… almost.” She said with a sigh.

“Almost? Are you completely insane.” She only cackled at my words. “I escaped. I escape YOU Lexi. The most feared assassin and I outsmarted you. You are bound by your word slut!”

“Fufufufufu~ You did escape, but I would not call it a victory. Like I said, I wanted you here… slave.”

“Shut it.” I barked again and, again, turned to leave. But my cock was throbbing by now. “Oh, honey, my sweet little slave.” With every word I felt my cock grow harder and harder until I felt my knees buckle. “You have my poison inside of your veins. I made you cum so many times to so many words. You are wired to me. If I say SLAVE-”

My knees gave away and I fell upon the latex floor.

“Or honey, or obedienceeeee.” She purred as I turned towards her. “I can make you cum without touching you little S-L-A-V-E.”

“Stop!” I yelled, feeling my mind go numb.

“You liked being mine slave.” She stood right in front of me, with my legs spread, her feet were not half a feet away from my cock. Lexi towered over me, casually enjoying the power she had over me “You want to cum.” She said flatly. It wasn’t even a question anymore.

I do…

“Well, tell, me, slave.”


“How bad do you want to C-U-M?” She enunciated every single letter and each drew me closer to an orgasm. “It’s too late for you. My poison is inside of you. Fufufufufu~”

“I know when I’m beat but… give me another shot… if I last ten minutes, you let me go…” I gasped, trying to grasp at anything that would save me. I looked up at her, almost pleading. Lexi looked perfect as she played with her golden, dyed, lock of hair. How I wish to feast upon her feet, her… everything.

“Tut-tut baby. Why would I do that?” She cackled. “I can fuck your sweet little baby brains out with just my words. The only thing you need to do is say it… say the words. Beg.”

“No… fuck no… please.”

“Say it. Just. Say. It.” She said and licked her lips, slowly bending down.

“No… I will never… succumb!!” I yelled as my cock raged.

“Fufufufufu~ That looks very painful captain. Why not let yourself down like all the others did. Surrender, beg and plead for pleasure.” She cooed. “Just listen to my sweet, poisonous voice and admit what you want SLAVE.” My cock was throbbing, my body trembled at her feet as she played with her breast.

“I know you are enjoying this slave. But, if you surrender, the pleasure will be OH so much greater trust me. Truuuuusssssssssssssst me.” She hissed ever so irresistibly

I whimpered, I was so close. Her voice was perfection, her body an altar and her eyes… black holes of pleasure.

“Say. It. Slave. And you will cum.”

“I… I need you. I am your slave… I want to surrender.” The words I voiced brought so much pleasure, so much release… yet I did not cum. She cackled in victory, triumph shining in her eyes as she, ever so slowly, placed her nylon clad foot upon my cock and pressed it upon the latex floor.

I yelped, a long, satisfied moan. Hugging her leg, I massaged and enjoyed her nylon clad legs.

So firm… so perfect.

“Does that feel better slave?” Again, I was so close so, very close… but still, I did not cum.

“Yes… yes it does…” I gasped and moaned.

“Yes it does…” She began with a sly grin.

“Yes it does… mistress.” I finished as I let out a blissful sigh.

“Snuggle against my leg slave. You pleading and begging has only just begun.”

Lexi placed her claw upon her thigh, with her index finger not a centimeter away from my lips. I growled, like I did when I went into battle, but with a faintest of moves from her foot, it turned into a moan.

“See, you don’t want to leave slave.”

I didn’t.

“You want to remain here and experience whatever I have in store for you. Because… you love me too much don’t you, slave?”

“I do mistress… that is all that I feel… love. I love you.” I blabbered away.

“You want me to make you cum don’t you? You want to spurt them upon my foot… before I take your life away?”

“Oh… god… yes mistress please!!” I begged.

“Actually, I think you never wanted to leave. You just wanted some alone time with me. You were jealous of the other playthings I have.” She sighed in victory.

“I was… I… I need you. I love you.” Drool left my lips as I looked up at her. “I love you.”

“Good toy.” She giggled. “So, you ready to cum?”

“Yes… oh, please, yes…” I begged. “It is all I want.”

“You are so pathetic… I love it. Grinding down show offs like you, that is the greatest pleasure. Seeing you whimper and beg, Fufufufufu~” She continued looking down victoriously at me.

“That makes me happy mistress… anything… for you.” I whimpered.

“The fabric, the nylon, you love it don’t you slave?” I gasped at the words again.

“Y… yes… but please… just… j-just let me cum.” She savored the words I spoke until she finally spoke.

“More… beg. Plead.” I started to speak again… but found that I could not. The numbness of my mind was beyond anything I could comprehend. My limbs I could not even feel anymore. I just…

I need her. I need to cum. I love you.

“A loss for words slave Fufufufufu~?” She asked. “Well with the loss of your dignity, it was about time you lost your mind as well. But, first I need you to cum.”

Please! God yes please!

Lexi laughed manically as the tip of her clawed finger pierced my tongue. I felt more pleasure spread through me as my eyes went back inside of my head.

“Dignity? Gone. Free will? Gone. Your mind? Your life? Soon to be gone as well.” She laughed.

“You ready for your end?” Lexi asked as she towered above me.

I barely nodded.

With a single, slick, snake like, move of her foot I burst into a mind shattering, soul devouring orgasm. My mouth open in a wordless scream.

Lexi let me fall, as she moved to the side. I felt her nyloned foot beneath my chest whilst she shoved me on my back.

“I want to look at you fade away honey.” She cooed sweetly, sticking out her tongue. Lexi slowly placed her foot upon my cock as I jerked at her touch. She posed victoriously above me, enjoying a well deserved victory.

The pleasure did not subside when she posed upon my cock nor did it long after my life drifted away.


His cock twitched and spurted cum for a long while after he was dead. Lexi hungrily looked down upon him, enjoying every sigh and quiver he let out. Feeling his cock twitch beneath her foot. Finally, after his orgasm subsided, he lay lifeless, Lexi finally lifted her foot from his cock.

“I have already forgotten you slave.” She said with a giggle as she stepped over him. “The guards will take care of you later.”


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