Invoking Lucifer by Luciferian Light – Non-Fiction

Writer: Luciferian Light

Subject: Invoking Lucifer

Link: MEWE / 24.07.2023 / Dark Rituals

Invoking Lucifer

Two black candles, two red candles, one white. Chant Lucifer’s name six times. Focus on Lucifer’s sigil. Let the candle flame flow through the energy. Get two bay leaves. Write two desires. Two garlic cloves. One rose peddle. Invoke Lucifer as you meditate for fifteen minutes. Take your dagger and draw a pentagram in the air. Face towards the north. Now it is time to get a petition. Speak out loud. Take the ingredients and put them into a burning bowl. Let the candles burn until the ritual is complete. Now, take a drop of blood and wipe it onto the candles. Chant Lucifer’s name seventeen times. Now lay down. Snuff out the candles. Let the energy flow until your soul feels light. Now close your eyes. Rest, then when wake up. Write Lucifer’s name and chant eight times, then put the paper under your pillow for five days. Let the energy flow through you as you sleep. After six days burn it. Hail Lucifer.

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