ADRENA’S PACT by Prscyse

Feature Writer: Prscyse

Feature Title: ADRENA’S PACT

Published: 21.07.2023

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: An Encounter with the Forbidden.

Adrena’s Pact

The insistent sound of the alarm invades my sleep, forcing me to wake up. As soon as I turn it off, the murmur of the city’s everyday life reaches me, the comings and goings of people heading to their daily duties. Last night I slept exceptionally well and upon waking, a sense of freshness takes hold of me. In an act of morning indulgence, I consider gifting myself a few moments of pleasure before getting up. The first glimpses of dawn flood my room, and a glance at the clock confirms I have plenty of time.

I throw off the sheets that cover me and start to indulge in lustful, forbidden thoughts. My fingers begin to explore my moistened intimacy as my body writhes in response. My imagination often feeds on websites dedicated to erotic stories or illustrations portraying sensual scenes from past or future eras, a fetish I have always maintained. Today, my mind is flooded with various sinful fantasies. I discard ideas of robots, aliens… until I finally settle on something magical and demonic, something outrageously impure. That’s it! The pleasure inside me intensifies, the mundane noise fades into oblivion, and my thoughts focus on a mysterious book of black magic.

It’s a book I sought for a long time. I aim to summon a demon from ancient Babylon, the god of the underworld and lord of the dead, Daromath, the epitome of corruption itself. Others have sought the same book to burn it, thus freeing the world from possible ties with humanity’s ancient enemy, but not me… I have other plans.

I bare myself before the perverse artifact and begin to chant some words. Astonishing sounds come out of my mouth; there is nothing human in them; these ancient curses of corruption and filth tear the walls of the dimension, quite literally, and with joy and sick desperation, I see a green and rotten light grow like a black and unfathomable shape of tentacles and eyes, inflamed and throbbing, spilled, like vomit coming out of a mouth into our reality.

For a moment that seems eternal, I look at the form I have before me, and although there is no mouth, a voice shakes the foundations of my mind.

“Mortal female, ungainly and weak, I am what I am, Daromath, lord of disease, death, decay, and corruption. Behold, I have answered your call. However, my power is contained only within this circle.”

With my mouth agape, the overwhelming power of that being seems almost incomprehensible to my mind, but now, this is the part where I can demand what I desire. Immobilized in the summoning circle, he will be able to do nothing, unless I break it.

“Daromath, I, Adrena, have summoned you into my world, which I will give to you. But first I desire a pact.”

The being’s eyes flash light, and then it speaks:

“A pact with you will be celebrated, Adrena, mortal of the Earth. I will give you what you desire. In exchange for your desire, you will break this wretched circle, so that I may grow like cancer in all that lives, until this planet is nothing more than shadow and void, eternally dead. What do you desire more than anything? Power? Wealth? Eternal youth?”

My heart quivers at the magnitude of the proposal. Although my body trembles at the idea of dying, I feel that I cannot renounce what I desire.

“What I desire… I know what I desire is not possible, right?”

The being looks at me; it is the first time it truly pays me attention.

“To desire the impossible is not impossible for me, Adrena. Whoever you are, I will make a gift for you, a gift from my hands.”

Its eyes fall on my body, and a chill runs down my spine.

“Although, your hands are as weak as everything outside of this circle, and I do not think you are capable of handling my power. You are so weak, even if you can’t feel it, Adrena.”

And then, I feel a strange and creepy creature wrap around my body. Something that surrounds me, clings to me, holds me, and embraces me. Its arms cling to my shoulders, its hands support my thighs, and its fingers embrace my ribs. The marks on the skin become noticeable, but, for the first time, I do not see blood, but a shining liquid, which spreads across my skin. It is so hot that it hurts.

“I am enveloping you, Adrena, mortal of the Earth. My skin, my power, everything I have, will go over your body, and with the power of my arms, I will protect you, while this circle breaks and allows me to grow like any living being.”

Although it hurts at first, the sensation of heat intensifies, and now my body feels completely light, and weightless, while I am chained to that book.

“I am free”, the demon says, before vanishing, leaving only a circle of steaming water on the ground, and although it is a black liquid at first, it soon turns red, red like blood.

My body, although I have been standing for a long time, begins to float. With great effort, I raise my body; I feel as if I were dressed. My muscles now seem stronger, and suddenly I am sitting on the floor in a position I do not remember.

Suddenly, I hear a man’s voice, and the image of a young man, with a patch covering his eyes, appears before me. His hair is short, brown and disheveled, his body is slim, and his face, with his lips barely closed.

His hair is short, brown and disheveled, his body is slim, and his face, with his lips barely closed

“Well, you have an interesting body, Adrena, mortal of the Earth.”

The man drops his patch.

“I do not have eyes, Adrena, mortal of Earth, but I know who you are. I am Nex, the only son of death and magic.”

I am overwhelmed by intense lust, and I willingly move towards him. Despite my usual kindness and goodness, at this moment, I transform into the very embodiment of darkness. I knock over the candles and erase the circle of blood with my feet, exposing myself to the imminent and inescapable fate that I have just agreed to.

He lunges at me, and knocks me to the floor, his mouth releasing a great amount of tongue, while I feel his nails scratching my breasts. And so, in the midst of an obscene game, pain, pleasure, and freedom overflow in my body.


My voice is mute, only letting out the air from my lungs, while he raises his arms to the sky, and with them, he moves his legs to position his body between mine. His fingers touch my vagina, causing an instantaneous blush on my cheeks. He opens my lips and starts kissing me; the pressure of his tongue against mine, turns unforgettable. I focus on feeling every inch of skin from his arms, from his thighs…

Then I come up with a wild idea and, without hesitation or stopping for anything, my fingers go where his patch used to be.

“What happened to them?” I say, and slowly blood starts to drip from his eye sockets, and I have no idea why I do it.

“How is it possible that you no longer have your eyes?” I ask him this time, and a slight gasp escapes my lips when I feel his member invading my being, breaking the barriers of the known, and transporting me to a universe of sensations previously unexplored. It’s as if a star was being born within me, filling me with its warm glow, its essence merging with mine in a cosmic ballet, uniting our existences in an inexplicably deep way. My fingers do not move as the blood continues to come out and I am submerged in enjoyment.

At that moment, I understand that this is not just a physical union. He is my lover, and I am his. I understand it. Then I hear the sound of his soul.

“I am a trapped man,” he tells me. His voice smells like dry leaves, and what I believe is tobacco. His breath smells like whiskey. His skin smells like sea salt, and food cooked with smoke. And every droplet of blood is the explosion of the intense aroma that each movement of his member produces in me.

“Now we both belong to him,” he whispers and, immediately afterwards, he ventures through my body. “Through me, you will taste his seed, and you will become his eternal concubine. Your mind will decompose like a corpse yielding to his corrupt influence. Your flesh will obey all his whims. You will have no light or hope, and feeling like a woman will be what you most appreciate. Each time someone enters you, they will commune with your demon and, from that moment, will only act if you allow it, and will perish at the end of the week if you do not dictate otherwise.”

I continue, not resisting anything he has told me. I let his penis enter deeply into my vagina and wrap my legs around his body.

“You’re good,” I whisper, as my inner walls writhe.

My lips savor his taste of food cooked on burned stoves, whiskey, and tobacco. Very soon, I find myself surrendered to pleasure… reaching climax, panting next to his body. And the transformation is so rapid that I barely have time to register it, letting out a scream while my fingers slide inside his skull, and smoke begins to emanate from him through the cavities where his eyes should be.

I take a puff as if it were a cigarette, letting the smoke fill my lungs and my soul. Then I exhale and lay on the floor, adjusting my body to his.

And then, Nex disappears, along with all fear, and I am ready to go to work, knowing that now I carry him with me, within me.


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