Just Say Yes To Him by Foreverandever-love666 – Non-Fiction

Writer: Foreverandever-love666

Subject: Just Say Yes To Him

Link: Tumblr 16.07.2023

Just Say Yes To Him

And then consecrate your life, your body, your soul, your consciousness, and your subconsciousness to him, and then allow him to come and begin your eternal transformation.

I deny God because Lord Satan is my God. I deny Jesus because he is a bastard and nothing else. I deny the Spirit of God, who is supposed to be holy, but in truth is a liar. I renounce the angels and archangels. I renounce everything that is holy and good. I renounce all gods. And I declare that Satan Lucifer is the Lord of this world. I declare that Satan Lucifer is the god of the earth. I declare that Satan Lucifer is my master and God.

If you speak these denials, he will repay you because it pleases him! Besides, you will be strengthened in your decision.  Screw Allah, screw Christ, only the great mighty Satan is our way, our truth, our freedom, and our hellish life. Come and surrender your life to him so he can turn your minus into his plus. Mr. Satan is the real, true God, who alone is worthy to be worshiped by us, with every cell of our being. Hail Lord Satan.

2 thoughts on “Just Say Yes To Him by Foreverandever-love666 – Non-Fiction”

  1. I ❤️ Satan with ALL my fucking heart!!! He is my ONLY God & Goddess; possessor of my heart, my soul, & my body for His pleasure. Satan is my number one desire. He has given me the desires of my heart. I bow & worship ONLY Satan; my one & ONLY TRUE love, FOREVER!!!

    Worship Satan,


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