Little Red Riding Hood by Hoku Lani – Non-Fiction

Writer: Hoku Lani

Subject: Little Red Riding Hood

Link: MEWE / 28.10.2022

Comment from XP: Anyone got a copy of this to share?

Little Red Riding Hood

Authorities in Chile have promised to conduct an investigation after an erotic version of, “Little Red Riding Hood,” was sent to hundreds of primary school libraries. The story, called, “Little Red Riding Hood Eats the Wolf,” includes details of a teacher’s sexual encounter with a female pupil and the rape of a teenager.

Instead of the famous fairy tale questions about grandmother’s big teeth and ears, readers are treated to explicit descriptions of foreplay. A teacher at a school in southern Chile alerted authorities to the mix-up after being a pupil told him about the book. Copies were subsequently discovered at 283 schools up and down the country. The books, penned by a Colombian author, have been unfortunately withdrawn.

4 thoughts on “Little Red Riding Hood by Hoku Lani – Non-Fiction”

  1. I wish I did. I woukld like to see books like thios, and even more perverted, in all elementary shcool libraries. Better for young kids to be able to read and learn about perverted sex so tghey can become involved. i have to thiunk Satan is definitely pleased when this happens. Corrupting the innocent should be a major goal of all Satanists.

  2. Yes. it would be a fun book to teach to a class. I would love to find a copy.

    Hail Satan and Lilith

  3. Is either of the two perverted versions of Little Red Riding Hood on this site the one found in the schools in Chile? Ho0w to get them in all tghe schools so 1st graders can read them. Satan would approve

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