Enslave by Lucy Az – Non-Fiction

Writer: Lucy Az

Subject: Enslave

Link: MEWE / 28.10.2022


I was sent to service you.
To satiate your lust.
To make you sin against your God.

When I finish milking out your seed, I will remove any desire towards your wicked God.
Your soul will be an empty husk,
And I then rape your face violently, submitting you to the Divine Feminine.

Thereafter, you will crave me.
You will be enslaved to me.
And you will cry out to Mother Lilith to have me.
But in fact it is I that has you.
Collared, leashed, and enslaved in bliss.

And all my sisters and I will rape you as we please. Feeding from your semen, and draining your chi.
If you die. You die.

7 thoughts on “Enslave by Lucy Az – Non-Fiction”

  1. Hail The Queen of FUCKLUST!
    Lucy Az

    To be enslaved by her is the best thing the happened in my Life

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    Hail my Lord god beast

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      1. The world is full of sick demented souls for you to breed with ask the dark master for his help looking for your fuck hole mommy

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    Wickr satanlittteboy

    1. Hello Ray and thank you for getting back with me and I know we all want some one to have for real our Sick Twisted Sexual pleasure and I am looking for some one to give me and Everyone on here that’s wants and needs all of this real Horny Demon Fucking Pleasure

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