For There Is No God Greater by Ynosatan – Non-Fiction

Writer: Ynosatan

Subject: For There Is No God Greater

Link: Tumblr / 30.10.2023 /

XP: Listen to Bailey Jay (see above link — talk about alternative spirituality)

For There Is No God Greater

For lo these many years his attempts to reach out to me fell on deaf ears. I foolishly believed that my faith would silence his beckoning call, but in fact, the opposite was true. With time I realized his power was greater than my faith. I have finally decided to commit my life and give my soul to him. For there is no god greater than you, my Lord. I am your son and you have called me home. Hail Satan!

To think that I used to waste my Sunday mornings attending mass — when I could have been worshiping Goddesses — like Bailey Jay. Thank you Father Satan for filling my heart with lust and giving me the freedom to indulge and explore those once suppressed desires.

1 thought on “For There Is No God Greater by Ynosatan – Non-Fiction”

  1. Thank you Ynosatan. You’ve posted so many empowering and liberating things and your tumblr posts are such a dark blessing.

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