How I came to Satan – Non-Fiction

Writer: SatanWorshipper

Title: How I came to Satan

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How I came to Satan

Looking back, I now realize that even before being born, He chose me to worship Him and be one of His loyal disciples. I just didn’t know it until the last few years. The signs were there though throughout my life.

I have always been an intense, addicted lifelong masturbator — I’ve also had my share of sex with many women and men too — most of my life I was a porn addict. I even worked in the industry for about ten years. During that period, I used to love parking in church parking lots and masturbate to porn in my car. It felt so good. It felt so wrong. Yet I never connected it to Satan.

Also during that period, I was a pro-male-top with a very wicked dungeon. Above my throne was an inverted crucifix and a Sigil of Baphomet plaque. Again, I made no connection to Satan. They just looked really, really hot.

I created a Hotmail account and without even thinking about it, instinctively chose as my address FetishFiend666; my password had the word “Corrupter” in it. Again, an instinctive choice I made without thinking. I got many tattoos, including a Sigil of Baphomet. Once again, made no connection to Lord Satan.

About five years ago, that started to change. One time, when masturbating in my Man Cave, I couldn’t cum and started masturbating even harder, very intensely. I looked in a mirror at that moment, and the expression on my face was very Demonic. I cam harder than I ever had before. About that same time, I bought a second-hand bible and put in on a shelf in the Man Cave. I knew why I had bought it – to desecrate it while masturbating. But it sat there for months, untouched.

Finally, during one masturbation session, I grabbed it and spit on it — once. I felt horribly guilty. But with that one act, I had let Satan in and there was no going back. He sunk his claws in me very deep and worked very rapidly.
My Man Cave was very rapidly transformed into a Satanic Temple — inverted crosses, Sigil of Baphomet wall plaques and 666s fill the space. As do a stack of bibles, desecrated with my spit, piss, shit and cum.

When I first came to my Dark Lord, the notion of hating Jesus, the xian God and the Holy Spirit was way too extreme for me. Now I hate all three with every fiber of my being.

“Fuck Jesus. Fuck the Xian God. Fuck the Holy Spirit. You’re all pieces of shit who pale in comparison to my lord and savior Satan.”

I rarely masturbate to porn anymore. Instead, I masturbate to His dark energy that radiates off the inverted crosses and everything else in my Black Temple, filling me with lust, sin and blasphemy. I always — I mean always — cum onto one of my bibles while chanting, “Fuck Jesus, hail Satan.”

Masturbating is no longer about getting off. It’s a Black Mass ritual in Satan’s honor for His greater glory. Every day His claws sink into me deeper, inspiring me to new levels of wickedness, evil and sexual depravity. The old me is dead, replaced by the new Satan worshiping me. It thrills and excites me to ponder how more depraved I will be in a day, a week, a month, a year. Hail Satan, the one true God, the only God! I love, serve and worship you with every fiber of my being, especially my black soul.


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  1. Thats fucking beautiful. Hate that fucker God and his bastard son jesus fucking christ with every fiber of your being. Fuck God, Fuck Jesus, Fuck he Holy Spirit. Hail Almighty Satan

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